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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW8:102 Vail Agnes 1927
OSW1:190 Vail Clarence 1877
OSW6:296 Vail Clarence S. 1918
OSW1:219 Vail Frank D. 1878
OSW13:293 Vail John G. 1951
OSW9:230 Vail John W. 1932
OSW1:149 Vail Lizie P. 1875
OSW9:121 Vail Morris (stillborn son of) 1932
OSW9:289 Vail Nettie 1933
OSW6:288 Vail Paul Morton 1918
OSW9:249 Vail Pet 1933
OSW9:369 Vail William A. 1934
VAL7:76 Vale Alton Dailey 1967
OSW1:64 Vallandingham C. L. 1871
OSW8:590 Vallandingham Sarah L. 1931
OSW12:131 Van Atta Harriett (Dr.) 1944
VAL5:16 Van Blaricum William 1949
OSW18:165 Van Buren Estella King 1966
OSW17:14 Van Camp Raymond E. 1962
VAL8:72 Van Dermark Willard F. 1977
VAL4:526 Van Doren Clara B. 1947
OSW9:266 Van Doren Morton W. 1933
OSW5:254 Van Harlingen Ameline A. 1911
OSW27:100 Van Harlingen Irene B. 1975
OSW7:30 Van Harlingen John C. 1921
OSW5:126 Van Harlingen Lydia A. 1909
OSW12:286 Van Harlingen Mary M. 1946
OSW9:235 Van Harlingen Sarah Jane 1932
OSW17:277 Van Harlingen Wm. 1965
OSW9:323 Van Horn Clifford Wilson 1933
OSW11:469 Van Horn Fannie 1942
OSW7:223 Van Horn John C. 1923
OSW9:257 Van Horn Wilson Clark 1933
OSW6:489 Van Meter Frank 1920
OSW14:38 Van Meter Harry 1954
OSW18:100 Van Meter I. Rena 1966
OSW10:168 Van Meter James 1937
OSW9:586 Van Meter Nancy 1935
OSW14:265 Van Meter Nellie Enid 1956
OSW18:220 Van Meter Ralph 1966
OSW9:590 Van Meter Sarah H. 1935
OSW27:20 Van Ness C. Edward 1975
OSW28:141 Van Ness Willa 1976
OSW6:329 Van Note Dewitt C. 1918
OSW5:538 Van Note John 1914
OSW5:387 Van Note Nettie P. 1912
OSW9:372 Van Riper D. Victor 1934
OSW5:268 Van Riper Elizabeth Ellen 1911
OSW1:165 Van Riper James 1876
OSW12:580 Van Riper James K. 1948
OSW2:154 Van Riper Jennie 1900
OSW12:405 Van Riper John Hayner 1947
OSW1:433 Van Riper Rebecca 1886
OSW5:355 Van Skaik Thomas 1912
OSW1:336 Vanard Sarah 1882
OSW1:412 Vanard Wm. 1885
VAL4:308 Vance Aurora B. 1944
OSW1:330 Vance Eva 1882
VAL9:220 Vance Minnie Marie 1982
VAL4:40 Vance William F. 1940
OSW2:16 VanCleave George 1891
OSW32:50 VanCleve Raleigh 1980
OSW1:46 Vandervere Victor H. 1870
OSW8:148 Vandervoort William P. 1927
OSW3:32 Vandervort ___ 1903
VAL4:280 Vandervort John 1943
VAL2:172 Vandervort Nora 1938
VAL4:202 Vanderwort Susan 1942
OSW2:115 VanDyke Calvin Wilbur (Dr.) 1897
OSW4:1 VanDyke Ella 1903
OSW21:55 VanDyke Evelyn S. 1969
OSW1:428 VanDynes ___ 1886
OSW1:214 VanFout Sarah 1878
OSW25:75 VanGorder Ima Murrel 1973
OSW1:349 VanHarlingen Ferdinand 1883
OSW1:174 VanHarlingen Frank 1876
OSW1:443 VanHarlingen John (Dr.) 1886
OSW1:449 VanHarlingen John (inf. dau. of) 1886
OSW1:507 VanHarlingen John (infant of) 1889
OSW2:148 VanHarlingen Julia Foote 1900
OSW1:377 VanHarlingen Robert L. (Dr.) 1884
OSW4:17 VanHarlinger Geo. 1905
OSW1:386 VanHorn Benj. Frank 1884
OSW2:5 VanHorn Fred 1890
OSW5:414 Vanhorn Ida May 1913
OSW3:19 VanHorn John 1902
OSW2:108 VanHorn Sarah Ann Clark 1897
OSW2:31 VanMeader James (infant of) 1892
OSW1:100 VanNess ___ 1873
OSW1:497 VanNote Edna E. 1888
OSW1:406 VanNote Elizabeth 1885
OSW1:76 VanNote Jno. (infant of) 1872
OSW1:399 VanNote Liddie 1885
OSW18:164 Vanover Paul P. 1966
OSW1:363 VanRiper Hardy (infant) 1883
OSW4:2 VanRiper Horace 1904
OSW4:30 VanRiper John 1907
OSW1:483 VanRiper Katherine 1888
OSW2:38 VanRiper Myrtle 1892
OSW15:483 VanRiper Ruby 1961
OSW1:234 VanSickel Rebecca G. 1878
OSW1:493 VanSickle William H. 1888
OSW1:485 VanSickle Wm. V. Senj. 1888
OSW1:31 Vanson Bracila (Mrs.) 1869
OSW1:22 Vanson Sam (son of) 1868
VAL2:135 Varnau Edward A. 1938
OSW4:34 Varney Rebeca 1907
OSW4:36 Varney Steve 1907
OSW5:497 Vaughan Wm. Pressley 1914
OSW8:27 Vaughn Bradley 1927
VAL8:328 Vaughn Buddy Robert 1979
VAL8:60 Vaughn Harold Eugene 1977
OSW7:31 Vaughn Julia A. 1921
OSW28:143 Vaughn Raymond R. 1976
VAL10:166 Vaught Donna Jean 1988
VAL2:110 Veidt Albert George 1937
OSW26:101 Veidt Grace Marie 1974
VAL4:260 Veidt Katharine 1943
OSW15:575 Venables Edward C. 1962
OSW1:27 Venard Amanda 1869
OSW2:64 Venard Mary 1894
OSW5:51 Venard William 1908
OSW13:498 Vencill John B. 1953
VAL5:204 Vencill John Beverly 1951
OSW29:77 Vencill Pearl Lou 1977
OSW3:4 Venn Chas. A. 1900
OSW1:88 Verbryck Rebecca 1872
OSW13:157 Verbryke Robert (2nd Lt.) 1950
OSW14:196 Vernon Clarence Moses 1956
OSW13:534 Vertrees Harriet Lenora 1953
OSW12:456 Vertrees William Henry 1947
OSW17:133 Vian J. C. 1963
VAL5:484 Vice Effie Francis 1955
OSW14:115 Villars Lillie Mae 1955
VAL1:69 Vincent Arthur 1935
VAL2:40 Vincent Arthur 1935
VAL7:322 Vincent David Edwin 1970
VAL6:220 Vincent Gale Lynn 1962
OSW3:15 Vincent John 1901
OSW1:505 Vinson Isabel E. 1889
VAL1:27 Vinson Robert Franklin 1933
VAL2:17 Vinson Robert Franklin 1933
OSW2:137 Vogel Alice 1899
OSW7:95 Vogel May 1922
VAL9:534 Volkerding Amelia (Mathilda) 1985
OSW15:466 Volkerding John A. 1961
OSW18:84 Volkerding Laurilla 1965
VAL7:708 Volkerding William 1973
VAL10:90 Volmering James Anthony 1987
OSW2:134 Voorhis C.J. 1899
OSW1:29 Voorhis Daniel 1869
OSW1:62 Voorhis Daniel (Mrs.) 1871
OSW1:59 Voorhis Margaret 1871
OSW8:470 Voorhis Mary H. 1930
OSW2:6 Vorhees N. 1890
OSW10:579 Vorhes Elma 1941
OSW10:533 Vorhes Fred C. 1940
OSW15:182 Vorhes John Lisle 1958
OSW2:103 Voss Luisa 1897


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