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Volume 4 - Hoskins Funeral Homes 
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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW15:299 Dahl John Ralph (infant dau. of) 1959
VAL9:650 Dahlstrom Loretta A. 1986
OSW7:382 Dakin Angeline H. 1924
OSW7:309 Dakin Anna 1924
OSW2:100 Dakin Baron F. 1897
OSW10:409 Dakin Bernard H. 1939
OSW32:77 Dakin Charles B. 1980
OSW29:86 Dakin Glen F. 1977
OSW8:13 Dakin Harmon Collett 1926
OSW8:262 Dakin Julia C. 1928
OSW17:180 Dakin Karl D. 1964
OSW29:130 Dakin Russell J. 1977
OSW17:5 Dakin Sarah E. 1962
VAL6:290 Dallas Flora 1963
VAL5:580 Dallas Frank 1956
OSW26:92 Dallas Iva 1974
VAL9:168 Dallas Roland Elmer 1982
OSW23:35 Dally Henry I. 1971
VAL7:530 Dalton Augusta Beard 1972
VAL7:980 Dalton Elmer E. 1976
OSW13:167 Dalton Herbert M. (Corporal) 1950
OSW13:236 Daly Clemence 1951
OSW11:87 Daly Robert 1942
OSW26:12 Danbury Robert L. 1974
OSW23:55 Dane Fannie L. 1971
OSW28:156 Dane Hazel E. 1976
OSW15:520 Dane John & Hazel (infant boy of) 1961
OSW29:14 Dane Leo S. 1977
OSW26:98 Daniel Marlene A. 1974
OSW15:537 Daniels Dorcas M. 1961
OSW6:160 Daniels Maggie 1917
OSW1:471 Dannbury Jacob 1887
OSW14:279 Darby Irma Gallaher 1956
VAL7:8 Dare Alma Irene 1967
VAL9:22 Dare John William 1981
VAL5:482 Dare Mary Florence 1955
VAL9:56 Dare Mary Jane 1981
VAL5:492 Dare William Emerson 1955
OSW15:387 Darghty Charles H. 1960
OSW10:256 Darghty Harold Robert 1938
OSW18:265 Darghty Lloyd 1967
OSW18:244 Darghty Mary 1967
OSW1:425 Darham Ruth 1886
OSW2:18 Darre Julia 1891
OSW8:522 Dasher James 1930
VAL7:446 Daubenmire Richard Wayne 1971
OSW1:403 Daugherty ___ 1885
OSW17:289 Daugherty Ada 1965
OSW8:156 Daugherty Frances A. 1927
OSW1:257 Daugherty Lizzie 1879
VAL5:50 Daugherty Oscar 1949
OSW13:272 Daugherty William Paul 1951
OSW12:294 Daughtery Leander 1946
OSW13:360 Daulton Arthur Garfield 1952
VAL7:228 Davidson A.T. 1968
OSW14:216 Davidson Albert C. 1956
VAL5:860 Davidson Carlo 1959
OSW11:97 Davidson Charles V. 1943
OSW18:133 Davidson Earl B. 1966
OSW15:100 Davidson Edith 1958
VAL9:120 Davidson Fred 1982
VAL5:520 Davidson Lillian Octavia 1956
OSW23:82 Davidson Neva A. 1971
OSW15:345 Davidson Ora Frances 1960
OSW17:242 Davies Elliot R. 1964
VAL6:688 Davies Morgan 1966
VAL4:386 Davis (infant) 1945
OSW12:414 Davis Adelaide H. 1947
OSW1:270 Davis Alf (Mrs.) 1880
OSW11:81 Davis Alice 1941
OSW32:120 Davis Amanda 1980
OSW1:405 Davis Amos L. 1885
OSW1:311 Davis Anna Bell 1881
OSW30:91 Davis Arnold 1978
VAL10:240 Davis Arthur Fleming 1989
OSW11:101 Davis Bessie C. 1943
OSW25:124 Davis Charles A. 1973
OSW7:242 Davis Chester S. 1923
VAL7:836 Davis Clint 1974
OSW1:212 Davis David 1878
OSW24:36 Davis Edith E. 1972
OSW32:61 Davis Edith R. 1980
OSW7:235 Davis Edward Jr. 1923
OSW13:257 Davis Edward Raymond 1951
OSW18:258 Davis Elizabeth C. 1967
OSW11:107 Davis Ella 1943
OSW15:285 Davis Ella 1959
OSW25:66 Davis Fern 1973
VAL7:118 Davis Frances 1967
OSW10:361 Davis Frank K. 1939
OSW7:450 Davis Franklin P. 1925
OSW19:17 Davis George 1967
OSW13:181 Davis Goldie A. 1950
OSW1:91 Davis Harrison (infant of) 1872
VAL6:232 Davis Heber Franklin 1962
OSW27:40 Davis Hillard H. 1975
OSW26:55 Davis Homer 1974
OSW8:25 Davis Horace 1927
OSW31:64 Davis Irma 1979
OSW1:271 Davis James (son of) 1880
OSW9:321 Davis James B. 1933
VAL9:376 Davis Jeff 1984
VAL7:152 Davis Jennie Lynn 1968
OSW7:73 Davis Jessie L. 1922
OSW1:67 Davis John A. (infant of) 1871
OSW15:175 Davis Joseph Wm. 1958
OSW1:420 Davis Julia 1885
OSW7:500 Davis Julia A. 1925
OSW6:18 Davis Julius 1916
OSW7:243 Davis Lester W. 1923
VAL2:73 Davis Lida Bowman 1936
OSW17:196 Davis Lucile 1964
OSW1:118 Davis Margret 1874
OSW2:111 Davis Martha A. Ward 1897
OSW13:344 Davis Miles Destin 1952
OSW30:100 Davis Mindy Gail 1978
OSW1:238 Davis Mrs. 1879
VAL7:796 Davis Myra Lillian 1974
OSW22:123 Davis Nancy Ann 1970
OSW20:112 Davis Nellie 1968
OSW1:34 Davis O. R. 1869
OSW14:176 Davis Oliver Morris 1956
OSW6:358 Davis Raymond H. 1919
OSW27:17 Davis Richard Lee 1975
VAL10:246 Davis Rosalee 1989
OSW11:105 Davis Samuel 1943
OSW8:18 Davis Samuel K. 1926
VAL9:358 Davis Stanley Carl 1984
OSW24:106 Davis Terry Neal 1972
VAL9:390 Davis Thornton Lewis 1984
OSW31:128 Davis Traverse Albert 1979
OSW10:365 Davis Treva Jane 1939
OSW29:35 Davis Vance 1977
VAL9:18 Davis Vernon Earl 1981
OSW7:513 Davis Virginia Irene 1925
OSW28:104 Davis Walter L. 1976
OSW6:401 Davis William Herman 1919
OSW1:385 Davis Wm. (infant son of) 1884
OSW1:236 Davison Mariah 1879
OSW8:547 Dawson Frank 1930
VAL6:46 Dawson Herbert C. 1960
OSW12:90 Dawson Mamie R. 1944
OSW14:190 Dawson Marvin E. 1956
VAL5:332 Day (stillborn girl) 1953
VAL6:120 Day (stillborn girl) 1961
VAL8:228 Day Clarence Arthur 1978
VAL6:350 Day Clarence Emory Jr. 1963
VAL4:96 Day Clinton K. 1941
VAL4:618 Day Dennis Leroy 1948
VAL1:30 Day Esther 1933
VAL2:19 Day Esther 1933
VAL10:196 Day George William Sr. 1988
OSW12:67 Day Jay C. & Marie Taulbee (infant son of) 1944
VAL8:496 Day Mabel Doris 1980
VAL7:336 Day Michael Lee 1970
VAL2:113 Day Percival Seaman 1937
OSW1:218 Day Sarah M. 1878
VAL5:458 Day Vicki Jane 1955
VAL6:488 De Bold Frank Price 1965
OSW10:367 De Bord Berris 1939
VAL10:114 De Garms Jerry Lee 1987
VAL8:172 De Grummond Marjorie Ann 1978
OSW5:42 De Van Temperance 1908
OSW7:445 De Young Lillie 1925
OSW2:152 Deacon Sarah G. 1900
OSW1:115 Deail Jno. (infant son of) 1874
OSW6:455 Dean Charles 1920
VAL6:242 Dean John 1962
OSW9:309 Dear Catherine 1933
OSW20:46 Deardorf John 1968
OSW18:211 Dearing Carrie 1966
OSW7:534 Dearth Charles A. 1926
OSW6:472 Dearth Elizabeth A. 1920
OSW7:191 Dearth Ruth Harner 1923
OSW31:56 Deaton Cord 1979
OSW18:245 Deaton Lorietta 1967
OSW2:122 Deboard James (infant of) 1898
OSW1:202 Debuss Nancy 1877
OSW26:52 DeCaries Dinah 1974
OSW12:511 Dechant Bessie Smith 1948
OSW15:162 Dechant Charles E. 1958
OSW15:35 Dechant Diane Lou 1957
OSW25:43 Dechant Fred B. 1973
OSW28:124 Dechant Mary 1976
OSW17:98 Dechant Robert S. 1963
OSW9:483 Deck Darrell 1934
OSW32:70 Decker Andrew J. 1980
OSW8:475 Decker Charles E. 1930
OSW1:329 Decker Chas. (infant of) 1882
OSW10:352 Decker Cora Frances 1939
OSW17:269 Decker Effie 1965
OSW8:285 Decker Elizabeth M. 1929
OSW9:570 Decker George Edgar 1935
OSW8:199 Decker Gertrude A. 1928
OSW11:79 Decker Grace B. 1941
OSW7:87 Decker Harriet E. 1922
OSW29:171 Decker Leora M. 1977
OSW9:428 Decker Mary Alice 1934
OSW11:77 Decker Thomas H. 1941
OSW14:72 Decker Velma May 1955
OSW15:284 Deeken John Henri 1959
OSW1:18 Deem Frank 1868
VAL5:728 Deemer Effie C. 1958
OSW10:312 Deesning Mattie T. 1938
OSW11:93 Deever Melissa 1942
OSW15:67 Deirlein George 1957
OSW1:72 Delacount Jno. (infant of) 1871
OSW8:243 Delaney James 1928
OSW8:420 Delaney Mary Agnes 1929
OSW2:136 Delatush Susan Perrine 1899
OSW1:294 Delentush Henry 1881
OSW26:93 Delker Edward E. 1974
OSW11:99 Delp Sarah 1943
OSW10:554 Delph James H. 1940
OSW5:152 Delph Margaret 1909
OSW23:106 Delph Menard H. 1971
OSW13:396 Delph Mittie 1952
OSW18:96 Delph Susan C. 1966
VAL5:182 Delver (stillborn girl) 1951
OSW15:556 Demaree Charles A. 1962
OSW3:6 Demis Mr. 1901
VAL7:214 Demitt Clarence Edward 1968
VAL7:790 Demitt Clyde Edward 1974
VAL4:680 Demitt Kate B. 1949
OSW6:80 Dempsey William B. 1916
VAL11:19 Denier Daniel Gregory 1991
VAL7:162 Denier Jerome Anthony Sr. 1968
OSW19:57 Denman Mabelle L. 1967
OSW13:307 Denney Barbara Ellen 1951
OSW15:44 Denney Wm. Roy 1957
VAL11:7 Dennon Emery Edward 1991
OSW19:6 Dennon Phillip Edward (Cpl.) 1967
OSW2:7 Denny Wm. 1890
OSW32:153 Derossett James P. 1980
OSW25:112 Deskins Kenneth W. 1973
OSW5:163 Desmond Joanna 1909
VAL8:164 Desserich Joseph William 1978
VAL7:976 Detwiler Kathryn Loretta 1976
VAL2:86 Deusch Anthony J. 1936
OSW1:369 Deverick Ellas L. 1883
OSW18:246 Devericks Alice 1967
OSW17:285 Devericks Elery 1965
VAL9:140 Dewhirst Grace Viola 1982
OSW17:226 Dews G.W. & Judy (infant girl of) 1964
VAL9:8 Dewyer George Robert 1981
OSW1:516 Dey John E. 1889
OSW10:556 Dickerson Guy Oliver 1940
VAL5:248 Dickinson William 1952
VAL4:528 Dickson Gary Wayne 1947
VAL8:38 Dickson Leola Geneva 1976
OSW32:49 Diefenbach Margaret L. 1980
VAL1:58 Dietrich Marlene 1934
VAL2:33 Dietrich Marlene 1934
OSW7:307 Dilatush Annie B. 1924
OSW17:210 Dilatush Charles Donald 1964
OSW14:53 Dilatush Charles N. 1954
OSW1:231 Dilatush Eliza H. 1878
OSW7:244 Dilatush Frank (stillborn son of) 1923
OSW7:510 Dilatush Harry E. 1925
OSW5:21 Dilatush Henry 1907
OSW2:116 Dilatush Karl B. 1898
OSW12:140 Dilatush Luella P. 1944
OSW12:220 Dilatush Marie Virginia 1945
OSW2:83 Dilatush Walter S. 1895
OSW5:258 Dilatush William 1911
OSW25:115 Dilgard Beulah F. 1973
OSW28:120 Dilgard John C. 1976
OSW24:72 Dill Albert 1972
OSW10:576 Dill Alfred O. 1941
OSW8:218 Dill Clinton 1928
OSW1:94 Dill Cristina 1873
OSW13:426 Dill Ella Deborah 1952
OSW7:257 Dill Ella Martha 1923
OSW22:70 Dill Elsie B. 1970
OSW7:386 Dill Horace (stillborn son of) 1924
OSW2:31 Dill James 1892
OSW1:358 Dill John 1883
OSW5:580 Dill John Milton 1915
OSW4:27 Dill Joseph 1906
OSW1:373 Dill Julia 1884
OSW9:480 Dill Lafayette 1934
OSW2:78 Dill Lucy I. 1895
OSW1:501 Dill Lycurgus 1888
OSW5:243 Dill Martha E. 1910
OSW5:418 Dill Mary Ellen 1913
OSW3:23 Dill Reginald 1902
OSW7:51 Dill Sarah E. 1922
OSW1:165 Dill Thomas (infant dau. of) 1876
OSW5:324 Dill Thomas Corwin 1912
OSW5:592 Dill William 1915
OSW26:51 Dill William R. 1974
OSW1:484 Dill Wm. Clyde 1888
OSW5:242 Dill Wm. E. 1910
OSW2:90 Dill Wm. F. 1896
OSW1:181 Dillatush Catalina D. 1876
VAL8:444 Dillinger Carla Florence 1980
VAL9:286 Dillinger Clifford 1983
OSW20:8 Dillow William H. 1968
VAL6:88 Dinkins Annie Elizabeth 1961
VAL7:488 Dinwiddie Le Roy S. 1971
VAL10:280 Dishon James T. Jr. 1989
OSW1:149 Ditcher (infant dau.) 1875
VAL1:21 Ditmars Alice 1933
VAL2:14 Ditmars Alice 1933
VAL4:252 Ditmars Emma 1943
VAL4:256 Ditmars Grant 1943
VAL4:46 Ditmars Harley 1940
VAL4:62 Ditmars John 1940
VAL4:100 Ditmars Mollie 1941
VAL5:262 Ditmars Pearl 1952
VAL4:250 Ditmars Scott 1943
OSW9:291 Ditmars Walter C. 1933
OSW18:166 Ditmyer Clothilda 1966
OSW7:27 Divine Anthony James 1921
OSW6:110 Divine Leander A. 1917
OSW1:16 Dixon Mrs. 1868
OSW1:19 Dixon Sam (child of) 1868
VAL10:186 Doan Fred Louis Jr. 1988
VAL9:344 Doane Everett 1984
OSW10:301 Doane Jo Anna Hunt 1938
VAL4:112 Doane Philip Hunt 1941
OSW32:106 Doane Russell 1980
VAL10:74 Doane Ruth Katherine 1987
VAL7:558 Doane Wilburn 1972
OSW1:32 Docher Martini 1869
OSW13:437 Dodd Blanche 1952
OSW8:177 Dodd Carl W. 1928
OSW7:173 Dodd William C. 1923
OSW1:135 Dodds Maud Alberta 1874
OSW2:17 Doebler Henry 1891
OSW5:33 Doebler Sarah 1908
OSW3:12 Doherty (infant) 1901
OSW5:475 Dolan Charles A. 1914
OSW28:93 Dolan Mary A. 1976
OSW9:346 Dolan Mary Jane 1933
VAL7:392 Doller August Max Jr. 1970
OSW5:568 Dombaugh Charles 1915
OSW5:499 Dombaugh Charles (infant dau. of) 1914
OSW3:20 Dombaugh Charles (infant of) 1902
OSW4:3 Dombaugh Charles (infant of) 1904
OSW3:7 Dombaugh Charles R. 1901
OSW25:142 Dominick James E. 1973
OSW6:585 Domm Sarah Ellen 1921
OSW12:470 Donahue Melissa L. 1947
OSW29:133 Donahue Pearl 1977
OSW14:206 Donahue Vern 1956
VAL1:75 Donaldson Gretchen 1935
VAL2:42 Donaldson Gretchen 1935
OSW2:130 Donalton Louisa 1898
OSW9:114 Dondaro Ida May 1932
OSW13:188 Dondaro John Albert 1950
OSW13:548 Dondaro Sarah Etta 1954
OSW4:22 Donegan Geo. 1906
OSW1:315 Donlevy Howard Ant. 1881
OSW1:419 Donley Hiram 1885
OSW2:40 Donley Mary Munford 1892
VAL1:77 Donnally Joseph D. 1935
VAL2:44 Donnally Joseph D. 1935
VAL4:130 Donnally Lewis 1941
VAL6:428 Donnally Mary Cadwallader 1964
OSW12:358 Donnell Enis 1947
VAL4:620 Donnell John 1948
OSW12:474 Donnell Matilda 1948
OSW5:5 Donoho Michael 1907
OSW5:431 Donoho Sarah Hamilton 1913
OSW25:72 Donohoo David D. Sr. 1973
OSW17:192 Donohoo Olive 1964
OSW18:185 Donohue Isadora King 1966
OSW27:57 Donovan Katherine Ann 1975
VAL11:25 Donovan Marguerite Ann 1991
OSW8:512 Donston Mary A. Beck 1930
OSW10:37 Doorer Jennie 1936
OSW2:10 Dore Emma 1890
OSW2:128 Dorris Wm. 1898
OSW7:584 Dose Elizabeth 1926
OSW1:259 Dotty Hannah 1879
OSW1:172 Dotty Laura 1876
OSW1:124 Doudell Nathan G. 1874
VAL5:280 Dougherty Cleo 1952
OSW10:64 Doughman Alton C. 1936
VAL9:258 Doughman Arlo Abraham 1983
VAL4:398 Doughman baby boy 1945
VAL4:634 Doughman Carl Berger 1948
OSW27:31 Doughman Debra Sue 1975
VAL1:9 Doughman Elizabeth 1932
VAL2:5 Doughman Elizabeth 1932
VAL1:10 Doughman Etta Mae 1932
VAL2:6 Doughman Etta Mae 1932
VAL2:62 Doughman Floyd Frank 1936
VAL8:466 Doughman George Wesley 1980
OSW8:106 Doughman Harold Eugene 1927
VAL10:300 Doughman Ida Mae 1989
VAL5:416 Doughman Marietta Elizabeth 1954
OSW12:365 Doughman Marsha Ann 1947
VAL2:63 Doughman Martha Elnore 1936
VAL8:270 Doughman Ora 1979
VAL6:340 Doughman Oscar W. 1963
OSW10:23 Doughman Raymond E. 1936
OSW6:164 Doughman Robert M. 1917
OSW17:50 Doughman Stanley M. 1963
VAL4:54 Doughman Stella Marie 1940
VAL9:378 Doughman Wilfred Reynolds 1984
VAL4:612 Doughman William 1948
OSW31:25 Douglas Charles 1979
OSW10:242 Douglas Chester & Irene (infant son of) 1937
OSW1:316 Douglas James 1881
OSW1:338 Douglass Sarah 1882
OSW1:25 Doul Mrs. 1868
VAL7:702 Dowdell Anna Sarah 1973
VAL8:464 Dowdell Benjamin Franklin 1980
OSW20:115 Dowhanyk Nancy H. 1968
OSW13:560 Dowlin Howard H. Jr. 1954
OSW17:149 Downey Anna M. 1964
OSW1:155 Downey Chas. W. 1875
OSW9:386 Downey Doris Jean 1934
OSW6:370 Downey Earl Grant 1919
OSW18:149 Downey Ele H. 1966
OSW8:276 Downey George Preston 1928
VAL7:212 Downey Herbert Joseph 1968
OSW6:150 Downey John G. 1917
VAL7:770 Downey Marie Elizabeth 1974
OSW11:85 Downey Mary 1942
OSW7:90 Downey Mary E. 1922
OSW32:88 Downey Verna R. 1980
OSW10:102 Downey William F. 1936
OSW13:22 Downey Wm. & Mary Lou (stillborn male twins of) 1949
OSW15:390 Downey Wymer S. 1960
OSW9:414 Downhour Aaron 1934
OSW11:83 Downhour Leanor 1942
VAL5:810 Downing Charles Henry Sr. 1959
VAL11:1 Downing Eva 1992
VAL6:300 Downing Jennie 1963
OSW10:310 Downing Lizzie A. 1938
VAL9:666 Downing Marjorie Kathryn 1986
VAL9:366 Downing William Marvin 1984
OSW9:444 Downs Ida B. 1934
OSW2:90 Downy Pamelia 1896
OSW12:560 Doyle (infant) 1948
VAL5:742 Doyle (stillborn boy) 1958
OSW11:95 Doyle Bobby 1943
VAL6:10 Doyle Elmer Collin 1960
OSW2:67 Doyle L. 1894
OSW13:565 Doyle Mary Lee 1954
OSW25:57 Doyle Robert 1973
OSW27:92 Doyle Shelby 1975
OSW12:239 Doyle Steve 1945
OSW15:561 D'Oyley Florine 1962
OSW13:310 Dozier Carmin Otis 1951
OSW2:14 Drack Isaac L. (Dr.) 1891
OSW1:98 Drack Rob. T. (Rev.) 1873
OSW1:275 Dracke J. Wesley 1880
OSW22:144 Dragoo Evelyn 1970
OSW9:407 Dragoo George B. 1934
OSW30:92 Dragoo Harvey A. 1978
OSW15:253 Dragoo Stephen 1959
OSW1:146 Draik Frank (infant of) 1875
OSW1:129 Draik R. G. (Rev) (infant son of) 1874
OSW1:149 Drak Charley 1875
VAL4:36 Drake (infant) 1940
OSW1:347 Drake Adison B. 1883
OSW6:542 Drake Amanda F. 1920
VAL1:44 Drake Andrew 1934
VAL2:26 Drake Andrew 1934
VAL5:100 Drake Anna 1950
VAL2:138 Drake Anna Eliza 1938
OSW8:200 Drake Bert 1928
OSW14:51 Drake Caroline May 1954
OSW1:58 Drake Catharine 1871
VAL5:170 Drake Clarence Herbert 1951
OSW9:177 Drake Eliza J. 1932
OSW9:350 Drake Ella Clegg 1933
OSW15:174 Drake Emma 1958
VAL7:492 Drake Eugene Clinton 1971
OSW5:66 Drake Frank 1908
OSW14:161 Drake Frank M. 1955
OSW23:151 Drake Gussie O. 1971
OSW11:89 Drake Harriet 1942
OSW7:201 Drake Hester E. K. 1923
OSW14:262 Drake Ida Martha 1956
OSW6:420 Drake Idelette 1919
OSW9:98 Drake Isaac E. 1931
OSW1:179 Drake James 1876
VAL2:99 Drake Janet Lewis 1937
OSW2:54 Drake Jerusha 1893
OSW2:35 Drake John 1892
OSW8:535 Drake John Edward 1930
OSW10:107 Drake John Lester 1936
OSW5:240 Drake John R. 1910
VAL5:432 Drake John William 1954
OSW10:360 Drake Lems 1939
VAL2:175 Drake Leonard 1938
VAL6:618 Drake Leslie Walter 1966
VAL6:12 Drake Leslie Walter Jr. 1960
OSW1:382 Drake Lewis 1884
OSW2:152 Drake Lewis 1900
VAL4:298 Drake Lida B. 1944
OSW10:9 Drake Lizzie Mary 1936
VAL2:48 Drake Louie Belle 1935
OSW14:233 Drake Louise 1956
OSW7:564 Drake Martha V. 1926
OSW12:573 Drake Mary 1948
OSW8:72 Drake Mary J. 1927
OSW17:247 Drake Mary L. (Boonie) 1964
OSW5:506 Drake Mary S. 1914
OSW12:416 Drake Mathias Corwin 1947
OSW2:152 Drake Melissa Hatfield 1900
OSW11:103 Drake Milton 1943
OSW2:52 Drake Milton (infant son of) 1893
OSW2:66 Drake Oliver B. 1894
VAL9:450 Drake Paul Walter Jr. 1984
OSW32:21 Drake Pauline Spencer 1980
OSW1:71 Drake Peter 1871
OSW1:338 Drake Peter (Mrs.) 1882
OSW2:52 Drake Rebecca J. Donlevy 1893
OSW1:445 Drake Rob 1886
OSW9:381 Drake Roda 1934
OSW14:292 Drake Roland C. 1957
OSW13:21 Drake Rufus H. 1949
VAL9:300 Drake Russell Leroy 1983
OSW1:356 Drake Samuel Clayton 1883
OSW1:277 Drake Sarah 1880
OSW3:4 Drake Sarah 1900
OSW9:138 Drake Silas 1932
OSW4:33 Drake Thomas 1907
OSW15:306 Drake Velma B. 1959
VAL7:20 Drake Virginia Gertrude 1967
OSW4:35 Drake Walter 1907
VAL9:328 Drake Willa Mae 1983
OSW8:100 Drake William 1927
OSW18:259 Drake Wymer L. 1967
VAL6:316 Draxinger Marie 1963
VAL8:430 Draxinger Mike 1980
OSW30:120 Dressler Robert T. 1978
VAL9:686 Drewell Orval Benjamin 1986
VAL6:112 Driever Mary 1961
OSW1:105 Driggs Sarah 1873
OSW8:531 Driscoll Eugene 1930
VAL7:638 Driscoll Minnie Belle 1973
VAL9:684 Driscoll Raymond R. 1986
VAL8:130 Driscoll William Earl 1977
OSW1:481 Drisden Susa 1888
OSW31:24 Druhot Harley H. 1979
OSW22:130 Drummond Bessie 1970
OSW15:573 Drummond John R. 1962
OSW3:6 Drushel Ossee (Mrs.) 1901
VAL10:164 Dryden Donnie Douglas 1988
OSW24:9 Dubois Helen B. 1972
OSW13:65 Duby Frank 1949
OSW2:153 Duckman Benjamin 1900
OSW30:23 Duckwall George (Rev.) 1978
OSW29:165 Duckwall Myrtle B. 1977
OSW1:242 Duckworth Mathilda R. 1879
OSW2:109 Duckworth Robert 1897
OSW8:427 Dudley Thomas 1929
OSW13:367 Dudley William Sherman 1952
OSW32:58 Duff Hobart Allen 1980
VAL7:474 Duff Hubert Michael 1971
OSW19:38 Duff Phillip & Pamaline (infant girl of) 1967
VAL5:700 Duffey Emma Sparks 1958
VAL3:12 Duffey Henry "Pat" 1939
VAL5:302 Duffy Christopher 1953
OSW1:95 Dugal John 1873
OSW10:526 Dugan Catherine 1940
OSW13:550 Dugan Cathryn W. 1954
OSW9:580 Dugan Charles A. 1935
OSW14:127 Dugan Clarence A. 1955
OSW17:215 Dugan Earl 1964
OSW18:198 Dugan Ethel 1966
OSW13:112 Dugan Rachel Elizabeth 1950
OSW14:259 Dugan Wilbur W. 1956
OSW1:157 Dugeon John (infant of) 1875
OSW1:34 Duken Jno. H. (boy of) 1869
OSW1:34 Duken John (child of) 1869
OSW1:161 Dulen Mary 1876
OSW18:203 Duley Bessie 1966
OSW6:246 Dumford Clara A. 1918
OSW7:357 Dumford Edna 1924
OSW12:350 Dumford Ezekiel W. 1947
OSW13:594 Dumford Guylda 1954
OSW1:505 Dumford Jessie Mabel 1889
OSW8:293 Dumford Louise 1929
OSW1:438 Dumfort Blage, inf dau. of Chas. 1886
OSW1:394 Dumfort Charly (infant son of) 1884
OSW27:112 Duncan Dennise 1975
VAL6:102 Duncan Dora 1961
VAL5:544 Duncan Lee 1956
OSW2:30 Dunes Mary J. 1892
OSW1:156 Dunham Abby 1875
OSW7:300 Dunham Asa 1924
OSW7:456 Dunham Burns 1925
OSW8:81 Dunham Carrie 1927
OSW1:262 Dunham Catherine 1880
OSW7:351 Dunham Catherine S. 1924
OSW22:57 Dunham Clarence V. 1970
OSW1:479 Dunham Clarissa 1888
OSW9:48 Dunham David E. 1931
OSW4:33 Dunham Elizabeth 1907
OSW9:12 Dunham Elvira R. 1931
OSW6:330 Dunham Epenetus 1918
OSW8:407 Dunham Ethel 1929
VAL1:82 Dunham Eugene Cable 1935
VAL2:47 Dunham Eugene Cable 1935
OSW9:554 Dunham Frances A. 1935
OSW3:22 Dunham Henry 1902
OSW8:304 Dunham Henry H. 1929
OSW1:408 Dunham Henry J. 1885
OSW1:528 Dunham J. Watts 1890
OSW8:467 Dunham John W. 1930
OSW5:267 Dunham Joseph 1911
OSW11:91 Dunham Laura S. 1942
OSW7:147 Dunham Lee S. 1922
OSW6:291 Dunham Letitia D. 1918
OSW1:490 Dunham Luella Cochern 1888
OSW6:139 Dunham Marietta 1917
OSW5:272 Dunham Martha A. 1911
OSW1:107 Dunham Mary A. 1873
OSW1:153 Dunham Mary Anne 1875
OSW23:160 Dunham Mary Ethel 1971
OSW9:43 Dunham Mary Jane 1931
OSW2:41 Dunham Mary Maple 1892
OSW29:149 Dunham Morris S. 1977
OSW2:80 Dunham Moses 1895
OSW12:540 Dunham Raymond 1948
OSW17:272 Dunham Raymond E. 1965
OSW6:261 Dunham Rebecca Randolph 1918
OSW7:332 Dunham Thomas Jeff 1924
OSW1:133 Dunham Thos. Gibbs 1874
OSW1:263 Dunham Wilson (wife of) 1880
OSW28:70 Dunkle Bessie 1976
OSW1:255 Dunlap Lytha 1879
OSW14:162 Dunlap Melissa 1955
OSW1:103 Dunlasse John 1873
OSW1:204 Dunlevy Howard 1877
OSW1:304 Dunlevy Lucinda Cowan 1881
OSW3:36 Dunlevy Wilbur 1903
OSW25:38 Dunn Adam 1973
OSW18:49 Dunn Clara 1965
OSW14:270 Dunn Cora J. 1956
OSW14:156 Dunn David Samuel 1955
VAL4:414 Dunn Eleanor Hitesman 1945
OSW13:381 Dunn Ira Quentin 1952
OSW10:6 Dunn Thomas 1935
OSW31:99 Dunn Timothy A. 1979
OSW9:499 Dunn William 1935
OSW25:8 Dunn William A. 1973
OSW1:472 Dunn Willis 1887
OSW12:436 Durant Catherine 1947
OSW1:131 Durbin John (infant dau. of) 1874
OSW29:22 Durden Lestenia (Pitts) 1977
OSW2:37 Dureg Rudolph (infant son of) 1892
OSW17:166 Durham Florence 1964
OSW17:81 Durham Richard 1963
OSW1:75 Dutchers child 1871
OSW5:466 Dutril Eugene R. 1913
OSW9:116 Dutro Adam Moral 1932
OSW13:375 Dutro Nell Louise 1952
OSW29:4 Duvall Ethel M. 1977
VAL4:694 Duvall Wm. Coleman 1949
OSW5:520 Dwinell Charles (infant of) 1914
OSW9:366 Dwire James E. 1933
OSW12:577 Dwire Joseph Howard 1948
OSW6:193 Dwire Winifrede 1917
OSW4:17 Dwire Wm. 1905
OSW4:18 Dyche David T. D. 1905
OSW6:268 Dyche Georgia Charters 1918
OSW1:156 Dyche Ruth R. 1875
OSW5:576 Dyche William C. 1915
OSW13:29 Dye Benjamin F. 1949
VAL7:532 Dye Cecil Clay 1972
OSW9:95 Dye Charles Luther 1931
OSW23:77 Dye Cranton C. 1971
VAL9:180 Dye Richard Eugene 1982
VAL2:103 Dye Ruth Leaf 1937
VAL8:158 Dykes Hobert William 1978
OSW1:423 Dynes (infant son) 1885
OSW4:6 Dynes Corlis 1904
OSW5:44 Dynes Ed 1908
OSW1:460 Dynes Ed (inf. son of) 1887
OSW1:462 Dynes Emma 1887
OSW1:471 Dynes George 1887


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