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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW21:97 Pabst von Ohain Wolf 1969
OSW22:50 Pace Horace 1970
OSW13:219 Packer Mary 1950
VAL9:110 Padgett Robbie Dale 1981
VAL10:132 Padgett Robert Earl 1988
OSW12:315 Paige Olive E. 1946
VAL1:64 Paine Elizabeth 1934
VAL2:38 Paine Elizabeth 1934
VAL4:286 Paine John 1943
OSW3:2 Palmer Belle 1900
OSW15:419 Palmer Clara 1960
OSW17:101 Palmer Clarence 1963
OSW15:418 Palmer Clyde & Gracie (infant of) 1960
OSW10:278 Palmer Edward A. 1938
OSW6:579 Palmer Elizabeth J. 1921
OSW28:94 Palmer Everett C. 1976
OSW1:137 Palmer John C. 1875
OSW1:139 Palmer Nettie 1875
OSW28:89 Palmer Ralph A. 1976
OSW6:94 Palmer William George 1916
OSW12:130 Palopoli Albert 1944
OSW18:184 Pandorf Karl W. 1966
OSW1:530 Panell J. H. (infant of) 1890
OSW24:66 Parent Charles P. 1972
VAL4:554 Parent Frances E. 1947
OSW1:314 Paris Lewis D. 1881
OSW1:21 Paris Lewis D. (dau. of) 1868
OSW1:451 Paris Mercie H. 1887
OSW7:100 Park Anna 1922
OSW11:349 Park Charlie 1942
OSW13:286 Park Edna Thornton 1951
OSW24:23 Park Louis I. 1972
OSW5:349 Parker Adie 1912
VAL5:608 Parker Albert Mitchell 1957
OSW15:138 Parker Bert William 1958
VAL4:218 Parker Charles 1942
VAL4:572 Parker Earl Wayne 1947
OSW2:60 Parker Eliza 1894
VAL6:56 Parker Eva 1960
OSW11:365 Parker Florence D. 1943
OSW27:23 Parker Frank B. 1975
OSW20:10 Parker Fred C. 1968
OSW18:237 Parker George & Daphne (infant boy of) 1967
VAL5:266 Parker Georgia 1952
OSW23:9 Parker Gilbert W. 1971
VAL4:562 Parker Karl George 1947
OSW13:199 Parker Laura Bone 1950
OSW10:243 Parker Margaret Christine 1938
OSW10:241 Parker Mark & Mary (infant dau. of) 1937
OSW11:367 Parker Mary Olive 1943
VAL5:446 Parker Pearl 1954
OSW22:16 Parker Raymond M. 1970
OSW6:422 Parker Rosalee 1919
OSW6:86 Parker Waneta 1916
OSW1:195 Parkhill ___ 1877
OSW1:420 Parkhurst David 1885
OSW32:26 Parkin Fred W. 1980
OSW1:299 Parks Florence Isabel 1881
OSW30:34 Parks George E. 1978
OSW24:81 Parks Russell 1972
OSW27:1 Parks William J. 1975
OSW31:34 Parnell Blanche A. 1979
VAL10:258 Parnell John Hughes Jr. 1989
OSW1:38 Parnell Susannah M. 1869
OSW20:144 Parnsell Ernest M. 1968
VAL8:474 Parrett Henry 1980
VAL10:386 Parrett Lucy 1990
OSW24:77 Parris David Arthur 1972
OSW6:187 Parris Dora 1917
OSW15:8 Parris Viola Irene 1957
OSW10:172 Parris William H. 1937
OSW7:395 Parrish Cynthia 1924
OSW1:90 Parshall Henrietta Day 1872
OSW2:29 Parshall John Maurice 1892
OSW1:267 Parshall Ruth 1880
OSW2:56 Parshel William F. 1893
OSW1:309 Parson Wm. (son of) 1881
OSW26:1 Parsons Guy 1974
VAL11:34 Partin Ruth 1991
VAL9:146 Partin William Eugene 1982
OSW1:256 Pastors Joseph 1879
OSW26:104 Pate Charles L. 1974
VAL7:894 Patrick Boyd 1975
VAL9:576 Patrick Willmer Dell 1985
OSW1:253 Patterson (Inf.) 1879
OSW18:57 Patterson Bradford Lee 1965
OSW2:82 Patterson Clarissa 1895
OSW2:75 Patterson Dora W. Hageman 1895
OSW5:232 Patterson Emma 1910
OSW8:410 Patterson Ethel W. 1929
OSW1:17 Patterson George 1868
OSW1:468 Patterson George P. 1887
OSW1:528 Patterson James 1890
OSW1:459 Patterson Jennette A. 1887
OSW1:360 Patterson John 1883
OSW1:120 Patterson Maria 1874
OSW8:317 Patterson Robert 1929
OSW6:467 Patterson Sara M. 1920
OSW1:493 Patterson Wm. H. (Mrs.) 1888
OSW1:459 Patterson Wm. L. 1887
OSW1:159 Patterson Wm. P. (ch. of) 1875
OSW11:339 Patton Emma M. 1941
OSW11:363 Patton Fred L. 1943
OSW23:71 Patton William B. 1971
OSW4:13 Paugh Garson 1905
OSW7:345 Paul Guy Maurice 1924
OSW22:97 Paul John H. 1970
OSW1:396 Pauley Samuel 1884
OSW1:485 Pauly Cynthia Bone 1888
OSW2:67 Pauly Dr. (infant of) 1894
OSW1:35 Pauly E. Belle 1869
OSW5:260 Pauly Elwood B. 1911
OSW15:392 Pauly Fred L. 1960
OSW10:36 Pauly Jessie Roberta 1936
OSW2:43 Pauly John 1892
OSW7:181 Pauly Marianna 1923
OSW4:16 Pauly Retta 1905
OSW1:292 Pauly Sallie 1881
OSW1:26 Pauly Torcilla 1869
VAL4:516 Payne Carrie M. 1947
OSW15:193 Payne Cecelia 1958
VAL4:12 Payne Charles 1939
OSW10:314 Payne Corrine 1938
OSW19:55 Payne Gary 1967
VAL5:120 Payne Jack V. 1950
OSW31:69 Payne John H. 1979
OSW28:37 Payne John N. Jr. 1976
VAL5:684 Payne Joseph Ralman 1957
VAL7:178 Payne Leslie Arthur 1968
OSW32:91 Payne Lewis A. 1980
VAL5:74 Payne Lucy Cora 1950
OSW6:522 Payne Nelle 1920
OSW10:264 Payne Relman Wm. 1938
OSW1:403 Payton Albert 1885
VAL11:53 Payton Roy Denvil 1991
OSW17:3 Peace Mary Lewis 1962
OSW5:534 Peacock Charles Delmar 1914
OSW3:13 Peacock Mr. 1901
OSW20:91 Peak Kathy Elaine 1968
OSW6:529 Pears Robert 1920
OSW22:140 Pearson Ethel 1970
OSW16:43 Peck Mary Augusta 1962
OSW31:31 Peck Pearl Parsons (Stevens) 1979
OSW1:128 Peckenbough Emelia S. 1874
OSW1:354 Peckenpaugh Cathie 1883
OSW2:34 Peckenpaugh Doratha M. 1892
OSW1:137 Peckenpaugh Leonard 1875
OSW1:305 Peckenpaugh Mother 1881
OSW1:47 Peckinpaugh George 1870
OSW1:147 Peckinpaugh Mary A. 1875
OSW27:122 Peel James A. 1975
OSW21:48 Peel Laura B. 1969
OSW32:19 Peercy Claude 1980
OSW23:72 Pelfrey Arlie Frank 1971
OSW32:7 Pelfrey Betty A. 1980
OSW20:85 Pelfrey Linda 1968
OSW18:230 Pelfry Noah 1967
OSW22:67 Pellett Celia A. 1970
OSW24:129 Pellett D. H. 1972
OSW22:87 Pellitier Bessie 1970
OSW1:42 Pemblit Nelson (infant of) 1870
OSW1:112 Pemphlet Nelson (infant of) 1873
OSW23:7 Pence Clifford L. 1971
VAL4:426 Pence Emma 1945
OSW9:398 Pence Emma C. 1934
OSW10:288 Pence Frank L. 1938
OSW24:68 Pence Frieda C. 1972
OSW10:477 Pence Harry H. 1940
OSW15:478 Pence Isa R. 1961
OSW28:110 Pence J. Everett 1976
OSW1:207 Pence Jacob 1877
OSW8:99 Pence Jacob Oakley 1927
OSW9:597 Pence Leonard M. 1935
OSW15:374 Pence Lewis Irving 1960
OSW13:529 Pence Lida 1953
OSW9:199 Pence Marion Rogers 1932
OSW20:12 Pence Nina L. 1968
OSW22:36 Pence Virginia 1970
OSW8:121 Pence William Forrest 1927
OSW6:221 Pence William Scott 1918
OSW1:291 Pence Wm. 1881
OSW1:32 Penn Minnie 1869
OSW21:10 Pennington Bryan Keith 1969
VAL6:380 Pennington Martha Ethel 1964
OSW17:30 Penny Carry A. 1963
OSW18:142 Penny Julia E. 1966
OSW23:69 Penwell Anne E. 1971
OSW30:126 Pepper Anna Elizabeth 1978
OSW6:559 Pepper James K. 1921
OSW1:81 Perain James 1872
OSW1:142 Perain John (twins of) 1875
OSW1:52 Perain Louise 1870
OSW1:94 Peraine Susanna 1873
OSW1:215 Perkins ___ 1878
OSW13:268 Perkins Lurene Wilkerson 1951
OSW7:226 Perkins Matilda 1923
OSW1:249 Perrin John H. (infant of) 1879
OSW1:403 Perrin Roda 1885
OSW20:102 Perrine Ada 1968
OSW1:515 Perrine Angeline Guttery 1889
VAL4:80 Perrine Anna M. 1941
OSW1:435 Perrine Anna R. 1886
VAL4:230 Perrine baby boy 1943
OSW3:14 Perrine Catherine 1901
VAL5:38 Perrine Clinton L. 1949
OSW1:496 Perrine Daniel 1888
OSW2:17 Perrine Daniel 1891
OSW10:542 Perrine Earl 1940
OSW15:30 Perrine Effie M. 1957
VAL7:186 Perrine Eldon James 1968
OSW6:107 Perrine Emma L. 1916
OSW6:44 Perrine Esther A. 1916
OSW12:55 Perrine George G. 1944
OSW18:222 Perrine Heber 1967
OSW7:35 Perrine John 1921
OSW5:174 Perrine John H. 1909
OSW7:34 Perrine Joseph 1921
OSW2:66 Perrine Leola May 1894
OSW5:300 Perrine Lida 1911
OSW2:10 Perrine Margareth Luce 1890
OSW1:415 Perrine Mary 1885
OSW12:567 Perrine Mary E. 1948
VAL7:148 Perrine Miriam Emmerree 1968
OSW8:254 Perrine Rachel A. 1928
VAL9:40 Perrine Richard Ira 1981
OSW1:266 Perrine S. H. 1880
OSW6:556 Perrine Sylvester 1921
OSW5:601 Perrine Thomas 1915
OSW1:142 Perrine Willis 1875
OSW1:477 Perrine Wm. C. 1887
OSW9:148 Perry Crawford Alexander 1932
OSW5:599 Perry Foster Thomas 1915
OSW5:438 Perry George W. 1913
OSW8:340 Perry James H. 1929
OSW6:391 Perry Mary 1919
OSW5:573 Perry Otto 1915
OSW21:72 Perry Unamed girl 1969
OSW23:32 Persley Ethel 1971
OSW6:312 Peters Allen 1918
OSW15:412 Peters Corrine 1960
OSW20:55 Peters Dewey 1968
VAL9:498 Peters E. Katherine 1985
OSW8:129 Peters Emmer 1927
OSW28:133 Peters Ernest B. 1976
OSW27:25 Peters Larry 1975
OSW31:61 Peters Lillie 1979
OSW15:317 Peters Myrtle 1959
OSW28:126 Peters Oscar 1976
VAL7:482 Petrey Donald Lee 1971
VAL9:158 Petrey Emma Fay 1982
VAL7:958 Petrey Lonnie Herbert 1976
VAL10:262 Petrey Randall Clayton Jr. 1989
OSW10:356 Petry Ephriam C. 1939
OSW15:507 Petry Stella Mae 1961
OSW7:532 Pettis Daniel 1926
OSW9:273 Pettis Mary 1933
OSW1:487 Pettit Nathan 1888
OSW28:56 Peyton Aaron H. 1976
OSW16:54 Peyton Crystal Lynn 1962
OSW17:230 Peyton Dell Senie 1964
OSW14:172 Peyton Green 1955
OSW26:61 Peyton Larson E. 1974
OSW1:327 Pfaras David 1882
OSW1:64 Pfares Theodosia 1871
OSW1:181 Pfarrus Chas. 1876
OSW22:72 Pfau Carol Ann 1970
OSW10:379 Pfeiffer Nancy Lou 1939
OSW15:457 Pfistner Eric Francis 1961
OSW11:355 Pflanzer Louise 1942
OSW7:134 Pflanzer Mary Francis 1922
OSW18:38 Pflum Raymond 1965
OSW1:482 Pharas Corrine 1888
OSW1:321 Pharas E. G. (infant dau. of) 1882
OSW3:30 Phares Callie 1903
OSW9:109 Phares Charles L. 1931
OSW2:125 Phares Evan G. 1898
OSW5:504 Phares Sarah 1914
VAL6:82 Philhower Doris Carroll 1960
VAL5:216 Philhower Eva Priscilla 1951
VAL4:660 Philhower Jacob R. 1948
OSW29:9 Phillips (infant girl) 1977
OSW10:270 Phillips Adella 1938
VAL7:52 Phillips Clara Evans 1967
OSW15:366 Phillips Dallas 1960
OSW2:68 Phillips Deborah A. Irons 1894
OSW8:208 Phillips Elisha 1928
OSW9:207 Phillips Eugene E. 1932
OSW1:489 Phillips Frank 1888
OSW13:47 Phillips Gail C. 1949
VAL6:610 Phillips George 1966
OSW13:523 Phillips George Malvin 1953
OSW18:1 Phillips Harriet Jane 1965
OSW31:71 Phillips Hazel S. 1979
OSW23:104 Phillips James Virgil 1971
OSW6:121 Phillips John Henry 1917
OSW9:268 Phillips John Wallard 1933
OSW3:29 Phillips M. (infant of) 1903
OSW11:347 Phillips Malvin 1942
OSW1:267 Phillips Margaret 1880
OSW29:73 Phillips Margaret Elizabeth 1977
OSW10:257 Phillips Mary D. 1938
VAL7:674 Phillips Mary Monique 1973
OSW12:207 Phillips Norma 1945
OSW7:238 Phillips Rebecca 1923
OSW23:49 Phillips Sarah 1971
OSW1:208 Phillips Thomas 1878
VAL9:456 Phillips William 1984
OSW14:4 Phillips William Mason 1954
VAL5:844 Phillips William P. 1959
OSW15:488 Philpot Della L. 1961
OSW19:47 Philpot John 1967
OSW12:507 Phinney Lantie May 1948
OSW9:253 Phoenix Frances 1933
OSW9:509 Pickering David 1935
OSW9:82 Pickering Ell 1931
OSW15:97 Pickering Frank 1958
OSW12:422 Pickering Hazel 1947
OSW29:141 Pickering Lee Edward 1977
OSW12:160 Pickering Sophia 1945
OSW12:374 Pickering William B. 1947
OSW1:52 Picket Mrs. 1870
OSW6:195 Pierce Anthony 1917
OSW1:366 Pierce Antony (infant of) 1883
VAL7:144 Pierce Carroll 1968
OSW6:369 Pierce Charles H. 1919
OSW21:104 Pierce Lillie 1969
OSW6:473 Pierce Rose A. 1920
VAL5:106 Pierson Charles William 1950
VAL1:74 Pierson Clara 1935
VAL2:42 Pierson Clara B. 1935
OSW26:38 Pierson James Herbert 1974
OSW14:116 Pierson John Quincy 1955
VAL4:638 Pierson Kathryn 1948
VAL4:248 Pierson Lillie 1943
OSW23:57 Pierson Ralph 1971
OSW17:194 Pierson Ray 1964
OSW14:229 Pierson Sarah Jane 1956
OSW1:57 Pigeon Isaac 1871
OSW10:226 Pilcher Charles 1937
OSW9:143 Pitt Robert Jr. 1932
VAL8:356 Pittman Jason Paul 1979
OSW14:66 Pitts Louvenia 1955
OSW7:435 Pitts Thomas E. 1925
OSW1:395 Pitzer Josie 1884
VAL6:320 Pixler John Van Fleet 1963
OSW12:120 Pixley Carrie 1944
OSW10:273 Place Delman 1938
OSW11:361 Place Emma 1943
OSW12:583 Playter Grace Isabel 1948
OSW15:424 Pleasant Daniel E. 3rd 1960
VAL10:408 Plunkett Laverne Harper 1990
VAL8:372 Plunkett Philip Urban 1980
OSW10:253 Poast Louisa 1938
OSW13:469 Poe baby boy of Robert 1953
OSW15:255 Poe Charles 1959
VAL6:444 Poe Frank Richard 1964
VAL5:80 Poe Michael Ray 1950
VAL5:270 Poe Norval 1952
OSW21:84 Poe Pearl 1969
OSW5:138 Poehlman Johanna 1909
OSW15:382 Poff Edward L. 1960
OSW28:53 Poff Susie M. 1976
OSW12:415 Poffenberger Barbara Lillian 1947
OSW14:79 Poffinbarger David 1955
VAL5:738 Poindexter Edgar Allen 1958
OSW10:209 Poinsett John 1937
OSW9:354 Poinsett Mary Agnes 1933
OSW7:98 Poinsette Emily 1922
VAL5:104 Pole John G. 1950
OSW1:348 Pombles Alice 1883
OSW6:551 Pombles James B. 1921
VAL9:34 Pool Lois Meriam 1981
VAL2:129 Poore Lydia Alice 1937
OSW6:21 Poore Rachel R. 1916
OSW7:103 Poore Roselinda 1922
OSW26:125 Pope Ernest G. 1974
OSW2:148 Pope N. H. 1900
OSW30:110 Pope Vesta Bernice 1978
OSW18:24 Pope Walter E. 1965
VAL6:108 Poppe Alta Louetta 1961
OSW1:409 Poppe Lew 1885
VAL5:324 Poppe Louis 1953
VAL2:96 Poppe Martha Jane 1937
VAL4:52 Poppe Mary Dorothea 1940
OSW8:217 Poppe Mary Edna 1928
OSW32:54 Poppe Raleigh L. 1980
OSW17:141 Poppe Raleigh L. Jr. 1964
OSW17:169 Porter Ethel 1964
OSW13:558 Porter John V. 1954
OSW26:71 Porter Lizzie 1974
OSW1:474 Porter Mollie 1887
OSW29:54 Porter Shirley Sawyer 1977
OSW9:405 Porterfield Mary Emma 1934
OSW5:391 Posey Edward 1912
OSW5:221 Posey L.Clark 1910
OSW10:203 Post Frank B. 1937
OSW5:295 Posy Mary Elizabeth 1911
VAL7:284 Potter Elmon G. 1969
VAL8:446 Potter Polly Ann 1980
OSW1:222 Potter S. W. (Capt.) 1878
OSW21:115 Potter Theresa Gail 1969
OSW11:353 Pottorf Andrew 1942
OSW18:243 Pottorf Elwood 1967
OSW14:201 Pottorf Gerald 1956
OSW9:503 Pottorf Granville 1935
OSW27:11 Pottorf Laura B. 1975
OSW23:86 Pottorf Pearl 1971
OSW12:442 Pottorf Vernon Russell 1947
OSW14:252 Pottorf Wm. V. 1956
VAL9:610 Potts Ida Marie 1986
OSW13:454 Potts Louise Crise 1952
OSW17:132 Pounders Wm. O. 1963
OSW13:518 Powell Allie Chapman 1953
OSW6:274 Powell Andy 1918
OSW14:74 Powell Banna Lou 1955
OSW8:538 Powell Buddy 1930
OSW1:11 Powell E. T. 1868
OSW8:124 Powell Elberta May 1927
OSW22:28 Powell Elda 1970
OSW11:341 Powell Harold Logan 1941
OSW25:90 Powell Helen T. 1973
OSW18:18 Powell John 1965
OSW9:208 Powell Laura 1932
OSW15:142 Powell Lawrence 1958
OSW20:44 Powell Mae Tindle 1968
OSW9:469 Powell Nettie 1934
OSW28:68 Powell Otis Sr. 1976
OSW14:60 Powell Robert Eldon, Lorena Mae & Vito Eldon 1955
VAL7:438 Powers Michael Kenneth 1971
VAL2:179 Powers Mildred Marie 1938
OSW5:131 Prall Rachel 1909
OSW21:45 Prater Constance S. 1969
OSW29:94 Prater Delbert 1977
OSW13:542 Prater Emma S. 1953
OSW9:479 Prater Grace 1934
OSW6:375 Prater Hugh U. 1919
OSW13:539 Prater Janet Ellen 1953
OSW14:275 Prater Juanita Kay 1956
OSW9:158 Prater Mary Eliza 1932
VAL4:108 Prater Meadie 1941
OSW12:389 Prater Oscar H. 1947
OSW12:587 Prater Roland Stanley 1948
VAL9:544 Prater Roy Lee 1985
OSW29:5 Prater Roy 1977
OSW2:28 Pratser Chas. Julius 1892
OSW1:79 Pratt Larinda 1872
OSW29:23 Preis Frank A. J. 1977
OSW32:32 Preiss Anna 1980
OSW9:35 Presley Anna E. 1931
OSW6:257 Presley Arthur 1918
OSW13:17 Presley Bertha Roades 1949
OSW9:422 Presley Frank A. 1934
OSW9:409 Presley James W. 1934
OSW6:471 Presley Mary J. 1920
OSW14:113 Pressler Harry James 1955
OSW1:264 Pressley Rachel A. 1880
OSW13:196 Preston Ed 1950
OSW12:472 Preston Ida Lee 1948
OSW9:163 Preston Mary Evelyn 1932
OSW11:351 Preston P. F. (infant girl of) 1942
OSW9:314 Preston Paris Francis 1933
OSW15:375 Preston Roxie 1960
OSW10:80 Preston Samuel P. 1936
OSW18:270 Price (infant boy) 1967
OSW23:34 Price Anna 1971
VAL10:28 Price Doris Marie 1987
OSW18:251 Price Edward 1967
VAL2:89 Price Emma B. 1936
OSW23:102 Price Ethel I. 1971
OSW2:3 Price Frankie M. 1890
OSW7:531 Price George 1926
VAL6:204 Price Georgia Anna 1962
OSW8:62 Price Hiram Jr. 1927
OSW17:13 Price Howard A. 1962
VAL7:378 Price Kelly Renee 1970
OSW19:51 Price L. T. 1967
OSW9:531 Price Leonard 1935
OSW4:26 Price Mary 1906
VAL2:88 Price Mary 1936
OSW13:314 Price Maynard Nelson 1951
VAL7:748 Price Mildred 1974
OSW11:343 Price Minnie 1941
OSW1:447 Price Mrs. 1886
VAL5:90 Price Richard F. (Capt.) 1950
VAL2:97 Price Sarah Elizabeth 1937
VAL5:652 Price Wanda Jean (Johnson) 1957
OSW6:31 Price William J. Sr. 1916
OSW28:15 Pringle Lowell Francis 1976
OSW32:140 Pringle V. Juanita 1980
OSW8:35 Probasco Abraham 1927
OSW6:26 Probasco Abraham B. 1916
OSW10:486 Probasco Charles M. 1940
OSW1:500 Probasco Dorcas 1888
OSW1:298 Probasco Elizabeth 1881
OSW4:26 Probasco Elizabeth A. 1906
OSW10:487 Probasco Margaret Eva 1940
OSW10:445 Probasco Mary Eva 1939
OSW1:405 Probasco Mary J. (Russell) 1885
OSW2:68 Probasco Rhoda Mulford 1894
OSW5:579 Probasco Samuel W. 1915
OSW1:125 Probasco Stephen 1874
OSW11:357 Probasco Steve 1942
OSW1:437 Probasco Wm. Ward 1886
OSW18:22 Proctor Edna 1965
OSW2:20 Proctor Thomas M. 1891
OSW12:36 Proctor Vernon (infant) 1944
OSW21:7 Proffit Lula 1969
OSW10:348 Prosser Ida 1939
OSW13:443 Pruden Mary 1952
VAL9:504 Pruss George L. 1985
VAL9:276 Pruss Ruth Maxine 1983
VAL7:276 Pryor Joseph 1969
OSW9:298 Pryor Margaret May 1933
OSW13:574 Pryor Myrtle 1954
OSW16:28 Pryor Raymond 1962
OSW8:532 Puckett Bessie Ruth 1930
OSW28:135 Puckett E. S. (Lige) 1976
OSW15:361 Puckett Martha Ada 1960
OSW6:452 Puckett Mary May 1920
OSW15:34 Puckett Robin Dean 1957
OSW15:291 Puckett Robt. & Virginia (infant son of) 1959
OSW11:359 Puckett Sarah Jane 1943
OSW32:135 Puckett Sarah M. 1980
OSW18:62 Puckett Willard 1965
OSW10:529 Puckett William 1940
OSW13:502 Puckett William Victor 1953
OSW15:450 Pugate Sharon (Lorene) 1961
OSW10:336 Pugh Mary Alice 1938
OSW23:73 Pugh Mary Minerva 1971
OSW1:151 Pugh Wm. Henry 1875
OSW1:93 Pullen James M. 1873
OSW1:111 Pullen Jms 1873
OSW4:28 Pullen Laura V. 1906
OSW5:169 Pullen Malinda 1909
OSW6:524 Pullen Zedikiah 1920
OSW13:141 Pulley Nina H. 1950
OSW27:3 Pullman Charles 1975
OSW11:345 Pulse Sarah Ellen 1942
VAL7:376 Pummill Jeanetta Florence 1970
VAL9:392 Purdin Carl Edward 1984
VAL7:682 Purdin Linda L. 1973
OSW6:569 Pursell Mary E. 1921
OSW18:291 Pursley Bradley A. 1967
OSW32:136 Pursley Joyce Ann 1980
OSW15:396 Pursley Stanley 1960
OSW26:62 Pursley Vernon 1974
OSW1:79 Puryell Allen (Mrs.) 1872
OSW14:197 Pye Mae 1956
OSW14:152 Pyle Charles 1955
OSW14:23 Pyle Cora F. 1954
OSW2:123 Pyle George 1898
OSW22:118 Pyle Howard Omer 1970
OSW3:14 Pyle Jane 1901
OSW13:331 Pyle Minnie M. 1951
OSW1:191 Pyles Mrs. 1877


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