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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
VAL7:134 La Follette Frederick Williard 1968
VAL7:256 La Follette Ruby 1969
OSW15:104 La Suer Frank 1958
VAL5:512 La Sure Roland 1955
OSW14:291 La Veck Eva Belle 1957
OSW5:15 Laborn Lee (infant of) 1907
OSW2:141 Lackermeyer Victore Louis 1899
OSW28:60 Lackey Allie P. 1976
OSW6:200 Lackey Burdsall 1917
OSW5:10 Lackey Charles 1907
OSW1:380 Lackey Enos 1884
OSW8:281 Lackey Hannah 1928
OSW1:144 Lackey Job (infant dau of) 1875
OSW4:21 Lackey John 1905
OSW24:69 Lackey Margaret L. 1972
OSW7:578 Lackey Mary E. 1926
OSW1:316 Lackey Mathilda 1881
OSW25:55 Lackey Millard 1973
OSW27:88 Lackey Paul O. 1975
OSW8:352 Laconey Mary 1929
OSW29:128 Lacy Annetta M. 1977
OSW1:136 Lafever Elias (dau. of) 1875
OSW1:341 Lafever Elizabeth 1882
OSW2:102 Lafever Martha 1897
OSW15:559 Laflen Gussie Belle 1962
OSW2:106 LaFontane Chas. 1897
OSW1:176 Lainhard S. W. (son of) 1876
OSW1:159 Lainharr Charley 1876
OSW20:37 Lakarosky Veronica 1968
OSW31:10 Lake Firman 1979
OSW28:62 Lake Goldie M. 1976
OSW32:41 Lake James Franklin 1980
OSW15:198 Lake Norman (stillborn boy of) 1958
OSW32:123 Lakes Gladys Jane Johnson 1980
VAL8:144 Lakes Johnnie Riley 1977
OSW1:150 Lam Joseph (Mrs.) 1875
OSW4:25 Lamb Ada 1906
OSW30:19 Lamb Avis M. 1978
OSW1:70 Lamb Chas. (son of) 1871
OSW1:115 Lamb Harrietta 1874
OSW21:129 Lamb Laura 1969
OSW11:257 Lamb Longstreet 1941
OSW10:293 Lamb Mary E. 1938
OSW26:138 Lamb Ryan Christopher 1974
OSW10:207 Lamb Samuel Elwood 1937
OSW1:88 Lambert Aaron 1872
OSW1:311 Lambert Anne 1881
OSW1:176 Lambert Ella 1876
OSW1:411 Lambert Harvy 1885
OSW1:178 Lambert Harvy (infant dau. of) 1876
OSW3:2 Lambert Mary 1900
OSW2:63 Lambert Phibbi [Phoebe] Wood 1894
VAL5:572 Lambert William Leonard 1956
OSW1:211 Lampair Chas. (infant o) 1878
OSW13:294 Lampton Mary 1951
OSW1:40 Lanady Anna Bell 1869
OSW1:92 Lancaster Heriathy (Mrs.) 1872
VAL5:830 Landacre (stillborn boy) 1959
VAL5:282 Landacre Arthur L. (PFC) 1952
VAL5:538 Landacre Dorsey 1956
VAL7:972 Landacre Harry Eugene 1976
VAL7:1000 Landacre Maude Ann 1976
OSW22:125 Lane Claude E. 1970
OSW14:49 Lane Ella Rebecca 1954
OSW9:256 Lane Loring (stilborn son of) 1933
OSW1:442 Lane Rebecca A 1886
OSW28:86 Lane Rebecca Cl. 1976
OSW24:83 Lane Victor Eugene 1972
OSW15:386 Laneir John Thomas 1960
OSW7:434 Lanen Minnie May 1925
OSW9:583 Lanen Sidney 1935
VAL7:634 Lange Edward Anthony 1973
VAL8:66 Lange Gertrude Myrtle 1977
OSW30:61 Langer Mary Oswald 1978
OSW31:52 Langhorst Caroline 1979
OSW26:3 Langhorst Minnie 1974
OSW21:118 Langhorst William F. 1969
VAL2:50 Langley S. L. 1936
OSW1:243 Langly ___ 1879
OSW2:127 Langmann Joshua 1898
OSW13:32 Langston Edna Ethel 1949
OSW15:441 Lanham Edna Schemel 1961
OSW29:18 Lanigan Emma F. 1977
VAL7:580 Lanigan Kelly Jo 1972
OSW29:1 LaRoe C. Warden 1977
OSW24:116 Larrick Waltar H. 1972
OSW17:239 Larson Robert 1964
OSW12:321 LaRue Justine S. 1946
OSW9:550 LaSeur Harold Bere 1935
OSW7:231 Latchford Clifford 1923
VAL8:106 Latchford Clifford Ernest Jr. (PFC) 1977
VAL1:54 Latham Samuel 1934
VAL2:31 Latham Samuel 1934
OSW17:173 Lathram Opal 1964
VAL10:290 Latta Fletcher Christian 1989
OSW15:212 Latta Maud H. 1959
OSW12:278 Lau Anna 1946
OSW5:159 Lau Christina M.. 1909
OSW2:77 Lau Esther 1895
OSW10:403 Lau Fred 1939
OSW5:278 Lau Frederic 1911
OSW5:495 Lau John 1914
OSW6:226 Lau Malsena Hersey 1918
OSW13:193 Lau William 1950
VAL11:48 Laub Albert Joseph 1992
OSW5:565 Laughlin Mary 1915
OSW1:434 Laughlin Tamar 1886
VAL5:656 Laughrey Meredith Paul 1957
OSW1:205 Lauller Caroline 1877
OSW1:132 Laurence Benj. (dau. of) 1874
OSW2:86 Laverton Chas. 1896
OSW2:134 Lavier Frank 1899
OSW14:167 Law Carrie M. 1955
OSW15:189 Law Howard B. 1958
OSW1:305 Law John (infant of) 1881
OSW15:414 Law John Raymond 1960
OSW12:532 Law Mary Ella 1948
OSW5:335 Law Richard 1912
OSW1:77 Law Rosiana 1872
OSW5:222 Law Stephen 1910
VAL9:306 Lawhorn Clifford Henry (Rev.) 1983
OSW1:269 Lawler A. (Mrs.) 1880
OSW3:34 Lawler Mr. 1903
OSW1:364 Lawler Sarah C. 1883
OSW1:99 Lawrence Benj. (Mrs.) 1873
OSW1:486 Lawrence Clara Daisy 1888
OSW1:39 Lawrence Louis O. (child of K. E. lawrence) 1869
OSW1:483 Lawrence T. E. 1888
OSW6:418 Lawson Eliza 1919
OSW6:71 Lawson Emma Jane 1916
OSW8:46 Lawson James 1927
OSW1:394 Lawson James R. 1884
VAL8:184 Lawson Jerry Lee 1978
OSW5:34 Lawson Mary 1908
OSW15:372 Lawson Seney Elizabeth 1960
OSW28:61 Lawson Southie 1976
OSW17:16 Lawton Latie P. 1962
OSW13:509 Lawton William K. 1953
VAL7:560 Lay Myron Stanley 1972
VAL5:244 Lay Sylvia La Verne 1952
VAL5:734 Layman Jennie 1958
VAL9:688 Layman Margaret Whitacre 1986
VAL5:224 Laymon Elmer Leroy (PFC) 1951
VAL4:654 Laymon Gayle (Capt.) 1948
VAL5:892 Laymon Harry Dale 1959
VAL5:388 Laymon Ova Russell 1954
VAL7:372 Laymon Ralph Gilbert Sr. 1970
VAL7:448 Laymon Wreatha Jane 1971
OSW4:10 Layton Catherine 1904
OSW11:265 Le Coney Jennie 1942
OSW8:403 Le Fever Samuel O. 1929
OSW27:120 Le Fevers Jack 1975
VAL4:186 Le Fevre Belle 1942
OSW10:2 Le Fevre Jessie 1935
VAL5:310 Le Fevre Vernon Blake 1953
VAL9:48 Le Forge Isaac Eugene 1981
VAL9:46 Le Forge Rebecca Marie 1981
VAL4:160 Le Urangi Peter 1942
OSW7:518 Le Veck Charles Otto 1925
OSW6:14 Leach Jesse 1916
OSW5:196 Leach Julia Ann 1910
OSW28:112 Leach Roy B. 1976
VAL11:36 Leach Trixie Mae 1992
OSW1:248 Leady Michael 1879
VAL4:288 Leaf Charles 1943
VAL4:388 Leaf Henry P. 1945
VAL4:70 Leaf Jennie Hitesman 1940
VAL5:780 Leaf Louis H. 1958
VAL5:20 Leaf Marie 1949
OSW20:36 Leak Jerry D. 1968
VAL8:44 Learycraft Jenny Kay 1976
OSW27:123 Leath George 1975
OSW9:263 Leath Marie 1933
OSW1:102 Leavenworth Lee (infant of) 1873
VAL10:412 Leavitt Laura M. 1990
VAL8:122 Leaycraft Robert Earl 1977
OSW3:23 Leckermeyer Freddie 1902
OSW13:355 Leckermeyer Louis Henry 1952
OSW13:312 Leckermeyer Mathilda F. 1951
OSW13:225 Ledford James H. 1951
OSW25:9 Ledford Ollie Brandenburg 1973
OSW14:63 Ledford Sarah E. 1955
OSW22:5 Ledford William R. 1970
OSW15:31 Lee Carl 1957
OSW10:461 Lee Effie 1939
OSW10:69 Lee Ida Ann 1936
OSW4:25 Lee Martha 1906
OSW11:271 Lee Mary Henderson 1942
OSW2:70 Lee Wm. 1894
OSW5:187 Leer Daniel 1910
OSW7:86 Leever Clark S. 1922
OSW20:50 Leever Minnie 1968
OSW19:36 Lefeber Minnie 1967
OSW7:197 LeFever Isabel N. 1923
OSW13:287 Lefevers Alma (infant dau. of) 1951
OSW32:122 LeFevre Bessie 1980
OSW2:71 Leggett Israel 1894
OSW1:475 Legier Naomi 1887
VAL10:276 Lehman Mabel Evelyn 1989
VAL7:724 Lehman Myrtle Ottalee 1974
VAL10:340 Lehman Verna Mae 1990
VAL6:268 Lehman Ward Sr. 1962
VAL11:55 Lehr Evelyn 1991
VAL8:368 Lehr Flora Emma 1980
OSW2:83 Lehr Fredi 1895
VAL7:40 Lehr John Henry 1967
VAL9:50 Lehr Louis Charles 1981
OSW24:107 Leichty Alwina M. 1972
OSW15:442 Leichty Cora 1961
VAL10:26 Leichty Marilyn Cooke 1987
OSW14:280 Leichty William H. 1956
OSW4:35 Leighly David 1907
OSW28:72 Lemaster James F. 1976
OSW2:29 Leonard Amanda E. Dyes 1892
OSW1:499 Leonard Elizabeth Covert 1888
VAL7:364 Leonard Estel E. (Pete) 1970
OSW15:7 Leonard Fred E. 1957
OSW14:18 Leonard Harry D. 1954
OSW9:486 leonard Harry J. 1934
VAL5:344 Leonard Ida 1953
OSW10:38 Leonard Mary Rose 1936
OSW29:104 Lepley Polly Anna 1977
OSW13:348 Lesan Robert Carlton 1952
OSW2:143 Lesman Johann George 1899
OSW5:25 Less Dorothy A. 1908
VAL3:6 Letterst Charles H. 1939
VAL3:3 Letterst Dorothy Mae (Hoover) 1938
OSW25:23 Leuzinger Gladys VanSlyke 1973
OSW19:45 Leuzinger Robert 1967
OSW14:297 Leverine Minnie Delaska 1957
OSW12:221 Levy Abe 1945
OSW1:455 Lewis (infant son) 1887
VAL4:440 Lewis (stillborn) 1946
OSW1:452 Lewis ___ (coleert) 1887
OSW1:100 Lewis ___ 1873
OSW1:302 Lewis Abelgate Morris 1881
VAL7:260 Lewis Ada Lou 1969
OSW4:15 Lewis Adam 1905
VAL4:422 Lewis Alphonso Marcum 1945
OSW8:101 Lewis Anna Mae 1927
VAL7:772 Lewis Artie Barlow 1974
OSW6:410 Lewis Bertha B. 1919
OSW15:273 Lewis Charles B. 1959
OSW10:35 Lewis Charles E. 1936
VAL8:230 Lewis Clara 1978
VAL7:320 Lewis Clem Rich 1970
VAL9:124 Lewis Clifford (Barney) 1982
OSW12:138 Lewis David Riggs 1944
VAL9:620 Lewis Dennis James (Afro) 1986
OSW28:76 Lewis Dorothy E. 1976
OSW1:319 Lewis Elizabeth 1882
OSW12:80 Lewis Elizabeth 1944
OSW4:32 Lewis Elizabeth 1907
OSW1:209 Lewis Emma G. 1878
OSW15:287 Lewis Ernest D. 1959
OSW8:552 Lewis Eva 1930
OSW12:413 Lewis Eva F. 1947
OSW12:49 Lewis Florence E. 1944
OSW10:472 Lewis Frances Belle 1940
OSW13:511 Lewis Francis David 1953
OSW12:330 Lewis Francis Joseph 1946
OSW14:100 Lewis Frank T. 1955
VAL5:598 Lewis George B. 1956
OSW10:198 Lewis George H. 1937
OSW5:118 Lewis George W. 1909
OSW11:263 Lewis Grace A. 1942
VAL7:158 Lewis Guy 1968
OSW6:308 Lewis Harley H. 1918
VAL9:648 Lewis Harold Donald 1986
OSW7:178 Lewis Harriet E. 1923
OSW12:382 Lewis Hattie Beatrice 1947
VAL7:450 Lewis Hazel 1971
OSW2:114 Lewis Hensley 1897
OSW14:42 Lewis Homer W. 1954
OSW10:20 Lewis Indisola B. 1936
OSW20:94 Lewis James T. 1968
OSW9:417 Lewis Jane G. 1934
OSW31:26 Lewis Jeffery W. 1979
OSW12:403 Lewis Jennie 1947
OSW1:216 Lewis Jennie M. 1878
VAL2:127 Lewis Jerome W. 1937
OSW14:105 Lewis Joann 1955
VAL6:406 Lewis John Francis 1964
VAL4:560 Lewis John Milton 1947
OSW26:47 Lewis Joseph N. (Capt.) 1974
OSW14:288 Lewis Julian 1957
VAL1:80 Lewis Laurance 1935
VAL2:46 Lewis Laurance 1935
OSW11:267 Lewis Lemuel M. 1942
OSW2:138 Lewis Lizzie Osborn 1899
OSW7:560 Lewis Louise F. 1926
OSW17:77 Lewis Mabel Hutchinson 1963
OSW10:141 Lewis Maggie Belle 1937
OSW12:34 Lewis Martha Shiverick 1944
OSW1:199 Lewis Mary 1877
OSW8:373 Lewis Mary Elizabeth 1929
OSW13:26 Lewis Mary L. 1949
OSW10:522 Lewis Mary M. 1940
VAL7:864 Lewis Maude 1975
OSW6:538 Lewis Orville (infant daughter of) 1920
OSW22:90 Lewis Ralph Kilby 1970
VAL7:604 Lewis Robert Bruce 1972
VAL10:350 Lewis Robert Henry 1990
VAL9:98 Lewis Roxie 1981
OSW17:250 Lewis Ruth E. 1964
OSW1:260 Lewis Sarah 1879
VAL4:86 Lewis Sue E. 1941
OSW12:229 Lewis Sylvan A. 1945
VAL9:370 Lewis Uda Geneva 1984
VAL8:274 Lewis Vera Lucille 1979
VAL5:102 Lewis W. Harry 1950
OSW10:55 Lewis Will R. 1936
OSW10:585 Lewis William 1941
OSW10:39 Lewis William A. 1936
OSW9:519 Lewis William Benjamin 1935
OSW2:83 Lewis Willie 1895
OSW1:207 Lewis Wm. 1877
OSW1:319 Lewis Wm. (infant of) 1882
OSW2:150 Lewis Wm. C. 1900
OSW4:16 Lidde James 1905
OSW2:19 Liddel Carl Clifford 1891
OSW4:22 Liddel Harry 1906
OSW1:147 Liddel James 1875
OSW5:485 Liddell Sue Anna 1914
OSW13:108 Liddil Anna Bernice 1950
OSW8:10 Liddil Ed (stillborn dau. of) 1926
OSW19:33 Liddil Edward 1967
OSW7:583 Liddil Frederic Richard 1926
OSW1:288 Liddil Isaac 1881
OSW1:45 Liddil Katherina 1870
OSW1:483 Liddil Mary A. 1888
OSW6:276 Liddil Mary Edith 1918
OSW1:339 Liddil P. (dau. of John) 1882
OSW1:239 Liddil Wm. (son of) 1879
OSW15:95 Liddill Carolina 1958
OSW4:33 Liddill John 1907
OSW12:542 Liddill William E. 1948
OSW15:435 Lietzenmayer Karl 1960
OSW28:24 Liggett Edward 1976
OSW15:340 Liggins Evelyn Marie 1960
VAL5:444 Lilley Anna 1954
VAL11:25 Lilley Bettie Jean 1992
VAL11:57 Lilley Grover Randall 1991
VAL7:286 Lilley James Edward 1969
VAL5:82 Lilly (stillborn infant) 1950
OSW6:242 Lilly Kate D. 1918
OSW12:463 Lincoln Francis B. 1947
OSW27:7 Lincoln Mary Ruth 1975
OSW2:148 Lincoln Rachel 1900
OSW12:279 Lind Alice 1946
OSW9:120 Lind Daniel H. 1932
OSW1:351 Lindeman Lucy C. 1883
OSW2:86 Lindemann Henry 1895
OSW1:337 Lindemann Mary E. 1882
OSW5:274 Linder Henrietta 1911
OSW5:492 Linder Jacob 1914
OSW1:50 Linder Jacob (infant of) 1870
OSW1:112 Linder Jacob (Mrs.) 1873
OSW5:32 Linder John 1908
OSW1:527 Linder Lucinda 1890
OSW1:382 Linder Phillip 1884
OSW32:12 Linder Russell Scott 1980
OSW5:429 Linderman Charles 1913
OSW2:121 Linderman Louisa 1898
OSW3:10 Linderman Louisa 1901
OSW1:363 Lindermann Anna G. 1883
OSW11:259 Lindsay Lillie Alice 1941
OSW16:10 Lindsey Clara B. 1962
OSW11:261 Lindsey Dola Williams 1941
VAL7:388 Lindsey Donald 1970
OSW16:5 Lindsey Ernest L. Sr. 1962
VAL4:630 Lindsey Ira Cortiz 1948
OSW9:173 Lindsey John 1932
VAL2:131 Lindsey Rockey Vernon 1938
VAL9:480 Lindsey Ruby Nadine 1985
OSW8:477 Lindsley Milton F. 1930
OSW19:78 Linebaugh Ethel M. 1967
OSW28:13 Ling Robert H. 1976
OSW6:192 Lingo John Wesley 1917
OSW5:195 Lingo Rebecca C. 1910
OSW9:32 Linkous Lydia Ellen 1931
OSW15:63 Linkous Maggie A. 1957
OSW14:96 Linkous Otis B. 1955
OSW12:590 Linscott Winfield L. 1948
OSW1:191 Linson John 1877
OSW25:152 Lintner Glen 1973
VAL4:224 Linville Stanley 1943
OSW23:2 Lipscomb Benjamin 1971
OSW15:527 Lipscomb Jessie 1961
OSW21:41 Lipsett Pereppa Rebecca 1969
OSW15:336 Lisenbee Rhonda Z. 1960
VAL7:250 Lisk baby girl 1969
OSW1:180 Littel Daisy 1876
OSW1:8 Littel Mathilde G. 1867
OSW4:7 Littel Wm. (Mrs.) 1904
OSW8:545 Littell Sylvia Ann 1930
OSW4:29 Littell Wm. 1906
VAL8:108 Litteral Earl 1977
VAL9:274 Litteral Virgie 1983
OSW8:284 Little Charles 1928
OSW12:225 Little David 1945
OSW13:598 Little Elijah 1954
OSW6:106 Little Francis M. 1916
OSW17:266 Little Grace M. 1965
OSW9:50 Little John H. 1931
OSW15:26 Little Mary 1957
OSW9:92 Little Mary E. 1931
OSW15:279 Little Mollie 1959
OSW6:189 Little Montraville 1917
OSW12:41 Little Sarah L. 1944
OSW5:149 Littleton Emeline 1909
OSW9:500 Littrell Olive Jane 1935
VAL6:334 Livingston Claude Lee 1963
VAL7:728 Livingston Earl M. 1974
VAL7:914 Livingston Junior H. 1975
VAL8:442 Livingston Retta Mahan 1980
OSW22:104 Llewellyn Ivy 1970
VAL7:814 Lloyd Arthur Linley 1974
OSW21:113 Lloyd Helen Messenger 1969
OSW3:26 Lock Ida M. 1902
OSW1:221 Locke Charlata 1878
VAL4:244 Locke Robert C. 1943
OSW1:80 Locke Rodda 1872
OSW13:117 Locker Edward 1950
OSW1:292 Lockwood Mrs. 1881
VAL5:846 Loechel Joseph Charles 1959
OSW18:173 Loeher Ernest P. 1966
OSW13:269 Loer Bessie B. 1951
OSW15:349 Loer George B. Jr. 1960
OSW18:157 Loer George O. Sr. 1966
OSW29:50 Loer Herbert 1977
OSW8:458 Loer Mary 1930
OSW13:322 Loer Minnie May St. John 1951
OSW15:286 Loer Victor S. 1959
OSW7:310 Loer Zacharia Taylor 1924
VAL7:934 Lofland David 1975
VAL8:110 Logan Angel Michele (Carmack) 1977
OSW4:35 Logan Carrie 1907
OSW1:527 Logan Charly 1890
OSW2:15 Logan Freddie 1891
OSW15:21 Logan Isabelle Gardner 1957
OSW1:273 Logan Mary 1880
OSW15:313 Logan Ronald Eugene 1959
OSW6:198 Logan Sarah 1917
OSW10:452 Logan Stella M. 1939
OSW4:31 Logan Wm. 1907
OSW5:244 Logan Wm. 1910
OSW1:494 Logen Carl 1888
VAL6:602 Logreen Alben Vernon 1966
VAL10:220 Logsdon Flora M. 1988
VAL7:648 Logsdon Fred Green 1973
OSW8:342 Lohr Franklin. 1929
OSW22:15 Lolar Ruby 1970
OSW17:134 Lollar Harry D. 1963
OSW10:406 Lollar Kittie V. 1939
OSW5:281 Lollar Robert Bruce 1911
OSW18:283 Long Ava M. 1967
OSW16:63 Long Emma 1962
OSW18:5 Long Ethel 1965
OSW13:428 Long Jackson Worley 1952
OSW2:37 Long James 1892
OSW12:111 Long Jeanette C. 1944
OSW15:105 Long Jesse G. 1958
OSW25:111 Long John 1973
OSW17:87 Long Maggie B. 1963
OSW31:43 Long Mary K. 1979
OSW15:377 Long Sharon Rose 1960
OSW17:155 Longbrake Homer (Rev.) 1964
OSW8:350 Longbrake Mary C. 1929
OSW14:138 Longbrake Mary Jackson 1955
OSW1:339 Longe Josef 1882
VAL3:15 Longley Clara 1939
OSW1:106 Longstreth (infant) 1873
OSW2:135 Longstreth Addison 1899
OSW1:449 Longstreth Elizabeth 1886
OSW1:258 Longstreth Flora 1879
OSW1:426 Longstreth George 1886
OSW1:143 Longstreth George T. 1875
OSW5:427 Longstreth Giles D. 1913
OSW1:227 Longstreth J. (infant of) 1878
OSW2:41 Longstreth May 1892
OSW13:113 Loop Carolyn Beecher 1950
OSW10:466 Loop Catherine L. 1940
OSW21:125 Loop Frank W. 1969
OSW12:317 Loos Alice Dickson 1946
OSW1:342 Loreg ___ 1882
OSW1:380 Loret C. A. 1884
OSW10:531 Lorimer William M. 1940
OSW1:326 Losey L. 1882
OSW15:68 Losh Samuel W. 1957
OSW28:32 Louallen Leona 1976
OSW32:13 Louallen Pearl 1980
VAL5:552 Love Emma E. 1956
OSW2:42 Lovelace John (Dr.) 1892
VAL9:494 Loveless Geraldine Elizabeth 1985
OSW18:187 Lovell Charles L. 1966
OSW32:93 Lovell Dorothy L. 1980
OSW18:58 Lovely Carl Roy 1965
OSW31:5 Lovely Danny Lee 1979
OSW19:29 Lovely Delilah 1967
OSW28:45 Lowden Laura Mae 1976
OSW22:150 Lowden Walter E. 1970
VAL7:324 Lowe George Vearil 1970
OSW3:35 Lowe Luella 1903
OSW13:109 Lower Joseph A. 1950
VAL7:776 Lowry Robert Lee 1974
VAL9:330 Lowry Robert Scoby 1983
OSW15:384 Loy Charles Herbert 1960
OSW12:504 Loy Hannah B. 1948
OSW21:26 Loy John W. 1969
OSW1:185 Lucas ___ (colert boy) 1877
OSW6:322 Lucas Abram 1918
OSW1:322 Lucas Arron 1882
OSW10:220 Lucas Caleb 1937
OSW14:45 Lucas Charles W. 1954
OSW1:173 Lucas child 1876
OSW20:30 Lucas Harley 1968
OSW28:97 Lucas James 1976
OSW5:330 Lucas John 1912
OSW6:205 Lucas John 1918
OSW9:89 Lucas Lida 1931
OSW11:275 Lucas Marie Stewart 1943
OSW27:13 Lucas Myrtle H. 1975
OSW6:119 Lucas Obediah 1917
OSW13:458 Lucas Raymond 1953
OSW15:293 Lucas Roy A. 1959
OSW1:516 Lucas Sallie 1889
OSW9:18 Lucas Sarah 1931
OSW7:498 Lucas Virginia P. 1925
OSW12:253 Lucas William David 1946
OSW1:140 Luce Ann M. 1875
OSW7:183 Luce Clara C. 1923
OSW11:273 Luce Edward 1943
OSW9:591 Luce Gail 1935
OSW6:16 Luce Joseph 1916
OSW1:198 Luce Lizzie 1877
OSW7:595 Luce Lot 1926
OSW1:113 Luce Nancy Ann 1874
OSW10:169 Luce Seldess S. 1937
OSW1:209 Luce Wm. 1878
VAL8:16 Luck Clarence Arthur 1976
OSW17:22 Luck Katherine L. 1962
VAL10:392 Luck Virgil 1990
OSW2:31 Luckas Caleb (infant son of) 1892
OSW17:88 Lucke Julia 1963
OSW18:61 Ludington Allen Marvin 1965
OSW15:357 Ludington Edward S. 1960
OSW12:598 Ludington Emma 1949
OSW2:32 Ludington Ethal 1892
OSW12:133 Ludington Frank 1944
OSW10:68 Ludington Harmon 1936
OSW15:85 Ludington Henry B. 1957
OSW12:244 Ludington Marie Johnson 1945
OSW5:421 Ludlum Benjamin F. 1913
VAL5:688 Ludlum Edgar A. 1957
OSW8:267 Ludlum Flora 1928
OSW27:58 Ludlum George M. 1975
OSW21:78 Ludlum Ida B. 1969
OSW5:363 Ludlum Ione 1912
VAL3:4 Ludlum Lilliam (Hindman) 1938
VAL5:32 Ludlum Norma Worley 1949
OSW10:176 Ludlum Robert Erl 1937
OSW5:384 Ludlum Ruth E. 1912
OSW1:215 Ludlum Thos. 1878
OSW12:13 Ludwig Jermima 1943
VAL6:624 Luehrs Carl Bernard 1966
VAL1:28 Luenne Bernard 1933
OSW8:69 Lukens Joseph F. 1927
VAL7:644 Luncan Nelson John 1973
VAL2:18 Lunne Bernard 1933
OSW12:569 Lunsford Emily 1948
VAL7:98 Lunsford John Clarence 1967
OSW8:189 Lunsford Mattie L. 1928
OSW8:240 Lunsford Sarrah 1928
VAL7:514 Lurz Ann Marie 1971
VAL8:370 Lurz Marie Ann 1980
VAL10:338 Lurz Robert August Sr. 1990
VAL9:710 Lust Herbert L. 'Leroy' 1986
VAL4:156 Lutes Ward 1942
OSW29:162 Luti Walter H. 1977
OSW7:161 Luti Walter Henry 1923
OSW8:151 Luttrell James L. 1927
VAL9:430 Lykens Maxie (Howard) 1984
VAL9:422 Lykins Eddie M. 1984
VAL9:612 Lykins J. C. Ray 1986
VAL7:676 Lykins Lloyd 1973
VAL7:426 Lykins Robert David 1971
OSW6:315 Lynch Bessie 1918
OSW19:22 Lynch Bud 1967
OSW29:34 Lynch Dora 1977
OSW11:269 Lynch Helen 1942
OSW12:210 Lynch James M. 1945
OSW3:35 Lynch John 1903
OSW12:61 Lynch Martha 1944
OSW10:450 Lynch Ruth C. 1939
VAL7:114 Lyons Albert L.D. 1967
OSW10:215 Lyons Arthur R. 1937
OSW7:528 Lyons Charles Thomas 1926
OSW1:2 Lyons Mandy 1867
VAL7:434 Lyons Michael Paul 1971
OSW1:531 Lytle Charly E. 1890
OSW1:392 Lytle David S. 1884
VAL10:318 Lytle Eileen Marie (Judy) 1990
OSW7:190 Lytle Gertrude 1923
OSW1:322 Lytle Gerty 1882
VAL7:46 Lytle Joseph Forest 1967
OSW1:7 Lytle Robert 1867
VAL9:466 Lytle Rozella C. 1985
OSW1:247 Lyttle Catherine 1879


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