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This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

PLEASE NOTE:  The amount of information in an individual record varies greatly.  Some list only a name and date while others contain substantial information about the individual and family.

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
OSW2:106 Fagan Henry 1897
OSW2:78 Fagin Gust 1895
OSW2:36 Fahle Henry 1892
VAL5:836 Fahrnbach Katherine Hope 1959
OSW2:13 Failor Sarah 1891
OSW4:2 Fain Benjamin 1904
OSW18:286 Fair James R. 1967
OSW13:576 Fair Katherine 1954
OSW10:532 Fair Lorene 1940
OSW10:162 Fairchild Carrie B. 1937
VAL2:51 Fairchild Florence Belle 1936
VAL6:156 Fairchild Herman Fee 1961
OSW7:229 Fairchild James H. 1923
OSW10:370 Fairchild John E. 1939
OSW18:193 Fairchild Settie 1966
OSW10:160 Fairchild Viola 1937
OSW17:300 Fairchild Wm. E. 1965
OSW1:453 Fairfax Nancy 1887
OSW15:92 Fallon Ida L. 1957
OSW1:186 Farland Catharina 1877
OSW11:133 Farley James (infant son of) 1942
OSW1:86 Farner Ann Viola 1872
OSW2:124 Farner Emelie VanNote 1898
VAL5:610 Farquer William G. Sr. 1957
OSW20:151 Farris Betha E. 1968
OSW2:15 Farris Jonathan 1891
OSW6:210 Farris Mary Jane 1918
OSW11:127 Fasig Mary Florence 1942
VAL6:2 Fath Beatrice 1960
VAL3:9 Fath Samuel 1939
VAL9:604 Fatute Fred Wilson 1985
OSW16:55 Faul Ethel 1962
OSW18:88 Faul Irene F. 1966
OSW16:36 Faulkner Anna C. 1962
OSW26:45 Faulkner Cragg G. 1974
VAL10:274 Faulkner Daniel Sr. 1989
VAL5:884 Faulkner Josephine 1959
OSW27:4 Faulkner Mary Martha 1975
OSW10:525 Faulkner Samuel 1940
OSW15:90 Faultz Denny Paul 1957
OSW12:347 Favor Joy Amanda 1946
VAL10:230 Fawley Lloyd E. 1989
VAL7:292 Fearing Robert William 1969
OSW12:529 Fearnely Lawrence H. 1948
OSW32:10 Federle Rose S. 1980
OSW28:140 Federle William C. 1976
OSW12:250 Feightner Margaret 1946
VAL9:426 Feltner Mary Ellen 1984
VAL10:34 Felty Roy Martin Sr. 1987
OSW8:246 Fennessy James 1928
OSW1:33 Fergeson (infant) 1869
OSW1:169 Fergeson John (infant of) 1876
OSW1:33 Fergeson Solomon 1869
OSW1:303 Fergesson Mary J. 1881
VAL8:178 Ferguson Edith May 1978
OSW1:477 Ferguson Emily 1888
OSW14:52 Ferguson Frank B. 1954
OSW15:356 Ferguson Jean 1960
OSW5:461 Ferguson John C. 1913
OSW18:268 Ferguson Lillie 1967
OSW10:285 Ferguson Margaret 1938
VAL7:866 Ferguson Marion Herschel 1975
VAL7:848 Ferguson Myron Mills 1975
OSW5:75 Ferguson Nancy 1908
OSW4:4 Ferguson Peter 1904
OSW12:100 Ferkel George 1944
OSW1:44 Ferney John M. 1870
OSW1:163 Ferney Parlinda 1876
OSW11:131 Ferris Almon 1943
OSW13:86 Ferris Ella Amanda 1949
OSW7:452 Ferris Gilbert 1925
OSW6:302 Ferris Joseph Lee 1918
OSW8:533 Ferris Luther 1930
OSW17:61 Ferris Myrtle 1963
VAL9:550 Feyler Jean Dale 1985
OSW21:108 Fiedelday Michael 1969
OSW26:119 Fields Alexander 1974
OSW28:117 Fields Barbara M. 1976
OSW14:144 Fields Emma Jean 1955
VAL11:9 Fields Felix Gillis 1991
OSW20:106 Fields James D. 1968
VAL7:268 Fields Leonard 1969
VAL9:2 Fields Willis 1981
OSW17:75 Fiers James 1963
OSW13:9 Fiers Nannie 1949
OSW5:467 Findlay Carrie Nelson 1913
OSW2:125 Findley Connel Kate P. 1898
OSW1:52 Fingway Jarol 1870
VAL7:852 Fink Elizabeth E. (Besse) 1975
VAL6:246 Fink Henry (Harry) Joseph 1962
VAL7:712 Finley Amerideth Hoskins 1974
OSW4:4 Finn Andy 1904
OSW2:12 Finn David 1891
OSW2:88 Finn Hanah M. 1896
OSW1:434 Finn John 1886
OSW3:36 Finn Martha J. 1903
OSW2:43 Finn Martin 1892
OSW1:328 Finn Patrick 1882
OSW1:301 Finsh Mary 1881
OSW3:8 Fires (infant) 1901
OSW1:278 Fires Almond 1880
OSW6:117 Fires Anna 1917
OSW2:82 Fires Mary J. 1895
OSW10:563 Fires Mattie 1941
VAL4:590 Fires Valera 1947
OSW15:234 Firman Anna 1959
OSW21:23 Fischer Carl R. 1969
OSW17:36 Fischer Elizabeth 1963
OSW8:83 Fischer Frederick Gotloeb 1927
OSW19:74 Fischer Wm. H. 1967
OSW1:353 Fisel Charley 1883
VAL2:112 Fishbaugh Frederick A. 1937
VAL5:180 Fisher (stillborn girl) 1951
VAL5:202 Fisher Albert Clyde 1951
OSW32:92 Fisher Anna A. 1980
OSW17:86 Fisher Bertie 1963
OSW18:31 Fisher Clifford W. 1965
VAL9:676 Fisher Elizabeth 1986
OSW5:92 Fisher Eva 1908
VAL8:476 Fisher Everett Malcolm 1980
VAL5:162 Fisher Florence 1951
OSW8:478 Fisher Franklin C. 1930
OSW7:122 Fisher Hershel I. 1922
OSW8:365 Fisher Hugo 1929
VAL4:64 Fisher John Wesley 1940
VAL5:354 Fisher Joseph David 1953
OSW15:87 Fisher Joshua 1957
VAL5:568 Fisher Laura Rose 1956
OSW17:222 Fisher Loman T. 1964
OSW1:24 Fisher Mary 1868
OSW7:545 Fisher Minnie Johanna 1926
OSW11:121 Fisher Nellie 1942
VAL10:20 Fisher Raymond Eugene 1987
OSW2:93 Fisher Sarah Hurin 1896
OSW5:347 Fite Howard Everett 1912
OSW27:26 Fittro Rella L. 1975
VAL5:630 Fitzgerald Alice Georgia 1957
VAL6:484 Fitzgerald Charles 1965
VAL8:314 Fitzjurells Michael Allan 1979
OSW20:74 Fitzsimmons Laura K. 1968
OSW12:496 Fitzsimmons Patrick 1948
OSW1:139 Flack Elizabeth Wilson 1875
OSW7:405 Flack Eusebia 1924
VAL5:462 Flack William Durant 1955
OSW13:425 Flagular Harriett 1952
OSW17:255 Flaig Paul & Clara (infant girl of) 1964
OSW7:466 Flanery Sarah Ann 1925
OSW10:354 Flannery Abram S. 1939
OSW15:114 Flannery Dave B. 1958
OSW9:341 Flannery Janet Ann 1933
OSW30:50 Flannery June Dixie 1978
OSW9:464 Flannery Mary Florence 1934
OSW13:89 Flatt Charles L. 1949
OSW29:12 Flatter Vardilla 1977
VAL8:460 Fleeman Ollie Jane 1980
OSW10:47 Fleming Mary 1936
OSW24:130 Flint John J. 1972
OSW28:11 Flint Rosa M. 1976
VAL7:330 Flora Gaylord Evans 1970
VAL4:542 Florea Bertha L. 1947
VAL8:238 Florea Byrnie Denver 1978
OSW1:298 Florence Ellen 1881
OSW17:204 Flory James 1964
OSW1:56 Floyd Elizabeth 1871
OSW1:189 Floyd Flora 1877
OSW22:68 Floyd Pearl 1970
OSW1:518 Floyd Wm. C. 1889
OSW2:1 Flynn John 1890
OSW32:121 Flynn Steven E. Jr. 1980
OSW8:517 Foerthman Henry 1930
OSW8:146 Foerthmann Ida 1927
OSW11:123 Fogarty James Henry 1942
OSW24:146 Fogle Christopher Shane 1972
OSW18:227 Fogle Eugenie G. 1967
OSW15:220 Fogle Melissa Ann 1959
VAL6:508 Fogt Perry 1965
OSW8:84 Foley (stillborn) 1927
OSW8:91 Foley Alvina 1927
OSW25:125 Foley James E. 1973
OSW7:117 Foley James E. Jr. 1922
OSW5:546 Foley Johanna 1915
OSW10:225 Foley John 1937
OSW13:213 Foley Margaret 1950
OSW12:271 Foley Marilyn 1946
OSW2:16 Foley Mary 1891
OSW4:30 Foley Mary 1906
OSW13:55 Foley Mathew 1949
OSW15:6 Foley Matthew Joseph 1957
OSW3:28 Foley Peter (infant of) 1902
OSW10:366 Foley Peter M. 1939
OSW12:334 Foley Robert L. 1946
OSW10:245 Follen Charles F. 1938
OSW1:300 Follen James 1881
OSW10:271 Follen James 1938
OSW5:394 Follen James Jr. 1913
OSW7:271 Follen Robert Raymond 1923
OSW10:391 Follen Rose 1939
OSW1:228 Fondersmith (stillborn child) 1878
OSW6:393 Fondersmith Rhea 1919
OSW7:320 Fondersmith William H. 1924
OSW1:166 Foote Reberra 1876
VAL6:360 Ford Della C. 1963
OSW3:32 Ford H. H. (Dr.) 1903
OSW2:137 Ford James 1899
VAL4:640 Ford Jennie 1948
OSW15:463 Ford John 1961
OSW1:46 Ford Mary E. 1870
OSW6:376 Ford Mattie 1919
OSW2:154 Ford Rose 1900
OSW6:575 Fordyce Albert Clarence 1921
OSW15:433 Fordyce Charles 1960
OSW8:139 Fordyce Charles (infant dau. of) 1927
OSW12:147 Fordyce Lois Jean 1944
OSW9:552 Fordyce Marlene Ann 1935
OSW11:125 Fordyce Mary Louise 1942
VAL5:48 Fore Edna Willett 1949
OSW12:473 Forgy Mary G. 1948
VAL2:108 Forkner Andrew Jackson 1937
OSW12:157 Forkner Esther 1945
OSW8:6 Forkner Fred 1926
OSW12:310 Forkner Jerome Micajah 1946
OSW13:308 Forkner Jesse 1951
OSW21:60 Forkner Tom 1969
OSW1:273 Forlong Harry 1880
OSW1:357 Forlong John 1883
OSW1:423 Forlong Mary 1885
OSW18:13 Forman Amelia 1965
OSW13:600 Forman Gilbert H. 1954
OSW10:374 Forman Mabel 1939
OSW7:349 Forman Mary Jane 1924
OSW1:45 Forney Jno. (wife & ch) 1870
OSW6:530 Fornshell Edith 1920
OSW8:404 Fornshell Frances E. 1929
OSW15:164 Fornshell John Wm. 1958
OSW6:280 Fornshell Lowrie Wane 1918
OSW24:58 Fornshell Marie A. 1972
VAL4:668 Forster Lewis W. 1948
OSW12:189 Forsythe Bessie 1945
OSW30:101 Forsythe James Blaine 1978
VAL7:528 Foster Christopher Mathew 1971
OSW7:314 Foster Eleanor H. 1924
VAL5:550 Foster James Irwin 1956
OSW12:215 Foster Jennie Olive 1945
VAL8:180 Foster Matilda Ann 1978
OSW22:131 Fouts Rhea C. 1970
OSW12:275 Fowler Emma Elizabeth 1946
OSW14:236 Fox Ambrose 1956
OSW12:112 Fox Anis L. 1944
OSW22:153 Fox Bertha B. 1970
OSW11:137 Fox Caroline 1943
OSW6:496 Fox Catherine Hiday 1920
VAL5:802 Fox Christopher 1959
OSW15:362 Fox Cleo W. 1960
OSW1:351 Fox David 1883
OSW7:369 Fox David 1924
OSW1:283 Fox David (dau. of) 1880
OSW7:343 Fox Elizabeth 1924
OSW18:68 Fox Frank 1965
OSW12:335 Fox Gilbert A. 1946
OSW28:116 Fox Grace 1976
OSW24:34 Fox Harold R. 1972
OSW1:453 Fox Harry Wm. 1887
OSW10:481 Fox Helen Gertrude 1940
OSW2:45 Fox James 1893
OSW1:128 Fox Joe Bone 1874
OSW15:341 Fox John 1960
OSW6:453 Fox Josie E. 1920
OSW1:491 Fox Katherina Spencer 1888
OSW28:54 Fox Lawrence M. 1976
OSW15:307 Fox Lida E. 1959
OSW28:87 Fox Mable A. 1976
OSW15:74 Fox Merlie 1957
OSW23:60 Fox Romaine H. 1971
OSW9:308 Fox Sarah Catherine 1933
OSW1:144 Fox Simon (dau. of) 1875
OSW1:205 Fox Simon (Mrs.) 1877
VAL6:504 Fox Troy Lee 1965
OSW13:170 Fox Willard A. 1950
OSW1:450 Fox Wm. 1886
OSW4:34 Foxbauer Roena 1907
OSW1:66 Fraizer George (infant dau. of) 1871
OSW22:79 Fraker Eddie Gene Sr. 1970
OSW14:21 Frakes Elizabeth 1954
OSW28:51 Fraley James O. 1976
VAL11:45 Francics Ora "Red" "Bus" 1991
VAL6:160 Francis John Dwaine 1961
VAL4:696 Francis Judy 1949
VAL8:148 Francis Oliver 1977
VAL10:46 Francis Virgil 1987
VAL9:692 Francis William 1986
OSW1:452 Franer Wm. 1887
OSW9:77 Frank Mattie Pearl 1931
VAL4:56 Frankenberg Charles E. 1940
OSW1:164 Franklin D. W. 1876
VAL3:10 Franz Anna M. 1939
OSW12:171 Franz Edward 1945
OSW15:456 Franz Karl E. 1961
OSW10:422 Franz Lillie Jeanette 1939
OSW7:594 Franz William 1926
OSW15:502 Fraser Anna C. 1961
OSW28:50 Fraser Charles T. 1976
OSW17:45 Fraser Derryl D. 1963
OSW17:262 Fraser Mary Jane 1964
OSW15:539 Fraser Myra 1961
OSW9:411 Fraser Thomas Donnell 1934
OSW16:56 Fraser William M. 1962
OSW2:146 Frasier Margareth 1900
VAL7:824 Frauenknecht Carlos Austin 1974
OSW18:179 Frauenknecht Hattie Caum 1966
VAL6:110 Frauenknecht William 1961
OSW25:19 Frazee Goldie 1973
OSW15:571 Frazee Walter 1962
OSW15:183 Frazer Dorothy 1958
OSW16:62 Frazer Emily 1962
OSW1:114 Frazer George (Mrs.) 1874
OSW2:122 Frazer John 1898
OSW9:57 Frazier Aaron 1931
OSW17:4 Frazier Burdette E. 1962
OSW14:93 Frazier Daryl Alan 1955
OSW8:61 Frazier Glen 1927
OSW21:65 Frazier Hazel M. 1969
OSW2:150 Frazier Marion 1900
OSW17:120 Frazier Oliver 1963
VAL10:222 Frazier Veral O. 1988
OSW1:119 Freazer George (infant dau. of) 1874
OSW17:179 Fred Abraham E. 1964
OSW10:539 Fred Amelia 1940
OSW31:36 Fred Corwin 1979
OSW13:567 Fred Edwin B. 1954
OSW31:38 Fred Eva 1979
OSW19:35 Fred Frances J. 1967
OSW10:148 Fred Louis 1937
OSW15:91 Fred Nathan 1957
OSW9:504 Fred Solomon 1935
VAL9:490 Frederick Albert Francis 1985
VAL7:640 Frederick Anthony Michael 1973
OSW12:158 Frederick Daniel M. 1945
OSW7:168 Frederick Helen Adelia 1923
OSW12:108 Frederick James Richard 1944
VAL11:16 Frederick Lucy 1992
OSW13:373 Frederick Lula Mae 1952
VAL7:690 Frederick Rick E. 1973
OSW28:83 Freed Beatrice M. 1976
VAL7:230 Freeland Charles Richard Jr. 1968
OSW10:489 Freeland William A. 1940
VAL6:526 Freeman Edna Jean 1965
OSW7:403 Freeman George Oscar 1924
OSW32:81 Freeman James H. 1980
OSW9:183 Freeman Mary 1932
OSW6:434 Freeze Anna Marie 1920
OSW30:37 Freeze Arthur E. 1978
OSW8:141 Freeze Holly 1927
OSW6:266 Freeze John 1918
OSW6:30 French Albert 1916
OSW5:22 French Arthur (infant of) 1907
OSW13:491 French Arthur Neeves 1953
OSW23:74 French Charlotte 1971
OSW10:380 French Emma W. 1939
OSW1:274 French Lize Jane 1880
VAL2:87 French Mary Baynes 1936
OSW6:185 French Samuel S. 1917
OSW5:409 French Sarah 1913
OSW8:494 French Sarah Ella 1930
OSW10:171 Frensdorf Walter 1937
OSW1:325 Frenzer George (dau. of) 1882
OSW1:371 Frenzer George (infant of) 1883
OSW1:369 Frenzer John 1883
OSW5:481 Freson John David 1914
OSW1:102 Frey Chas. T. (infant of) 1873
OSW1:11 Freyeur Mary S. 1868
OSW2:82 Friar Henry 1895
OSW3:10 Frieden John Rudolph 1901
OSW1:332 Frieze Mary K. (child of) 1882
OSW25:64 Fritch Florence 1973
VAL10:404 Frith Irene 1990
VAL10:24 Frith Roscoe Gravely 1987
OSW32:39 Froman Albert E. 1980
OSW5:329 Frost Angeline S. 1912
VAL10:176 Frost Arvil 1988
OSW5:373 Frost Charles A. 1912
VAL7:834 Frost Claude 1974
VAL7:586 Frost Dick 1972
OSW30:54 Frost Euel 1978
OSW6:597 Frost Frank H. 1921
OSW2:5 Frost George W. 1890
OSW7:267 Frost Hannah 1923
OSW5:294 Frost Hester Elizabeth 1911
OSW11:129 Frost Jacob 1942
OSW2:14 Frost Lew 1891
OSW12:93 Frost Lida M. 1944
OSW5:18 Frost Mary 1907
OSW9:181 Frost Mary Louise 1932
OSW1:441 Frost Sallie M. 1886
OSW1:106 Frost Sarah 1873
VAL7:290 Frost Sophia 1969
OSW13:59 Frost Stella 1949
VAL7:584 Frost Tom 1972
OSW4:15 Frost William 1905
OSW1:113 Frost Wm. B. 1874
VAL4:196 Fry Walter Eugene 1942
OSW9:124 Frye Andrew Jackson 1932
VAL9:388 Frye Bernice Elizabeth 1984
VAL9:538 Frye Darrell Dwayne 1985
VAL8:116 Frye Elmer Richard 1977
OSW15:70 Frye Elsie Jane 1957
VAL8:232 Frye Gertrude Edith 1978
OSW18:107 Frye Harley Everett 1966
OSW13:364 Frye Henry Lincoln 1952
VAL6:472 Frye Herbert 1965
VAL8:198 Frye Ira Elbert 1978
VAL6:430 Frye Lawrence 1964
OSW12:445 Frye Mary H. 1947
VAL7:960 Frye Mary Kathryn 1976
VAL5:28 Frye Michael 1949
VAL4:584 Frye Rachel A. 1947
OSW5:114 Frye Richard G. 1909
OSW12:98 Fryer Clarence Earl 1944
OSW10:260 Fryer Ella 1938
OSW2:122 Fryer Hattie Margaret 1898
OSW3:9 Fryer James 1901
OSW8:228 Fryer John Wesley 1928
OSW9:38 Fryer Mary Isabella 1931
OSW6:564 Fryer Thomas Jefferson 1921
OSW10:540 Fryman Lydia D. 1940
OSW28:106 Fueston Charles J. 1976
OSW17:256 Fueston Duane 1964
OSW14:57 Fueston Sylvester Henry 1955
OSW21:107 Fugate Isabelle 1969
OSW31:115 Fugate Joseph (Joe) 1979
OSW25:93 Fugate Ralph B. 1973
OSW26:110 Fugett Eva Foster 1974
OSW22:101 Fugett Shirley L. 1970
VAL5:804 Fuglie Alfred Hjalmere 1959
VAL7:974 Fuglie Ida Julena 1976
OSW2:118 Fulghum Amy (Rev.) 1898
OSW2:54 Fulghum Wodard 1893
OSW1:343 Fulkerson Charlie M. 1882
OSW6:435 Fulkerth Donald 1920
OSW15:127 Fulkerth William Howard 1958
OSW15:264 Fulkner Ida 1959
OSW4:21 Fulkreth Frank 1905
OSW11:119 Fulkreth Mary Emma 1941
OSW1:251 Fuller C. (child of) 1879
VAL4:548 Fuller Earl B. 1947
VAL4:404 Fuller Sophie E. 1945
OSW7:407 Fulton Bessie C. 1924
VAL10:148 Fulton Ella A. 1988
OSW12:219 Fulton Ida M. 1945
OSW1:428 Fulton Mary Vooris 1886
OSW18:20 Fulton Wm. Barthonew 1965
OSW21:130 Fultz George H. 1969
OSW7:473 Funk Lawrence Everett 1925
OSW11:135 Funk Lida 1943
OSW30:58 Funk Sarah May 1978
OSW7:94 Funk William L. 1922
OSW18:279 Furbee Icell 1967
OSW1:459 Furgeson Caroline 1887
OSW1:510 Furgeson Mina P. 1889
OSW1:128 Furlong Ann 1874
OSW10:511 Furlong Caroline 1940
OSW5:356 Furlong Hulda 1912
OSW1:169 Furlong Laura 1876
OSW4:9 Furlong Lawrence 1904
OSW1:248 Furlong Niclas (Mrs.) 1879
OSW8:443 Furlong William 1930
OSW2:103 Furlong Wm. (child of) 1897
OSW7:284 Furman Ethel H. 1923
OSW12:282 Furman Thomas J. 1946
OSW10:372 Furnas Harry L. 1939
OSW14:200 Furnas Laura Elizabeth 1956


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