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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW10:202 Jack Anna 1937
VAL5:650 Jack Carrie Cook 1957
OSW7:492 Jack Christian S. 1925
OSW2:1 Jack Clara Brown 1890
OSW5:231 Jack Elizabeth Hart 1910
OSW1:453 Jack George 1887
OSW3:29 Jack Harrison 1903
OSW8:548 Jack Henrietta 1930
OSW16:57 Jack Herald V. 1962
VAL5:288 Jack John 1952
OSW1:154 Jack John (infant dau. of) 1875
OSW1:47 Jack John (infant of) 1870
OSW2:78 Jack John B. 1895
OSW4:31 Jack John V. H. 1907
OSW14:139 Jack Louis H. 1955
VAL5:842 Jack Mary Caroline 1959
OSW1:101 Jack Mary E. 1873
OSW9:401 Jack Milton M. 1934
OSW13:174 Jack Minnie M. 1950
OSW5:177 Jack T. Benton 1910
OSW2:72 Jack Thomas 1894
OSW10:290 Jack Warren C. 1938
OSW5:271 Jack Wilbur H. 1911
OSW1:359 Jacks Mary Ann 1883
OSW23:59 Jackson Andrew Sr. 1971
OSW1:514 Jackson Bertha 1889
OSW6:146 Jackson Bertha Belle 1917
VAL5:646 Jackson Donald Lee 1957
OSW19:15 Jackson Donenigue Sarah 1967
OSW21:82 Jackson Evelyn 1969
VAL9:704 Jackson Florence Isabell 1986
VAL7:504 Jackson George K. 1971
OSW6:573 Jackson Helen 1921
OSW20:31 Jackson Lillie Mae 1968
OSW4:27 Jackson Mary 1906
OSW18:129 Jackson Mary Jane 1966
VAL11:37 Jackson Nelle M. 1992
OSW1:15 Jackson Wm. 1868
OSW6:306 Jacobs Eva laverne 1918
OSW1:503 Jacobs Mary (Mills) 1888
OSW20:146 Jacobs Maude 1968
OSW20:17 Jacobs Vance Lee 1968
OSW32:67 Jadwin H. Ward 1980
OSW1:150 Jafery Thos. (infant of) 1875
OSW1:149 Jaffery Cliford 1875
OSW1:212 Jaffery Frank S. 1878
OSW1:40 Jaffery Jno. 1869
OSW1:100 Jaffery Mary (Mrs.) 1873
OSW1:129 James (stillborn infant) 1874
OSW14:193 James Arty D. 1956
OSW9:404 James Charles R. 1934
OSW4:2 James Daniel 1904
OSW13:483 James Elmer D. 1953
OSW1:401 James Emerson (dau. of) 1885
OSW8:30 James Emerson H. 1927
OSW19:61 James Emma M. 1967
OSW15:197 James Fred O. 1958
OSW17:18 James George B. 1962
OSW11:241 James Helen 1942
OSW24:54 James Herschel F. 1972
VAL5:724 James Horace M. 1958
OSW14:24 James Jeanelle W. 1954
OSW10:135 James Jessie Z. 1937
OSW7:123 James John D. 1922
OSW22:143 James John E. 1970
OSW18:137 James Leola H. 1966
OSW9:474 James Louisa 1934
OSW9:568 James Marietta Walker 1935
OSW1:108 James Martha 1873
OSW1:372 James Martha 1883
OSW8:39 James Mary E. 1927
OSW18:148 James Maude 1966
OSW25:105 James Mildred N. 1973
OSW6:342 James Otho A. 1919
OSW25:67 James Roy F. 1973
OSW1:364 James Theodor 1883
OSW13:564 James William Walton 1954
OSW5:448 Jameson Blanche S. 1913
OSW13:211 Jameson Clarence Brown 1950
OSW6:486 Jameson Eliza Maria 1920
OSW6:157 Jameson Emma Melissa 1917
OSW18:241 Jameson Gilbert 1967
OSW1:337 Jameson Hebrend P. 1882
OSW1:129 Jameson Howard Leslie 1874
OSW21:114 Jameson Jayne E. 1969
OSW12:448 Jameson Jessie R. 1947
OSW7:567 Jameson John Adams 1926
OSW1:416 Jameson Josef 1885
OSW1:106 Jameson Kate M. (Mrs.) 1873
OSW13:589 Jameson Manley 1954
OSW7:438 Jameson Martin A. 1925
OSW1:127 Jameson Minnie Belle 1874
OSW11:229 Jameson Neva Smith 1942
OSW4:12 Jameson Newton 1905
OSW1:274 Jameson Newton (son of) 1880
OSW13:546 Jameson Robert Howard 1953
OSW7:508 Jameson Sarah M. 1925
OSW5:266 Jameson Stanley N. 1911
OSW22:3 Jameson Stella 1970
OSW13:184 Jameson Sylvan D. 1950
OSW1:429 Jan Seikel Wm. Jr. (Mrs.) 1886
OSW1:36 Jankins Rebeca 1869
VAL9:432 Janson India Fame 1984
VAL8:358 Janssen Alfred Edward 1979
VAL10:168 Janssen Lee Ola 1988
OSW15:122 Janssen Minna 1958
OSW1:476 Jantis Emilia 1887
OSW1:302 Jantis George 1881
OSW2:57 Jantis Katherine Werner 1894
OSW1:426 Jantis Martin 1886
OSW1:337 Jantis Willie 1882
VAL7:42 Jarvis Margaret Ellen 1967
OSW2:153 Jeffery Addis Worley 1900
OSW15:394 Jeffery Adrienne Marie 1960
OSW14:140 Jeffery Benjamin H. 1955
VAL5:410 Jeffery Edward Clinton 1954
OSW15:536 Jeffery Eugene A. 1961
VAL5:480 Jeffery Florence Naomi 1955
OSW2:92 Jeffery Francis 1896
OSW1:389 Jeffery Harris (infant son of) 1884
OSW1:184 Jeffery Herbert C. 1876
OSW8:411 Jeffery Horace M. 1929
OSW9:195 Jeffery Howard 1932
OSW20:82 Jeffery Ida B. 1968
OSW12:600 Jeffery Ida M. 1949
OSW1:397 Jeffery Jacob 1884
OSW1:124 Jeffery Jacob (Mrs.) 1874
OSW1:143 Jeffery Jno. (son of) 1875
OSW1:108 Jeffery John Milton 1873
OSW12:421 Jeffery Lewis Clifford 1947
OSW18:216 Jeffery Lewis R. 1966
OSW12:213 Jeffery Lola Bessie 1945
OSW1:408 Jeffery Mary A. 1885
OSW2:81 Jeffery Mary Edith 1895
OSW1:194 Jeffery Olive 1877
OSW9:11 Jeffery Pearl Francis 1931
OSW1:473 Jeffery Samuel 1887
OSW1:104 Jeffery Sarah 1873
OSW1:508 Jeffery Wm. 1889
OSW7:166 Jeffrey Ada M. 1923
OSW5:574 Jeffrey Ephriam R. 1915
OSW1:53 Jeffrey Mary Jane 1870
VAL7:838 Jeffries J. Maynard 1974
OSW15:229 Jeffries John 1959
OSW8:565 Jeffries Maggie 1930
OSW5:459 Jeffries Margaret Osborn 1913
OSW10:57 Jeffries Robert Milton 1936
OSW6:518 Jeffries Thomas 1920
OSW4:5 Jeffry Anna 1904
OSW12:53 Jenkins Della 1944
OSW31:23 Jenkins Dennis 1979
VAL4:332 Jenkins Ethel Walthall 1944
OSW21:43 Jenkins Jessie A. 1969
VAL4:464 Jenkins Nelson 1946
OSW12:338 Jenkins Pattie 1946
OSW15:107 Jennings Ayers B. 1958
OSW9:219 Jennings George W. 1932
OSW1:534 Jennings Hanah 1890
VAL3:13 Jennings Luella (Harper) 1939
OSW15:147 Jennings Shelton 1958
OSW10:10 Jennings Walter Van 1936
OSW3:25 Jentes Matthais 1902
OSW1:217 Jentis Caroline 1878
OSW32:69 Jessee Beulah 1980
OSW21:70 Jett Charles C. 1969
OSW13:479 Jett Robert Wickliff 1953
OSW32:62 Jewell Dewey Sr. 1980
OSW6:588 Jewell Gertrude T. 1921
OSW11:237 Jewett David (infant of) 1942
OSW30:114 Jewett Edward 1978
OSW28:63 Jewett Ervin 1976
OSW2:113 Jobe Frank 1897
OSW8:570 Jobe George 1930
OSW1:248 Johns Katherina 1879
OSW13:238 Johns William W. 1951
OSW6:350 Johnson (infant male) 1919
OSW1:210 Johnson ___ 1878
OSW1:220 Johnson ___ 1878
OSW1:195 Johnson ___ (colert girl) 1877
VAL5:296 Johnson Abba 1953
OSW3:33 Johnson Adolph 1903
VAL7:556 Johnson baby boy 1972
VAL6:274 Johnson Barbara Anne 1963
OSW12:506 Johnson Ben 1948
OSW23:41 Johnson Bertha 1971
VAL8:326 Johnson Boyd Lorrick 1979
VAL9:186 Johnson Brooke 1982
VAL9:448 Johnson Carolyn Alice Bisbe 1984
OSW5:337 Johnson Catherine 1912
VAL9:128 Johnson Charlene Patricia 1982
OSW15:523 Johnson Charles F. 1961
OSW13:8 Johnson Charles T. 1949
OSW1:170 Johnson child 1876
OSW9:395 Johnson Clara Francis 1934
OSW1:188 Johnson Clark (dau. of) 1877
OSW1:363 Johnson Clark (son of) 1883
OSW31:87 Johnson Constance Faye 1979
OSW15:83 Johnson Edward 1957
OSW29:36 Johnson Eldon E. 1977
OSW28:147 Johnson Eldridge N. 1976
OSW2:33 Johnson Eliza Honly 1892
OSW8:315 Johnson Elizabeth 1929
OSW12:538 Johnson Ellen Henrietta 1948
OSW22:85 Johnson Elsie K. 1970
VAL5:672 Johnson Elvira 1957
OSW12:554 Johnson Eph 1948
OSW7:512 Johnson Estell 1925
OSW31:21 Johnson Florence G. 1979
OSW25:30 Johnson Garry Dale 1973
OSW1:324 Johnson George (son of) 1882
OSW14:43 Johnson George B. 1954
OSW12:202 Johnson Georgiana 1945
OSW12:332 Johnson Gracie 1946
OSW17:261 Johnson Guy Anthony III 1964
VAL2:128 Johnson Henry Clay 1937
VAL7:380 Johnson Henry Murray 1970
VAL9:600 Johnson Herbert Clinton 1985
OSW15:84 Johnson Howard 1957
OSW14:239 Johnson Ida Bell 1956
OSW6:326 Johnson Isabelle 1918
OSW1:174 Johnson J. (Mrs.) 1876
OSW5:90 Johnson J. Milton 1908
OSW9:280 Johnson James 1933
OSW30:4 Johnson James Allen (Dr.) 1978
OSW24:117 Johnson James E. 1972
OSW29:69 Johnson James E. 1977
OSW11:243 Johnson James H. 1943
OSW14:242 Johnson James Howard 1956
VAL7:60 Johnson James Wesley 1967
OSW31:51 Johnson James 1979
OSW1:379 Johnson Jani 1884
OSW1:279 Johnson Jas. (infant of) 1880
OSW1:36 Johnson Jas. (Mrs.) 1869
OSW4:31 Johnson Jasper 1907
OSW21:17 Johnson John Henry 1969
VAL6:336 Johnson John Thomas 1963
OSW9:543 Johnson Josephine 1935
VAL4:78 Johnson Lena 1940
OSW7:493 Johnson Lincoln L. 1925
VAL6:74 Johnson Lona 1960
OSW12:47 Johnson Malvery 1944
OSW5:215 Johnson Margaret 1910
VAL10:370 Johnson Margaret Arzelie 1990
OSW7:537 Johnson Martha 1926
OSW20:45 Johnson Mary 1968
OSW13:118 Johnson Mary Virginia 1950
OSW28:150 Johnson Mathew 1976
OSW30:82 Johnson Mattie 1978
OSW24:1 Johnson Maude B. 1972
OSW1:155 Johnson Mickel 1875
VAL4:208 Johnson Mildred 1942
OSW4:25 Johnson Mile 1906
VAL5:506 Johnson Millie 1955
OSW1:437 Johnson Milt 1886
OSW8:274 Johnson Napoleon B. 1928
VAL5:524 Johnson Nellie 1956
OSW1:338 Johnson Nettie 1882
OSW12:534 Johnson Peggy Ann 1948
VAL5:254 Johnson Polly 1952
OSW15:1 Johnson Ralph 1957
OSW12:208 Johnson Rena B. 1945
OSW6:299 Johnson Robert Lee 1918
OSW15:541 Johnson Roger & Margie (infant boy of) 1961
OSW31:82 Johnson Rolin K. 1979
OSW22:42 Johnson Rosa 1970
OSW28:71 Johnson Rosa B. 1976
OSW23:113 Johnson Russell 1971
OSW23:76 Johnson Ruth 1971
OSW5:555 Johnson Ruth (infant son of) 1915
OSW13:495 Johnson Sallie 1953
OSW11:235 Johnson Samuel Orville 1942
OSW12:174 Johnson Samuel T. 1945
VAL6:132 Johnson Sarah Elizabeth 1961
VAL7:818 Johnson Sidney 1974
OSW4:18 Johnson Sylvan 1905
OSW1:342 Johnson Thomas (infant of) 1882
OSW20:120 Johnson Thomas 1968
OSW1:435 Johnson Thos. & Magie Johnson (infant of) 1886
OSW17:160 Johnson Venna 1964
VAL7:190 Johnson Victoria 1968
OSW1:54 Johnson W. 1870
VAL9:464 Johnson Walter 1985
OSW8:431 Johnson Wiley 1929
OSW2:121 Johnson William 1898
OSW29:88 Johnson William E. 1977
VAL7:876 Johnson William Tivis 1975
OSW13:264 Johnson Zellie 1951
OSW1:390 Johnston (Warren Co. Infirmary) 1884
OSW14:164 Johnston Bessie C. 1955
OSW10:249 Johnston David Milton 1938
OSW13:356 Johnston Edmund Monroe 1952
OSW8:559 Johnston Edward C. 1930
OSW27:104 Johnston Florence H. 1975
VAL10:314 Johnston Frances 1990
OSW7:486 Johnston Inez 1925
OSW7:484 Johnston Myron (stillborn dau. of) 1925
OSW14:44 Johnston Myron Rogers 1954
OSW1:289 Johnston Warren M. 1881
OSW1:440 Johnston Wm. 1886
OSW9:517 Jones (infant) 1935
OSW12:84 Jones (stillborn infant) 1944
OSW2:59 Jones Amos 1894
OSW17:260 Jones Anna E. 1964
OSW26:120 Jones Bertha 1974
VAL4:284 Jones Cecile May 1943
OSW7:375 Jones Charles 1924
OSW10:231 Jones Charlie Ernest 1937
OSW2:85 Jones Chas. (stillborn twins of) 1895
OSW12:559 Jones Chloe Combs 1948
VAL9:462 Jones Claude A. 1985
OSW5:434 Jones Clinton R. 1913
OSW18:271 Jones Clyde 1967
OSW23:65 Jones Donald R. 1971
OSW12:393 Jones Edward 1947
OSW15:515 Jones Elmer U. 1961
OSW13:554 Jones Eva 1954
OSW13:39 Jones Fannie Henderson 1949
OSW13:242 Jones Floyd (infant of) 1951
VAL10:12 Jones Glenna Faye 1987
OSW6:424 Jones Harold 1919
OSW5:214 Jones Harry 1910
OSW12:8 Jones Harry Allen 1943
OSW7:575 Jones Hattie Mills 1926
OSW31:126 Jones Helen Marie 1979
OSW5:141 Jones Isaac 1909
OSW26:102 Jones John Floyd 1974
OSW15:513 Jones John S. (Jack) 1961
OSW9:446 Jones John W. 1934
OSW17:117 Jones Laura B. 1963
VAL7:520 Jones Lawrence B. 1971
OSW26:41 Jones Leah 1974
OSW11:233 Jones Lloyd 1942
OSW14:202 Jones Loretta Jean 1956
OSW12:552 Jones Louisa Gertrude 1948
VAL4:470 Jones Luch 1946
OSW6:263 Jones Lucy Ann 1918
OSW15:368 Jones Lucy Lee 1960
OSW7:12 Jones Lyman W. 1921
VAL10:336 Jones Mable Ruth 1990
OSW13:488 Jones Margaret Jane 1953
VAL6:306 Jones Martha Mae 1963
OSW2:28 Jones Martha S. Whitehead 1892
OSW3:28 Jones Mary 1903
OSW2:58 Jones Mary Elizabeth 1894
OSW10:399 Jones Mary Frances 1939
OSW31:109 Jones Mary Geiorgiana 1979
OSW29:153 Jones Matthew C. 1977
OSW7:124 Jones Mattie Ellen 1922
VAL5:714 Jones Maude 1958
OSW32:9 Jones Maxine C. 1980
OSW8:57 Jones Millie 1927
OSW31:101 Jones Morgan 1979
OSW24:96 Jones Nancy H. 1972
OSW22:30 Jones Nannie Ruth 1970
VAL7:460 Jones Ollie 1971
VAL9:340 Jones Patricia Ruth 1983
OSW1:296 Jones Rebecka 1881
OSW1:227 Jones Rosa 1878
OSW15:237 Jones Sally Ann 1959
OSW12:578 Jones Sandra Kay 1948
OSW32:102 Jones Sarah Emily 1980
OSW7:433 Jones Simeon A. 1925
OSW5:9 Jones Sirena 1907
VAL8:482 Jones Stephanie Lynn 1980
OSW5:107 Jones Susanna 1909
OSW19:10 Jones Taylor 1967
OSW18:80 Jones Teresa 1965
OSW21:136 Jones Thelma H. 1969
OSW25:78 Jones Verna 1973
OSW5:510 Jones Vernon H. 1914
VAL8:182 Jones Walter Harvey 1978
VAL10:366 Jones Wanda Sue 1990
OSW1:323 Jones Wesley 1882
VAL11:19 Jones William Richard 1992
OSW29:134 Jones William T. 1977
OSW8:8 Jordan Albert 1926
OSW9:384 Jordan Della 1934
OSW10:421 Jordan Edward M. 1939
OSW8:308 Jordan Nettie Florence 1929
OSW7:177 Jordan Perry 1923
OSW18:115 Jordan Wm. V. 1966
OSW13:90 Jordon Martha Luella 1949
OSW10:211 Jordon Mollie Edith 1937
OSW11:239 Jordon Thomas J. Jr. 1942
OSW11:231 Jorgensen John 1942
OSW14:9 Joseph Ernestine 1954
OSW9:347 Joslin Richard 1933
OSW15:546 Joy Charles P. 1961
OSW12:431 Joyce Etta 1947
OSW18:200 Joyce Joseph Harold 1966
OSW8:296 Juday George W. 1929
OSW13:335 Judd Wilson Ervin 1951
OSW2:133 Judy Charles (stillborn child of) 1899


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