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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW5:494 Eagle Nellie I. 1914
OSW2:37 Eagle Wm. H. 1892
OSW5:308 Eamhart Elizabeth H. 1911
OSW1:348 Earenhart Hannah 1883
OSW1:526 Earhard Fannie P. 1890
OSW1:133 Earhard Wm. H. 1874
OSW3:22 Earhart Ellen 1902
OSW7:172 Earhart Evelyn 1923
OSW7:272 Earhart Julia 1923
OSW1:54 Earhart Rebecca 1870
OSW1:56 Earhart Sarah 1871
OSW15:347 Early Morton Everett 1960
OSW1:309 Earnhard Howard 1881
OSW4:25 Earnhart Almeda 1906
OSW9:566 Earnhart Alonzo Clifford 1935
OSW12:349 Earnhart Benjamin 1947
OSW15:245 Earnhart Clarence M. 1959
OSW3:26 Earnhart David 1902
OSW8:595 Earnhart Elizabeth Fredonia 1931
OSW10:181 Earnhart Ellie Miriam 1937
OSW28:136 Earnhart Helen I. 1976
OSW7:81 Earnhart Horace C. 1922
OSW15:479 Earnhart J. Wilbur 1961
OSW12:457 Earnhart Lida B. 1947
OSW10:274 Earnhart Louisa Caroline 1938
OSW11:109 Earnhart Margaret L. 1941
OSW12:438 Earnhart Marie Runyan 1947
OSW17:111 Earnhart Nannie L. 1963
OSW13:79 Earnhart Perry L. 1949
OSW17:221 Earnhart Ralph C. 1964
OSW9:505 Earnhart Sarah Annie 1935
OSW18:217 Earnhart Stanley 1966
OSW18:15 Earnhart Stanley Ann 1965
OSW9:287 Earnhart Walter Lee 1933
OSW18:195 Earnhart Warren Leslie 1966
VAL10:60 Easterly Dale Totton 1987
OSW15:160 Easterly Effie 1958
VAL10:64 Easterly John Totton 1987
OSW3:6 Eastham David 1901
OSW1:53 Eastham Jno. (son of) 1870
OSW1:315 Eastham Larry M. 1881
OSW2:79 Eastham Mary Ross 1895
OSW2:3 Eastham Sarah K. 1890
VAL6:38 Eastman Edna 1960
VAL5:850 Eastman Harlan (Harry) S. 1959
OSW15:222 Ebersole Clara Alice 1959
OSW13:189 Ebersole Eva E. 1950
VAL6:14 Eckel Elmer Theodore 1960
VAL6:162 Eckel Ollie Milinda 1961
OSW7:346 Eckel William Alfred 1924
OSW7:83 Eckert Keturaih 1922
OSW6:568 Eddins Elizabeth Ann 1921
OSW12:1 Eddy Nira F. 1943
VAL1:1 Edens Alice P. 1932
VAL2:1 Edens Alice P. 1932
OSW21:3 Edens Dollie Ellen 1969
OSW17:41 Edens Foster L. Sr. 1963
OSW13:415 Edens John Thomas 1952
OSW9:547 Edingfield May 1935
OSW32:141 Edington Donald R. 1980
OSW6:338 Edmon Edna May 1918
OSW7:256 Edmon Washington L. 1923
OSW6:20 Edmonds Allen 1916
OSW8:256 Edmonds Beatrice R. 1928
OSW7:175 Edmonds Permelia O. 1923
OSW23:78 Edwards Charlet Little 1971
OSW5:400 Edwards Clementine C. 1913
VAL10:268 Edwards Daniel Levi Sr. 1989
VAL7:390 Edwards Ethel Lula 1970
OSW1:283 Edwards Janie 1880
OSW1:112 Edwards Janny 1873
OSW13:263 Edwards John Varel 1951
OSW2:48 Edwards Lewis 1893
OSW19:76 Edwards Mabel G. 1967
OSW1:60 Edwards Manning 1871
OSW1:207 Edwards Mrs. 1877
OSW10:230 Edwards Sarah E. 1937
OSW9:319 Edwards Sarah Josephine 1933
OSW21:54 Edwards Ulmont Earl (Art) 1969
VAL5:118 Eesly Melwood 1950
OSW9:202 Egbert Charles Q. 1932
OSW1:428 Egbert Elva 1886
OSW1:447 Egbert Emma B. 1886
OSW1:152 Egbert Eva 1875
OSW1:85 Egbert Ezra B. 1872
OSW5:109 Egbert Georgia 1909
OSW1:100 Egbert Margreth 1873
OSW1:84 Egbert Mary T. 1872
OSW1:17 Egbert Milton (son of) 1868
OSW5:436 Egbert Paul 1913
OSW1:96 Egbert Sarah A. 1873
OSW1:256 Egbert Silas W. 1879
OSW30:2 Egelus Irvin R. 1978
OSW28:81 Egelus Mary A. 1976
OSW25:70 Eger Arretta W. 1973
VAL8:4 Ehling Clara Anna 1976
OSW14:28 Ehling Jacob 1954
VAL7:124 Ehling Miriam Louise 1968
VAL9:196 Ehling Phillip J. 1982
OSW10:343 Ehling Susanna 1938
VAL10:364 Eichelbarger Charles Russell 1990
VAL4:306 Eichholzer Ellen 1944
VAL5:566 Eicholzer Charles 1956
VAL6:542 Eicholzer Lillian 1965
OSW13:543 Eicke John 1953
OSW1:373 Eiler Fred 1884
OSW29:59 Elam Pearl 1977
OSW18:194 Elam Strother 1966
VAL8:426 Elbon David Merle 1980
OSW9:231 Elbon Donald Oliver 1932
OSW28:153 Elbon Fred 1976
OSW15:355 Elbon Golda B. 1960
OSW27:55 Elbon Oliver M. 1975
OSW9:123 Elbon William 1932
VAL8:212 Elcook Goldie Mae 1978
VAL8:48 Elcook Loney Mathew 1976
OSW8:558 Eldridge Jennie 1930
OSW27:79 Elkins Joseph Mathew Leon 1975
OSW4:36 Ell Rickie 1907
OSW1:470 Ellas ___ 1887
OSW18:64 Elliott Charles Wm. (Dr.) 1965
OSW13:496 Elliott Effie Mae 1953
OSW17:79 Elliott James L. 1963
VAL1:48 Elliott Myrtle 1934
VAL2:29 Elliott Myrtle 1934
OSW21:59 Elliott Nina 1969
OSW6:295 Ellis Azel (infant son of) 1918
OSW13:435 Ellis Earl G. 1952
OSW15:453 Ellis Elsie I 1961
OSW14:251 Ellis Lulu M. 1956
OSW30:17 Ellis Madge P. 1978
OSW14:64 Ellis Seth Sidwell 1955
OSW6:505 Ellis Silas J. 1920
OSW6:225 Ellis Virginnia Ellen 1918
OSW23:128 Ellis Walter D. 1971
OSW22:110 Elsbernd Edwin W. 1970
OSW30:63 Elsbernd Emily P. 1978
VAL7:218 Elschlager David 1968
OSW6:309 Elsten Clyde 1918
OSW6:468 Elsten Elizabeth Irea 1920
OSW1:493 Elsten Kath 1888
VAL5:478 Elswick Harold James 1955
OSW10:144 Eltzroth Alice 1937
OSW25:26 Eltzroth Alta R. 1973
OSW12:196 Eltzroth Benjamin 1945
OSW11:113 Eltzroth Clarence E. 1942
OSW12:461 Eltzroth Daniel Charles 1947
OSW19:4 Eltzroth Dorothy 1967
OSW10:89 Eltzroth Edgar 1936
OSW13:441 Eltzroth Emmett 1952
OSW17:34 Eltzroth Ernest E. 1963
OSW25:91 Eltzroth Florence E. 1973
OSW15:179 Eltzroth Floyd 1958
OSW20:119 Eltzroth Fred 1968
OSW29:170 Eltzroth Harrell 1977
OSW26:94 Eltzroth Hazel C. 1974
OSW17:6 Eltzroth Herman 1962
OSW10:546 Eltzroth Ira 1940
OSW11:117 Eltzroth James Myron 1943
OSW13:146 Eltzroth Kater Mande 1950
OSW13:228 Eltzroth Melissa A. 1951
OSW9:559 Eltzroth Nellie B. 1935
OSW20:100 Eltzroth Thelma G. 1968
OSW14:71 Eltzroth Valura Belle 1955
OSW8:386 Eltzroth William F. 1929
OSW9:248 Elvers Arnold 1933
OSW3:3 Emerson Commodore 1900
OSW9:491 Emery Harmon 1935
OSW13:512 Emery Indiana 1953
OSW10:31 Emery Jacob B. 1936
OSW1:16 Emery M. (Mrs.) 1868
OSW14:179 Emery Phillip A. 1956
OSW32:96 Emley Bertha L. 1980
OSW1:140 Enfield Francis 1875
OSW6:319 Enfield Jennie 1918
OSW1:385 Enfield Mary 1884
OSW5:374 Enfield Mary Jane 1912
OSW12:353 Enfield Squire Franklin "Dude" 1947
OSW8:360 Enfield Wm. Francis 1929
OSW9:238 Enfield Zephaniah Lee 1932
OSW1:142 Engel And. (infant of) 1875
OSW23:126 Engle Fred 1971
OSW15:203 Engle Sarah M. 1958
VAL5:308 Ennis Mary Ellen 1953
OSW1:506 Enyard Sarah Murphy 1889
OSW7:46 Enyart Margaret Susan 1921
VAL4:136 Enz Jacob 1941
VAL5:692 Enz Kathryn Frances 1957
VAL3:18 Enz Louise Ernst 1939
VAL7:544 Enz Phillip 1972
OSW25:50 Epp Helen M. 1973
OSW21:57 Epp Nancy Joan 1969
OSW1:352 Erenhard Magie Munroe 1883
VAL5:710 Erhardt Elizabeth 1958
VAL4:484 Erhardt John 1946
VAL5:826 Erickson Agnes 1959
VAL5:340 Erickson Emil William 1953
OSW1:356 Ernhard ___ 1883
OSW10:106 Ernst Emma 1936
OSW1:282 Erskine Emerson (infant of) 1880
VAL6:578 Ertel (stillborn girl) 1966
OSW9:23 Ertel Addie 1931
VAL4:460 Ertel Anna 1946
VAL4:520 Ertel Benjamin F. 1947
VAL1:67 Ertel Clara Bell 1935
OSW10:73 Ertel Elsie A. 1936
OSW16:21 Ertel Estell M. 1962
OSW9:59 Ertel Floyd D. 1931
OSW17:67 Ertel Geraldine 1963
OSW15:471 Ertel Harry 1961
OSW10:83 Ertel James 1936
OSW10:19 Ertel Matilda 1936
OSW14:2 Ertel May 1954
OSW7:411 Ertel Oscar Niles 1924
VAL5:158 Ertel Ryman 1951
OSW20:111 Ertel Stella 1968
OSW17:174 Ertel Wm. 1964
OSW1:342 Erwin Elmer J. 1882
VAL10:322 Erwin Forrest 1990
OSW1:370 Erwin J. A. 1883
OSW1:229 Erwin Wm. 1878
VAL6:142 Estell Anna 1961
VAL5:430 Estell Charles Levi 1954
OSW17:263 Estell Sylvia May 1964
VAL9:244 Estell Wendell (Horstman) 1983
VAL6:288 Estell William Arthur 1963
VAL7:416 Estep Scott 1970
OSW6:82 Estes Oscar 1916
OSW11:111 Etter Lou 1942
OSW5:270 Eulass Alfred S. 1911
OSW9:290 Eulass Ann Eliza 1933
OSW12:469 Eulass Carroll C. 1947
OSW7:115 Eulass Charles H. 1922
OSW11:115 Eulass Florella C. 1943
OSW1:88 Eulass Jacob 1872
OSW10:1 Eulass Pearl Starry 1935
OSW9:285 Eulass William B. 1933
OSW2:8 Evans A.C. 1890
OSW8:451 Evans Ben 1930
OSW15:210 Evans Bernice S. 1959
OSW16:25 Evans Charles Louis 1962
OSW14:6 Evans Clarice Koogle 1954
OSW4:19 Evans Deliverance 1905
OSW7:447 Evans Eda Belle 1925
OSW10:527 Evans Edgar D. 1940
OSW3:31 Evans Elias H. 1903
OSW10:309 Evans Elmer E. 1938
OSW9:255 Evans Emma J. 1933
OSW17:69 Evans Ernest 1963
OSW9:335 Evans Fannie Anna 1933
OSW3:16 Evans Geo. E. 1901
OSW13:318 Evans Ineze M. 1951
OSW1:456 Evans Isaac (Mrs.) 1887
OSW8:358 Evans Isaac J. 1929
OSW14:111 Evans John Clifford 1955
OSW1:260 Evans John H. 1879
OSW2:44 Evans Julia 1893
OSW10:113 Evans Laura Belle 1936
OSW30:16 Evans Laura L. 1978
OSW17:176 Evans Mamie I. 1964
VAL9:578 Evans Margie Mae 1985
OSW23:92 Evans Mary Louise 1971
OSW12:397 Evans Matt 1947
VAL6:256 Evans Myrtle Belle Compton 1962
OSW10:22 Evans Obadiah 1936
OSW5:99 Evans Penah 1908
VAL7:462 Evans Ronald Lee (CW2) 1971
OSW14:125 Evans Rosa R. 1955
OSW15:415 Evans Ruth 1960
VAL7:918 Evans Samuel Robert 1975
OSW20:68 Evans Sandra Sue 1968
OSW5:250 Evans Sarah A. 1910
OSW7:389 Evans Thomas Russell 1924
OSW20:69 Evans Thomas Shane 1968
VAL10:288 Evans Vivian Grace 1989
OSW9:160 Evans William J. 1932
VAL2:74 Evanshine Stanley Conn 1936
OSW19:66 Eve Anthony (Tony) W. 1967
OSW7:381 Evelt Jessie M. 1924
OSW1:242 Evens Anna 1879
OSW1:37 Evens Anna 1869
OSW1:467 Evens Anna 1887
OSW1:59 Evens Elias (son of) 1871
OSW1:46 Evens Rachel 1870
OSW1:154 Evens Thomas 1875
OSW15:113 Everhart Eva Marie 1958
OSW15:563 Everhart Frederick Franklin 1962
VAL9:308 Everman Jesse Lansing 1983
VAL9:88 Everman Lucille 1981
OSW9:413 Everson Alexander 1934
VAL8:330 Everson Dennis Allen 1979
OSW13:100 Everson Edna 1949
OSW10:538 Ewens George 1940
OSW8:422 Exman Chris 1929
OSW2:21 Exman John Davis 1891
OSW7:70 Exman Percilla 1922
OSW3:33 Eyer Katherine 1903
OSW15:303 Eyer Lee M. 1959
OSW8:370 Eyer Thomas 1929
OSW25:15 Eyer Vaughn M. 1973
OSW2:91 Eyers John Benj. 1896
OSW15:300 Eyler Cecil 1959
OSW20:136 Eyler Florence E. 1968
OSW12:18 Eyman Alice Bethada 1943
OSW10:516 Eynon Cindora 1940


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