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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW8:67 Tague Adrile S. 1927
OSW1:431 Tailor Christian 1886
OSW1:35 Tait Cora L. 1869
OSW1:147 Talbott (stillborn infant) 1875
OSW25:155 Talcott Monty 1973
OSW1:150 Tallas Henry (infant son of) 1875
OSW15:526 Talley Camille White 1961
OSW7:504 Tallman Emma B. 1925
OSW20:129 Tankersley Charles 1968
OSW15:327 Tanner Clyde E 1959
OSW26:117 Tanner Olive 1974
OSW29:70 Tanneuther Maude 1977
OSW11:449 Tannreuther Donald Lee 1941
OSW27:5 Tapley Betty 1975
VAL7:718 Tappe baby girl 1974
OSW9:560 Tarr Amanda 1935
OSW28:78 Tartt Archie B. Jr. 1976
OSW10:205 Tate Ella I. 1937
OSW30:22 Tatman James L. 1978
OSW13:593 Taulbe Langley Jr. 1954
VAL5:792 Taulbee Alec Hargis 1958
OSW30:125 Taulbee Bill J. 1978
OSW12:571 Taulbee Chalmers S. 1948
VAL10:332 Taulbee Finley Gordon 1990
OSW17:177 Taulbee James Marvin 1964
OSW31:4 Taulbee Judith 1979
VAL7:96 Taulbee Julia Frances 1967
VAL7:32 Taulbee Luther Jennings 1967
VAL9:474 Taulbee Rinda 1985
OSW22:9 Taulbee Silas A. 1970
OSW28:73 Taulbee Tammy Lynn 1976
OSW4:13 Taylor (infant) 1905
OSW13:431 Taylor Ada Richey 1952
OSW1:100 Taylor Amos (dau. of) 1873
OSW5:425 Taylor Anna Maria 1913
OSW5:334 Taylor Arabella H. 1912
OSW27:75 Taylor Bessie B. 1975
OSW1:37 Taylor Chas. Edward 1869
OSW2:146 Taylor Clarissa 1899
VAL5:896 Taylor Daniel Frederick 1959
OSW6:547 Taylor Dena B. 1921
OSW13:304 Taylor Edna Mae 1951
OSW1:55 Taylor Emilou 1870
OSW1:119 Taylor Fanny 1874
OSW1:39 Taylor Francis M. 1869
OSW1:215 Taylor Frank 1878
OSW2:7 Taylor Frank 1890
OSW8:138 Taylor Gussie May 1927
OSW2:147 Taylor Harry 1900
OSW5:537 Taylor Harry 1914
VAL6:436 Taylor James Eugene 1964
OSW15:216 Taylor James H. 1959
OSW5:389 Taylor James Jefferson 1912
OSW11:463 Taylor James Perry 1942
VAL9:118 Taylor James Robert 1982
VAL7:498 Taylor Jennie Stanfield 1971
OSW5:74 Taylor John (infant of ) 1908
OSW4:8 Taylor John (infant of) 1904
OSW2:86 Taylor John (infant son of) 1895
OSW6:251 Taylor John K. 1918
OSW17:293 Taylor John Lewis 1965
OSW25:157 Taylor John W. 1973
OSW25:62 Taylor Kevin Wayne 1973
OSW9:349 Taylor Leora Jane 1933
OSW13:202 Taylor Lillian 1950
OSW23:148 Taylor Lillie N. 1971
OSW2:83 Taylor Lorena 1895
OSW9:456 Taylor Lula 1934
OSW16:6 Taylor Marie H. 1962
OSW5:12 Taylor Martha Jane 1907
OSW17:274 Taylor Mary A. 1965
OSW2:6 Taylor Mary Geeding 1890
VAL9:126 Taylor Miriam M. 1982
OSW1:371 Taylor Mrs. 1883
OSW1:244 Taylor Mrs. (dau. of Thomas Bentf___) 1879
OSW28:128 Taylor Nancy E. 1976
OSW1:200 Taylor Nettie 1877
OSW26:68 Taylor Norman A. 1974
OSW13:597 Taylor Orlando C. 1954
OSW8:272 Taylor Oscar D. 1928
OSW12:144 Taylor Ralph & Viola (stillborn dau.) 1944
VAL9:546 Taylor Ralph 1985
VAL8:18 Taylor Randal Melvin 1976
OSW18:39 Taylor Ruby (infant boy of) 1965
OSW2:149 Taylor Sarah 1900
OSW8:136 Taylor Sarah C. 1927
OSW15:373 Taylor Silas 1960
OSW32:36 Taylor Virginia L. 1980
OSW7:148 Taylor Walter (stillborn of) 1922
OSW9:228 Taylor Wm. H. 1932
VAL7:194 Teater Homer Prather 1968
OSW15:136 Teegarden Harriett A. 1958
OSW1:86 Tefsul Sam (infant of) 1872
OSW24:44 Templeton James S. 1972
VAL1:32 Templin Edward J. 1933
VAL2:20 Templin Edward T. 1933
OSW17:193 Terrell Goldie C. 1964
OSW1:402 Terrill W. T. 1885
OSW5:554 Terry Eden (infant dau. of) 1915
OSW10:95 Terry Eden Fred 1936
OSW3:13 Terry Elizabeth 1901
OSW2:116 Terry Elizabeth Sherwood 1898
OSW13:400 Terry George (baby girl of) 1952
OSW18:134 Terry Goldie 1966
OSW12:128 Terry Hugh 1944
OSW10:537 Terry Lola 1940
OSW11:465 Terry Lucius (Rev.) 1943
OSW12:522 Terry Morris Lee 1948
OSW23:158 Terry Ralph 1971
OSW5:77 Terry Samuel 1908
OSW13:53 Terry Samuel G. 1949
OSW9:600 Terry William 1935
OSW20:23 Terry Willie 1968
OSW6:92 Terry Young 1916
VAL4:8 Terwilleger John 1939
OSW5:11 Terwilliger Mary 1907
OSW13:549 Tester Cora 1954
OSW9:159 Teter Rosannah 1932
OSW7:139 Tevlin Earl Jr. 1922
OSW27:67 Thacker Everett E. 1975
OSW1:383 Tharp John 1884
OSW1:247 Tharp Thomas 1879
OSW8:144 Thayer Alphonso 1927
OSW4:23 Thayer Elizabeth 1906
VAL5:770 Theetge Albert 1958
VAL9:332 Theetge Hazel 1983
OSW1:285 Thom Wm. Howell 1880
OSW1:246 Thomas ___ 1879
OSW23:95 Thomas Albert 1971
OSW13:85 Thomas Alfred (IV) 1949
VAL6:388 Thomas Alisa Kaye 1964
OSW29:28 Thomas Arthur W. 1977
OSW1:385 Thomas Caroline 1884
VAL10:32 Thomas Cedric Earl 1987
OSW12:493 Thomas Clarence S. 1948
OSW3:19 Thomas Clemantine (infant of) 1902
VAL7:170 Thomas Daniel Anthony 1968
VAL11:18 Thomas Dora Combs 1991
OSW11:453 Thomas Doris (infant dau. of) 1941
VAL6:254 Thomas Edrie Belle 1962
OSW9:191 Thomas Eliza 1932
OSW23:12 Thomas Elizabeth 1971
OSW15:282 Thomas Ellen 1959
OSW27:12 Thomas Emma B. 1975
OSW5:542 Thomas Ethel Ellen 1915
OSW9:515 Thomas Eugene Thurman 1935
VAL10:112 Thomas Frank Donald 1987
OSW31:113 Thomas Georgeanna 1979
OSW3:9 Thomas Gustave 1901
OSW1:291 Thomas James 1881
OSW24:75 Thomas Jess P. 1972
OSW30:14 Thomas Laura Carley 1978
OSW14:260 Thomas Lawrence 1956
OSW29:48 Thomas Mabelle Lydia 1977
OSW8:459 Thomas Mary Jane 1930
OSW15:470 Thomas Maytie B. 1961
OSW15:577 Thomas Pearl Jack 1962
VAL5:800 Thomas Raymond Jr. 1959
OSW8:368 Thomas Richard 1929
OSW12:288 Thomas Stephen S. 1946
OSW12:371 Thomas William A. 1947
OSW3:8 Thomas Wm. 1901
OSW1:249 Thomas Wm. (dau. of) 1879
VAL2:102 Thompson Addie 1937
VAL4:350 Thompson Alice 1944
OSW13:131 Thompson Alice B. 1950
OSW1:160 Thompson Ann 1876
OSW12:322 Thompson Anna D. 1946
OSW1:313 Thompson Anna Maria 1881
OSW13:301 Thompson Anna Woodruff 1951
OSW9:410 Thompson Annie 1934
OSW1:476 Thompson Artie 1887
VAL2:119 Thompson Ben E. 1937
OSW6:515 Thompson Birdella H. 1920
OSW6:485 Thompson Budd 1920
OSW1:157 Thompson C. (dau. of) 1875
OSW25:145 Thompson Carl 1973
OSW9:169 Thompson Celia E. 1932
OSW5:55 Thompson Charles 1908
OSW12:485 Thompson Charles O. 1948
OSW8:118 Thompson Christiana Adams 1927
OSW13:445 Thompson Clifford 1952
OSW7:550 Thompson Clyde 1926
OSW6:197 Thompson Columbus C. 1917
VAL5:328 Thompson Daisy 1953
OSW17:240 Thompson Darrell C. 1964
OSW3:18 Thompson David 1902
OSW8:287 Thompson David Edwin 1929
OSW6:258 Thompson Decatur (infant son of) 1918
OSW26:77 Thompson Decautor 1974
OSW30:30 Thompson Dorothy M. 1978
OSW8:48 Thompson E. C. (Edwin) 1927
OSW23:37 Thompson Edmond D. 1971
OSW1:148 Thompson Elizabeth 1875
OSW1:416 Thompson Elizabeth 1885
OSW24:48 Thompson Elizabeth 1972
OSW22:102 Thompson Elizabeth G. 1970
VAL2:57 Thompson Emerson F. 1936
OSW27:84 Thompson Emma E. 1975
OSW1:400 Thompson Ephraim 1885
OSW13:317 Thompson Eric 1951
OSW31:44 Thompson Everett 1979
OSW28:114 Thompson Fae W. 1976
OSW10:21 Thompson Flora L. 1936
OSW9:93 Thompson Florence May 1931
OSW6:132 Thompson Francis W. 1917
OSW1:464 Thompson Frank (dau. of) 1887
OSW2:21 Thompson Frank (infant of) 1891
OSW1:202 Thompson Frank (infant son of) 1877
OSW1:440 Thompson Frank W. (infant son of) 1886
OSW9:234 Thompson Franklin S. 1932
OSW1:352 Thompson G. (infant son of) 1883
VAL7:58 Thompson Gertrude 1967
OSW28:8 Thompson Guy 1976
OSW7:496 Thompson Helen Louise 1925
OSW8:265 Thompson Hiram 1928
OSW12:305 Thompson Jack K. 1946
OSW5:203 Thompson James 1910
OSW12:103 Thompson James A. 1944
OSW6:546 Thompson James M. 1921
OSW1:457 Thompson Jannett 1887
OSW2:48 Thompson Jennie Emmel 1893
OSW23:14 Thompson Jessie M. 1971
OSW13:383 Thompson Jessie Orr 1952
OSW1:109 Thompson Jessy 1873
OSW1:256 Thompson Jno. (child of) 1879
OSW1:152 Thompson Jno. A. (Rev.) 1875
OSW1:166 Thompson Jno. W. (infant son of) 1876
VAL4:24 Thompson John 1939
OSW6:479 Thompson John Adams 1920
OSW1:182 Thompson John H. 1876
OSW8:482 Thompson John H. 1930
OSW6:598 Thompson John M. 1921
OSW3:19 Thompson John W. 1902
OSW4:11 Thompson John W. 1904
OSW17:39 Thompson Joseph Jefferson 1963
OSW6:255 Thompson Joseph W. 1918
OSW9:261 Thompson L. Blanche 1933
OSW11:455 Thompson Leola Hatfield 1942
OSW11:457 Thompson Lewis H. 1942
OSW14:264 Thompson Lida Helen 1956
OSW5:325 Thompson Lillian C. 1912
OSW10:78 Thompson Louis E. 1936
OSW1:239 Thompson Luther 1879
OSW5:201 Thompson Margaret 1910
OSW5:95 Thompson Margaret 1908
OSW1:130 Thompson Margareth A. 1874
OSW10:474 Thompson Marilla Melvina 1940
OSW1:151 Thompson Mary 1875
OSW1:235 Thompson Mary 1878
OSW9:484 Thompson Mary A. 1934
OSW1:439 Thompson Mary Carpenter 1886
OSW7:548 Thompson Mary Dove 1926
OSW1:293 Thompson Mary E. 1881
OSW7:329 Thompson Mary E. 1924
OSW9:297 Thompson Mary Ellen 1933
OSW2:142 Thompson Mary Ellen Garner 1899
OSW4:13 Thompson Mattie 1905
OSW17:187 Thompson Mildred W. 1964
OSW11:467 Thompson Miles G. 1943
OSW4:30 Thompson Minnie 1906
OSW1:409 Thompson Miss 1885
OSW1:7 Thompson Moses 1867
OSW1:251 Thompson Nancy 1879
OSW12:417 Thompson Nellie B. 1947
OSW1:58 Thompson Nelson (son of) 1871
OSW13:330 Thompson Ottie Del 1951
VAL10:250 Thompson Paul Virgil Sr. 1989
VAL9:556 Thompson Pearl Irene 1985
OSW8:135 Thompson Ralph G. 1927
OSW4:1 Thompson Ransom 1903
OSW2:112 Thompson Rebecca Jones 1897
OSW7:499 Thompson Reuben 1925
OSW1:470 Thompson Reuben (Mrs.) 1887
OSW15:43 Thompson Robt. 1957
VAL1:68 Thompson Russell 1935
VAL2:39 Thompson Russell 1935
OSW15:169 Thompson Russell & Brenda (infant son & dau.) 1958
OSW6:34 Thompson Sallie 1916
VAL4:180 Thompson Sarah 1942
OSW6:127 Thompson Sarah M. 1917
OSW9:69 Thompson Sylvan W. 1931
OSW19:81 Thompson Tammy 1967
OSW2:49 Thompson Thomas F. 1893
OSW8:182 Thompson W. Gilbert 1928
VAL4:684 Thompson Walter B. 1949
OSW5:123 Thompson Walter L. 1909
OSW23:96 Thompson Wendal Paul 1971
OSW7:107 Thompson William 1922
OSW9:1 Thompson William C. 1931
OSW5:340 Thompson William D. 1912
OSW10:330 Thompson William N. 1938
OSW9:105 Thompson William S. 1931
OSW1:57 Thompson Wm. 1871
OSW1:87 Thompson Wm. 1872
OSW1:165 Thompson Wm. N. (Mrs.) 1876
OSW30:102 Thompson Zora 1978
OSW10:424 Thoms George Lee 1939
OSW1:52 Thomson John Doug 1870
OSW1:352 Thomson Peter 1883
OSW9:254 Thomson Robert S. 1933
OSW1:469 Thorb Marium 1887
OSW32:72 Thornbury Rae S. 1980
OSW12:175 Thoroughman Harriet 1945
OSW7:174 Thoroughman Willatine (stillborn of) 1923
OSW1:470 Thorp Richael 1887
OSW1:290 Thorp Vachel 1881
OSW1:161 Thorpe Cynthia H. 1876
OSW25:94 Thorpe Lottie 1973
OSW8:203 Throckmorton Ella Louise 1928
OSW18:122 Throckmorton Goldie 1966
OSW10:557 Throckmorton Leonard 1941
OSW18:215 Throckmorton Ralph H. 1966
OSW6:241 Throckmorton Thelma Leota 1918
OSW23:110 Throckmorton Walter 1971
OSW2:120 Thruston Clarissa B. 1898
OSW26:118 Thunay Hazel I. 1974
OSW27:63 Thuney Glenn 1975
OSW1:287 Thurman Anna 1880
OSW1:22 Thurman Isam 1868
OSW15:553 Thurston Mary 1961
OSW1:494 Thurston Oscar N. 1888
OSW7:522 Thuston Edward Ralph 1926
OSW7:442 Thuston Sarah Jane 1925
OSW10:259 Tibbs Beulah G.. 1938
OSW2:85 Tice Nathan (dau. of) 1895
OSW5:68 Tichenor Alva R. 1908
OSW1:11 Tichenor Eddie B. 1868
OSW2:138 Tichenor Edward J. (Dr.) 1899
OSW7:142 Tichenor Rebecca Jane 1922
OSW1:213 Tichinor David P. 1878
OSW1:232 Tichinor Erwin 1878
OSW12:544 Tierney John 1948
OSW1:76 Tigart Anna 1872
VAL6:620 Tilford Mabel Whitacre 1966
VAL4:364 Tilford William H. 1945
OSW21:103 Tillman Chauncey H. 1969
OSW29:125 Tillman Eva O. 1977
VAL1:49 Tilmons Joseph 1934
OSW8:519 Tilton George Washington 1930
OSW6:98 Tilton Hester 1916
OSW12:595 Tilton James 1948
OSW2:109 Tilton James H. 1897
OSW8:388 Tilton Margaret E. 1929
OSW11:451 Tilton Margaret J. 1941
OSW9:205 Tilton Marion 1932
OSW9:296 Tilton Mary E. 1933
OSW1:87 Tilton S. H. 1872
OSW9:307 Tilton William Earl 1933
VAL11:6 Tincher Lena Carol 1991
OSW1:96 Tindel George 1873
OSW2:141 Tindel Wm. 1899
OSW8:568 Tindell Harry 1930
OSW6:161 Tindell Louie Nelson Emery 1917
OSW28:64 Tindle Eugene Harold 1976
OSW2:69 Tingel Wm. 1894
OSW3:31 Tingle Eliza 1903
OSW5:357 Tinney Kate 1912
OSW5:474 Tinney Mabel Viola 1914
OSW10:387 Tinstman John William 1939
OSW1:338 Tipeli Sam (son of) 1882
OSW30:62 Tipton Alice R. 1978
OSW32:118 Tipton Cal C. 1980
OSW15:360 Tipton Calvin 1960
OSW26:84 Tipton Samuel 1974
VAL8:134 Tishue Iva Irene 1977
VAL10:180 Tishue Jean Frances 1988
OSW1:359 Tissel Sam (infant dau. of) 1883
OSW1:216 Tissela Sam (son of) 1878
OSW10:345 Tittle Arthur 1938
OSW15:508 Titus Alta Mae 1961
OSW24:123 Titus Brad Lee 1972
OSW18:3 Titus Raymond 1965
OSW10:311 Tives Maloma 1938
OSW22:2 Tobias Mary M. 1970
OSW15:381 Todd Almore F. 1960
OSW23:142 Todd Carrie C. 1971
OSW32:1 Todd Colby R. 1980
OSW12:272 Todd Doris Georgianna 1946
OSW17:143 Todd Edith B. 1964
OSW9:295 Todd John (stillborn son of) 1933
OSW24:28 Todd John A. 1972
OSW18:261 Todd Lutishie 1967
OSW11:461 Todd Margaret A. 1942
OSW15:446 Todd Nomey 1961
OSW12:594 Todd Paulie Ann 1948
VAL7:512 Todd Roger Dale (Twin #2) 1971
OSW2:35 Todhunter ___Crone 1892
OSW10:165 Todhunter Annis H. 1937
OSW2:10 Todhunter Anseln 1890
OSW13:192 Todhunter Eliza E. 1950
OSW1:95 Todhunter F. B. (infant of) 1873
OSW12:14 Todhunter Frank 1943
OSW6:97 Todhunter James E. 1916
OSW1:393 Todhunter John Bardly (infant of) 1884
OSW7:109 Todhunter John Bartley 1922
OSW1:518 Todhunter Kiziah 1889
OSW1:346 Todhunter Louella Egbert 1883
OSW12:59 Todhunter Mary May 1944
OSW6:108 Todhunter Ralph 1917
OSW6:443 Todhunter Sarah M. 1920
OSW4:3 Todhunter Wm. 1904
OSW1:83 Todhunter Wm. Fred 1872
OSW31:122 Todt Lawrence Lee 1979
OSW6:484 Toerner Clara R. 1920
VAL10:342 Tolliver Albert Washington (Bus) 1990
OSW1:506 Tomas James (dau. of) 1889
OSW1:307 Tomas Jonathan (son of) 1881
OSW1:89 Tomkins Thomas H. 1872
VAL6:638 Tomlinson Rhonda Jeanette 1966
OSW2:13 Tompkins Mary A. 1891
OSW9:246 Toms Harry D. 1932
OSW8:313 Toms Mary Jane 1929
OSW32:87 Tone Donald Lee 1980
VAL5:160 Toney (stillborn infant) 1951
VAL6:478 Toney Gertrude 1965
VAL8:462 Toney Hazel Blanch 1980
VAL8:190 Toney Herschell Eugene 1978
VAL9:518 Toney Ishmael B. 1985
OSW8:241 Toney Levi 1928
OSW9:117 Toops Hector 1932
OSW9:563 Toops Matilda 1935
OSW31:77 Torino Frank A. 1979
OSW1:67 Totten Eliza J. 1871
OSW10:98 Totten J. William 1936
OSW23:29 Totten James C. 1971
OSW3:30 Totten James F. 1903
OSW25:6 Totten Sara 1973
OSW6:313 Totten Sarah E. 1918
OSW20:59 Totten William D. 1968
OSW2:99 Towle Susan Summer 1897
OSW5:426 Townsend Charles 1913
OSW19:77 Townsley Gardner h. 1967
OSW13:96 Townsley Hollis Lee 1949
OSW5:127 Townsley Wm. B. 1909
VAL7:802 Trainer Anne Estaline 1974
VAL6:416 Trainer Bessie 1964
VAL8:424 Trainer Charles M. 1980
VAL7:956 Trainer Katherine D. 1976
VAL4:232 Trainer Sarah Delma 1943
OSW20:122 Trammell Mathew Wayne 1968
VAL4:592 Trapp Luella 1947
OSW5:606 Tratriak Alex 1915
OSW28:139 Travel Elsie Mary 1976
OSW5:170 Traver Dollie M. 1909
OSW7:2 Travis Elizabeth 1921
VAL9:536 Traylor Alverda Hines 1985
OSW31:2 Traylor Andrew R. 1979
VAL7:538 Traylor Ella 1972
VAL5:210 Traylor George Pierson Sr. 1951
OSW8:196 Traylor James Alfred 1928
VAL9:470 Traylor Stanley Pierson 1985
VAL7:964 Traylor William Franklin 1976
OSW7:118 Trent Jennie 1922
VAL7:358 Tresler Wylie 1970
OSW1:41 Tresslar Madison M. 1870
OSW1:103 Tressler Serena 1873
OSW12:498 Treuter Hannah 1948
VAL4:346 Tribbey Anna 1944
VAL4:482 Tribby Jennie 1946
OSW1:470 Trible Sam (dau. of) 1887
OSW1:81 Trimbell Moses 1872
OSW17:55 Trimble Alve B. 1963
OSW1:69 Trimble Andrew 1871
OSW22:64 Trimble Edith Lamarr 1970
OSW13:173 Trimble Effie B. 1950
OSW1:146 Trimble Jacob 1875
OSW13:240 Trimble Jay B. 1951
OSW28:30 Trisler Helen L. 1976
OSW18:225 Trisler Horace B. 1967
VAL4:356 Trisler Mary E. 1944
VAL2:30 Trivett (stillborn infant) 1934
VAL1:52 Trivett baby 1934
OSW5:442 Trochelman Harry 1913
OSW18:293 Trochelman Rose 1967
OSW7:521 Trochelmann Ralph E. 1926
OSW5:508 Trockelman John 1914
OSW8:331 Troville Irwin Robert 1929
OSW7:266 Troville John Charles 1923
VAL8:146 Trovillo Clifford 1977
OSW7:468 Trovillo Elijah 1925
VAL4:594 Trovillo Harry 1947
OSW10:294 Trovillo James K. 1938
OSW7:217 Trovillo Marion Ferdinand 1923
OSW10:550 Trovillo Martha 1940
OSW5:94 Trovillo Mary Ann 1908
OSW7:517 Trovillo Ruth 1925
VAL5:866 Trovills Laura 1959
OSW10:475 Trueblood Rillie 1940
OSW25:114 Truesdale Nel Agnes 1973
OSW8:432 Trueter Frank 1929
OSW9:377 Trumiter Minnie 1934
OSW6:419 Trump Alfred William 1919
OSW3:26 Trump Clarinda H. 1902
OSW1:345 Trump Dan 1883
OSW5:297 Trump John Lucius 1911
OSW2:27 Trump John S. 1891
OSW7:69 Trump Marilla Jane 1922
OSW3:7 Trump Mr. (infant of) 1901
OSW7:137 Trump Nathan K. 1922
OSW4:1 Trump Susan 1903
OSW1:163 Tuchenor Abigail 1876
OSW25:48 Tuck Edward T. 1973
OSW28:99 Tuck George Lee 1976
OSW1:201 Tucker B. T. 1877
OSW1:192 Tucker Caroline 1877
OSW28:40 Tucker Charles B. 1976
OSW1:353 Tucker Mitchel 1883
VAL5:570 Tucker Ora Elsberry 1956
OSW1:411 Tucker W. Davis 1885
OSW15:510 Tucker Walter & Ferol (infant girl of) 1961
OSW10:364 Turner Albert H. 1939
OSW18:43 Turner Alvin 1965
VAL4:140 Turner Carl V. 1941
OSW5:371 Turner Charles 1912
OSW13:432 Turner Clifford Enis 1952
OSW29:97 Turner Drusilla M. 1977
OSW18:54 Turner Edna Cole 1965
OSW5:581 Turner Floyd F. 1915
OSW14:274 Turner George Burton 1956
OSW5:262 Turner George W. 1911
OSW15:458 Turner Hershel 1961
OSW1:241 Turner J. N. (son of) 1879
OSW2:131 Turner James 1899
OSW4:7 Turner James 1904
OSW1:222 Turner Jas. N. 1878
OSW21:25 Turner Lena M. 1969
VAL4:142 Turner Lida R. 1941
OSW2:142 Turner Lydia 1899
OSW6:122 Turner Lydia Moriah 1917
OSW7:179 Turner Margaret 1923
OSW7:14 Turner Mary Jane 1921
OSW32:76 Turner Mary V. 1980
VAL6:64 Turner Paul Mc Kinley 1960
OSW23:26 Turner Richard 1971
VAL10:58 Turner Rowena 1987
OSW23:159 Turner Steve D. 1971
OSW13:508 Turner Wiliam Thomas 1953
OSW11:459 Turner William O. 1942
OSW17:151 Turton Etta 1964
OSW30:64 Turton Mary Elizabeth 1978
OSW15:554 Turton William C. 1961
OSW6:169 Tyler Sarah Lucille 1917
OSW6:6 Tyler William H. 1915
OSW4:17 Tyndal Jacob 1905
OSW3:3 Tyndall Jane 1900
VAL7:992 Tyree Alex Riley 1976


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