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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han6:188 H. M. Chas 1921
Han22:68 Haag Ferdinand Leo 1982
Han21:79 Haag Nora (Julien) 1980
Han8:98 Hack Ella M. 1937
Han10:91 Hack Florence M. (Tedrick) 1951
Han10:192 Hack George J. 1953
Han9:877 Hackett Anna (Goodwin) 1948
Han24:55 Hadley Earl M. 1985
Han10:22 Hadley Emma Z. (Thornhill) 1950
Han7:131 Hadley Eva 1929
Han15:1497 Hadley John Wilbur 1969
Han26:14 Hadley Leo Ansel 1987
Han19:23 Hadley Mary Gertrude (Howard) 1976
Han10:264 Hadley Morris 1954
Han7:91 Hadley Mrs. 1928
Han9:822 Hadley Nathan 1947
Han21:31 Hadley Stella Grace (Curless) 1980
Han17:1713 Hadley Velma Leah (Dodd) 1972
Han6:80 Hadley William 1920
Han20:62 Hadley William 1978
Han13:829 Hagedorn Harold Mitchell 1962
Han9:903 Hagedorn Carl F. 1949
Han18:57 Hagedorn Carol Barbara 1974
Han18:92 Hagedorn Clara 1974
Han13:1021 Hagedorn Corrina Velma (Lowman) 1964
Han7:8 Hagedorn Fred (Mrs.) 1927
Han12:640 Hagedorn Henry 1959
Han11:361 Hagedorn Laura Rebecca 1955
Han9:749 Hagedorn Minnie (Zieow) 1946
Han11:380 Hagedorn William J. 1956
Han20:113 Hagenmaier Rowena Marie (Haines) 1979
Han6:68 Hagett R. B. 1919
Han6:187 Haggerty 1921
Han12:605 Haggerty Edith Matilda (Hays) 1959
Han7:353 Haggerty George 1931
Han11:448 Haggerty Leslie Thomas 1957
Han11:500 Haggerty Lola 1957
Han8:19 Hahn Clifford (Mrs.) 1937
Han9:885 Haight Cora M. (Renner) 1948
Han14:1100 Haines Harold L. 1965
Han17:1886 Haines Amos L., Sr. 1973
Han21:105 Haines C. Frank 1981
Han20:73 Haines Catherine Louella (Wilson) 1978
Han6:31 Haines Charley 1922
Han15:1332 Haines Clarence E. 1968
Han14:1071 Haines Cleveland "Clevie" Grover 1965
Han29:82 Haines Edgar Salathiel 1990
Han7:692 Haines Elmer 1936
Han9:543 Haines Eva N. 1943
Han11:414 Haines George James Langsdale 1956
Han9:751 Haines Harry C. 1946
Han8:450 Haines I. C. 1942
Han7:475 Haines Jessie 1933
Han7:692 Haines John William 1936
Han7:242 Haines Leroy 1930
Han7:480 Haines Lillian 1933
Han15:1336 Haines Mabel (Andrew) 1968
Han18:64 Haines Margie Cooper 1974
Han15:1397 Haines Nellie G. (McCartney) 1968
Han21:199 Haines Oliver (Cline) 1981
Han30:37 Haines Ruth Sarah (Moomaw) 1991
Han9:737 Haines Sylvester C. 1946
Han15:1417 Haines Walter 1969
Han19:10 Hainlen Mary Agnes (Warren) 1976
Han10:290 Hakes Harvey Branson 1954
Han7:11 Hakes Jesse 1927
Han7:584 Hakes William 1935
Han6:168 Halderman Clare 1920
Han16:1540 Hall Thomas S. 1970
Han9:808 Hall Anna (Turner) 1947
Han27:26 Hall Chester R. 1988
Han9:636 Hall Eliza 1944
Han8:156 Hall Elnior 1938
Han14:1264.5 Hall Elnior L. 1967
Han23:88 Hall Florence (Moon) 1984
Han29:17 Hall Florence (Schooley) 1990
Han16:1597 Hall Harry 1970
Han12:625 Hall Howard 1959
Han7:414 Hall Infant of Chester 1932
Han17:1737 Hall John Calvin 1972
Han4:32 Hall John R. 1913
Han8:420 Hall John Rulen 1942
Han8:405 Hall Joseph 1941
Han10:208 Hall Lillian (Starkey) 1953
Han9:901 Hall Samuel 1949
Han18:59 Hall William Washington, Jr. 1974
Han12:813 Hallstead Asa 1961
Han8:294 Hallstead De Ella 1940
Han10:288 Hallstead Harry, Sr. 1954
Han8:146 Hallstead Helen 1938
Han9:701 Hallstead Sarah 1945
Han14:1239 Hallsted James P. 1967
Han9:887 Hallsted Louise 1948
Han7:493 Halstead Harry 1933
Han33:4 Hameister Emily Jane Robinson 1994
Han27:81 Hameister Wilmer H. 1988
Han19:112 Hamill Helen Alice 1977
Han11:359 Hamill Nora Lawrence 1955
Han21:102 Hamilton Betty Jean (Ray) 1981
Han10:16 Hamilton Floyd Allen 1950
Han29:20 Hamilton Franklin Leon 1990
Han8:276 Hamilton Harriett Ann 1940
Han9:872 Hamilton William 1948
Han9:680 Hamiton 1945
Han7:165 Hamlin Edwin 1929
Han20:152 Hamlin Thomas Edwin 1979
Han22:3 Hamm Arthur B. 1982
Han6:176 Hamm David 1924
Han12:827 Hamm Ella (Shattuck) 1961
Han17:1824 Hamm Frank 1973
Han17:1776 Hammer Burch Eugene 1972
Han19:46 Hammer Orin K., Sr. 1976
Han12:819 Hammer Dorothy Ellen (McCandless) 1961
Han10:131 Hammer Gladys O. (Case) 1952
Han12:706 Hammer Infant 1960
Han7:240 Hammer John 1930
Han11:364 Hammer Kathy Lynn 1956
Han11:499 Hammer Kirby 1957
Han6:88 Hammer N. L. 1926
Han9:559 Hammer Noah T. 1943
Han10:203 Hammer Ollie (Lane) 1953
Han6:264 Hammer Ollie (Mrs.) 1922
Han23:30 Hammer Omit "Nida" Louise 1983
Han14:1202 Hammons John Lynn 1966
Han13:847 Hampton Wade E. 1962
Han7:491 Hampton Court 1933
Han23:134 Hampton Earl Elwood 1984
Han25:104 Hampton John 1986
Han7:222 Hampton Lewis H. 1930
Han9:718 Hampton Maggie M. 1946
Han28:77 Hampton Margie Elizabeth (Crider) 1989
Han8:12 Hampton Martin 1937
Han21:25 Hampton Stella (Smith) 1980
Han9:545 Hanes Agnes 1943
Han15:1460 Hanes Ehtel M. (Jordan) 1969
Han33:17 Hanes Frank Herbert 1994
Han5:65 Hanlin Katherine 1915
Han24:32 Hannah David Benjamin 1985
Han7:291 Hannah A. L. 1931
Han13:957 Hannah Hallie H. (Hopkins) 1963
Han6:274 Hannah James 1925
Han22:29 Hannah Mary Elizabeth (Farguhar) 1982
Han8:140 Hannah Tina 1938
Han7:357 Hannah Walter 1931
Han14:1254 Harcum Clara Worley 1967
Han5:56 Harcum Heber 1917
Han6:112 Harcum Joe 1924
Han8:419 Harcum Joseph Allen 1941
Han11:435 Harcum Rollie H. 1957
Han7:9 Harcum Will 1927
Han8:188 Harcum William 1939
Han13:929 Harden Harold M. 1963
Han7:125 Hardin Mrs. 1928
Han9:855 Harding John 1948
Han27:77 Harding John 1988
Han7:652 Hargrave Ben 1936
Han9:719 Harlan Robert 1946
Han7:506 Harman William F. 1934
Han15:1348 Harmon Amanda Florence (Bussel) 1968
Han10:25 Harner George E. 1950
Han30:95 Harness Bessie Carrie (Spencer) 1991
Han34:59 Harness Edgar Lawrence 1995
Han23:61 Harper Kenneth Arthur 1984
Han35:40 Harper Charles Russell 1996
Han16:1674 Harper Chloe Elizabeth (Keeton) 1971
Han20:106 Harper George C. 1979
Han30:50 Harper Michael Aaron 1991
Han25:85 Harper Olma W. 1986
Han13:841 Harper Patton 1962
Han6:26 Harrill Jason (Mrs.) 1919
Han6:26 Harrill Lawrence 1920
Han11:537 Harris Elizabeth 1958
Han5:40 Harris Geo 1917
Han7:549 Harris Herbert 1934
Han8:71 Harris Isadora Belle 1937
Han7:638 Harris Mary E. 1936
Han6:204 Harrison Charles 1921
Han14:1165 Harrison Hattie H. (Burr) 1966
Han7:664 Harshbarger Leslie 1936
Han7:445 Harshbarger Margarette 1933
Han11:328 Hart Andrew 1955
Han11:455 Hart Anna 1957
Han6:33 Hart B. A. (Mrs.) 1924
Han10:63 Hart Hazel 1951
Han32:58 Hart Valeta 1993
Han15:1374 Hartkemeir Lalia M. (Cramer) 1968
Han17:1786 Hartman Clyde H. 1972
Han8:58 Hartman J. Clyde 1937
Han34:58 Hartness Emma L. (Craig) 1995
Han11:410 Hartzell Emma Staude 1956
Han9:800 Harvey Charles Eli 1947
Han9:565 Harvey Arthur Clyde 1943
Han27:68 Harvey Charles A. 1988
Han6:84 Harvey Eli 1925
Han13:1024 Harvey Freda Emma 1964
Han22:31 Harvey Gertrude M. (Charlton) 1982
Han34:13 Hassart Edward John, Sr. 1995
Han8:138 Hasting Joseph B. 1938
Han5:120 Hastings Wm 1916
Han12:688 Hastings Marie Katherine (Grimes) 1960
Han19:144 Hatch Alva William 1977
Han25:16 Hatch Mary Anna (Freytag) 1986
Han20:3 Hatch Thomas 1978
Han20:136 Hatch William H. 1979
Han33:29 Hatfield Homer Leslie 1994
Han19:82 Hatfield Ruth C. (Curless) 1977
Han22:5 Hatten Douglas J. 1982
Han31:21 Hatten Valera A. (Eckhardt) 1992
Han25:79 Hatter Jehonnas W. "Sonny" 1986
Han7:370 Hauke R. M. (Mr.) 1932
Han30:4 Hauser Matthew L. 1991
Han22:23 Hawk James G. 1981
Han22:72 Hawk Bertha Louise (Hatch) 1982
Han14:1153 Hawk Bessie E. (Hawk) 1966
Han25:88 Hawk Hoadley 1986
Han20:104 Hawk Lucy (Gustin) 1979
Han7:379 Hawke Anna 1932
Han11:516 Hawke Anna Mary 1958
Han5:171 Hawkins Dan 1917
Han21:11 Hawthorne Forest Everett 1980
Han18:191 Hawthorne Gertrude I. (Bishop) Houk 1975
Han29:64 Hawthorne Helen Eleanor (Feiler) 1990
Han5:47 Hayes Irene 1914
Han14:1073 Haynes Daisy C. (Cooper) 1965
Han34:55 Haynes Elsie G. (Dunford) 1995
Han7:107 Haynie A. N. 1928
Han10:254 Haynie Amy (Moore) 1954
Han10:202 Haynie Cora Irene 1953
Han12:715 Haynie Elsie Pearl 1960
Han12:603 Haynie John S. 1959
Han6:46 Haynie Orlando 1919
Han7:161 Haynie Pearl 1929
Han8:37 Haynie Russell 1937
Han24:76 Haynie Viola L. (Lewis) 1985
Han7:93 Haynie Wm. A. 1928
Han7:172 Hays Will 1929
Han17:1725 Hayslip Julia Ellen (Conger) 1972
Han32:24 Hayslip Mary 1993
Han5:38 Heabron Geo (Mrs.) 1918
Han8:104 Head Mr. 1938
Han7:529 Heaton Baby 1934
Han23:39 Heaton Lawrence 1983
Han24:79 Hebenstreit Fred, Jr. 1985
Han15:1395 Hebenstreit Lillian Mae (Theil) 1968
Han34:60 Heck Beulah Mae (Sewell) 1995
Han17:1843 Hedge Beatrice (Scott) 1973
Han22:84 Hedge Elizabeth Jean (Johnson) 1983
Han16:1631 Hedge George W. 1971
Han12:759 Hedge John Wesley 1961
Han27:6 Hedge Mearl W. 1988
Han20:132 Hedger Stella Mae (Parker) 1979
Han17:1753 Heeg Justy J. 1972
Han23:12 Heeg Mildred E. (Fender) 1983
Han19:122 Heery Myrtle Hannah (Baynes) 1977
Han25:41 Hehl Annie Delores (Boulware) 1986
Han33:16 Hehl Lawrence Charles, Sr. 1994
Han21:207 Heilman Amy E. (Hutchinson) 1981
Han6:22 Heistand Mary 1924
Han33:33 Heizer Hugh W. 1994
Han7:362 Hellar Mrs. 1932
Han18:120 Heller Vernon O. 1975
Han14:1190 Helms Walter D. 1966
Han20:105 Helsley Arthur Clarence 1979
Han32:78 Helton Ronald 1993
Han22:58 Henderson Clarence "Bus" Stephen 1982
Han12:678 Henderson Ada (Ward) 1960
Han12:602 Henderson Amanda Jane (Robinson) 1959
Han12:672 Henderson Clarence A. "Happy" 1960
Han24:77 Henderson Edna "Sug" 1985
Han8:488 Henderson Harvey Franklin 1942
Han7:145 Henderson James H. 1929
Han7:468 Henney Estella 1933
Han5:108 Henry Mr. 1916
Han7:223 Henry Charles 1930
Han5:18 Henry Charles, Sr. 1917
Han21:63 Henry Harvey Clinton 1980
Han7:150 Henry John 1929
Han5:161 Henry Matt 1917
Han31:74 Henry Nora Mae 1992
Han6:24 Henry Sam'l B. (Mrs.) 1922
Han31:83 Henson Patrick A. 1992
Han11:475 Herman Addie 1957
Han8:202 Herman Walter 1939
Han31:52 Herring Joseph R. 1992
Han23:124 Herrington Ollie Ray 1984
Han23:110 Herron Henry Norvin "Rod" 1984
Han10:159 Hesler Charles Edwin 1952
Han8:26 Hesler Margaret Ann (Wallace) 1937
Han7:590 Hesler Mrs. 1935
Han16:1662 Hess Louis J. 1971
Han6:283 Heywood Geo. (Mrs.) 1926
Han5:124 Hiatt E. J. 1916
Han8:428 Hiatt Amos 1942
Han12:745 Hibbs Clara Jean 1960
Han11:400 Hibbs J. Walter 1956
Han16:1650 Hibbs Mary (Johnson) 1971
Han7:321 Hibs Nancie 1931
Han21:118 Hickey Alvin M. 1981
Han21:18 Hickey Maudie M. (Mayne) 1980
Han8:474 Hickey Truman 1942
Han6:40 Hicks Tillie 1926
Han14:1185 High Leona Maud (Ruddick) 1966
Han15:1361 High Marion D. 1968
Han21:72 Hightower Nell M. (Ashcraft) 1980
Han14:1259 Hightower Rutherford Morton 1967
Han9:521 Hildebrant Francis J. 1943
Han5:24 Hildebrecht Robert (Mrs.) 1914
Han8:39 Hill A. C. 1937
Han21:61 Hill Harry B. 1980
Han33:89 Hill Bertha Lee (Smith) 1994
Han7:495 Hill David 1933
Han33:81 Hill Dorothy Annetta (Feck) 1994
Han14:1169 Hill Effie (Nicley) 1966
Han19:75 Hill Elmer LeRoy 1976
Han10:198 Hill Emma 1953
Han12:801 Hill Emma Jane 1961
Han14:1237 Hill Eugene J. 1967
Han33:85 Hill Everett 1994
Han6:47 Hill Geo. 1923
Han27:63 Hill George E. 1988
Han23:41 Hill Harry 1983
Han22:42 Hill Hazel Lucille (Spinks) 1982
Han7:354 Hill Henry R. 1931
Han15:1377 Hill Ira Wesley 1968
Han17:1881 Hill Iva (Miss) 1973
Han12:709 Hill James Boyd 1960
Han24:75 Hill Joe 1985
Han6:142 Hill John 1923
Han7:119 Hill John 1928
Han9:900 Hill John W. 1949
Han12:743 Hill Lavina 1960
Han26:43 Hill Lillian (Applegate) 1987
Han25:65 Hill Mary Elsie (Trester) 1986
Han17:1828 Hill Mary Jane (Kelly) 1973
Han18:159 Hill Odis E. 1975
Han17:1844 Hill Osia Pearl (Buck) 1973
Han13:933 Hill Raymond E. 1963
Han7:494 Hill Sophia 1933
Han23:19 Hill Stella Agnes (Muel) 1983
Han12:695 Hill Thomas 1960
Han23:31 Hill William Newton 1983
Han34:57 Hillard William Kenneth 1995
Han15:1427 Hillard John F. 1969
Han9:683 Hillard Laura 1945
Han8:438 Hillard Rhoda 1942
Han10:100 Hilterbrandt James I. 1952
Han17:1889 Himes Shannon Maureen 1973
Han8:206 Hines Henrietta 1939
Han7:1 Hines Mr. 1927
Han21:16 Hines Velma E. (Jones) 1980
Han30:29 Hirschbach Floyd J. 1991
Han12:791 Hirschbach Charles Oris 1961
Han21:60 Hirschbach Clara J. (Jones) 1980
Han17:1715 Hirschbach Debbie Sue 1972
Han18:144 Hirschbach Michael A. 1975
Han9:707 Hitch John 1945
Han7:550 Hitesman Maria 1934
Han29:72 Hively Herbert William 1990
Han15:1366 Hixson Daniel H. 1968
Han29:32 Hixson Arthur Allen 1990
Han27:24 Hixson Charles 1988
Han28:66 Hixson Helen L. (Ertel) 1989
Han9:776 Hixson Iva (Jackson) 1946
Han5:168 Hixson Odessa 1917
Han7:193 Hixson Walter 1929
Han8:320 Hobble Jackie 1940
Han17:1876 Hobson Alice L. (Deem) 1973
Han16:1571 Hobson William Henry 1970
Han7:530 Hockecis Janice 1934
Han30:66 Hockett Laura Mae (Fauch) 1991
Han22:7 Hockett Roy 1982
Han5:42 Hockman Roger 1918
Han24:72 Hodge James M. 1985
Han13:1047 Hodge Deneen 1964
Han26:74 Hodge Fred Dexter 1987
Han17:1902 Hodge Howard Franklin 1973
Han26:75 Hodge Kathleen Mavin (Hill) 1987
Han26:83 Hodge Margaret (Clark) 1987
Han25:91 Hodge Martha Ida (Price) 1986
Han13:902 Hodge Rebecca Dianne 1962
Han35:39 Hodges Emmett Martin 1996
Han26:32 Hodges Goldie Osborn (Larrick) 1987
Han21:121 Hodges Jefferson L. 1981
Han23:23 Hodges Ora (West) Berger 1983
Han8:364 Hodgson Izola 1941
Han10:215 Hodson Bert 1953
Han14:1188 Hodson John 1966
Han10:220 Hodson Joseph E. 1953
Han12:810 Hodson Mary W. (Pagenkopf) 1961
Han14:1150 Hodson Russell Joseph 1965
Han14:1192 Hodson Stella 1966
Han19:121 Hodson Virgil F. 1977
Han7:610 Hodson Woodbury 1935
Han8:150 Hoening Margaret Hall 1938
Han12:756 Hoesman Alfred K. 1961
Han9:835 Hogan Preston 1947
Han10:109 Hoggatt Gideon 1952
Han9:933 Hoggatt Martha L. (Runk) 1949
Han35:37 Hoggatt Minnie Mae (Peck) 1996
Han12:782 Hoggatt Stella Mary (Aber) 1961
Han7:656 Hoggatt Susanna 1936
Han29:69 Hoggatt William Lowell 1990
Han12:620 Hoggatt William S. (Rev) 1959
Han5:195 Hoggett Frank 1918
Han7:487 Hoggett Jacob 1933
Han10:114 Holaday Laura (Thornhill) 1952
Han7:627 Holaday Milton 1935
Han7:396 Holaday Rachel 1932
Han10:231 Holcombe Cornelia Belle (Pletcher) 1954
Han13:873 Holcombe Harry J. (Rev.) 1962
Han16:1563 Holden David (infant) 1970
Han35:38 Holdren Bobby Joe 1996
Han5:98 Holladay Enoch (Mrs.) 1915
Han9:598 Holladay Frank M. 1944
Han12:646 Holland George A. 1959
Han20:160 Holland Louis Vernon 1979
Han11:452 Holland William E. 1957
Han6:101 Hollarn Patrick (Mrs.) 1920
Han34:61 Holley Wanetah 1995
Han7:659 Holley Henry 1936
Han34:53 Hollingsworth Russell 1995
Han10:118 Hollingsworth Elva T. (Townsend) 1952
Han15:1338 Hollingsworth Hattie M. (Montgomery) 1968
Han17:1839 Hollingsworth Irvin 1973
Han6:147 Hollingsworth J. H. (Mr.) 1923
Han32:86 Hollon Thaddeus C. 1993
Han6:132 Holmes A. J. (Mrs.) 1922
Han6:224 Holmes Bertha (Mrs.) 1921
Han10:64 Holmes Edna M. 1951
Han8:42 Holmes Emma 1937
Han11:352 Holmes Harold Harvey 1955
Han9:918 Holmes John G. 1949
Han12:761 Holmes Ricky 1961
Han13:882 Holowach Bertha (Myhalchuck) 1962
Han7:306 Holus Mrs. 1931
Han10:33 Homan Charles L. 1950
Han5:11 Homan Charley 1918
Han8:99 Homan Effie 1937
Han12:775 Homan George Marshall 1961
Han18:164 Homan Harry 1975
Han16:1552 Homan Hattie 1970
Han7:515 Homan Itha (Mrs.) 1934
Han16:1599 Homan John Carder 1970
Han11:420 Homan Kim Diane 1956
Han6:158 Homan W. W. (Mrs.) 1920
Han21:30 Homan Walter Ray 1980
Han6:10 Hoover Addie 1923
Han9:537 Hoover Addy 1943
Han20:77 Hoover Dola 1978
Han11:453 Hoover L. Roy 1957
Han6:13 Hoover Roy 1926
Han9:544 Hoover Roy (Mrs.) 1943
Han7:665 Hoover Sam 1936
Han5:113 Hoover Will 1916
Han6:149 Hopewell Dan 1920
Han7:564 Hopewell Dan (Mrs.) 1934
Han21:122 Hopkins Lum "Ora" 1981
Han24:56 Hopkins Dora (Palmer) 1985
Han21:136 Hopkins Ellen V. (Veidt) 1981
Han16:1539 Hopkins John Dean 1970
Han21:145 Hopkins Vernon M. 1981
Han32:35 Hopper William 1993
Han6:32 Horner Baby of Dan 1925
Han17:1819 Horner Ethel (Homan) 1973
Han6:32 Horner Mr. 1925
Han26:41 Hornsby Frank 1987
Han21:22 Hoseman Helene I. (Dressler) 1980
Han8:310 Hosier Patricia Lou 1940
Han14:1093 Hoskins Ethel E. (Edwards) 1965
Han6:250 Hoskins Walter L. (Mrs.) 1921
Han8:390 Hosman 1941
Han6:193 Hottinger Bess 1924
Han7:437 Hottinger J. S. (Mrs.) 1933
Han8:327 Hottinger Sanford 1940
Han21:195 Houk Norman S. 1981
Han6:2 Houser Joseph 1919
Han19:171 Houser Nikki 1977
Han8:324 Housier Daniel 1940
Han11:337 Houze James Albert 1955
Han7:557 Howard Walter 1934
Han6:4 Howe John 1919
Han8:233 Howe John E. 1939
Han31:27 Howland Arch Lee, Jr. 1992
Han9:654 Hoy Maude 1945
Han21:75 Hubbard Anthony Wayne 1980
Han7:380 Hubert Leslie G. 1932
Han16:1637 Hudak George A. 1971
Han27:35 Hudak Helen Leona 1988
Han7:323 Hudgel Child 1931
Han13:1038 Hudgel Della (Freeman) 1964
Han33:21 Hudgel Margaret Jean (Shank) 1994
Han6:85 Hudson Chas. (Mrs.) 1922
Han17:1817 Hudson Frank Byron 1973
Han13:1004 Hudson Guy S. 1964
Han6:27 Hudson Harvey 1926
Han12:742 Hudson Hattie (Haines) 1960
Han9:661 Hudson Howard 1945
Han12:585 Hudson James E. 1959
Han7:58 Hudson Mary 1928
Han6:87 Hudson Sylvester (Dr.) 1926
Han22:51 Hudson Thelma Elizabeth (Myers) 1982
Han34:56 Huff Charlotte Lucille (Parr) 1995
Han7:38 Huff Emma 1927
Han34:21 Huffman Lenwood Lee 1995
Han8:18 Huffman James M. 1937
Han30:62 Huffman Michelle Dawn 1991
Han12:721 Huffman Pearl E. (Barr) 1960
Han18:135 Huffman Wayne Edward 1975
Han9:527 Huffman William 1943
Han13:1027 Huggins Blanche (Slye) Barr 1964
Han19:145 Hughes Earl 1977
Han28:16 Hughes Early B. 1989
Han9:875 Hughes Ernest L. 1948
Han26:70 Hughes Amy Kaye 1987
Han23:85 Hughes Cordia L. (Brown) Rogers 1984
Han24:35 Hughes Doris "Jean" 1985
Han10:176 Hughes Francis M. 1953
Han9:512 Hughes George 1943
Han8:305 Hughes Harriett Jane (Barrackman) 1940
Han15:1393 Hughes Kathleen (Gray) 1968
Han23:6 Hughes Kenneth Wayne 1983
Han14:1089 Hughes Lloyd 1965
Han11:436 Hughes Mary Zendell 1957
Han13:920 Hughes May (Kennett) 1963
Han17:1780 Hughes Tracy Lynn 1972
Han5:29 Hughes W. R. (Mrs.) 1914
Han6:267 Humphrey David 1923
Han7:100 Humphrey D. A. 1928
Han5:84 Humphrey Leo 1916
Han5:84 Humphrey Lester 1915
Han17:1766 Humphrey Ruth Agnes (Wilcher) 1972
Han29:19 Humphrey Wallace Bud 1990
Han16:1651 Humphreys L. W. "Jack" 1971
Han31:2 Humphreys Ada Fern (Hessler) 1992
Han26:4 Humphreys Correna 1987
Han15:1489 Humphreys Emma Catherine (Warner) 1969
Han6:72 Humphreys Everett 1919
Han12:564 Humphreys Fred Herman 1958
Han23:111 Humphreys George C. 1984
Han7:473 Humphreys Joseph A. 1933
Han13:963 Humphreys Lester N. (Pete) 1963
Han9:925 Humphreys Lida (Patterson) 1949
Han17:1905 Humphreys Nellie Marie (Humphreys) 1973
Han8:399 Humphreys Olivia 1941
Han11:382 Humphreys Ona Albirda 1956
Han13:915 Humphreys Raymond L. 1963
Han17:1854 Humphreys Stella M. (Cole) 1973
Han15:1474 Humphreys Vance Z. 1969
Han7:25 Humpreys Nora 1927
Han13:1061 Hundley Theresa K. 1964
Han30:77 Hundley Virginia L. (Smith) 1991
Han5:37 Hunler Michael 1914
Han16:1689 Hunt Albert W. 1971
Han23:114 Hunt Charles O. "Bunny" 1984
Han6:158 Hunt Cliff (Mrs.) 1924
Han12:622 Hunt Doris Lucille 1959
Han14:1242 Hunt Ethel (Garner) 1967
Han35:41 Hunt Gladys Lucille (Cochran) 1996
Han23:5 Hunt Jeanette Phyllis (Meineke) 1983
Han6:183 Hunt Jesse (Mrs.) 1925
Han11:449 Hunt Mary Helen & Infant dau 1957
Han11:533 Hunt Orville B. 1958
Han21:152 Hunt Walter Leroy 1981
Han23:127 Hunter Arthur Francis 1984
Han20:158 Hunter Dirk Whitacre 1979
Han5:181 Hunter W. N. 1917
Han25:87 Hunter Betty (Whitacre) 1986
Han15:1451 Hunter Cora E. (Langfritz) 1969
Han33:35 Hunter Cora M. (Shoemaker) 1994
Han19:14 Hunter Edna (Hogan) 1976
Han8:40 Hunter James B. 1937
Han15:1329 Hunter Marguerite T. 1968
Han23:42 Hunter Virgil A. 1983
Han25:3 Hunter Virgil Parrish "Pat" 1986
Han22:53 Huntley Paul Allen 1982
Han30:51 Hupp Johnson 1991
Han15:1428 Hupp Zora (Lair) 1969
Han17:1896 Hurst Robert Martin 1973
Han13:875 Hurst Bruce M. 1962
Han29:47 Hurst Frances Lillian 1990
Han32:1 Hurst Hardin 1993
Han10:141 Hurst Rose (Lindon) 1952
Han20:70 Hussey Hugh DeWitt 1978
Han27:54 Hussey Anna (Rude) Florea 1988
Han17:1765 Hussey Glen Frank 1972
Han32:42 Hussey Lois L. 1993
Han11:332 Hutchcraft Bobby L. 1955
Han14:1224 Hutchens Geneva (Ceirley) 1966
Han8:253 Hutchens Jane 1939
Han35:42 Hutchens Lewis T. 1996
Han26:98 Hutchens Robert Allen 1987
Han20:36 Hutchinson Arthur 1978
Han6:15 Hutchinson Bon 1919
Han32:9 Hutchinson Dorothy 1993
Han14:1196 Hutchinson Elmer Lee 1966
Han9:504 Hutchinson Geo 1943
Han12:573 Hutchinson Graville "Bon" 1958
Han34:54 Hutchinson John Sanford 1995
Han9:929 Hutchinson Pearl (Spurling) 1949
Han20:85 Hutchinson Ruth (Shilts) 1978
Han6:77 Hutchinson Sallie 1920
Han12:820 Hutchinson Sallie 1961
Han6:2 Hutchinson William (Mrs.) 1921
Han15:1359 Hutchison Peter Spurling 1968
Han22:38 Hutchison Esther (Hoke) 1982


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