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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han13:912 Rabenstein Chester 1963
Han20:102 Rachford Richard James 1979
Han12:694 Radcliff Harry William 1960
Han21:189 Rager George Allen "Pete" 1981
Han6:14 Rager Channing 1925
Han29:59 Rager Charles E. 1990
Han13:911 Rager Edward A. 1963
Han14:1142 Rager Emma L. (Gray) 1965
Han16:1527 Rager James Earl 1970
Han12:604 Rager Nelle (Smith) 1959
Han8:244 Rager Sara 1939
Han9:715 Rahe Arthur 1946
Han11:379 Rahe Jessie B. 1956
Han18:155 Rainey Anna Mae (Riessinger) 1975
Han15:1326 Rainey Charles "Charlie" 1968
Han22:13 Rains Brent Johnson 1982
Han23:122 Rains Dora E. (Perkins) 1984
Han34:84 Rains Raymond J. 1995
Han12:760 Rainsberger A. C. (Rev) 1961
Han35:76 Ramsey Harold Eugene 1996
Han19:12 Ramsey Donald K. 1976
Han22:63 Ramsey Dorothy B. (Brown) 1982
Han11:481 Ramsey Earl 1957
Han19:133 Ramsey Emma C. (Chesney) 1977
Han13:1032 Ramsey Louise 1964
Han25:26 Ramsey Myrl (Wolfe) 1986
Han21:139 Ramsey Roy Glenn 1981
Han15:1337 Ramsey William Lillard 1968
Han7:461 Randolph Frank 1933
Han7:538 Randolph Julia 1934
Han33:26 Rankin Howard P. 1994
Han18:176 Rannells Charles T. 1975
Han15:1458 Rannells Charles M. 1969
Han11:415 Rannells Jennie Leah 1956
Han14:1095 Rannells Lisa Chantel 1965
Han32:47 Rannells Mary 1993
Han17:1721 Rannells Ronald J. "Joe Bill" 1972
Han8:84 Rannells Sarah 1937
Han8:167 Rannells Sarah 1937
Han21:182 Ratchford Cleo L. (Liddil) 1981
Han20:99 Ratchford Waldo Wilmer 1979
Han28:56 Ratliff Beulah (Richardson) 1989
Han13:860 Ratliff Bum Gardner 1962
Han25:35 Ratliff Jess 1986
Han20:50 Ratliff Lewis S. (Stephens) 1978
Han16:1629 Ratliff Minnie A. (Hays) 1971
Han16:1654 Rausch Clara L. (Merkel) 1971
Han7:617 Rauster Mrs. 1935
Han12:826 Ray Ovid S. 1961
Han22:91 Ray Ovid Sheb 1983
Han12:772 Ray Arvy 1961
Han18:5 Ray Carrie Belle (Osborn) 1974
Han33:73 Ray Coy Vance 1994
Han7:143 Ray E. E. 1929
Han14:1304 Ray Elba H. (Ray) 1967
Han21:190 Ray Emma Jane (Pierpont) 1981
Han6:215 Ray Everett 1921
Han17:1847 Ray Guy H. 1973
Han7:444 Ray Infant of E. E. 1933
Han7:625 Ray Infant of E. E. 1935
Han33:52 Ray Kenneth 1994
Han29:74 Rayburn William Scott 1990
Han17:1821 Rea Carrie (Sponsel) 1973
Han9:768 Rea William D. 1946
Han6:255 Reddick Dora 1925
Han10:111 Reddick Byron K. 1952
Han6:38 Reddick E. M. 1922
Han7:417 Reddick Edna 1932
Han6:255 Reddick Elisha (Mrs.) 1922
Han15:1362 Reddick Mary Dora 1968
Han9:690 Reddick Ralph 1945
Han18:61 Reed Eddie W. 1974
Han21:132 Reed Jack F. 1981
Han16:1507 Reed Alma (Prater) 1970
Han11:317 Reed Clifton J. 1955
Han16:1591 Reed Dona (Parr) 1970
Han12:642 Reed Dora (Keeton) 1959
Han9:830 Reed Emma J. (Barry) 1947
Han15:1308 Reed Erin 1967
Han27:9 Reed Frank 1988
Han6:18 Reed Frank (Mrs.) 1919
Han21:150 Reed Harold D. 1981
Han8:43 Reed Hattie 1937
Han10:82 Reed Holley C. 1951
Han9:779 Reed J. W. 1946
Han18:69 Reed James 1974
Han7:174 Reed John 1929
Han10:79 Reed John D. 1951
Han29:78 Reed Judia E. (Faulkner) 1990
Han22:2 Reed Lola (Reed) 1982
Han27:84 Reed Louise Mary (Montemarano) 1988
Han22:106 Reed Pearl V. (Vandervort) 1983
Han10:184 Reed Roxalena (Homan) 1953
Han20:1 Reed Rufus D. 1977
Han24:41 Reed Ruth (Keeton) 1985
Han8:148 Reed William B. (Dr.) 1938
Han11:458 Reeder Charles Ford 1957
Han27:72 Reeder Charles L. 1988
Han6:257 Reeder Elmer 1922
Han9:773 Reeder May (Bartlett) 1946
Han13:1054 Reeder Charles E. 1964
Han6:50 Reeder Elmer 1925
Han12:609 Reeder Elmer E. 1959
Han31:80 Reeder Ethel Mae (Goodwin) 1992
Han16:1644 Reeder Ethel Maude (Grim) 1971
Han6:60 Reeder Harry 1919
Han9:818 Reeder Harry 1947
Han7:592 Reeder Mr. 1935
Han6:173 Reeder P. J. 1925
Han35:74 Reeder Peggy Kay (Tudor) 1996
Han9:556 Reeder Presley J. 1943
Han12:594 Reeder Robert Carlton 1959
Han24:29 Reeder Robert D. 1985
Han24:78 Reeder Robert D. 1985
Han13:1000 Reeder Robert Merle 1964
Han16:1677 Reeder Roger 1971
Han13:1007 Reeder William Moore 1964
Han7:349 Reeves James 1931
Han7:284 Reeves James (Mrs.) 1931
Han14:1086 Reeves Ronald E. 1965
Han21:96 Regan William L. "Roy" 1981
Han32:38 Regan Ethel J. 1993
Han20:32 Regan Florence Ida (Rhude) 1978
Han24:90 Regan Helen M. (Reveal) 1985
Han29:76 Regan John Russell "Buzz" 1990
Han13:1023 Regan Nancy Eliza "Lyda" (Best) 1964
Han6:123 Reibel John 1925
Han31:12 Reid Lester Powell 1992
Han11:501 Reiland Alvin Casper 1958
Han7:12 Reiner Joe (Mrs.) 1927
Han19:126 Reisenberg Walter M. 1977
Han30:92 Reisiger Esther Ann (Rude) 1991
Han5:40 Rengerring John H. 1914
Han25:83 Renner Walter 1986
Han18:91 Rerick Leon S. 1974
Han34:86 Reveal Louise (Tedrick) 1995
Han6:16 Reveal Orley 1925
Han10:1 Reynolds Charles C. 1950
Han4:2 Reynolds Clinton 1913
Han9:765 Reynolds Joseph H. 1946
Han34:8 Reynolds Juanita Lois 1995
Han14:1126 Reynolds Lucy Margaret (Hesler) 1965
Han11:303 Reynolds Martha Hudson 1955
Han10:274 Reynolds Robert 1954
Han17:1836 Reynolds William 1973
Han26:68 Reynolds William Lawson (Rev.) 1987
Han5:32 Rhine Mrs. 1918
Han14:1278 Rhoads Harley Mathew 1967
Han16:1598 Rhoads Ruby "Marguerite" (Clever) 1970
Han4:29 Rhoten James B. 1913
Han19:160 Rhude Lewis L. 1977
Han17:1783 Rhude Dennis 1972
Han10:166 Rhude Edith Mae (Patton) 1952
Han15:1404 Rhude Howard Leonidas 1968
Han12:660 Rhude Margie 1959
Han9:953 Rhude Mary (West) 1950
Han8:61 Rhude Paul C. 1937
Han21:29 Rhude Pearl Florence (Hart) Weibly 1980
Han15:1438 Rhude Roy 1969
Han14:1097 Rhude Thelma Almeda 1965
Han31:25 Rice Estelle (Woodrum) 1992
Han25:60 Rice Gale D. 1986
Han14:1123 Rice Lillie Belle 1965
Han12:739 Rice Louis H., Sr. 1960
Han29:43 Rice Louis W. 1990
Han12:718 Rich Timothy Wayne 1960
Han6:286 Richardson Harley 1926
Han14:1260 Richardson Bessie R. 1967
Han10:4 Richardson Charles H. 1950
Han9:956 Richardson Dale E. 1950
Han27:43 Richardson Elmer Charles 1988
Han27:5 Richardson Gaylon 1988
Han14:1090 Richardson Harley 1965
Han20:156 Richardson Homer V. 1979
Han26:102 Richardson Isabell F. (Foster) 1987
Han7:488 Richardson James 1933
Han7:220 Richardson James (Mrs.) 1930
Han7:28 Richardson Jane 1927
Han15:1426 Richardson Lulu G. (Cole) 1969
Han19:2 Richardson Mary C. (Dunfield) 1976
Han7:21 Richardson Myrtle 1927
Han10:230 Richardson Rebecca Elizabeth (Windross) 1954
Han10:234 Richardson Rhue D. 1954
Han9:865 Richardson Ruth Edna (Hadley) 1948
Han9:502 Richardson Walter 1943
Han27:19 Richey Dorothy L. (Sterling) 1988
Han18:125 Richey Elizabeth (Homan) 1975
Han14:1208 Richey James S. 1966
Han8:48 Richmond Sarah Anna 1937
Han9:717 Richmond Walter L. 1946
Han33:59 Riddle Michelle Nicole 1994
Han19:54 Riddlebarger Albert 1976
Han8:363 Rider Emma 1941
Han9:813 Rider James F. 1947
Han7:90 Rider Marie 1928
Han13:903 Rider Ruby C. (Foote) 1962
Han8:216 Ridgeway Frank L. 1939
Han7:253 Riding S. M. 1930
Han6:145 Ridings Earl 1920
Han6:145 Ridings S. M. 1924
Han7:447 Riebel Friedolin 1933
Han20:118 Riebel John 1979
Han31:63 Riggs Bessie M. (Richardson) 1992
Han5:3 Rilea William ____
Han10:44 Rilea Lea 1951
Han7:144 Rilea Lee 1929
Han6:7 Riley Absolan 1923
Han15:1453 Riley Betty Rose (Allen) 1969
Han6:91 Riley C. B. 1920
Han7:259 Riley C. B. 1930
Han8:404 Riley Ella 1941
Han7:693 Riley Fred (Mrs.) 1936
Han7:219 Riley Harry 1930
Han15:1411 Riley Jestice 1969
Han7:99 Riley John T. 1928
Han24:42 Rineair Frank Ralph 1985
Han22:39 Rinehart Albert Fordson 1982
Han13:934 Rinehart Charles F. 1963
Han16:1647 Rinehart Lena D. (Bosier) 1971
Han33:58 Rinehart Lena M. (Sprinkle) 1994
Han20:21 Rise Wilford G. 1978
Han15:1431 Ritzie Mabel G. (Nolte) 1969
Han7:110 Roach Clifford 1928
Han12:794 Roach Florence (Cullom) 1961
Han5:15 Robbin Wesley C. 1914
Han16:1551 Robbins Leona (McCarty) 1970
Han11:399 Robbins Oscar Warder 1956
Han7:84 Robbins Wesley (Mrs.) 1928
Han8:125 Roberts Marvin Dale 1938
Han6:195 Roberts Will 1924
Han29:80 Roberts Alex 1990
Han17:1894 Roberts Alton "Jim" 1973
Han5:58 Roberts B. F. 1915
Han6:195 Roberts B. F. 1921
Han7:505 Roberts B. F. 1934
Han7:395 Roberts B. F. (Mrs.) 1932
Han34:23 Roberts Ella M. (Jackson) 1995
Han30:3 Roberts Florence (Best) 1991
Han15:1367 Roberts Horace Edward 1968
Han8:118 Roberts R. T. 1938
Han12:770 Roberts Raymond R. 1961
Han32:75 Roberts Thelma 1993
Han13:968 Robertson Katherine (Bradley) 1963
Han6:44 Robertson Lyle 1921
Han23:63 Robinett Harold Eugene 1984
Han23:78 Robinett Charles William 1984
Han9:747 Robinett Elizabeth (Ralston) 1946
Han17:1822 Robinett Lonnie 1973
Han8:111 Robinson Alt 1938
Han13:846 Robinson Edna Lee 1962
Han10:205 Robinson Grace Helen (Fouts) 1953
Han7:126 Robinson Mr. 1928
Han7:122 Robinson Mrs. 1928
Han7:73 Robst Roy 1928
Han17:1749 Roby Willard S. "Bill" 1972
Han18:154 Roby Beulah G. 1975
Han11:293 Roby George F. 1955
Han11:411 Roby Neally 1956
Han21:208 Roby Willard A. 1981
Han24:96 Rogers Joseph, Jr. 1985
Han19:31 Rogers Ada (Mossman) 1976
Han21:32 Rogers Christine N. (Shafer) 1980
Han10:195 Rogers Harry 1953
Han10:177 Rogers Rosa B. (Jordan) 1953
Han8:372 Rogers William 1941
Han30:70 Roll Angela Dawn 1991
Han14:1075 Roll Bird A. 1965
Han23:109 Roll Julia Ann (Combs) 1984
Han28:63 Romohr Martha 1989
Han11:343 Romohr Catherine Moretta 1955
Han18:150 Romohr James P., Jr. 1975
Han7:124 Romohr Louisa 1928
Han8:370 Romohr Perry 1941
Han7:178 Romohr Will (Mrs.) 1929
Han14:1077 Rooks Phillip James 1965
Han24:62 Rooney Helen V. (Hedge) 1985
Han19:26 Rorick Norman S. 1976
Han32:4 Rorick Romaine 1993
Han29:24 Rose Robert F. 1990
Han26:29 Rose Fanny E. (Tracey) 1987
Han21:65 Rose Henry Troy 1980
Han26:36 Rose John H. 1987
Han32:56 Rose Ruth 1993
Han9:783 Rosell Jesse F. 1947
Han10:252 Rosenberger Ruth (Wysong) 1954
Han6:143 Rosier Wilford (Mrs.) 1920
Han15:1413 Ross Charles William 1969
Han6:174 Ross J. R. 1925
Han10:7 Ross Carrie (Holmes) 1950
Han10:105 Ross Charles E. 1952
Han7:292 Ross Cliff 1931
Han18:3 Ross Cora B. 1974
Han15:1341 Ross Elsa (Reynolds) 1968
Han8:122 Ross Esther L. 1938
Han8:408 Ross Frank 1941
Han5:1 Ross George (Mrs.) 1914
Han19:124 Ross Helen Marie (Herrman) 1977
Han7:497 Ross J. C. 1933
Han7:138 Ross J. D. 1929
Han23:91 Ross Louise (Sponsel) 1984
Han9:665 Ross Lydia 1945
Han7:302 Ross Mrs. 1931
Han10:9 Ross Rebecca (Goodwin) 1950
Han12:758 Ross Roy 1961
Han11:295 Ross Verner W. 1955
Han9:605 Ross Wilford 1944
Han10:216 Rosselli Domenico A. 1953
Han16:1690 Rosselli Sarah L. (Whitacre) 1971
Han25:13 Rossignol Catherine (Vermette) 1986
Han18:112 Rourke Walter M. 1975
Han19:139 Rourke Emma J. (Locke) Newman 1977
Han14:1214 Rourke Myrl (Linn) 1966
Han6:2 Rourke Walter 1922
Han6:106 Roush Eli 1920
Han34:85 Roush Reagan Michael 1995
Han35:73 Rowe Dannie K. 1996
Han21:174 Rowe Walter 1981
Han33:65 Rowley Trenda Nichelle 1994
Han25:48 Roy Kimberly Joyce 1986
Han17:1869 Rucker Robert D. 1973
Han11:404 Rude Catherine 1956
Han25:90 Rude Emmett M. 1986
Han25:33 Rude Gertrude (Crone) 1986
Han25:34 Rude John F. 1986
Han12:566 Rude Lillian M. (Carey) 1958
Han26:3 Rude Martha L. 1987
Han7:363 Rude Paul (Mrs.) 1932
Han11:297 Rudell Edward L. 1955
Han12:592 Rudell Susan (Spence) 1959
Han27:44 Rumpke Barbara Ellen (Goodwin) 1988
Han9:896 Runk Edward Harvey 1949
Han7:303 Runk George 1931
Han13:916 Runk Lida (Van Pelt) 1963
Han35:75 Runk Mary Gladys 1996
Han24:12 Runyan Dale E. 1985
Han8:465 Runyan Charles 1942
Han6:110 Runyan Chlora 1920
Han8:257 Runyan Clyde Albert 1939
Han7:558 Runyan Frank 1934
Han7:661 Runyan Ida 1936
Han7:595 Runyan Mrs. 1935
Han11:502 Runyan Nancy Ann 1958
Han13:863 Runyon George Chester 1962
Han8:284 Rupl Mrs. 1940
Han18:157 Ruscher Ora E. (Suttles) 1975
Han7:701 Rush Mary 1936
Han14:1179 Russ Grace (Pettit) 1966
Han17:1787 Russ John Ernest 1972
Han29:75 Russell James W. 1990
Han9:816 Russell David James 1947
Han34:7 Russell George F. 1995
Han26:27 Russell Roger 1987
Han24:30 Russell Virginia M. (Long) 1985
Han28:10 Rutledge Catherine Elizabeth (Rude) 1989
Han8:409 Rybolt Florence 1941
Han9:499 Rybolt Frank 1943
Han16:1583 Rymer Margaret (Little) 1970


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