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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han13:978 Wade Eva (Hoyle) 1963
Han12:559 Wade Mary Alice (Craigmile) 1958
Han4:11 Wade Milba 1913
Han7:560 Wager Edward 1934
Han31:79 Wages Vada Mae 1992
Han30:88 Wagner Alberta Kuhnell 1991
Han16:1691 Wagner Cyntha Ann 1971
Han6:130 Wait Matilda 1924
Han6:128 Waite James (Mrs.) 1920
Han7:548 Waite Missouri 1934
Han14:1305 Waite Nancy 1967
Han10:207 Waites Howard E. 1953
Han9:940 Waites Joseph 1949
Han12:647 Waldon Anna Elizabeth (Plough) 1959
Han27:14 Walker Florence Virginia (Dowdie) 1988
Han5:18 Walker Geo 1917
Han5:59 Walker Howard 1915
Han6:82 Walker Infant of Charley 1922
Han6:285 Walker J. C. 1926
Han14:1264 Walker John Nelson 1967
Han14:1245 Walker Augusta Jane 1967
Han8:82 Walker Charles 1937
Han19:125 Walker Clara (Cadwallader) 1977
Han9:856 Walker Daniel R. 1948
Han24:2 Walker Dewayne William 1985
Han14:1176 Walker Donald M. 1966
Han7:490 Walker Ed 1933
Han11:518 Walker Ernest Earl 1958
Han9:927 Walker Eva (Hockett) 1949
Han11:299 Walker Ezekiel Elmer 1955
Han18:127 Walker Floyd A. 1975
Han18:173 Walker Floyd T. "Doc" 1975
Han7:504 Walker Frank 1934
Han7:647 Walker Frank (Mrs.) 1936
Han8:130 Walker Frank R. 1938
Han24:44 Walker Gladys Marie (Davis) 1985
Han20:100 Walker Glenn D. 1979
Han25:49 Walker Harley Ewing 1986
Han7:654 Walker Harriet 1936
Han7:325 Walker Howard (Mrs.) 1931
Han7:340 Walker Infant of F. E. 1931
Han6:52 Walker Infant of Frank 1923
Han6:111 Walker Jesse & Tim 1925
Han13:949 Walker Jesse Lee 1963
Han7:689 Walker Jessie 1936
Han13:970 Walker Jessie L. 1963
Han6:7 Walker John 1919
Han8:92 Walker John C. 1937
Han11:402 Walker Laura Ethel 1956
Han8:94 Walker Lucinda C. 1937
Han17:1858 Walker Maudie A. (Whitaker) 1973
Han29:77 Walker Perry William 1990
Han18:160 Walker Robert John 1975
Han8:109 Walker Roland Earl 1938
Han21:48 Walker Ruth E. (Crosley) 1980
Han9:785 Walker Susie (Ridgeway) 1947
Han13:1011 Walker Tharessa Florence "Babe" (McNeil) 1964
Han13:835 Walker Thomas N. 1962
Han7:422 Walker W. H. 1932
Han17:1823 Walker Walter W. 1973
Han6:28 Walker Will 1919
Han10:273 Walker William 1954
Han13:974 Walker William Estel 1963
Han21:169 Wallace Bill 1981
Han19:59 Wallace Stanley William 1976
Han13:973 Wallace Annie (Ratliff) 1963
Han7:205 Wallace Billie 1929
Han9:777 Wallace Edward 1946
Han15:1420 Wallace James Lee 1969
Han22:94 Wallace Lena Alice (Wardlow) 1983
Han18:180 Wallace Madeline Rose (Neff) 1975
Han8:414 Wallace Mary Alice 1941
Han22:4 Wallace Randolph Lee 1982
Han14:1198 Wallace Verner L. 1966
Han7:79 Walpert Child 1928
Han20:8 Walsh Harry T. 1978
Han20:22 Walsh Robert Day 1978
Han14:1166 Walsh Grace (Hastings) 1966
Han7:706 Walsh Infant of Stanley 1936
Han9:923 Walsh James M. 1949
Han13:993 Walsh Julia (Childers) 1964
Han8:455 Walsh Ocie 1942
Han8:322 Walsh William 1940
Han30:25 Walston Ida (Smith) 1991
Han18:166 Walston Robert Wesley 1975
Han18:68 Walter Russell A. 1974
Han7:147 Walters Dave 1929
Han7:55 Walters Dave (Mrs.) 1928
Han7:199 Walton Samantha 1929
Han8:489 Ward Frank C. 1942
Han9:517 Ward Ida A. 1943
Han8:281 Ward Mrs. 1940
Han8:17 Wardlow Leonard 1937
Han14:1217 Wardlow Philip G., Sr. 1966
Han6:207 Ware R. B. 1921
Han6:120 Ware Will 1920
Han7:148 Warman Mrs. 1929
Han12:725 Warman Willard Eugene 1960
Han19:16 Warner Joseph Lester 1976
Han11:473 Warning Vivian 1957
Han10:30 Warren Oscar 1950
Han21:186 Warren Bessie (Baker) 1981
Han10:35 Warren Elva (Templin) 1950
Han7:7 Warren Iva 1927
Han15:1369 Warren James Otis 1968
Han7:631 Warren Mary E. 1935
Han8:452 Warren Mrs. 1942
Han5:165 Warren Oscar 1917
Han21:133 Warrick Edward Dale Ward 1981
Han16:1573 Warrick Harold D. 1970
Han4:28 Washburn D. W. C. (Rev.) 1913
Han20:79 Washburn David E. 1978
Han7:684 Washburn Marjorie 1936
Han24:63 Washburn Martha Jean (Knott) 1985
Han9:820 Washburn Sandra Lee 1947
Han18:152 Waters Thomas F. 1975
Han6:279 Watkins Geo. (Mrs.) 1925
Han6:95 Watkins Albert (Mrs.) 1920
Han5:151 Watkins Black Harrison 1916
Han5:7 Watkins Cora 1914
Han8:197 Watkins Cora 1939
Han9:590 Watkins Dovie Sue 1944
Han8:355 Watkins Eleanor 1941
Han12:619 Watkins Emma Belle (Emmons) 1959
Han11:348 Watkins Emma Nell 1955
Han6:210 Watkins Geo. W. (Mrs.) 1921
Han6:138 Watkins H. C. (Dr.) 1920
Han24:65 Watkins Henry W. 1985
Han9:558 Watkins Ida May 1943
Han9:503 Watkins Judith Elaine 1943
Han5:116 Watkins Lide (Mrs.) 1916
Han8:170 Watkins Mary 1938
Han6:245 Watkins O. D. 1921
Han8:32 Watkins Otis D. 1937
Han7:400 Watson Isabel 1932
Han6:131 Watson Joe 1923
Han5:3 Watson Rebecca 1918
Han7:327 Watson Robert 1931
Han25:82a  Watters Grace 1986
Han26:69 Watters Isaac W. 1987
Han19:130 Watters Virgil Edward 1977
Han31:73 Watts Jesse W. 1992
Han14:1266 Waugh Linda (Monhollen) 1967
Han18:128 Weaver Dennis L. 1975
Han23:73 Weaver Ethel L. (Dumford) 1984
Han25:74 Weaver George Lester 1986
Han20:61 Weaver James F. 1978
Han10:197 Weaver Mary Elizabeth (McCoy) 1953
Han20:38 Weaver Roy E. 1978
Han26:61 Weaver Vernon W. 1987
Han23:27 Webb George E. 1983
Han6:271 Webb James 1925
Han24:26 Webb Dorothy Lee (Buder) 1985
Han8:137 Webb James C. 1938
Han20:91 Webb Linda (Johnson) 1978
Han9:878 Webb Mary A. "Mollie"(Stewart) 1948
Han31:40 Webber Clinton Bryan 1992
Han33:50 Weber Helen C. 1994
Han10:47 Webster Fred M. 1951
Han31:31 Wedding David Earl 1992
Han15:1383 Wedding Mary (Darby) 1968
Han13:932 Wedding Mary E. (Garrett) 1963
Han15:1390 Wedding Thomas James 1968
Han20:165 Weghorst Charles W. 1979
Han17:1731 Weibley Hershel Almon 1972
Han9:796 Weiderhold Alba (Baumann) 1947
Han19:35 Weidle Donald E. 1976
Han25:50 Weidle Paul E. 1986
Han10:286 Weimer Gladys E. 1954
Han9:894 Weis Dorothy (Tetrick) 1919
Han21:50 Welch Mearl D. (Tufts) 1980
Han19:158 Wellman William Raymond 1977
Han11:488 Wells George T. 1957
Han16:1589 Wells Charles Richmond 1970
Han25:27 Wells Howard 1986
Han20:78 Wells Willard L. 1978
Han29:34 Wells William Leroy 1990
Han15:1388 Welty Dello 1968
Han19:164 Welty Sophia (Barr) 1977
Han6:254 Wene Walter 1922
Han25:103 Werner Ella B. (Beckman) 1986
Han26:30 Werner Rudolph C. H., Jr. 1987
Han7:276 Wesley Della 1931
Han34:99 Wesley Lavon (Davis) 1995
Han22:89 Wesolowski Fred 1983
Han25:5 Wesolowski Margaret Louise (Woods) 1986
Han33:31 Wessner Albert J. 1994
Han27:28 Wessner Dorothy L. (Smith) 1988
Han31:48 West James Clarence, Sr. 1992
Han12:711 West Joseph F. 1960
Han30:45 West Michael Warren 1991
Han31:84 West Steven Michael 1992
Han19:168 West Warren Turner 1977
Han15:1343 West Cora (Garner) 1968
Han16:1648 West Erma (Brown) 1971
Han26:25 West Frank M. 1987
Han23:64 West Harold Clay 1984
Han6:111 West Howard (Mrs.) 1920
Han20:122 West Howard Carey 1979
Han17:1773 West Iona (Hawkins) 1972
Han7:608 West J. G. 1935
Han6:264 West L. O. 1922
Han17:1702 West Lola B. (Binkley) 1972
Han14:1194 West Louise (Whittington) 1966
Han20:144 West Martha Louise (Trenary) 1979
Han8:410 West Mary E. 1941
Han14:1187 West Minnie A. (Ross) 1966
Han27:12 West Murta Alma (Brown) 1988
Han9:551 West Orville E. 1943
Han6:157 West Roy 1920
Han13:909 West Roy 1962
Han8:145 West Wilbur 1938
Han20:53 West Will W. 1978
Han18:110 Wethington Augustus 1975
Han13:1046 Whalen Donald Lee 1964
Han5:19 Wheeler William 1918
Han6:7 Whiaker Mrs. 1922
Han26:59 Whipple Charles L., Sr. 1987
Han34:96 Whipple Dorothy M. (Rocklin) 1995
Han5:77 Whitacre Aquilla 1915
Han22:98 Whitacre Carl Lester "Shorty" 1983
Han6:162 Whitacre Clyde (Mrs.) 1926
Han6:281 Whitacre Lennie 1926
Han6:162 Whitacre Lewis 1926
Han28:31 Whitacre Robert B. 1989
Han6:281 Whitacre Roy 1926
Han28:38 Whitacre Veda Marie (Long) 1989
Han6:232 Whitacre Walter S. 1921
Han10:85 Whitacre Ada Baynes (Exman) 1951
Han22:114 Whitacre Agnes E. (Rhude) 1983
Han12:648 Whitacre Calvin C. 1959
Han10:126 Whitacre Cora (Reed) 1952
Han7:707 Whitacre Dora 1936
Han9:739 Whitacre Earl 1946
Han7:697 Whitacre Elizabeth 1936
Han8:209 Whitacre Elvis 1939
Han30:39 Whitacre Frances I. (Irvin) 1991
Han7:51 Whitacre Frank (Mrs.) 1927
Han10:123 Whitacre Frank E. 1952
Han7:474 Whitacre George 1933
Han26:80 Whitacre Gladys Felter 1987
Han8:230 Whitacre Glenna 1939
Han6:249 Whitacre Grover (Mrs.) 1921
Han7:231 Whitacre Harlan 1930
Han24:14 Whitacre Harold E. "Pete" 1985
Han7:709 Whitacre Hazel 1936
Han7:186 Whitacre Infant 1929
Han11:508 Whitacre Iona 1958
Han8:431 Whitacre Katherine D. 1942
Han10:102 Whitacre Lafe 1952
Han12:815 Whitacre Leona Abbie (McKinney) 1961
Han14:1302 Whitacre Lloyd B. 1967
Han18:117 Whitacre Mae (Hinkle) 1975
Han11:316 Whitacre Morrow Ellis 1955
Han6:1 Whitacre Mr. 1922
Han8:30 Whitacre Nolan 1937
Han7:67 Whitacre Philip 1928
Han7:179 Whitacre Philip (Mrs.) 1929
Han8:293 Whitacre Rachel 1940
Han20:6 Whitacre Raymond F. 1978
Han9:936 Whitacre Rebecca (Morris) 1949
Han7:289 Whitacre Stephen 1931
Han17:1878 Whitacre Walter 1973
Han22:25 Whitacre Walter "Scott" 1982
Han7:127 Whitacre Wheeler (Mrs.) 1928
Han9:833 Whitacre William E. 1947
Han22:80 Whitaker Edgar A. 1983
Han20:142 Whitaker Charles Wesley 1979
Han10:39 Whitaker Ida (Hadley) 1951
Han25:28 Whitaker Jesse L. 1986
Han19:33 Whitaker Mildred E. (Books) 1976
Han7:406 Whitaker Mr. 1932
Han24:13 Whitaker Rickie Lee 1985
Han33:30 Whitaker Ronald Lee 1994
Han16:1576 Whitaker Tracey 1970
Han24:45 White George Albert "Whitie" 1985
Han21:70 White William R. 1980
Han33:84 White Edna Anne (Krebs) Megie 1994
Han15:1394 White Emma W. (Simmons) 1968
Han22:87 White Evelyn Cecila (Belser) 1983
Han27:41 White Gloria Lynn 1988
Han12:687 White John Newton 1960
Han20:71 White Lawrence C., Sr. 1978
Han7:328 White Leta 1931
Han12:675 White Mary May (Crawford) 1960
Han7:112 White Matilda (Mrs.) 1928
Han24:100 White Ruby 1985
Han6:287 White T. L. 1926
Han7:328 White T. L. (Mrs.) 1931
Han27:42 White Terry Edward 1988
Han23:105 White William G. 1984
Han7:163 Whitenack Abe (Mrs.) 1929
Han9:684 Whitenack Abram 1945
Han17:1769 Whitenack Annabelle "Birdie" (McManus) 1972
Han11:520 Whitenack Cora B. 1958
Han11:334 Whitenack Ernest 1955
Han8:445 Whitenack Mary E. 1942
Han7:17 Whitenack Sam (Mrs.) 1927
Han18:55 Whitley Florence (Whitt) 1974
Han14:1256 Whitley Sanford 1967
Han5:172 Whitnack Tilden 1917
Han5:78 Whitsel Mrs. 1915
Han15:1436 Whitt Dale Parker 1969
Han13:961 Whitt Jeanette S. 1963
Han11:422 Whitt Laura 1956
Han33:83 Whitt Mildred (Ratliff) 1994
Han9:769 Whitt Olivette (Lawson) 1946
Han8:358 Whitt William 1941
Han5:107 Whittacre Elias 1918
Han5:179 Whittacre Wright 1917
Han5:26 Whittacre P. H. 1915
Han6:249 Whittacre Thomas (Mrs.) 1921
Han5:102 Whittacre W. S. 1915
Han6:20 Whittacre Wheeler 1923
Han9:657 Whittaker Samuel 1945
Han26:62 Whitworth William A. 1987
Han25:37 Wickersham Maclyn W. 1986
Han14:1170 Wickersham Bessie S. (Slone) 1966
Han7:611 Wickersham Mr. 1935
Han7:679 Wickersham Mrs. 1936
Han17:1764 Wickersham Ruth C. (Curran) 1972
Han16:1548 Wickersham Walter W. 1970
Han19:37 Wickline Wallace Monroe 1976
Han16:1517 Wickner Albert Edgar "Eddie" 1970
Han31:50 Widerhold Earl James 1992
Han18:175 Widner Richard Jason 1975
Han25:4 Wieda Louis H. 1986
Han28:32 Wieda Louis M. 1989
Han15:1384 Wiederhold Dwight 1968
Han21:154 Wiederhold Howard V. 1981
Han12:730 Wiederhold John Vernon 1960
Han8:332 Wiederhold Lewis M. 1940
Han9:827 Wiederhold Louis Vernon 1947
Han15:1384a Wiederhold Suzanne (Shackelford) 1968
Han25:110 Wierman John William 1986
Han11:318 Wierman Myrtie 1955
Han13:886 Wigington Nellie (Effler) 1962
Han7:672 Wigit Infant of William 1936
Han5:62 Wilbert Geo. 1915
Han18:33 Wilder William Oscar 1974
Han14:1181 Wilder Evelyn (Hisey) 1966
Han7:556 Wilder Infant 1934
Han27:20 Wilder Marshall, Sr. 1988
Han7:167 Wilderman B. F. (Mrs.) 1929
Han8:13 Wildman Willard 1937
Han20:14 Wilken Mary Alice 1978
Han7:211 Wilkerson Howard 1930
Han32:71 Wilkerson James 1993
Han8:264 Wilkerson Rose (Miss) 1939
Han6:135 Wilkerson Russell 1925
Han6:105 Wilkerson Seren 1920
Han6:136 Wilkerson Thad 1925
Han10:55 Wilkin Elias 1951
Han9:746 Wilkin Laura 1946
Han35:93 Wilks Delbert Earl 1996
Han8:11 Willer Janice 1937
Han17:1728 Williams David T. 1972
Han16:1636a Williams Donald E. 1971
Han16:1620 Williams Earl Eugene "Gene" 1971
Han16:1505 Williams Everett Dewane 1970
Han6:233 Williams Geo. 1921
Han5:156 Williams George, Infant of 1917
Han27:3 Williams John Henry, Jr. 1988
Han23:132 Williams Paul E. "Hank" 1984
Han30:24 Williams Richard 1991
Han5:55 Williams Robt 1918
Han6:22 Williams Burch 1921
Han9:774 Williams Charles 1946
Han9:594 Williams Clara 1944
Han15:1434 Williams Clyde, Sr. 1969
Han21:68 Williams Dana Scott 1980
Han18:13 Williams Dorothy (Day) 1974
Han8:49 Williams Edith Lavone 1937
Han19:166 Williams Hallie (Watkins) Sponsler 1977
Han17:1723 Williams Harry W. 1972
Han20:16 Williams Joseph E. 1978
Han20:168 Williams Kenneth George 1979
Han16:1636 Williams Linnie K.. 1971
Han5:26 Williams M. L. 1914
Han20:40 Williams Margaret "Maggie" (Rosenberger) 1978
Han20:66 Williams Marie A. (Diekman) 1978
Han17:1874 Williams Mary (Anson) 1973
Han7:136 Williams Mrs. 1929
Han18:124 Williams Norman E. "Bus" 1975
Han18:178 Williams Ralph Edward 1975
Han6:40 Williams Robert 1919
Han18:7 Williams Sadie M. (Brown) 1974
Han27:46 Williams Theodore "Ted" 1988
Han14:1275 Williams Verne H. 1967
Han14:1263 Williamson Glenna Mae (Smith) 1967
Han20:134 Williamson Hazel 1979
Han6:120 Williamson Sam'l (Mrs.) 1920
Han6:155 Willner F. C. 1922
Han7:407 Willoughby Mrs. 1932
Han28:34 Wilp Edna C. 1989
Han16:1666 Wilp Harry 1971
Han19:155 Wilson Elmer 1977
Han6:199 Wilson Mary 1926
Han22:109 Wilson Robert "Emory" 1983
Han16:1566 Wilson William A. 1970
Han7:116 Wilson Bessie 1928
Han11:456 Wilson Elias Robert 1957
Han9:539 Wilson Elizabeth 1943
Han13:906 Wilson Eva Lena (McKibben) 1962
Han25:61 Wilson Florence B. 1986
Han8:41 Wilson Frank 1937
Han7:200 Wilson Geneva Maddox 1929
Han21:176 Wilson Grace M. (Henry) 1981
Han8:182 Wilson Harold 1938
Han22:59 Wilson Herbert 1982
Han15:1480 Wilson Ida Belle (Downs) 1969
Han8:483 Wilson Jack N. C. 1942
Han18:18 Wilson Jack Randall 1974
Han29:57 Wilson James Edward 1990
Han21:126 Wilson James M. 1981
Han7:641 Wilson Jane 1936
Han15:1444 Wilson Jesse V. 1969
Han7:31 Wilson John (Mrs.) 1927
Han7:229 Wilson John A. 1930
Han14:1272 Wilson John W. 1967
Han29:33 Wilson Joyce Ann (Wilson) 1990
Han8:291 Wilson Judith Ann 1940
Han9:798 Wilson Lavina (Hoggatt) 1947
Han17:1726 Wilson Loretta H. (Hogan) 1972
Han13:907 Wilson Lulu V. (Russell) 1962
Han21:101 Wilson Martha A. (McClanahan) Duncan 1981
Han11:439 Wilson Mary Christina 1957
Han13:985 Wilson Mary Jane (Webb) 1964
Han33:32 Wilson Mary Louise (Balton) 1994
Han7:59 Wilson Mrs. 1928
Han7:169 Wilson Mrs. 1929
Han11:451 Wilson Nellie G. 1957
Han14:1094 Wilson Peal 1965
Han8:491 Wilson Sarah Ann 1942
Han6:164 Wilson Sherman 1925
Han5:90 Wilson Susie 1918
Han11:309 Windross Bertha Eileen 1955
Han33:38 Windross Charles E. 1994
Han5:194 Windross Frank 1918
Han8:471 Windross James Amos 1942
Han7:225 Windross John T. 1930
Han17:1867 Winege Samuel H. 1973
Han7:52 Winfield Lucinda 1928
Han8:173 Winfield Laurence 1938
Han34:97 Winkle Robert Eugene 1995
Han10:29 Winter Bertha B. (Hill) 1950
Han14:1203 Winter Guy R. 1966
Han13:893 Winter Jennie (Meek) 1962
Han5:7 Wisbey H. C. (Mrs.) 1918
Han16:1559 Wisbey Anna (Garrison) 1970
Han10:117 Wisby Charley 1952
Han8:389 Wisby Ida May 1941
Han8:271 Wise George L. 1940
Han29:40 Wise Robert Charles 1990
Han19:95 Wise Vallette A. (Johns) 1977
Han29:1 Witt Jack 1989
Han8:115 Woddell Ivan 1938
Han11:496 Woelfle Joseph Anton 1957
Han12:597 Woelfle Ida (Prickett) 1959
Han22:85 Wofter James G. 1983
Han6:192 Wofts___ Frank 1921
Han10:151 Wojcinski Leo F., Sr. 1952
Han31:54 Wojcinski Katherine (Romohr) 1992
Han31:51 Wolbers Lawrence Harold "Woolie" 1992
Han5:127 Wolf Arthur 1918
Han15:1363 Wolf Donald Irvin 1968
Han14:1102 Wolf Chester A. 1965
Han7:716 Wolf George 1936
Han19:20 Wolf Grace Gertrude (Griswold) 1976
Han17:1864 Wolf John A., Sr. 1973
Han7:476 Wolf Sarah 1933
Han8:131 Wolfe Anna C. 1938
Han7:183 Wolfe Ella 1929
Han7:605 Wolfe George W. (Mrs.) 1935
Han8:194 Wolfe Joesph William 1939
Han5:135 Wolfe P. E. 1916
Han29:5 Wolfe Willa (Jones) Rapp 1990
Han18:101 Wolffrum Harley E. 1974
Han21:149 Wolffrum Howard Everette 1981
Han6:119 Wolfrum Dock (Mrs.) 1922
Han15:1386 Wolfrum Eliza Belle (Ackels) 1968
Han11:498 Wolverton Eva K. 1957
Han12:696 Womack Infant female 1960
Han6:144 Wood P. J. 1920
Han34:98 Wood Anita M. (Barri) 1995
Han19:147 Wood Annie Teresa (McConn) 1977
Han18:145 Wood Frances S. (Stevens) 1975
Han6:260 Wood Frank 1924
Han8:436 Wood J. W. 1942
Han8:95 Wood James W. 1937
Han14:1212 Wood John "Jack" Wesley 1966
Han11:405 Wood Minnie 1956
Han4:31 Wood Pearly M. 1913
Han15:1422 Wood Ralph Lawrence 1969
Han9:755 Wood Robert 1946
Han7:688 Wood Robert (Mrs.) 1936
Han14:1081 Wood Spearance "Patty" Lena 1965
Han20:116 Wood Velma H. 1979
Han21:158 Wood William E. 1981
Han23:101 Woodall Ruby (PeGan) 1984
Han9:699 Woods Bertha 1945
Han17:1855 Woodward Albert C., Jr. 1973
Han7:635 Work Mr. 1936
Han8:377 Workman Riley 1941
Han8:249 Worley Anna 1939
Han6:221 Worley Chas. (Mrs.) 1921
Han13:947 Worthing Alice An (Fox) 1963
Han7:398 Worthing James 1932
Han12:664 Worthing Lillian 1959
Han13:962 Worthing Myrl 1963
Han12:676 Worthing Virginia May (Reach) 1960
Han28:25 Wright Walter D. 1989
Han6:83 Wright Denzie 1920
Han11:511 Wright Frank Clark 1958
Han6:16 Wright J. S. 1919
Han6:17 Wright J. S. (Mrs.) 1925
Han18:109 Wright James B. 1975
Han12:780 Wright Jessie (Gaylord) 1961
Han19:159 Wright Mabel Tanner (Slye) 1977
Han33:47 Wright Mary (Haines) 1994
Han23:112 Wright Virginia E. (Cotterill) 1984
Han10:19 Wuest Geneva (Schettinger) 1950
Han11:409 Wysong Edward 1956
Han9:728 Wysong Eva 1946
Han10:72 Wysong Harlan "Lefty Bill" 1951
Han10:138 Wysong Raymond 1952


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