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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW26:137 Yannuzzi Salvatore 1974
OSW8:258 Yarger Margaret 1928
OSW2:104 Yarnell Sarah Luisa 1897
OSW1:22 Yeager Benj. (son of) 1868
OSW5:130 Yeager Benjamin 1909
OSW6:47 Yeager George K. 1916
OSW2:74 Yeager W. H. (Mrs.) 1895
OSW1:524 Yeager Winfield S. 1890
OSW9:223 Yeates Annie May 1932
OSW9:337 Yeats Arthur N. 1933
OSW15:339 Yeazel Andrew J. 1960
OSW13:215 Yeazel Clarence Alvin 1950
OSW5:451 Yeazel Dony May 1913
OSW12:161 Yeazel Dora B. 1945
OSW15:311 Yeazel Frank 1959
OSW5:229 Yeazel Frank (infant of) 1910
OSW6:574 Yeazel Frankie Bernice 1921
OSW5:316 Yeazel Fred 1911
OSW13:361 Yeazel Grace Gertrude 1952
OSW6:158 Yeazel Jessie Viola 1917
OSW5:560 Yeazel Leroy 1915
OSW5:545 Yeazel Nathaniel B. 1915
OSW10:442 Yeazel Oney A. 1939
OSW13:156 Yeazel Robert 1950
OSW31:91 Yeazel Vivian Elaine 1979
OSW24:35 Yenco Ruth Irene 1972
OSW1:404 Yeoman D. J. 1885
OSW29:135 Yergin Harold J. 1977
OSW32:55 Yettar Clara N. 1980
OSW26:67 Yetter William Harris 1974
OSW9:507 Yinger Mary Estelle 1935
OSW14:254 Yinger William Leroy 1956
OSW5:87 Yingling Earl (infant of) 1908
OSW17:171 Yochum Clarence 1964
OSW1:330 Yoder George (son of) 1882
VAL7:650 York Betty Jane 1973
OSW19:26 York Emma 1967
OSW31:27 York Gladys N. 1979
VAL9:698 York James Henry 1986
VAL11:5 York Mayme L. 1991
OSW22:107 York Morris L. (Marty) 1970
OSW14:12 York Robert B. 1954
VAL9:242 York Stella 1983
OSW31:40 York Thomas 1979
VAL6:66 Yost Addie May 1960
VAL6:642 Yost Clifford 1966
OSW2:107 Yost Frank (infant of) 1897
VAL6:58 Yost Henry Isaac 1960
OSW6:43 Yost Wesley Watson 1916
OSW14:35 Young (infant female) 1954
OSW26:29 Young Alice 1974
OSW12:548 Young Alonzo R. 1948
OSW13:433 Young Arthur J. 1952
OSW14:182 Young Benjamin Harrison 1956
OSW1:104 Young Carline 1873
OSW13:390 Young Charles Haman 1952
OSW14:263 Young Charles 1956
OSW14:181 Young Clara I. 1956
OSW9:339 Young Darell Lee 1933
OSW12:254 Young Dora B. 1946
OSW26:64 Young Dorothy M. 1974
OSW25:60 Young Douglas Alan 1973
VAL5:86 Young Earl Brock 1950
OSW26:108 Young Elizabeth 1974
OSW18:53 Young Elizabeth Janette 1965
OSW7:227 Young Ellen 1923
OSW9:112 Young Frank 1932
OSW21:109 Young Frank E. 1969
OSW1:189 Young George 1877
OSW2:47 Young George 1893
OSW2:117 Young George (child of) 1898
OSW1:204 Young Grace Lucanda 1877
OSW12:562 Young Harry L. 1948
OSW12:132 Young Helen C. 1944
OSW9:31 Young Hester A. 1931
OSW14:80 Young James 1955
OSW18:113 Young James Blair 1966
OSW25:158 Young James C. 1973
OSW7:195 Young James E. 1923
OSW1:123 Young James H. 1874
OSW7:432 Young James H. 1925
OSW10:49 Young James Harvey 1936
VAL4:212 Young James Wilbur 1942
OSW31:1 Young Jessie E. 1979
OSW10:502 Young John 1940
VAL9:478 Young Kathryn L. 1985
OSW29:95 Young Laura B. 1977
OSW6:439 Young Leotta May 1920
VAL5:696 Young Lida Belle 1957
OSW4:20 Young Louis 1905
OSW13:168 Young Maggie 1950
OSW25:51 Young Marie J. 1973
OSW15:258 Young Mary A. 1959
OSW1:320 Young Mary Jane 1882
OSW17:234 Young Miles 1964
OSW28:127 Young Paul 1976
OSW31:110 Young Paula L. 1979
OSW4:8 Young Pauline 1904
OSW17:21 Young Robert Jr. 1962
OSW1:98 Young Sarah Ann 1873
OSW1:276 Young Sarah Jane 1880
VAL4:210 Young Solomon Rexford 1942
OSW22:96 Young Willard 1970
VAL9:486 Youngblood Marie 1985
OSW2:35 Younge Mickel 1892
OSW2:17 Younge Randal 1891
OSW12:446 Younker Allen S. 1947
OSW12:276 Younker Eva Agnes 1946
OSW10:240 Younkers William Allen 1937
OSW10:483 Younkes Herbert & Opal (infant dau. of) 1940
OSW10:250 Yourl Mary A. 1938
OSW3:3 Youse A.H. 1900
OSW9:4 Youse Anna Earhart 1931
OSW1:448 Youse Mary Ann 1886
OSW13:556 Yunkes Herbert P. 1954


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