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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW11:331 Oakman Alice 1942
OSW22:10 Oatley Lawrence L. 1970
VAL2:126 Oatley Sarah Britana 1937
OSW16:37 O'Banion Dennis G. 1962
OSW12:359 Oberle Amelia 1947
OSW14:67 Oberle Charles William 1955
OSW13:121 Oberle George D. (stillborn son of) 1950
OSW10:504 Oberle Ralph Edwin 1940
OSW15:171 Oberlin Anna 1958
OSW14:55 Oberlin Arthur Leslie 1955
VAL7:750 Oberlin Emerson N. 1974
OSW12:494 Oberly Anna Amelia 1948
OSW32:117 O'Brien Michie 1980
OSW2:75 O'Conner Michael 1895
OSW15:484 Odle Harold C. 1961
OSW10:286 Odle Rachael Etta 1938
VAL8:316 Odom David Ashley 1979
OSW1:404 O'Donall ___ 1885
OSW14:1 O'Donnel Cheria 1954
OSW13:37 O'Donnell Howard 1949
OSW13:41 O'Donnell John W. 1949
OSW8:264 O'Donnell Loftus M. 1928
OSW12:82 O'Donnell Nana 1944
OSW18:94 Oeblerking John 1966
VAL8:220 Oeder Carl Wilson 1978
VAL8:46 Oeder Charles Alvin 1976
VAL9:250 Oeder Maggie Mae 1983
OSW19:46 Oehlschlegel Lydia 1967
VAL7:484 Oelerich Hilda Mae 1971
OSW5:360 Oescheger Lorenz 1912
OSW5:62 Offord George (infant of) 1908
OSW10:196 Offord George William 1937
OSW7:138 Offord Jennie 1922
OSW7:33 Offord John 1921
OSW9:318 Offord Nola 1933
OSW5:498 Offord Sadie 1914
OSW8:86 Offord Susan 1927
VAL5:888 Ogborn Roland Arthur 1959
OSW10:18 Ogle Eliza Jane 1936
OSW31:29 Ohain Katherine Louise Von Pabst 1979
VAL6:318 O'Hara Patrick 1963
OSW32:68 O'Harold Jeanette L 1980
OSW8:119 Ohmart Hester Ellen 1927
OSW1:371 Ohmstead Amandie 1883
VAL8:292 O'Keefe Patrick Lee 1979
OSW28:131 O'Kelly Michael H. 1976
OSW10:536 Olderham Betty Jean 1940
OSW11:337 Olderham Ralph 1943
OSW17:220 Oldham Israel Clay 1964
OSW24:124 Oldring Tesese 1972
VAL9:484 Olesen Lora Mae 1985
VAL5:52 Oliver Charles Sr. 1949
VAL7:82 Oliver Charles William 1967
VAL1:15 Oliver Dan Henen 1933
VAL2:12 Oliver Dan Henen 1933
VAL8:406 Oliver David Thomas 1980
OSW11:329 Oliver Ida Ellen Ault 1942
VAL10:80 Oliver Jerry Lynn 1987
VAL10:260 Oliver Julie Ann 1989
OSW1:511 Oliver Keziah Hutchinson 1889
VAL11:50 Oliver Mildred 1991
VAL4:254 Oliver Nettie 1943
VAL5:626 Oliver Robert Lincoln 1957
OSW9:84 Oliver William Perry 1931
OSW4:3 Oliver Wm. 1904
VAL5:400 Ollinger Mathias 1954
OSW15:322 O'Maley Nancy Jane Butter 1959
OSW11:323 O'Malley Thomas Butler 1941
OSW14:194 Oneal Anna Hart 1956
OSW22:23 O'Neal Frank Van 1970
OSW9:154 O'Neal Laura K. 1932
OSW1:240 O'Neall Ann M. 1879
OSW1:317 O'Neall Bell 1881
OSW15:93 O'Neall Donald B. 1957
OSW1:15 O'Neall Hatty M. 1868
OSW4:28 O'Neall J. Kelly 1906
OSW1:173 O'Neall Josef (son of) 1876
OSW7:187 O'Neall Joseph W. 1923
OSW7:130 O'Neall Laura A. V. 1922
VAL2:97 Opes Russeau 1937
VAL2:114 Opes Teutonia 1937
OSW5:513 Oppitz L. K. (infant dau. of) 1914
VAL7:164 Oren Edna Olive 1968
VAL10:362 Oren Evelyn L. 1990
VAL6:670 Oren George Washington 1966
VAL8:386 Oren James Clifford 1980
VAL5:814 Oren Meander Harrison 1959
VAL8:308 Oren Melvia Ora 1979
OSW7:116 Orndorf Agnes C. 1922
OSW18:167 Orndort Mabel 1966
OSW8:409 Orr Elizabeth 1929
OSW13:472 Orr George William 1953
OSW13:106 Orr Getrude 1950
VAL9:608 Orr Herbert Leland 1986
OSW12:38 Orr Ida 1944
OSW1:163 Orr John 1876
OSW6:29 Orr Martha S. 1916
OSW21:79 Orr Michael M. 1969
OSW17:106 Orr Osee 1963
OSW1:473 Osborn ___ 1887
OSW1:83 Osborn A. M. (infant of) 1872
OSW1:521 Osborn Ab (infant of) 1889
OSW1:148 Osborn Abraham (infant of) 1875
OSW1:350 Osborn Abraham (twins of) 1883
OSW8:546 Osborn Abram 1930
VAL7:240 Osborn Burch Edward 1969
OSW8:437 Osborn Daniel H. 1930
OSW9:245 Osborn Eliza A. 1932
OSW2:101 Osborn Emeline 1897
OSW1:108 Osborn Enos 1873
OSW7:483 Osborn Eva A. 1925
OSW4:22 Osborn Frank 1906
OSW4:28 Osborn George 1906
OSW17:225 Osborn George Calvin 1964
OSW8:392 Osborn George Edward 1929
OSW14:154 Osborn George W. 1955
OSW18:44 Osborn Harry E. 1965
OSW17:228 Osborn Henrietta 1964
OSW1:368 Osborn Ida 1883
OSW22:46 Osborn Ivy 1970
OSW7:232 Osborn James 1923
OSW6:554 Osborn Jean Lea 1921
OSW23:100 Osborn Jesse L. 1971
OSW1:318 Osborn John 1881
OSW21:69 Osborn John Lewis Sr. 1969
OSW1:271 Osborn Jonaton C. 1880
OSW1:335 Osborn Jos. B. (infant of) 1882
VAL2:28 Osborn Mabel 1934
VAL1:47 Osborn Mabel Ross 1934
OSW1:331 Osborn Margaret R. 1882
OSW8:471 Osborn Mary 1930
OSW12:399 Osborn Mary Anna 1947
OSW29:72 Osborn Mary B. 1977
OSW7:255 Osborn Mary Brandenburg 1923
OSW29:49 Osborn Mary E. 1977
OSW7:430 Osborn Mary Jane 1925
OSW8:292 Osborn Mary R. 1929
OSW6:46 Osborn Moses 1916
VAL10:402 Osborn Norma June 1990
OSW2:74 Osborn Otto 1895
OSW1:9 Osborn R. A. (Mrs.) 1867
OSW1:312 Osborn Robert 1881
OSW8:231 Osborn Scott 1928
VAL5:898 Osborn Verna May 1959
VAL5:218 Osborn Wayne Taylor 1951
OSW8:286 Osborn William L. 1929
OSW1:66 Osborn Wm. 1871
OSW2:140 Osborn Wm. Laren 1899
OSW11:325 Osborne Aaron 1941
OSW12:264 Osborne Anna M. 1946
VAL8:382 Osborne Argus Edward 1980
OSW18:171 Osborne Beatrice 1966
OSW11:335 Osborne Clement L. 1943
OSW14:294 Osborne Daisy Glendora 1957
OSW11:327 Osborne Ed J. 1942
OSW31:73 Osborne Florence 1979
OSW10:393 Osborne Joseph B. 1939
VAL10:330 Osborne Leslie Downing 1990
OSW12:121 Osborne Lillie 1944
VAL9:84 Osborne Lora Elizabeth 1981
VAL8:200 Osborne Lydia Iris 1978
VAL11:29 Osborne May D. 1991
OSW9:25 Osborne Morris Bradford 1931
OSW15:423 Osborne Ona 1960
OSW32:63 Osborne Perry J. Sr. 1980
VAL5:870 Osgood Stephen Edward 1959
OSW12:453 Osterburger Donna 1947
OSW18:238 Osterhues Elizabeth 1967
OSW28:46 Osterhues Henry 1976
OSW27:90 Oswald Eleanor L. 1975
OSW12:527 Oswald Elizabeth B. 1948
OSW22:124 Oswald Elsie J. 1970
OSW17:158 Oswald Ernest E. 1964
OSW6:488 Oswald Fredrica 1920
OSW6:576 Oswald Izora 1921
OSW15:66 Oswald Kenneth E. 1957
OSW15:496 Oswald Lawrence 1961
OSW2:69 Oswald Mary Esta 1894
OSW11:333 Oswald Maurice H. 1942
OSW15:494 Oswald Maurice Jerome 1961
OSW6:334 Oswald Max Julian 1918
OSW13:481 Ott Edward H. 1953
VAL7:924 Otting Frank 1975
VAL8:320 Otting Louise M. 1979
OSW22:77 Ottke Alma E. 1970
OSW21:105 Ottke Audrey Marie 1969
OSW22:155 Ottke Laura Ann 1970
OSW9:41 Otto Lucy 1931
VAL7:930 Overby Hershel Allen 1975
VAL10:162 Owens Charles Ray 1988
VAL10:62 Owens George Lee 1987
OSW5:97 Owens John 1908
OSW6:501 Owens Joseph Pryce 1920
VAL9:404 Owens Judy Ann 1984
VAL9:292 Owens Kristina Lynn 1983
OSW12:58 Owens LaDora S. 1944
VAL7:928 Owens Lewis Forester 1975
OSW5:70 Owens Mary 1908
OSW1:298 Owens Sam 1881
VAL4:152 Oxley Emma 1942


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