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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW1:12 Kabel Samuel (son of) 1868
OSW1:103 Kackpriva Anna B. (infant dau. of Frank) 1873
OSW10:33 Kahn Barney 1936
OSW13:212 Kahn Fred S. 1950
OSW12:242 Kahn Paul 1945
OSW19:53 Kahn Virginia 1967
VAL6:608 Kairn Allen Isaac 1966
VAL7:822 Kairn Flora Estella 1974
VAL9:640 Kairn Hugh Clarence 1986
VAL5:364 Kairn Joseph Allen 1953
VAL6:426 Kairn Joseph William 1964
VAL9:90 Kairn Josephine 1981
VAL5:30 Kairn Joyce Carroll 1949
VAL5:156 Kairn Stella Marie 1951
VAL9:440 Kaiser Edward Morris 1984
OSW30:33 Kaiser Irene M. 1978
VAL4:628 Kaiser Lela 1948
OSW24:138 Kaiser Silva M. 1972
OSW3:12 Kamerer Frederica 1901
VAL7:562 Kamlage Bernard 1972
OSW9:56 Kammerer Kate 1931
VAL10:324 Kamps Clarence 1990
VAL7:890 Kamps Daisy Elizabeth Leonabella 1975
OSW31:119 Kamps Everett Lorne 1979
OSW17:246 Kamps Frederick C. 1964
OSW7:209 Kamps Leona 1923
OSW23:131 Kamps Mary Alice 1971
OSW1:332 Kanaday Myrtle 1882
OSW1:399 Kanady Charley 1885
OSW1:149 Kanady Wm. (infant son) 1875
OSW1:314 Kaner Sarah M. (Mrs.) 1881
VAL6:690 Kantz Ray Sidney 1966
OSW13:128 Kantz Susie I. 1950
OSW1:217 Kaprowd Nora D. 1878
OSW28:66 Karg Margaret D. 1976
OSW12:378 Karns Albert Allen 1947
OSW30:68 Karns Orel 1978
OSW15:53 Karr Mary L. 1957
OSW15:590 Kastl Herman H. 1962
OSW15:270 Katsch Estella C. 1959
OSW10:267 Kauffman Frank 1938
OSW11:58 Kauffman Hannah Mary 1943
OSW22:95 Kaufman Abraham Benjamin 1970
OSW8:238 Kaufman Max 1928
OSW29:160 Kaufman Rose 1977
OSW24:65 Kautz Emma M. 1972
OSW13:57 Kautz Fred W. 1949
OSW9:332 Kavanaugh Bertha 1933
OSW13:44 Kaylor Harry 1949
VAL11:44 Kearns John Martin Jr. 1991
OSW15:239 Keelor Beatrice N. 1959
OSW7:330 Keelor Louis V. 1924
OSW13:571 Keelor Luella Hatfield 1954
OSW29:146 Keelor Miron H. 1977
OSW7:587 Keelor Theodore Ellison 1926
OSW15:473 Keener Mary L. 1961
OSW1:310 Keerby Samuel 1881
VAL1:45 Keethler Charles Jr. 1934
VAL2:27 Keethler Charles Jr. 1934
OSW29:33 Keeton Bertha 1977
OSW2:62 Keever Abraham 1894
OSW17:139 Keever Adelaide B. 1963
OSW8:197 Keever Adeline S. 1928
OSW5:189 Keever Albert 1910
OSW32:82 Keever Beulah 1980
OSW10:27 Keever Catherine L. 1936
OSW1:245 Keever Chas. W. 1879
OSW5:500 Keever Clarence W. 1914
OSW1:206 Keever D. H. 1877
OSW2:106 Keever Edwin w. 1897
OSW1:321 Keever Elbert M. 1882
OSW12:63 Keever Elizabeth 1944
OSW5:155 Keever Emma M 1909
OSW17:278 Keever Essie W. 1965
OSW9:471 Keever Eva Cowan 1934
OSW27:48 Keever Everett E. 1975
OSW2:139 Keever Geo. W. 1899
OSW1:303 Keever Hanna M. 1881
OSW1:372 Keever Hattie Longstreth 1884
OSW13:369 Keever Hayes C. 1952
OSW10:193 Keever Horace C. 1937
OSW1:47 Keever Isaac (infant of) 1870
OSW5:469 Keever James M. 1913
OSW14:188 Keever Jennie 1956
OSW2:117 Keever Jennie R. 1898
OSW1:44 Keever John 1870
OSW2:102 Keever John F. 1897
OSW1:524 Keever Johnie M. 1890
OSW12:281 Keever Katharine S. 1946
OSW9:488 Keever Lydia Ellen 1934
OSW1:229 Keever M. 1878
OSW1:320 Keever Marilda M. 1882
OSW2:111 Keever Marion Lem. 1897
OSW17:112 Keever Marion T. 1963
OSW1:85 Keever Martha F. 1872
OSW30:8 Keever Mary E. (Shutts) 1978
OSW2:142 Keever Mary Elizaabeth Beatty 1899
OSW5:562 Keever Mary Jane 1915
OSW1:347 Keever Mary L. 1883
OSW15:130 Keever May R. 1958
OSW2:117 Keever Miles J. 1898
OSW12:508 Keever Myrtie E. 1948
OSW1:284 Keever Nathan 1880
OSW1:288 Keever Orien 1881
OSW4:11 Keever Peter 1905
OSW3:1 Keever Robert (Mrs.) 1900
OSW7:529 Keever Robert S. 1926
OSW1:530 Keever Roda Bunnell 1890
OSW17:154 Keever Rosa Dill 1964
OSW6:228 Keever Ruth L. 1918
OSW12:142 Keever Samuel W. 1944
OSW5:507 Keever Samuel W. 1914
OSW1:494 Keever Sarah 1888
OSW1:448 Keever Sarah E. 1886
OSW5:385 Keever Sarah E. 1912
OSW7:189 Keever Sarah M. 1923
OSW5:536 Keever Solon 1914
OSW24:125 Keever Thelma 1972
OSW10:468 Keever Thomas 1940
OSW2:66 Keever Thomas 1894
OSW1:511 Keever Thompson 1889
OSW1:179 Keever Wade 1876
OSW3:12 Keever Walter 1901
OSW28:91 Keever Wilbur D. 1976
OSW8:115 Keever William L. 1927
OSW13:362 Keever William Oscar 1952
OSW7:555 Keever William Oscar 1926
OSW30:85 Keidel Elmer H. 1978
OSW4:2 Keiger Benjamin 1904
OSW14:281 Keiser Elsie O 1956
VAL6:154 Keith Baxter 1961
OSW4:7 Kell Benjamin 1904
OSW5:247 Kell Elizabeth 1910
OSW1:39 Kell Hattie B. 1869
OSW1:237 Kell Julia A. 1879
OSW10:417 Kell Louis Orville 1939
OSW2:34 Kell Mrs. 1892
OSW31:18 Keller Bertha C. 1979
OSW2:4 Keller Critina Katharina 1890
OSW2:2 Keller Fredrica and 2 children 1890
OSW29:114 Keller Karl T. 1977
OSW15:132 Keller Minnie May 1958
VAL11:38 Keller William Henry 1992
OSW15:117 Kelley (infant male) 1958
VAL7:64 Kelley Amanda Cramer 1967
OSW13:389 Kelley Emma Heethman 1952
OSW6:131 Kelley Frank M. 1917
OSW4:24 Kelley J. H. 1906
OSW1:445 Kelley Jno. 1886
OSW7:392 Kelley Mary B. 1924
OSW25:108 Kellner Celeste 1973
OSW13:226 Kellner Edward Ellsworth 1951
OSW13:411 Kellner Walter Arnold 1952
VAL7:452 Kelly Adah 1971
VAL8:62 Kelly Albert (Bobby) 1977
VAL5:504 Kelly Albert Werner 1955
OSW18:145 Kelly Anna 1966
VAL7:246 Kelly Benjamin C. 1969
VAL9:638 Kelly Bennie Thomas 1986
VAL4:168 Kelly Carol Frances 1942
VAL4:66 Kelly Charles E. 1940
VAL8:32 Kelly Charles Francis 1976
VAL3:11 Kelly Charles William 1939
OSW2:119 Kelly Christopher C. 1898
VAL7:258 Kelly Clara Mae 1969
VAL4:578 Kelly Claude M. 1947
VAL7:658 Kelly Clifford (Jake) 1973
VAL5:586 Kelly Clinton 1956
VAL8:494 Kelly Crystal Dawn 1980
OSW18:98 Kelly George Henry 1966
VAL9:20 Kelly Iva Glee 1981
VAL4:4 Kelly Joseph 1939
VAL8:268 Kelly Lavone Flora 1979
VAL4:302 Kelly Lottie 1944
VAL9:714 Kelly Marion A. 1986
OSW2:21 Kelly Mary 1891
VAL4:146 Kelly Nancy E. 1941
VAL11:42 Kelly Norma Ce 1991
VAL4:428 Kelly Olivia 1945
OSW15:126 Kelly Opal 1958
VAL2:71 Kelly Rachel (Ayers) 1936
OSW5:192 Kelly Robert 1910
VAL6:116 Kelly Roy Enoch 1961
VAL2:92 Kelly Sandra Jean 1937
VAL7:700 Kelly Stella 1973
OSW7:511 Kelly Susanne 1925
VAL4:522 Kelly Walter 1947
VAL6:174 Kelly William 1961
VAL9:32 Kelly William Orlando 1981
OSW10:551 Kelsey Albert 1940
OSW1:450 Kelsey Elizabeth 1886
VAL5:828 Kelsey Eugene Everett 1959
VAL2:132 Kelsey Eugene Kelsey (stillborn baby) 1938
VAL6:226 Kelsey Harry 1962
VAL10:232 Kelsey Lottie Rebecca 1989
OSW1:126 Kelsey Raymond M. 1874
OSW26:43 Kelsey Willard A. 1974
VAL5:664 Kemmeter Harriet D. 1957
VAL6:168 Kemp (stillborn girl) 1961
VAL5:560 Kemp Alice Ann 1956
OSW4:22 Kemp Ethel 1905
VAL10:410 Kemp Henry George 1990
VAL10:104 Kemp Myrtle Marie 1987
VAL6:552 Kemp Richard Brent 1965
OSW1:379 Kemper David (Rev.) 1884
OSW5:193 Kemper Edith Hoxsie 1910
OSW5:413 Kemper Elizabeth Probasco 1913
OSW15:562 Kemper Grace 1962
OSW11:245 Kemper Howard G. 1941
VAL5:644 Kemper James Tilman Corbet 1957
OSW7:582 Kemper Jennie Graham Hearne 1926
OSW3:15 Kemper Mary 1901
OSW3:11 Kemper Robert McClure 1901
OSW5:435 Kemper S. Belle 1913
OSW1:349 Kemper Sarah 1883
OSW4:6 Kemper Wm. R. 1904
VAL5:750 Kempf Everett 1958
OSW30:96 Kempf Gerald Sr. 1978
OSW30:6 Kempf Mary F. 1978
VAL10:204 Kemplin Loretta Rachel 1988
VAL6:678 Kendall Ernest 1966
VAL7:506 Kendall Katherine 1971
OSW18:174 Kendig Nettie 1966
VAL7:188 Kendle Beulah Blanche 1968
OSW23:99 Kennard W. Achton 1971
OSW11:255 Kennedy Bobby L. 1943
VAL5:362 Kennedy Bryan Charles 1953
OSW17:258 Kennedy Charles W. 1964
VAL8:246 Kennedy Clarence A. 1978
VAL9:394 Kennedy Cordelia Loretta 1984
OSW15:155 Kennedy George Franklin 1958
OSW9:225 Kennedy Gerald Adair 1932
OSW10:258 Kennedy Lillian G. 1938
OSW10:548 Kennedy Mary Alice 1940
OSW25:154 Kennedy Matilda A. 1973
OSW6:408 Kennedy Nora 1919
OSW5:179 Kennedy Patrick 1910
VAL7:192 Kennedy Rachel Millwood 1968
OSW8:384 Kennedy Rinalda 1929
OSW9:74 Kennedy Thomas 1931
OSW5:160 Kenter John B. 1909
OSW17:254 Kenter John H. 1964
VAL8:264 Kerans Mildred Marilyn 1979
OSW7:318 Kersey Arena E. 1924
OSW13:587 Kersey Bertha May 1954
OSW2:12 Kersey Eleazer 1891
OSW4:14 Kersey Elizabeth 1905
OSW13:462 Kersey Gertrude 1953
OSW10:105 Kersey Henry F. 1936
OSW27:9 Kersey Joe S. 1975
OSW2:129 Kersey Lenora 1898
OSW8:195 Kersey Mary H. 1928
OSW16:20 Kersey Myron S. 1962
OSW6:514 Kersey Samuel C. 1920
OSW3:13 Kersey Thomas (Dr.) 1901
OSW21:46 Kersey Willard H. 1969
OSW11:253 Kersey William Foster 1943
OSW12:134 Kersey William Rufus 1944
OSW20:33 Kersten Sarah B. 1968
OSW25:127 Kesling (stillborn girl) 1973
OSW15:125 Kesselring Georgia Alice 1958
OSW1:266 Kethler Mary Margaretha 1880
OSW14:255 Keuter Carrie 1956
OSW13:457 Keuter Herman 1953
OSW3:7 Keuter Herman 1901
OSW4:35 Keuter Mary 1907
OSW29:115 Keuter Mary Rowe 1977
OSW23:64 Keve Clara Frances 1971
OSW1:393 Keys E. B. (Mrs.) 1884
OSW1:183 Keyte Augusts 1876
OSW1:200 Keyte Chas. E. 1877
OSW1:202 Keyte Emily 1877
OSW9:271 Keyte Frances Isabella 1933
OSW1:262 Keyte Richard 1880
OSW5:393 Keyte Richard Sidney 1913
OSW5:304 Kibbey Amanda D. 1911
OSW13:247 Kibbey Clarence H. 1951
OSW20:4 Kibbey Fred L. 1968
VAL6:30 Kibbey Harry Stine Sr. 1960
OSW13:403 Kibbey Hattie V. 1952
OSW30:44 Kibbey John R. 1978
VAL6:640 Kibbey Mark Timothy 1966
OSW6:292 Kibbey Nellie C. 1918
OSW5:378 Kibby John F. 1912
OSW5:287 Kibby Ralph J. 1911
OSW10:440 Kibby Robert Walter 1939
OSW17:182 Kibler Lizzie 1964
OSW13:402 Kidd Grace 1952
OSW19:13 Kilburn (infant twin stillborn girl) 1967
OSW12:565 Kilburn Alice Mabel 1948
VAL2:91 Kilburn Carter 1937
OSW9:168 Kilburn Cecil 1932
OSW10:359 Kilburn Charlene Ann 1939
OSW13:584 Kilburn Elsie Mae 1954
VAL7:948 Kilburn Jack Edward 1975
OSW8:275 Kilburn Lois Pauline 1928
VAL9:334 Kilburn Martelia 1983
OSW15:42 Kilburn Martin K. 1957
OSW19:11 Kilburn Stephen Douglas 1967
OSW17:59 Kilburn Timothy C. 1963
OSW1:475 Kiley James 1887
OSW3:1 Killey Wm. 1900
OSW5:283 Kilpatrick (infant) 1911
OSW17:17 Kilpatrick Edwin P. 1962
OSW12:231 Kilpatrick Jay Alva 1945
OSW15:15 Kilpatrick Sarah S. 1957
OSW2:85 Kimball Clarence E. (Dr.) 1895
OSW21:100 Kimball Gloria D. 1969
OSW12:440 Kimberlain Frank W. 1947
OSW24:144 Kimberlin Anna Belle 1972
OSW10:263 Kimberlin Carl Alfred 1938
OSW12:109 Kimberlin Carol Ellen 1944
OSW7:379 Kimberlin Frank (stillborn son of) 1924
OSW25:107 Kimberlin Frank R. 1973
OSW13:473 Kimberlin William Arthur 1953
OSW2:85 Kimle Medora Stephens 1895
OSW1:315 Kimly (infant) 1881
OSW29:75 Kincer Tammy 1977
VAL2:65 Kind Belle 1936
OSW21:92 Kindle Pearl E. 1969
OSW20:92 Kindred Ella Margaret 1968
OSW14:245 Kindred John H. 1956
OSW21:36 Kindred Marinn F. 1969
VAL5:306 King Admiral Dewey 1953
OSW5:135 King Ahimaaz 1909
OSW13:14 King Anna B. 1949
OSW18:34 King Arthur 1965
VAL7:800 King Bedie 1974
VAL4:330 King Benjamin Steve 1944
VAL4:238 King Bettie 1943
VAL7:496 King Ed Sr. 1971
OSW13:501 King Edward 1953
OSW22:154 King Edward J. 1970
VAL7:630 King Edward Jr. 1973
OSW9:274 King Ella Albertson 1933
VAL6:630 King Fannie Francis 1966
OSW10:103 King Firman 1936
OSW7:581 King Flora May 1926
VAL6:464 King Frankie 1965
VAL9:132 King Fred 1982
OSW16:34 King Fred 1962
VAL8:42 King Gertrude May 1976
OSW2:12 King Hanah A. 1891
OSW6:512 King Henry Harrison 1920
OSW6:112 King Isaac Leonard 1917
OSW11:249 King James L. 1942
OSW1:488 King Jeramiha 1888
OSW29:98 King Jerry Ammi 1977
OSW8:549 King John F. 1930
OSW20:39 King Kenneth Ray 1968
OSW31:105 King Lester James 1979
OSW32:112 King Lola E. 1980
OSW13:533 King Louetta 1953
OSW28:109 King Lucile 1976
OSW29:21 King Margaret 1977
OSW25:113 King Marguerita 1973
VAL10:144 King Marjorie Irene 1988
VAL6:250 King Martha Jane 1962
OSW3:3 King Maud Honley 1900
OSW32:42 King Maude Esta 1980
OSW17:197 King Maylyle 1964
VAL8:156 King Nellie Lee 1977
OSW22:86 King Ollie Florence 1970
OSW8:589 King Ora Mae 1931
OSW10:467 King Richard S. 1940
OSW32:38 King Robert A. Jr. 1980
OSW28:22 King Robert D. 1976
OSW32:11 King Robert William 1980
OSW30:80 King Sam 1978
OSW2:52 King Silvia May 1893
VAL5:290 King Simon P. 1952
OSW1:58 King Syras 1871
VAL10:356 King Vernon 1990
OSW1:533 King Warren Ahemaaz 1890
OSW20:13 King William & Dora (infant boy of) 1968
VAL9:398 King William Henry 1984
VAL9:402 King William James 1984
VAL6:284 King William Joseph 1963
VAL9:154 King William Joseph 1982
VAL7:678 King William 1973
OSW21:120 King Winifred C. 1969
OSW1:219 Kingnorth Benj. 1878
VAL7:920 Kinner Earl Lester 1975
VAL5:510 Kinner Flora Mae 1955
VAL4:366 Kinner Ida May 1945
OSW8:369 Kinner James Robert 1929
VAL6:294 Kinner John E. 1963
VAL10:282 Kinney Howard W. 1989
VAL4:570 Kinney Louis H. (Cpl.) 1947
OSW3:14 Kinney Nancy 1901
VAL6:362 Kinney Wilma Mae 1963
OSW7:233 Kinsworthy Charles Francis 1923
OSW13:592 Kinsworthy Charles Glenn 1954
OSW15:422 Kinsworthy Elnora E. 1960
OSW14:195 Kinsworthy Florence Bell 1956
OSW12:95 Kinsworthy John Ralph 1944
OSW5:405 Kipe Sarah Ann 1913
VAL7:294 Kipp Clara 1969
VAL9:568 Kipp David W. 1985
VAL7:550 Kipp John Henry 1972
VAL6:660 Kipp John Mathew 1966
VAL5:276 Kipp Nannie Hitesman 1952
VAL5:556 Kirbey James Ernest 1956
OSW8:113 Kirby Benj. M. 1927
OSW12:597 Kirby Bessie 1949
OSW24:89 Kirby Clara N. 1972
OSW6:55 Kirby Clara W. 1916
OSW4:16 Kirby Eliza 1905
OSW1:529 Kirby Grace 1890
OSW9:584 Kirby Harry 1935
OSW13:218 Kirby Harry B. 1950
OSW12:424 Kirby Joel 1947
OSW1:259 Kirby Josef M. (son of) 1879
OSW27:42 Kirby Lavoner 1975
OSW7:525 Kirby Mary 1926
VAL7:568 Kirby Mary Frances 1972
OSW8:107 Kirby Mary J. 1927
OSW3:25 Kirby Mathilda 1902
OSW12:57 Kirby Mose E. 1944
OSW9:575 Kirby Susan 1935
VAL6:212 Kirk Gertrude 1962
OSW12:145 Kirk Guy 1944
OSW7:108 Kirk Marie 1922
OSW7:439 Kirker Frederick (stillborn dau. of) 1925
VAL8:236 Kirkpatrick Charles M. 1978
OSW14:169 Kirts Mary E. 1955
OSW1:403 Kissner Jacob M. 1885
OSW9:213 Kitchell Lena E. 1932
OSW12:83 Kitchell Marion 1944
OSW9:451 Kitchell Oswald 1934
OSW6:428 Kitchen George H. 1919
OSW12:519 Kitpatrich Stephen David 1948
VAL8:478 Klaserner Catherine Molly 1980
VAL9:152 Klaserner Charles Thomas 1982
VAL10:50 Klein Shirley June 1987
OSW5:369 Kleinfelter John 1912
OSW12:122 Kleinhenn Chris 1944
OSW14:157 Kleinhenn Mary 1955
OSW1:482 Klem Cristaph 1888
OSW22:32 Klick Alma 1970
OSW17:223 Klick Robert S. 1964
OSW1:5 Klingling Mary Ann 1867
OSW1:242 Klip Mr. (German) 1879
OSW5:71 Klubinski Stanislow 1908
OSW15:51 Knapp Blanche 1957
VAL4:216 Knapp Carrie Elizabeth 1942
VAL5:212 Knapp Charles 1951
OSW32:27 Knapp Edward W. 1980
OSW29:13 Knapp Frances Atlalah 1977
OSW13:104 Knapp Grover C. 1949
VAL2:52 Knapp Jean E. 1936
VAL6:412 Knapp Lawrence Armond Sr. 1964
OSW19:18 Knauer Edward Henry 1967
OSW7:45 Kneisly Elizabeth Stubbs 1921
OSW15:204 Knight Bessie Alice 1958
OSW7:213 Knight Elizabeth J. 1923
OSW26:58 Knight Fannie 1974
OSW10:329 Knight George W. 1938
OSW9:567 Knight John W. 1935
OSW9:209 Knight Mary E. 1932
OSW8:440 Knight Ralph M. 1930
OSW13:382 Knight Robert Louis 1952
VAL9:502 Knight Teressa Lynn 1985
OSW18:298 Knight Winfield S. Jr. 1967
OSW13:418 Knipe Ella Mae 1952
OSW5:332 Knott Charley (infant boy of) 1912
OSW12:69 Knott Eliza 1944
OSW8:232 Knott William 1928
OSW5:595 Knowlton Aaron 1915
OSW5:205 Knox Charles 1910
OSW1:162 Knox John 1876
OSW1:362 Knox Mary Jane 1883
OSW1:124 Kobel Samuel (dau. of) 1874
OSW1:134 Koble David 1874
OSW21:91 Koch Richard L. 1969
VAL4:272 Kockentiet Jack Aaron 1943
VAL5:776 Koebel Ella 1958
OSW1:512 Koebel Emma 1889
OSW6:531 Koebel Malinda 1920
OSW10:484 Koebel Oren 1940
OSW4:7 Koegel Jacob 1904
OSW1:508 Koegel Margareth 1889
VAL7:502 Koenig Anne Marie 1971
VAL9:10 Koenig Nanita Leann 1981
OSW17:172 Koettel Adam 1964
OSW29:140 Koettel Alice A. 1977
OSW25:80 Koettel Henry 1973
VAL8:136 Kohn Doris Marie 1977
OSW27:108 Kohnke Caroline I. 1975
OSW10:179 Kollmeyer Anna Florine 1937
OSW9:15 Koning Louise 1931
OSW10:547 Koogle Ada 1940
OSW8:300 Koogle Anna 1929
OSW13:71 Koogle Carrie 1949
OSW5:264 Koogle Charles Ernest 1911
OSW6:456 Koogle Charles Starbuck 1920
OSW1:478 Koogle Chas. S. (inf. son of) 1888
OSW6:379 Koogle Clifford C. 1919
OSW12:376 Koogle Effie L. 1947
OSW13:259 Koogle Florence 1951
OSW1:383 Koogle Frank 1884
OSW8:417 Koogle George W. 1929
OSW5:587 Koogle Henrietta Amelia 1915
OSW9:443 Koogle Ida H. 1934
OSW1:495 Koogle James B. 1888
OSW1:384 Koogle John 1884
OSW7:182 Koogle John Roger 1923
OSW8:344 Koogle Joseph Claude 1929
OSW5:50 Koogle Kate 1908
OSW2:70 Koogle Katherine 1894
OSW6:384 Koogle Letita 1919
OSW13:154 Koogle Lillie M. 1953
OSW9:467 Koogle Louis Alva 1934
OSW2:31 Koogle Lucinda Blackburn 1892
OSW1:52 Koogle Mary 1870
OSW2:30 Koogle Mary E. 1892
OSW7:294 Koogle Mary J. 1923
OSW2:145 Koogle Mathew 1899
OSW9:475 Koogle Robert J. 1934
OSW5:13 Koogle Sarah E. 1907
OSW5:454 Koogle Stephen F. 1913
OSW1:355 Koogle Wm. 1883
OSW24:128 Koonce Allen (Col.) 1972
OSW15:580 Koonce Elizabeth W. 1962
OSW23:141 Kothe Marvin W. 1971
OSW18:159 Kothe Wm. F. 1966
OSW26:78 Koverman Emma F. 1974
OSW31:65 Koverman Roger Leon 1979
OSW1:463 Krackler Albert (inf. d. of) 1887
OSW1:393 Krackler Albert (infant of) 1884
OSW1:457 Krackler Ida 1887
OSW13:562 Kraemer Bessie 1954
OSW25:129 Krager George F. 1973
OSW17:148 Krager Jessie Emma 1964
OSW1:270 Krager Mrs. 1880
OSW1:268 Kramer King 1880
VAL11:12 Kranzmayr Deborah Dee 1991
VAL10:214 Kratzer Edna 1988
OSW10:156 Kratzer Lemuel E. 1937
VAL4:88 Kratzer Robert Sr. 1941
OSW29:150 Kratzer Robert Walker 1977
OSW29:83 Kraus Mildred L. 1977
OSW17:295 Kreager Emma 1965
OSW23:139 Krehbiel Franklin G. 1971
OSW1:395 Kreiger G. L. (infant of) 1884
OSW8:393 Kress Alice Monfort 1929
OSW1:513 Krewson Samuel 1889
OSW1:273 Krieger Gustave 1880
OSW2:79 Krieger Jno. Blaine 1895
OSW1:322 Krieger Maria Elizabeth 1882
OSW3:5 Krieger Victor 1900
VAL4:246 Krohn Clifford Paul 1943
VAL10:16 Krohn Edna 1987
OSW14:134 Krom Minerva Jane 1955
VAL7:978 Kron Kenneth Francis 1976
VAL4:418 Kronauer Mary Elizabeth 1945
OSW1:514 Kropp Martha 1889
OSW9:14 Krouse Martha S. 1931
OSW1:75 Kruger Lotha 1871
OSW1:92 Krusan Elida 1872
OSW1:445 Krusen William 1886
OSW2:84 Kruson Samuel Jr. 1895
OSW2:151 Krussen Ann S. 1900
OSW2:144 Krussen Richel S. 1899
OSW19:8 Krutz Anna May 1967
OSW18:32 Krzazmayr Thersa Lynn 1965
OSW11:247 Kuch Edith Jackson 1941
VAL9:528 Kuhlman Tara Marie 1985
OSW25:76 Kuhn Edward A. 1973
VAL11:23 Kuhnell Wilfred Wilson 1991
VAL9:36 Kukuk Herman William 1981
VAL8:306 Kukuk William Peter 1979
OSW13:300 Kumler Effie G. 1951
VAL7:846 Kunker Albert S. 1975
VAL5:406 Kunker Bertha Edita 1954
VAL5:584 Kunker Charles Eugene 1956
VAL9:30 Kunker Marjorie W. 1981
VAL4:342 Kunker Nora B. 1944
OSW6:348 Kunkle Matilda 1919
OSW20:67 Kuntz Abbie I. 1968
OSW12:137 Kuntz Andrew 1944
OSW32:99 Kuntz Oakley 1980
OSW15:358 Kuntz Ronald (infant son of) 1960
OSW28:17 Kuntz Ruth A. 1976
OSW1:526 Kurfiss Caroline F. 1890
OSW1:360 Kurfiss John (stillborn infant of) 1883
OSW1:514 Kurfiss John F. 1889
OSW1:348 Kurfuss Elizabeth 1883
OSW1:248 Kurfuss Emma 1879
OSW1:89 Kursey Sam (infant of) 1872
OSW2:46 Kurtman Richard 1893
VAL9:350 Kurtz Joseph Douglas 1984
OSW17:66 Kurzynski Edwin 1963
OSW29:166 Kutasy Leonard J. 1977


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