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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW15:391 Iams Elsie 1960
OSW14:48 Iams Howard 1954
OSW14:207 Iams Raymond A. 1956
OSW22:78 Iles Victor C. 1970
OSW6:371 Immel Ella M. 1919
OSW5:230 Immel Joseph 1910
OSW14:136 Inck Frances H. 1955
OSW15:242 Ingels Arley E. 1959
OSW12:360 Ingels Louise 1947
OSW10:485 Ingels Mirt E. 1940
OSW21:111 Ingersoll Laura E. 1969
OSW16:50 Ingle Elihue H. 1962
OSW13:292 Ingle James S. 1951
OSW9:465 Ingle Laura Belle 1934
VAL6:646 Ingram Corbett 1966
VAL8:218 Ingram Goldie Clair 1978
VAL7:308 Ingram May 1970
OSW26:63 Inscho Jack L. 1974
VAL6:372 Insko Adrian 1964
OSW1:101 Inunyer E. D. 1873
OSW22:98 Iorns Arthur A. 1970
OSW8:316 Iorns Arthur Albert 1929
OSW28:84 Iorns Carmen 1976
OSW1:427 Iorns Elisa 1886
OSW13:135 Iorns Ella May 1950
OSW12:572 Iorns Isaac J. 1948
OSW5:591 Iorns Lewis S. 1915
OSW6:557 Iorns Margaret 1921
OSW16:19 Ireland Virgie E. 1962
OSW23:132 Ireton Lisbon 1971
OSW2:11 Irons Ann Maria 1891
OSW1:48 Irons Bertie 1870
OSW11:227 Irons Carey Foster 1942
OSW5:395 Irons Charles 1913
OSW1:198 Irons Chas. (son of) 1877
OSW1:109 Irons Chas. F. 1873
OSW2:89 Irons Cynthia Shaw 1896
OSW12:546 Irons Donald H. (Lt.) 1948
OSW31:39 Irons Edith 1979
OSW6:50 Irons Effie Mulford 1916
OSW14:5 Irons Elbert W. 1954
OSW31:79 Irons Everett E. 1979
OSW10:313 Irons George Otis 1938
OSW8:149 Irons Grace Lefever 1927
OSW14:224 Irons Harold S. 1956
OSW1:319 Irons Henry 1882
OSW10:163 Irons Howard T. 1937
OSW1:232 Irons Hutson 1878
OSW9:126 Irons Isaac S. 1932
OSW2:59 Irons Isaac S. (infant of) 1894
OSW17:72 Irons Jennie 1963
OSW1:442 Irons Jesuha 1886
OSW10:108 Irons John J. 1936
OSW1:256 Irons Margarett (infant dau. of) 1879
OSW7:577 Irons Martha B. 1926
OSW29:136 Irons Mary A. 1977
OSW10:117 Irons Mary Ann 1936
OSW23:31 Irons Mathew (Ronald) 1971
OSW6:22 Irons Nichalas Scott 1916
OSW3:27 Irons Sam 1902
OSW8:7 Irons Samuel L. 1926
OSW2:144 Irons Sara Eliza Probasco 1899
OSW6:174 Irons Sarah Elizabeth 1917
OSW1:230 Irons Wilbur 1878
OSW1:231 Irons Willie 1878
OSW8:186 Irons Willie P. 1928
OSW15:400 Irvin George M. 1960
OSW27:14 Irvin Lowell R. 1975
OSW21:87 Irvin Richard Lowell (SP4) 1969
OSW30:119 Irvine Lulu 1978
VAL7:766 Irwin Alice Louise 1974
OSW2:143 Irwin Carrie M. 1899
OSW12:27 Irwin Charles S. 1944
VAL7:142 Irwin Edwin Murray 1968
OSW2:147 Irwin Margaret E. 1900
OSW15:224 Irwin Mary Hause 1959
OSW13:376 Irwin Oma L. 1952
OSW6:318 Irwin Stanley Charles 1918
OSW14:108 Isaacs Dale Eugene 1955
OSW18:47 Isaacs Glendon Jr. 1965
OSW27:89 Isaacs Henry Donald 1975
OSW22:120 Isaacs Henty 1970
OSW26:85 Isaacs John G. 1974
OSW21:86 Isaacs Lillie 1969
OSW12:241 Isaacs Lucy Ann 1945
OSW29:118 Isaacs Lulia Myrtle 1977
VAL8:132 Isaacs Sam 1977
OSW20:28 Isaacs Willie 1968
OSW30:3 Israel Robert E. 1978
OSW12:143 Israel Thomas A. 1944
OSW9:294 Isreal Charles 1933
OSW17:53 Isreal Laura Mae 1963
OSW9:546 Isreal Lucy 1935
OSW2:34 Ivens Mary 1892
OSW10:268 Ivins C. Wilbur 1938
OSW1:413 Ivins Charles 1885
OSW12:489 Ivins Georgianna 1948
OSW17:43 Ivins Harry B. 1963
OSW12:22 Ivins Howard W. 1943
OSW11:225 Ivins Leon A. 1942
OSW16:8 Ivins Lillian Agnes 1962
OSW22:93 Ivins Mabel Ann 1970
OSW22:76 Ivins Mary K. 1970
OSW14:13 Ivins Mary R. 1954
OSW20:57 Ivins Robert W. 1968
OSW9:463 Ivins Serena Stricklin 1934
OSW8:298 Ivins Thomas Elwood 1929
OSW6:285 Ivins William 1918


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