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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han25:56 Pace Pearl Ann (Worley) 1986
Han32:14 Packer Charles 1993
Han10:279 Packham Elizabeth Baumer 1954
Han5:132 Paddock Edgar F. (Mrs.) 1916
Han21:10 Page Henry Langley, Sr. 1980
Han21:81 Page Elinor (Butler) 1980
Han17:1883 Page Lillie May 1973
Han11:307 Page Mabel 1955
Han11:301 Page W. H. 1955
Han30:28 Pagett Helen Juanita (Cooper) 1991
Han6:219 Painter Cynthia 1921
Han6:219 Painter David 1921
Han6:24 Painter Ed (Mrs.) 1919
Han28:57 Pairan Walter H. 1989
Han34:12 Pairan Garner 1995
Han5:27 Palmer James 1918
Han31:71 Palmer Annie Irene (Muel) 1992
Han13:941 Palmer Bertha (Muel) 1963
Han14:1267 Palmer Bonnie Marie (Adams) 1967
Han28:33 Palmer Charles 1989
Han9:538 Palmer Cornelia 1943
Han33:49 Palmer Frank 1994
Han7:643 Palmer Joe 1936
Han34:80 Palmer Jonathan Wyatt 1995
Han21:82 Palmer Lonnie 1980
Han10:228 Palmer Ulysses Grant 1953
Han18:126 Panetta Anthony A. 1975
Han20:131 Panetta Flora (Fiorini) 1979
Han27:50 Panetta Louis 1988
Han15:1448 Pangburn Carrie (Dumford) 1969
Han33:76 Pangburn Everett Carr 1994
Han9:766 Pangburn William E. 1946
Han7:80 Pardue Baby 1928
Han11:487 Pardue Daniel B. 1957
Han6:231 Pardue Danny 1921
Han14:1246 Paris Michael George 1967
Han22:33 Paris William Howard 1982
Han11:549 Parker Catherine 1958
Han12:729 Parker Jesse W. "Hi" 1960
Han8:454 Parker John Isaac 1942
Han9:640 Parker Ora 1944
Han15:1385 Parmenter Ethel V. (Haines) 1968
Han20:103 Parr Cora R. (Rhude) 1979
Han10:62 Parr Henry "Harry" Charles 1951
Han9:591 Parr Jefferson D. 1944
Han9:957 Parsons Esther (Howard) 1950
Han16:1579 Partida Dorothy May (Moore) 1970
Han21:183 Patrouch Joseph Francis 1981
Han35:71 Patterson Ada Rhoberta (Mathews) 1996
Han7:532 Patterson Frank 1934
Han7:573 Patterson Giffin 1935
Han6:65 Patterson Griffin 1919
Han18:131 Patterson Harry E. 1975
Han7:633 Patterson Harvey 1935
Han6:65 Patterson John 1922
Han8:467 Patterson Laura 1942
Han20:9 Patterson Letha (Linn) 1978
Han7:399 Patterson Maggie 1932
Han19:41 Patton John Dale 1976
Han10:183 Patton John Grover 1953
Han24:52 Patton William Henry "Hackel" 1985
Han6:172 Patton C. A. 1920
Han8:160 Patton Charles A. 1938
Han5:97 Patton E. A. 1915
Han8:484 Patton George Edward 1942
Han5:136 Patton Lee (Mrs.) 1918
Han7:350 Patton Lou 1931
Han18:105 Patton Mary Geneva 1975
Han15:1358 Patton Mildred B. (Young) 1968
Han21:3 Patton Robert Henry 1980
Han18:84 Pauckner Andrew Fred, Sr. 1974
Han30:91 Paukner Edith (Watt) 1991
Han8:353 Paul Baby 1941
Han14:1124 Paul Charley B. 1965
Han12:654 Paxton Milton McDill 1959
Han28:27 Payne Elizabeth Ellen 1989
Han30:20 Payton Earl 1991
Han20:90 Payton Alice Jane (Brown) 1978
Han6:129 Peacock Harry 1925
Han7:26 Peacock Harry (Mrs.) 1927
Han5:35 Peale Jennie Chapman 1917
Han26:82 Pearce Clarence W. 1987
Han13:895 Peck Lillian (Blevens) 1962
Han8:325 Peddicord C. F. 1940
Han15:1424 Peery Mary Jane 1969
Han30:82 Pell William Kenton 1991
Han25:23 Pell Bertha E. 1986
Han10:219 Pell Mary Elizabeth (Bate) 1953
Han12:796 Pell Mary Elizabeth (Spurling) 1961
Han19:70 Pelosi John Michael 1976
Han19:163 Pelosi John P. 1977
Han16:1574 Pence Jesse Lee 1970
Han16:1574a Pence John Marshall 1970
Han9:786 Pendergrass Helen (Boynton) 1947
Han12:779 Pennington Carey Holiday 1961
Han8:272 Pennington Adam 1940
Han19:40 Pennington Charles W. 1976
Han6:11 Pennington Dock (Mrs.) 1919
Han9:694 Pennington Elizabeth 1945
Han9:791 Pennington Ida 1947
Han7:607 Pennington Infant of Charles (Mrs.) 1935
Han11:425 Pennington Josephine Ines 1956
Han9:686 Penny 1945
Han27:25 Penny Stacy Adrian 1988
Han6:205 Penquite 1921
Han30:11 Penquite James Everett 1991
Han8:319 Penquite Adda 1940
Han5:106 Penquite Anna 1918
Han9:842 Penquite Anna (Hadley) 1947
Han20:42 Penquite Blanche M. (Starkey) 1978
Han6:68 Penquite C. A. 1925
Han8:302 Penquite Charles E. 1940
Han29:56 Penquite Fred Franklin 1990
Han15:1492 Penquite George E. 1969
Han11:339 Penquite Grace 1955
Han15:1425 Penquite Hazel Gertrude 1969
Han12:570 Penquite Jennie M. 1958
Han7:567 Penquite Joe 1934
Han7:214 Penquite Katheryn 1930
Han34:82 Penquite Lillian E. (Eaton) 1995
Han23:1 Penquite Margaret Ann "Meg" 1983
Han23:24 Penquite Wilson H. 1983
Han21:204 Perkins Clifford Paul 1981
Han25:25 Perkins Grant 1986
Han32:32 Perkins Phyllis 1993
Han5:5 Perlebery August 1918
Han35:70 Perry Robert D. 1996
Han9:897 Perry Grace Mary (Brown) 1949
Han8:386 Perry James 1941
Han22:27 Peters Lucy D. (Fullerton) 1982
Han16:1604 Peters William D. 1970
Han12:808 Peters Bret Wayne 1961
Han26:67 Peters Christopher Douglas 1987
Han10:232 Peters Fred E. 1954
Han12:737 Peters Marian 1960
Han13:869 Peters William Harry 1962
Han21:198 Peterson George Aaron 1981
Han7:241 Petty James 1930
Han10:157 Petty Lena (Fullerton) 1952
Han11:313 Pewther Michial Allan 1955
Han31:81 Peyton Shera Lee (Taylor) 1992
Han21:196 Pfaff Cleo (Lockard) 1981
Han6:20 Philhower Doris 1924
Han6:70 Philhower Galen (Mrs.) 1925
Han20:178 Phillips Wardie Adair 1979
Han10:42 Phillips Anna M. (Dose) 1951
Han23:117 Phillips Elizabeth R. 1984
Han22:117 Phillips Howard G. 1983
Han16:1681 Phillips Luther R. 1971
Han28:47 Pickens Nathan P. 1989
Han32:74 Pickens Alice Elizabeth 1993
Han10:222 Pierce Earl 1953
Han7:472 Pierce Frank 1933
Han32:66 Pierce James Franklin 1993
Han8:10 Pierce Michie 1937
Han9:920 Pierce Sherman 1949
Han6:243 Pierson Chas 1921
Han6:282 Pierson Frank 1926
Han13:1062 Pierson Elizabeth (Scrivner) 1964
Han33:74 Pilz Beulah Frances 1994
Han21:106 Pindell Robert Anthony 1981
Han32:65 Pittman Hazel 1993
Han17:1835 Pleasant Leon, Jr. 1973
Han18:40 Pletcher Willard Eugene 1974
Han17:1794 Pleuss Infant 1972
Han11:432 Plogsted Eva 1956
Han9:534 Plummer Christopher Columbus 1943
Han19:127 Plummer Marcella (Johns) 1977
Han5:47 Plymire Eliza 1918
Han10:225 Plymire Robert Owen 1953
Han18:194 Podersai Julia Lee (Hazelrigg) 1975
Han20:4 Podersai Victor M. 1978
Han30:10 Poe Esther M. (Anderson) 1991
Han24:39 Pollock Clara V. (Shetterly) 1985
Han14:1269 Pollock Jermone Tice 1967
Han7:620 Pommert J. A. (Mrs.) 1935
Han8:492 Pommert John 1942
Han17:1782 Pond John Galvin 1972
Han11:463 Popp Forest J. 1957
Han9:741 Pottenger Arthur M. 1946
Han19:87 Potts Oris W. 1977
Han11:490 Pounsford Arthur Grant 1957
Han20:87 Powell Aaron 1978
Han11:358 Powell Alice M. 1955
Han6:198 Powell Ed 1921
Han8:270 Powell Franklin P. 1940
Han13:998 Powell Mary (Kemp) 1964
Han6:5 Powell Mr. 1919
Han8:129 Powell Sarah A. 1938
Han16:1511 Powers Ralph Ray 1970
Han22:93 Powers Hazel Marie (Riley) 1983
Han20:56 Powers Ida May 1978
Han13:951 Powers Margaret (Dougherty) 1963
Han6:163 Powers Mrs. 1923
Han7:305 Powers Robert 1931
Han16:1512 Powers Thelma (Seifried) 1970
Han16:1516 Powers Zora (Liddil) 1970
Han29:8 Poynter Joseph S. 1990
Han12:708 Prather Bertha W. (Whitacre) 1960
Han35:72 Prather Billy Lee 1996
Han6:160 Prather E. E. 1920
Han19:101 Prather Marie 1977
Han6:270 Pratt Alma 1926
Han7:298 Pratt Delmar 1931
Han9:585 Pratt Estella 1944
Han6:270 Pratt Harry (Mrs.) 1924
Han34:81 Pratt Helen (Johnson) 1995
Han7:499 Pratt Lillie 1933
Han7:155 Pratt Mrs. 1929
Han18:79 Pratt Roy O. 1974
Han8:186 Pratt Roy Windsor 1939
Han10:170 Pratt Truman Curtis 1953
Han12:752 Pray Emma (Constable) 1960
Han9:609 Pray Joseph 1944
Han23:53 Pray Stanley 1984
Han34:83 Pray Tacy E. (Stanfield) 1995
Han22:104 Pressley Marcia Rae (Smith) 1983
Han24:74 Pressley Rosella A. (Maynard) 1985
Han10:178 Preston L. O. ____
Han33:57 Prewitt Henry Claud 1994
Han20:111 Prewitt Amy (Hamblin) 1979
Han30:17 Prewitt Edward R. 1991
Han28:4 Prewitt Kenneth Kelly 1989
Han18:32 Prewitt Silas 1974
Han28:8 Price Edward Leroy 1989
Han17:1707 Price Blanche (Curless) 1972
Han18:86 Price David 1974
Han28:75 Price David Alfred 1989
Han15:1391 Price Edna Pearl (Snider) 1968
Han7:470 Price Harry 1933
Han25:46 Price Martha Frances (Smith) 1986
Han6:45 Prickett Ida 1925
Han9:643 Prickett Mada 1944
Han17:1848 Prickett Pearl I. (Grim) 1973
Han9:930 Prickett William H. 1949
Han33:6 Pridemore Opal Pearl "Granny" (Bray) 1994
Han18:148 Pringle Adam Paul 1975
Han12:712 Pringle Addie E. (Griswold) 1960
Han16:1632 Pringle George Wilson 1971
Han26:46 Pringle Leonard F. 1987
Han21:201 Pringle Rowena Anna 1981
Han7:246 Pringle William 1930
Han8:200 Probasco Ada (Thompson) 1939
Han8:168 Probasco Edward 1938
Han16:1640 Proud Clifford Thomas 1971
Han18:50 Proud James Edward 1974
Han31:53 Proud Mary Margaret (Simpson) 1992
Han11:377 Puckett Clara Alma 1956
Han14:1210 Pugh Lawrence Ray 1966
Han18:41 Pugh Lulu (Barker) 1974
Han15:1487 Pummell Pauline (Lacy) (Mrs.) 1969
Han6:49 Purdum J. A. (Mrs.) 1919
Han7:526 Purdunn James A. 1934
Han30:65 Putman Donald E. 1991
Han15:1320 Putman Mildred A. (Armstrong) 1968
Han22:24 Putnam Joe B. 1982
Han7:596 Pye Mrs. 1935
Han6:23 Pye S. H. (Mrs.) 1919
Han7:336 Pyle Albert 1931
Han6:275 Pyle John 1925
Han6:137 Pyle Woodrow 1925
Han9:645 Pyle Woodrow 1944


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