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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW14:29 Aaron Norman 1954
VAL7:862 Abbott Becca Ruth 1975
VAL7:262 Abbott Cynthia Ann 1969
OSW15:280 Abbott Lewis (stillborn boy of) 1959
OSW10:138 Abbott Orin Morse 1937
OSW26:46 Abner Charles Bayes 1974
OSW14:151 Abner Charles 1955
OSW11:9 Abner Hugh 1942
OSW8:543 Abner Myrier 1930
VAL9:42 Abner Roberta 1981
OSW11:5 Abner Sidney 1942
OSW8:539 Abrams Mary Elizabeth 1930
OSW7:254 Abshar Franklin 1923
OSW11:1 Abshear Benjaman (Pvt) 1941
OSW15:595 Abshear Jefferson 1962
OSW7:260 Abshear Mary Ellen 1923
OSW27:95 Abshear Rebecca A. 1975
OSW3:25 Achermayer ___ 1902
VAL7:300 Achtermann Carl August 1969
VAL9:138 Achtermann Edna Mae 1982
VAL10:208 Achtermann Ralph William 1988
OSW7:302 Ackerly Helen Phares 1924
OSW15:226 Adam George N. 1959
OSW1:145 Adams Agnes 1875
VAL5:488 Adams Alma K. 1955
OSW9:111 Adams Caroline S. 1931
OSW5:502 Adams Celia Anne 1914
VAL5:44 Adams Charles Poland 1949
OSW4:4 Adams Clara 1904
OSW21:11 Adams Clovis Howell 1969
VAL5:640 Adams David March 1957
OSW17:115 Adams Donna Patricia 1963
OSW10:589 Adams Ellen 1941
VAL7:176 Adams Everett Conley 1968
VAL9:512 Adams Hazel M. 1985
OSW1:419 Adams Jenie 1885
OSW1:276 Adams John 1880
OSW18:8 Adams John C. 1965
OSW7:423 Adams John M. 1925
OSW1:209 Adams Kath 1878
VAL9:238 Adams Madge Gregory 1983
OSW15:36 Adams Marion C. 1957
OSW6:521 Adams Milton 1920
OSW1:460 Adams Mrs. 1887
OSW28:12 Adams Nellie Evelyn 1976
OSW14:132 Adams Pamela 1955
OSW29:102 Adams Raymond E. 1977
VAL6:450 Adams Sadie Mae 1965
OSW1:415 Adams Samuel F. 1885
OSW5:553 Adams William M. 1915
OSW15:254 Addis Fred 1959
OSW7:326 Adkinson Rebecca M. 1924
OSW25:140 Aeppli Miriam S. 1973
VAL6:400 Agin Bulah Hardwick 1964
VAL6:576 Agin Burroughs 1966
OSW8:418 Agin Nelson Jr. 1929
OSW22:89 Ahlfeld Florence Tilton 1970
OSW13:371 Aiken Martha Ellen 1952
OSW5:603 Ailstock Bertha Elsie 1915
OSW17:284 Airhart William Ed 1965
OSW29:57 Aither Ernest 1977
OSW13:2 Alben Anna P. 1949
VAL8:282 Albers George Ann 1979
VAL7:854 Albers William Wilhelm 1975
OSW14:243 Alberston Sandra Kay (infant female) 1956
OSW1:386 Albertson (infant) 1884
OSW2:21 Albertson ___ 1891
OSW20:66 Albertson Alfred H. 1968
OSW2:93 Albertson Carl 1896
OSW18:103 Albertson Clarence 1966
OSW15:41 Albertson Clifford 1957
OSW13:586 Albertson Fred 1954
OSW8:320 Albertson Helen L. 1929
OSW32:98 Albertson James Dale 1980
OSW25:121 Albertson Jody Lee 1973
OSW2:12 Albertson Joshua 1891
OSW6:333 Albertson Josiah 1918
OSW28:119 Albertson Lizzie 1976
OSW9:374 Albertson Martha 1934
OSW15:227 Albertson Robert (stillborn twins of) 1959
OSW2:117 Albertson Silas (stillborn child of) 1898
OSW6:599 Albertson William 1921
OSW15:188 Albertson Wm. E. 1958
OSW24:82 Albin Charles Dean 1972
OSW2:140 Albright (infant) 1899
OSW2:45 Albright Hanah Woodry 1893
OSW7:455 Albright John 1925
OSW6:287 Albright William C. 1918
OSW11:11 Albright Zora M. 1943
OSW1:146 Albrint Mrs. 1875
VAL8:96 Alcorn James Daniel 1977
VAL8:22 Alderson Richard Otis 1976
OSW30:53 Alexander Eva 1978
OSW13:311 Alexander George W. 1951
OSW24:43 Alexander Grace Edith 1972
OSW21:14 Alexander Kenneth 1969
OSW10:411 Alexander Nancy Albertson 1939
OSW5:225 Alexander Pearl 1910
OSW20:27 Alexander William F. Sr. 1968
OSW14:218 Alfele Malinda L. 1956
VAL1:34 Alfred Francis 1933
VAL2:20 Alfred Francis 1933
OSW17:140 Alfrey Stanley L. 1963
OSW30:76 Algers David 1978
OSW27:81 Allard Henry William 1975
OSW13:499 Allen Alton E. 1953
VAL7:24 Allen baby boy (A) 1967
VAL7:24 Allen baby boy (B) 1967
VAL5:872 Allen Benjamin T. 1959
OSW24:114 Allen Carrie E. 1972
OSW25:11 Allen Charles C. 1973
OSW9:549 Allen Charles Raymond 1935
VAL5:564 Allen Donald Ray 1956
OSW17:51 Allen Edward David 1963
VAL9:6 Allen Ethel 1981
OSW8:485 Allen Frank 1930
OSW7:133 Allen George 1922
OSW27:76 Allen Herbert L. 1975
OSW20:93 Allen Howard E. 1968
VAL7:382 Allen Jackson Todd 1970
OSW12:373 Allen Larry 1947
OSW7:132 Allen Margaret 1922
VAL5:384 Allen Marshall 1954
OSW10:52 Allen Mary E. 1936
OSW24:136 Allen Mary Susan 1972
OSW26:136 Allen May R. 1974
OSW21:134 Allen Nona L. 1969
OSW13:566 Allen Robert 1954
OSW23:146 Allen Thomas J. 1971
OSW4:10 Allen Willie 1904
OSW22:49 Allen Wilma 1970
OSW11:3 Allis Jennie 1941
OSW18:232 Allison Clarence 1967
VAL4:126 Allison Edie 1941
VAL7:202 Allison Edwin R. 1968
VAL4:326 Allison John Edgar 1944
VAL10:192 Allison Kathryn Laurilla 1988
VAL9:302 Allison Margaret Ann 1983
VAL7:84 Allison Paul Robert 1967
OSW21:58 Allison Pearl 1969
OSW24:61 Allison Wilaon 1972
VAL9:116 Alsip Senettie 1982
OSW13:180 Altman Alice 1950
OSW20:154 Amburgy Effie Marie 1968
OSW22:55 Amburgy Eva 1970
OSW20:135 Amburgy Floyd D. 1968
OSW18:213 Amburgy Janet M. 1966
OSW32:147 Amburgy Lenard 1980
OSW12:499 Amburgy Martha 1948
OSW23:105 Amburgy Mary Elizabeth 1971
OSW15:525 Amburgy Ora B. 1961
OSW19:34 Amburgy Phyllis 1967
OSW27:38 Amburgy R. W. 1975
OSW17:189 Amburgy Robert 1964
OSW14:117 Anderson Ada Lee 1955
OSW9:44 Anderson Albert 1931
OSW6:144 Anderson Anna L. 1917
VAL1:2 Anderson Aquilla 1932
VAL2:1 Anderson Aquilla 1932
VAL5:638 Anderson Arthur Leroy 1957
OSW6:183 Anderson Charles 1917
OSW14:199 Anderson Frank C. 1956
OSW18:272 Anderson Gary W. 1967
VAL9:476 Anderson Jan Allen 1985
OSW4:9 Anderson Jennie 1904
OSW1:134 Anderson Joseph 1874
OSW15:416 Anderson Lucy 1960
VAL6:118 Anderson Mae Ford 1961
OSW1:50 Anderson Mary 1870
OSW15:55 Anderson Maud 1957
VAL6:402 Anderson Rebecca Jane 1964
OSW1:432 Anderson Sarah 1886
OSW1:341 Anderswon Jane G. 1882
OSW19:48 Andreas Gertrude 1967
OSW10:595 Andress William Charles 1941
VAL7:692 Andrew Harry E. 1973
OSW7:259 Angle Fannie 1923
VAL7:18 Anness William Richards 1967
OSW6:331 Anthe Mary Antionette 1918
OSW6:273 Anthe Olmo 1918
OSW3:23 Anton Helen 1902
OSW2:113 Anton James (Dr.) 1897
OSW6:349 Anton Nellie 1919
OSW2:42 Anton Rebecca Van 1892
OSW5:298 Anton Vira 1911
OSW2:87 Antony Maud 1896
OSW2:139 Antrum Isaac H. 1899
OSW2:143 Apelgate Benjamin 1899
VAL5:408 Apes Margaret 1954
VAL1:70 Apgar Adam 1935
VAL2:40 Apgar Adam 1935
OSW8:260 Apgar Addie R. 1928
OSW6:224 Apgar Alla Cheria 1918
OSW2:25 Apgar Amelia A. 1891
VAL4:370 Apgar Cora M. 1945
OSW20:123 Apgar Elizabeth Ann 1968
OSW9:221 Apgar Emma F. 1932
OSW6:491 Apgar Francis Caroline 1920
OSW12:541 Apgar Helen Mae 1948
OSW7:68 Apgar John Wilson 1922
OSW8:449 Apgar Laurence (stillborn dau. of) 1930
OSW8:450 Apgar Laurence B. (infant son of) 1930
OSW13:137 Apgar Lawrence B. 1950
OSW2:27 Apgar Peter 1892
OSW1:425 Apgar Sarah 1885
VAL4:214 Apgar Walter W. 1942
OSW12:124 Apgar Willard 1944
OSW32:94 Apgar William G. 1980
VAL5:136 Apking (stillborn girl) 1950
VAL9:68 Apking Arthur Francis 1981
OSW11:7 Apking Bessie 1942
OSW9:218 Apking Catherine 1932
OSW5:83 Apking Eva 1908
OSW9:330 Apking John P. Sr. 1933
VAL7:272 Apking Margaret Mary 1969
OSW4:24 Apking Therese 1906
OSW31:125 Appel Edwin Peter 1979
OSW12:558 Appesazellar Charles A. 1948
OSW13:38 Apple Ida S. 1949
VAL11:28 Applegate Arthur Lee 1992
OSW1:140 Applegate Ellen C. 1875
OSW1:519 Applegate Fanny Adaline 1889
OSW8:405 Applegate John 1929
OSW4:4 Applegate M. Louisa 1904
VAL8:174 Arbogast Ella Elizabeth 1978
VAL10:154 Arbogast George J. 1988
VAL8:338 Archer Brandon Edward 1979
VAL8:166 Archer George D. 1978
OSW15:455 Ardrey Bessie Anderson 1961
VAL4:242 Arens Laura A. 1943
OSW13:478 Arford Albert Bash 1953
OSW13:414 Armenti Andrew I. 1952
OSW6:368 Armentrout James A. 1919
OSW12:336 Armitage Edwin 1946
OSW1:293 Armitage Elizabeth W. 1881
OSW32:145 Armitage Gladys P. 1980
OSW14:222 Armitage Lain 1956
OSW1:271 Armitage Mark 1880
OSW28:36 Armstrong Carl W. Jr. 1976
VAL4:642 Armstrong F. L. 1948
OSW9:247 Armstrong Gerald Leon 1933
OSW17:142 Armstrong Harold E. 1964
VAL7:908 Armstrong Lavone Virginia 1975
OSW1:376 Armstrong Mary 1884
VAL6:548 Armstrong Matilda 1965
OSW9:581 Armstrong Nelson 1935
VAL8:428 Armstrong Ralph Lloyd 1980
OSW1:446 Armstrong Wm. 1886
VAL5:494 Arnold (stillborn infant) 1955
VAL5:670 Arnold (stillborn infant) 1957
OSW5:292 Arnold Clay 1911
OSW12:256 Arnold Clifford 1946
OSW15:547 Arnold Dorsie 1961
OSW22:12 Arnold Ethel E. 1970
OSW29:119 Arnold Harry L. 1977
OSW12:387 Arnold Hugh Walker 1947
OSW29:15 Arnold Neva May 1977
OSW7:76 Arnold Thomas 1922
OSW12:462 Arnold William F. 1947
OSW26:116 Arthur Mary A. 1974
OSW8:429 Ash George D. 1929
OSW26:4 Ashcraft Robert L. 1974
OSW16:27 Asher Robert & Edith (infant girl of) 1962
OSW2:153 Ashley Jacob A. 1900
OSW30:52 Askew Cora E. 1978
OSW15:529 Askew Louis 1961
OSW17:64 Askew Pearl M. 1963
VAL5:346 Assum Clifford John 1953
VAL6:192 Assum Howard Phillip 1962
VAL2:30 Assum Louis M. 1934
VAL1:50 Assum Luois M. 1934
VAL1:61 Assum Mollie Searls 1934
VAL2:35 Assum Mollie Searls 1934
VAL5:428 Assum Myrtle May 1954
VAL5:190 Assum Nellie Mae 1951
OSW1:83 Ast Adolph (infant of) 1872
OSW6:4 Ast Adolphus 1915
OSW6:124 Ast August 1917
OSW9:461 Ast August 1934
VAL4:446 Ast August 1946
OSW1:37 Ast August (child of) 1869
OSW5:512 Ast Charlotte W. 1914
OSW1:3 Ast Conrad 1867
OSW9:445 Ast Elizabeth 1934
OSW1:73 Ast Ema 1871
OSW1:37 Ast Lilla 1869
OSW1:38 Ast Mina Charlotte 1869
OSW1:305 Ast Robert 1881
OSW3:30 Ast Sophia 1903
OSW29:173 Astholz Crystal Marie 1977
VAL8:76 Aszman Louise Vera 1977
OSW24:86 Atchison Bryant W. 1972
OSW13:440 Atkins William Robert 1952
OSW2:80 Atkinson (infant) 1895
OSW1:287 Atkinson ___ 1881
OSW1:478 Atkinson Anna 1888
OSW22:66 Atkinson Charles E. 1970
OSW10:110 Atkinson Clara Lorena 1936
OSW12:530 Atkinson Elra 1948
OSW10:53 Atkinson Nellie V. 1936
OSW25:79 Attlesey Anne K. 1973
OSW6:168 Augst Rudolph 1917
OSW13:578 Ault Anna C. 1954
OSW10:3 Ault Annie L. 1935
OSW13:262 Ault Edward 1951
OSW9:7 Ault Howard William 1931
OSW15:236 Ault Julia 1959
OSW14:110 Ault Stephen Eugene 1955
VAL7:252 Ausman Louise Alma 1969
OSW13:455 Austen Rose Anna 1953
OSW3:1 Auston Wm. 1900
OSW10:482 Avery Charles 1940
OSW18:214 Avery Daisy 1966
OSW9:561 Avis Helen 1935
OSW17:12 Ayers Clarence L. 1962
OSW7:536 Ayers Edna Hall 1926
OSW6:458 Ayers Francis 1920
VAL1:22 Ayers Hattie Van Horn 1933
VAL2:15 Ayers Hattie Van Horn 1933
OSW4:18 Ayers Joseph 1905
VAL4:434 Ayers Luella 1946
OSW4:33 Ayers Mildred 1907
OSW1:445 Ayers Mrs. 1886
VAL9:182 Ayers Orval William 1982
VAL5:148 Ayers Oscar Owen 1951
VAL1:60 Ayers Wm. J. 1934
VAL2:35 Ayers Wm. Jasper 1934
OSW7:15 Ayers Zemri Worley 1921
OSW5:600 Aylstock Garber I. 1915
OSW9:363 Aylstock John Wm. 1933


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