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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW2:58 Nadry Joseph 1894
OSW21:98 Naeley E. Clyde 1969
OSW1:352 Naha Queency (infant dau. of) 1883
OSW26:70 Napier (unnamed stillborn girl) 1974
VAL9:226 Napier Anna Elizabeth 1982
VAL9:374 Napier Charles Carter 1984
VAL6:140 Napier Eugene Alan 1961
VAL9:570 Napier Evalee 1985
OSW25:42 Napier James E. 1973
OSW28:58 Napier Katherine 1976
OSW2:67 Napp Wm. K. 1894
OSW1:417 Narama Daniel M. 1885
OSW24:33 Naureth Peter 1972
OSW10:150 Nayler Lucy Ann 1937
OSW4:29 Naylor Charles 1906
VAL5:252 Naylor Milton Steward 1952
OSW25:3 Neace (infant boy) 1973
OSW17:218 Neal Diana (infant) 1964
OSW11:315 Neal James E. 1942
OSW15:474 Neal Lisa Ann & Jeffery M. 1961
OSW6:483 Neal Retta 1920
OSW21:96 Nealis Dorthy E. 1969
OSW22:60 Nease Lettie Runyan 1970
OSW6:281 Needham James 1918
OSW7:80 Neely Chester (stillborn son of) 1922
VAL4:294 Neely Daisy 1943
OSW7:236 Neely Eugene 1923
VAL4:114 Neely Lula 1941
OSW29:47 Neely Mark E. 1977
OSW30:73 Neely Myrtle A. 1978
OSW17:94 Neese Mayme 1963
OSW1:303 Neevill Thos. (dau. of) 1881
OSW1:137 Neff Flora 1875
OSW1:72 Neff Isaac (Rev.) 1871
OSW19:62 Neibert Irvin S. 1967
OSW4:7 Nelson Adelia A. 1904
OSW10:499 Nelson David 1940
OSW1:267 Nelson Edwin 1880
OSW6:111 Nelson Hiriam S. 1917
OSW13:130 Nelson Lucy 1950
OSW4:33 Nelson Rebecca 1907
OSW10:178 Nelson Richard L. 1937
OSW30:89 Neuhausser Maggalena Marie 1978
OSW12:586 Neutzenholzer Edward 1948
OSW1:274 Nevel Mickel (son of) 1880
OSW12:212 Neville George 1945
OSW23:5 Neville James 1971
OSW5:532 Neville Laura 1914
OSW15:79 Neville Mabel Bagford 1957
OSW9:76 Neville Martha 1931
OSW7:394 Neville Michael Charles 1924
OSW22:13 Neville Thomas 1970
OSW1:51 Newal Ida 1870
OSW6:394 Newcomb Amos 1919
OSW7:224 Newcomb David R. 1923
OSW1:42 Newcomb Josef 1870
OSW20:47 Newcomb Lewainor 1968
OSW28:75 Newcomb Terry Lee 1976
OSW15:3 Newcomb William C. 1957
OSW15:112 Newell Huldah 1958
OSW31:121 Newell Paul Augustus 1979
OSW2:117 Newkirk Lucy 1898
OSW1:418 Newkirk Mary L. 1885
OSW28:151 Newman David N. 1976
VAL5:396 Newman Jasper Lawrence 1954
OSW12:475 Newman Lillie Mae 1948
OSW6:1 Newport Anna Rebecca Liddil 1915
OSW5:379 Newport Elizabeth M. 1912
OSW1:97 Newport Jerry 1873
OSW1:105 Newport Jms. S. 1873
OSW1:518 Newport Joseph C 1889
OSW1:47 Newport Sarah Ann 1870
VAL9:142 Newport Vada (King) 1982
OSW6:581 Newport William H. 1921
OSW13:465 Newton Benjamin Mclain 1953
OSW21:49 Newton Charlie C. 1969
OSW15:517 Newton Clarence A. 1961
OSW13:260 Newton Evalena 1951
OSW14:114 Newton Evalena 1955
OSW12:520 Newton Everett 1948
OSW6:351 Newton Mary Margaret 1919
OSW15:186 Newton Ottie Faye 1958
OSW10:279 Newton Stella Marie 1938
OSW6:416 Newton William Daniel 1919
OSW10:133 Nichelson James F. 1937
OSW15:80 Nicholas Catherine Angela 1957
OSW18:172 Nicholas Dale & Betty (stillborn boy of) 1966
OSW13:295 Nicholas Evelyn 1951
OSW10:305 Nicholas Helen C. 1938
OSW11:319 Nicholas Katie B. 1943
OSW18:40 Nicholas Richard B. 1965
OSW31:85 Nicholas Wilson H. 1979
VAL9:62 Nichols baby girl 1981
OSW11:317 Nichols Bessie M. 1943
VAL9:588 Nichols Connie Lee 1985
OSW12:43 Nichols George 1944
OSW4:32 Nichols Henry 1907
OSW13:254 Nichols Iva Elizabeth 1951
VAL7:204 Nichols Laura Payne 1968
OSW7:422 Nichols Margaret Louise 1925
VAL1:59 Nichols Melinda 1934
VAL2:34 Nichols Melinda 1934
VAL7:816 Nichols Patricia Mary 1974
VAL10:140 Nichols Virginia Gale 1988
OSW4:23 Nicholson Emma 1906
OSW9:224 Nicholson George W. 1932
OSW4:1 Nicholson Wm. 1904
OSW17:31 Nickell Bridget M. 1963
OSW20:153 Nickell Buddy 1968
OSW12:75 Nickell Josephine 1944
OSW14:183 Nickell Kevin Lee 1956
VAL9:78 Nickell Leonard 1981
OSW29:167 Nickell Stephen L. 1977
OSW3:4 Nickholson Hannah 1900
OSW10:44 Nickleson Frances 1936
OSW23:75 Nicley Phil 1971
VAL8:58 Nicloy Oren Alonzo 1977
VAL6:424 Niehaus Bessie 1964
OSW10:341 Niesz Delilah 1938
OSW12:194 Niewohuer Wm. F. 1945
OSW1:81 Nisskin Jno. A. (dau. of) 1872
OSW1:500 Nixon Allen 1888
OSW26:16 Nixon Alta 1974
VAL7:602 Nixon Anna 1972
OSW12:599 Nixon Anna E. 1949
OSW10:463 Nixon Atlee C. 1939
OSW28:35 Nixon Bernice C. 1976
OSW25:2 Nixon Blanche 1973
OSW24:87 Nixon Byron D. 1972
OSW8:498 Nixon Charles 1930
OSW3:33 Nixon Clarence 1903
OSW6:9 Nixon Clarke (Mrs.) 1915
OSW12:516 Nixon Clinton 1948
OSW8:336 Nixon Cornelius Hampton 1929
OSW15:148 Nixon Dean Edward 1958
OSW11:321 Nixon Edgar P. 1943
OSW1:325 Nixon Elizabeth 1882
OSW18:108 Nixon Everett 1966
OSW9:190 Nixon Florence Louise 1932
VAL5:304 Nixon Frances 1953
OSW18:119 Nixon Gail 1966
OSW31:66 Nixon Gene M. 1979
OSW1:357 Nixon Generva 1883
OSW1:169 Nixon George 1876
OSW15:223 Nixon Gregg Atlee 1959
OSW17:63 Nixon Harry A. 1963
OSW7:49 Nixon J. Doan 1922
OSW1:530 Nixon James Reily 1890
OSW1:413 Nixon Jani 1885
OSW7:363 Nixon Karl 1924
OSW1:321 Nixon Kelly 1882
OSW5:528 Nixon Lewis C. 1914
OSW1:235 Nixon Libby 1878
OSW2:112 Nixon Lola 1897
OSW7:41 Nixon Lyle E. 1921
OSW20:64 Nixon Marietta M. 1968
OSW4:21 Nixon Mary A. 1905
OSW5:521 Nixon Mary E. Smith 1914
OSW31:102 Nixon Menard 1979
OSW28:144 Nixon Morris L. 1976
OSW8:382 Nixon Myrtle S. 1929
OSW15:199 Nixon Nora E. 1958
OSW4:7 Nixon Roma E. 1904
OSW8:215 Nixon Sally 1928
OSW4:4 Nixon Samuel 1904
OSW32:46 Nixon Steve B. 1980
OSW27:6 Nixon Vera V. 1975
OSW13:223 Nixon Verdi 1951
OSW1:387 Nixon Wm. (infant son of) 1884
OSW1:30 Noah (infant) 1869
OSW1:478 Noah Chas. (inf. son of) 1888
OSW6:254 Noah Margaret L. 1918
OSW7:21 Noah Paul H. 1921
OSW1:46 Nobel Mary (Mrs.) 1870
OSW9:513 Noble Adeline Florence Ann 1935
OSW21:101 Noble Adna 1969
OSW7:287 Noble Anna Martha 1923
OSW17:16 Noble Burnett 1962
OSW1:111 Noble Charlana 1873
VAL9:634 Noble Della F. (Coyle) 1986
OSW13:325 Noble Delores K. 1951
OSW1:118 Noble Edward 1874
VAL5:880 Noble Emma Lou 1959
OSW15:106 Noble Gordon 1958
VAL9:102 Noble Harriet Ethel 1981
VAL6:512 Noble Ira 1965
VAL5:236 Noble Jeff 1952
OSW4:34 Noble Julia 1907
OSW8:503 Noble Kathleen Marie 1930
VAL6:296 Noble Lelia Coomer 1963
VAL11:51 Noble Mary Ellen 1991
VAL8:214 Noble Rosie P. 1978
OSW10:62 Noble William Henry 1936
VAL6:374 Noblit Dell Elbert 1964
VAL6:368 Noblit Myrtha May 1964
VAL7:540 Noblit Willfred Claude 1972
OSW15:363 Noe Alice 1960
OSW23:147 Noe Finley 1971
OSW23:122 Noe Joe 1971
OSW20:90 Noe Pashie 1968
OSW15:298 Noe Robert & Ruby (infant girl of) 1959
VAL6:554 Noesing Hugo Arnold 1965
VAL8:216 Noesing Joseph 1978
VAL10:298 Noesing Martha Matilda 1989
OSW1:510 Noha Frank Murphy (wife of Wm.) 1889
OSW7:205 Nohle Bruno 1923
OSW11:313 Nolen Eleanor 1942
OSW17:167 Norman Clinton 1964
VAL7:738 Norman Florence Edna 1974
OSW13:494 Norman Frank (baby of) 1953
OSW12:269 Norman Nannie 1946
OSW14:238 Norman Orville 1956
OSW12:381 Norman Richard Allen 1947
OSW6:325 Norris Ernest M. 1918
VAL5:798 Norris Isabel 1958
OSW29:53 Norton James E. 1977
OSW2:137 Null David 1899
OSW1:183 Null Nancy A. 1876
OSW1:438 Nunlist August 1886
OSW8:282 Nunlist Catherine G. 1928
OSW2:16 Nunlist Emelia 1891
OSW17:199 Nunlist Minnie 1964
OSW7:401 Nuss Ervin B. 1924
OSW9:211 Nuss George W. 1932
OSW10:204 Nuss Ruth M. 1937


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