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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han12:624 Salmon Edna (Shedd) 1959
Han7:256 Sams Charles (Mrs.) 1930
Han9:911 Sams Emma (Garrison) 1949
Han13:848 Sams Ethel Belle (Baker) 1962
Han23:95 Sams Harley 1984
Han10:23 Sams Lee 1950
Han7:418 Sams Mr. 1932
Han13:1003 Sandlin Barton Simpson 1964
Han32:54 Sandlin Elisha 1993
Han20:17 Sandlin Emma (Caldwell) 1978
Han27:88 Sandlin Mae B. (Baker) 1988
Han18:10 Sanor Mildred S. (James) 1974
Han7:711 Sapp Elizabeth (Miss) 1936
Han13:1040 Sargent Edward 1964
Han10:194 Sargent Eli 1953
Han10:168 Sargent Iva Ota (Humble) 1953
Han12:561 Satterfield Infant 1958
Han16:1594 Satterfield Harry Nelson 1970
Han8:63 Saur Carl 1937
Han6:189 Sauter Matt 1921
Han16:1546 Saville Frank D. 1970
Han11:381 Saville Mattie May 1956
Han8:142 Sawyers Dora 1938
Han33:36 Sayers Richard, Sr. 1994
Han29:68 Saylor Betty Sue (Golden) 1990
Han35:84 Saylor Elsie Faye (Turner) 1996
Han27:40 Saylor Nannie Mae (Carpenter) 1988
Han29:83 Saylor Roscoe 1990
Han20:45 Saylor Roy Dean 1978
Han8:347 Sayres Roxie 1940
Han9:905 Sayrs Harold C. 1945
Han10:40 Sayrs LeRoy Chester 1951
Han7:655 Schaber Mary L. 1936
Han34:5 Schalk Mary Helen 1995
Han17:1791 Schefsky Anne Marie 1972
Han8:495 Schefsky Augusta 1942
Han30:93 Scheiderer Barbara Jean (Garner) 1991
Han17:1888 Scheidt Walter "Pete" 1973
Han9:914 Schellenberg Clarence F. 1949
Han6:147 Schephey Carl 1920
Han14:1226 Schilling Clement A. 1966
Han24:6 Schilling Eva Marie (Sauter) 1985
Han7:316 Schlerhauf John (Mrs.) 1931
Han11:524 Schmidt Elmer Samuel, Sr. 1958
Han25:89 Schmied James William "Bill" 1986
Han27:69 Schmitz Arnold M. 1988
Han19:161 Schmitz Dana Lee 1977
Han27:22 Schnapp Mary L. (Shrack) 1988
Han9:708 Schneider Beulah (Koss) 1945
Han5:159 Schnell Martin (Mrs.) 1917
Han35:78 Schnell Philip E. 1996
Han14:1092 Schnell Bessie (Shank) 1965
Han7:215 Schnell Charles 1930
Han21:110 Schnell Charles Foster 1981
Han8:181 Schnell Cora E. 1938
Han7:46 Schnell Frank 1927
Han12:702 Schnell Frank 1960
Han7:424 Schnell Herbert 1932
Han27:56 Schnell Inez E. (Eggert) 1988
Han7:86 Schnell Infant 1928
Han7:108 Schnell John (Mrs.) 1928
Han21:193 Schnell Margaret Jane (Shanor) 1981
Han5:42 Schnell Ray 1918
Han11:386 Schnell Roy 1956
Han5:114 Schooley Chas. (Mrs.) 1918
Han5:115 Schooley Chas. (Mrs.) 1918
Han20:44 Schooley William Ralph 1978
Han6:20 Schooley Ed (Mrs.) 1919
Han13:836 Schooley Essie Bell 1962
Han12:665 Schooley Floyd William 1959
Han6:148 Schooley Frank 1920
Han8:246 Schooley Frank 1939
Han18:93 Schooley Harry 1974
Han20:138 Schooley John F. 1979
Han9:899 Schooley Laura C. (Waits) 1949
Han6:132 Schooley Silas 1926
Han7:333 Schooley Silas 1931
Han7:364 Schooley Sullivan 1932
Han7:319 Schooley Sullivan (Mrs.) 1931
Han7:520 Schooley W. Jed 1934
Han13:883 Schoonover Emmett 1962
Han8:466 Schoonover Mrs. 1942
Han15:1403 Schorsch Georgia (Malott) 1968
Han21:156 Schrack Rue Dora (Gaylon) 1981
Han6:7 Schu---- Mary Ann 1919
Han12:577 Schuchman Charles 1958
Han12:588 Schuchman Lida (Fox) 1959
Han10:106 Schuchman Mae 1952
Han12:628 Schuermann J. J. 1959
Han5:27 Schuyler W. L. 1914
Han25:68 Schwegler Louise Maxine (Hickman) 1986
Han21:55 Schweninger Harry William 1980
Han16:1596 Scott George M. 1970
Han13:845 Scott Raymond L. 1962
Han21:141 Scott Anna O. 1981
Han6:182 Scott B. D. (Mrs.) 1920
Han15:1470 Scott Bertha Bernice (Lemons) 1969
Han9:687 Scott Clara 1945
Han6:117 Scott D. W. 1920
Han19:85 Scott Grace L. (Burroughs) 1977
Han7:562 Scott Howard T. 1934
Han7:32 Scott John 1927
Han7:170 Scott John (Mrs.) 1929
Han30:5 Scott Lafon H. 1991
Han8:340 Scott Mary E. 1940
Han7:427 Scott Mary Ellen 1932
Han7:511 Scott Myrtle 1934
Han9:868 Scott Reba 1948
Han8:453 Scott Roda 1942
Han5:63 Scott W. W. (Mrs.) 1918
Han11:308 Scott William Everett 1955
Han5:129 Sears Claude 1916
Han22:92 Sears Vola 1983
Han21:53 Sears Carrie Eunice (Billingsley) 1980
Han29:54 Sears Doris (Brown) 1990
Han14:1113 Sears George L. 1965
Han9:924 Sears Olga (Griswold) 1949
Han16:1523 Sears Rie Murphy 1970
Han6:99 Seely Green 1920
Han6:99 Seely Mr. 1920
Han28:5 Segrist Matthew Frank 1989
Han23:57 Sells Benjamin H. 1984
Han7:412 Seniour Frank (Mrs.) 1932
Han22:36 Setty Ferris Charles 1982
Han35:86 Setty Raymond E. 1996
Han9:909 Setty Mabel Claire (Stewart) 1949
Han29:88 Setty Mary K. (Urton) 1990
Han20:18 Setty Maude E. (Butler) 1978
Han15:1399 Sever Charles W. 1968
Han11:434 Sever Elmer Eldon 1957
Han19:55 Sever Lura F. (McCray) 1976
Han12:599 Sever Rose (Sewell) 1959
Han5:35 Sewall Amos 1918
Han6:55 Sewall Anna 1919
Han5:188 Sewall Russell 1917
Han10:107 Sewell C. L. 1952
Han21:9 Sewell Charles Raymond 1980
Han23:103 Sewell Paul B. 1984
Han16:1532 Sewell William Dean 1970
Han7:173 Sewell A. T. 1929
Han7:639 Sewell Alice 1936
Han30:87 Sewell Alice E. (Moore) 1991
Han11:416 Sewell Charles W. 1956
Han6:214 Sewell Chas. 1923
Han10:140 Sewell Clara B. (Hesler) 1952
Han17:1763 Sewell Clinton L. 1972
Han12:809 Sewell Elizabeth M. (O'Connor) 1961
Han8:259 Sewell George L. 1939
Han16:1642 Sewell George L. 1971
Han31:29 Sewell Horace L. 1992
Han16:1530 Sewell Larma (Irvin) 1970
Han7:273 Sewell Lewis (Mrs.) 1930
Han19:138 Sewell Lulu (Derrow) 1977
Han33:8 Sewell Margaret Elizabeth (Parker) 1994
Han9:610 Sewell Mary 1944
Han29:60 Sewell Mary Emily (Reeves) 1990
Han17:1744 Sewell Norma (Lowe) 1972
Han15:1352 Sewell Opal 1968
Han9:650 Sewell Orville E. 1945
Han16:1547 Sewell Ruby (Johnson) 1970
Han14:1229 Sewell Russell 1967
Han22:75 Sewell Samuel "Sam" G. 1982
Han24:33 Sewell Staman H. 1985
Han22:45 Sewell Thelma L. 1982
Han12:567 Sewell Vinnie (Wisbey) 1958
Han26:56 Sewell Virgil "Buck" 1987
Han35:81 Sewell William Franklin 1996
Han12:682 Sexauer Anna Theresia (Droneck) 1960
Han13:842 Sexton Joseph B. 1962
Han26:31 Sexton Delphia G. (Campbell) 1987
Han32:11 Sexton Earl Gene 1993
Han23:113 Sexton Elizabeth Nicole 1984
Han12:728 Sexton Infant female 1960
Han15:1381 Sexton Jerry Daniel 1968
Han5:198 Seymour Mrs. 1918
Han6:6 Shafer Joe 1923
Han22:9 Shafer Charles 1982
Han9:675 Shaffer McClelan 1945
Han5:33 Shaffer Mrs. 1918
Han9:866 Shaffer Joseph 1948
Han20:114 Shaffer Truman 1979
Han7:50 Shaffer Warren 1927
Han17:1785 Shahl Laura D. (Milton) 1972
Han11:371 Shank Forrest M. 1956
Han5:109 Shank Martin 1916
Han6:248 Shank Arley (Mrs.) 1925
Han7:430 Shank Charles 1933
Han7:710 Shank Dora 1936
Han7:358 Shank Eliza ____
Han8:367 Shank Emma 1941
Han11:340 Shank Essie L. 1955
Han13:896 Shank Herman L. 1962
Han16:1584 Shank Inez L. (Henry) 1970
Han6:41 Shank Jacob 1919
Han8:213 Shank Jacob D. 1939
Han6:106 Shank Lud (Mrs.) 1923
Han14:1184 Shank Mabel (Achor) 1966
Han22:54 Shank Mabel Elaine (Norman) 1982
Han21:34 Shank Mary L. 1980
Han10:139 Shank Myrtle Craig (Leaverton) 1952
Han12:805 Shank Nestor P. 1961
Han8:366 Shank Neva 1941
Han13:1059 Shank Orville F. 1964
Han6:108 Shank Otto 1922
Han18:113 Shank Paul "Bud" W. 1975
Han7:128 Shank W. H. (Mrs.) 1929
Han8:400 Shank William 1941
Han15:1382 Shankel Ruth (Small) 1968
Han35:79 Shanklin Richard Earl 1996
Han35:77 Shanklin Robert L. 1996
Han22:18 Shanklin Dorothy F. (Gilbert) 1982
Han33:72 Shanklin Mary Jane 1994
Han22:66 Shanks Christopher 1982
Han18:153 Shanor George B. (Col.) 1975
Han20:137 Shanor Helen A. (Shank) 1979
Han7:185 Shanor Maude 1929
Han18:54 Sharp Charles Edward 1974
Han34:91 Sharp Alta O. (Garrison) 1995
Han26:9 Sharp Carl Thomas "Tom" 1987
Han10:239 Sharp Emmitt Oscar 1954
Han10:258 Sharp James T. 1954
Han9:727 Sharp Kathleen Joan 1946
Han13:950 Sharp Louella Marie (Burnett) 1963
Han12:786 Sharp Mattie Jane (Gaskill) 1961
Han13:952 Sharp Nora Alice (Botts) 1963
Han11:440 Sharp Olive 1957
Han9:892 Sharp P. Harold 1949
Han18:129 Sharp Winford O. 1975
Han9:588 Shars Anna 1944
Han12:814 Shaw Allen Marian 1961
Han9:573 Shaw Carrie E. 1944
Han25:92 Shaw Florence Norma (Clark) 1986
Han24:3 Shaw Fred Cyrus 1985
Han15:1312 Shaw Macy Viola (Oren) 1968
Han12:681 Shaw Sarah Ellen (Parker) 1960
Han28:28 Shaw Viola Mae (Brown) Stroop 1989
Han7:326 Shaw William 1931
Han9:614 Shawhan Ed 1944
Han5:156 Sheed Mrs. 1916
Han5:156 Sheeds Joseph 1917
Han31:16 Sheldon Lavone (Rhude) 1992
Han6:17 Shelton Grayson 1921
Han12:698 Shelton Guynn 1960
Han12:786 Shelton Stella (Moon) 1961
Han6:212 Shephard J. M. 1924
Han21:155 Sheppard Harold Douglas 1981
Han35:90 Sheppard Stanley Dale 1995
Han35:88 Shepphard Stanley Yelton 1996
Han5:174 Sherbet Isaah 1917
Han29:10 Sheriff Leona (Hayden) 1990
Han23:74 Sherrod Thelma (Montgomery) 1984
Han32:79 Sherrod Travis Lee 1993
Han21:71 Sherwood Jay J. 1980
Han13:938 Sherwood Bessie Sylvinia (Thomas) 1963
Han16:1535 Sherwood Eva (Garrison) 1970
Han7:653 Shields Leslie (Mrs.) 1936
Han10:71 Shields Roger Lee 1951
Han17:1841 Shilts William J. 1973
Han14:1281 Shilts Caroline I. (Huter) 1967
Han8:116 Shilts Ora (Mrs.) 1938
Han19:93 Shinkle Hama V. (Leach) 1977
Han11:521 Shinkle William A. 1958
Han32:41 Shiveley Inez M. 1993
Han7:60 Shoemaker Guy (Mrs.) 1928
Han8:77 Shoemaker Pearl 1937
Han22:16 Sholler Frank L. 1982
Han34:87 Sholler Pearl H. (Dabe) 1995
Han12:769 Shoop Alfred C. "Shorty" 1961
Han21:180 Shoop Minnie Etta (Myers) 1981
Han6:94 Shopbell Henry 1920
Han33:63 Shope Charles A. 1994
Han17:1816 Shope Mary Ellen (Montgomey) 1973
Han14:1177 Shrack Blanche Gano 1966
Han11:418 Shrack Frank W. 1956
Han26:42 Shrack Marjean (Bilderback) 1987
Han15:1402 Shubert Gilbert Ray 1968
Han8:25 Shull J. M. 1937
Han22:97 Shultz James Richard 1983
Han22:111 Shultz Edith (Hillard) 1983
Han10:46 Shumaker Alfred M. 1951
Han7:232 Shumaker Denzel (Mrs.) 1930
Han18:6 Shumaker Donald Allen 1974
Han21:147 Shumaker Donna June 1981
Han10:233 Shumaker Emerson W. 1954
Han14:1306 Shumaker Ethel L. (James) 1967
Han11:323 Shumaker George Heber 1955
Han8:392 Shumaker John Elmer 1941
Han9:794 Shumaker Maggie M. (Walker) 1947
Han7:583 Shumaker Sarah 1935
Han10:181 Shumard Blanche Edna (Fox) 1953
Han5:137 Shumard C. L. 1916
Han11:302 Shumard Lee M. 1955
Han20:101 Shumard Robert M. 1979
Han8:78 Shupert Ida Florence (Kipperling) 1937
Han21:167 Sicker Nick 1981
Han16:1549 Sicker Ada Blanche (Riddle) 1970
Han33:5 Siegla Carl W. 1994
Han23:87 Siegla Clara L. (Strunck) 1984
Han7:696 Sigler Mark 1936
Han34:89 Siler Joe Ledford 1995
Han18:183 Silvers Eva Maie (Shank) 1975
Han22:10 Simcox Ethel 1982
Han5:38 Simkins Charley 1914
Han7:669 Simkins Nancy 1936
Han20:161 Simons William Clifford 1979
Han17:1700 Simonson Raymond William 1972
Han19:136 Simonson David William 1977
Han13:1036 Simonson Edward R. 1964
Han26:52 Simonson Elsie L. (Thrasher) 1987
Han12:659 Simonson Infant male 1959
Han7:5 Simpkins Samuel 1927
Han5:67 Simpson Walter 1916
Han8:31 Simpson Belle 1937
Han5:25 Simpson Charley (Mrs.) 1918
Han17:1742 Simpson Dorothy Ann (James) 1972
Han14:1216 Simpson Dorothy S. (Shumard) 1966
Han10:115 Simpson Elizabeth H. "Besse" (Starkey) 1952
Han8:307 Simpson Frank 1940
Han23:107 Simpson Jenna Kay 1984
Han7:265 Simpson John E. 1930
Han21:20 Simpson John Harlan 1980
Han16:1663 Simpson Lela Mae (Jones) 1971
Han33:45 Simpson Mildred Griswold (Brown) 1994
Han6:140 Simpson Mr. 1925
Han7:300 Simpson Mrs. 1931
Han8:73 Simpson Nellie 1937
Han6:75 Simpson Walter 1919
Han15:1319 Simpson Walter Burns 1968
Han5:67 Simpson Warren 1915
Han12:666 Sirizan Paul 1960
Han21:144 Sizemore Link 1981
Han16:1653 Sizemore William Arthur 1971
Han30:68 Skidmore Charles Albert, Jr. 1991
Han8:162 Skimming Samuel H. 1938
Han19:28 Skinner Charles Cornelius 1976
Han26:2 Skinner Hazel Helen (Van Doren) 1987
Han8:435 Skinner Laura 1942
Han7:35 Skinner Lewis 1927
Han5:76 Slater Mrs. 1918
Han5:14 Sloan John M. 1915
Han13:850 Slocum Eleanor (McGowan) 1962
Han8:187 Slocum Helen Jane 1939
Han16:1570 Slocum Wilbur M. 1970
Han17:1778 Slone Ernest Warren 1972
Han34:4 Slone Melissa Daniel 1995
Han11:327 Slone Nina M. 1955
Han6:103 Slye (Brothers) 1920
Han9:823 Slye Abigail Josephine (Little) 1947
Han16:1588 Small Harold 1970
Han5:21 Small John L. 1914
Han5:21 Small John L. (Mrs.) 1916
Han8:195 Small Mrs. 1939
Han31:60 Smiley Tossie (Burton) 1992
Han6:108 Smith Almira 1920
Han5:15 Smith Ambrose 1914
Han14:1091 Smith Charles Carleton 1965
Han9:888 Smith Clark T. 1945
Han34:88 Smith Curnel Earl 1995
Han5:178 Smith David 1917
Han29:25 Smith Eddie Larry 1990
Han19:143 Smith Eleanor M. (Smith) 1977
Han6:227 Smith Geo. H. 1924
Han6:269 Smith Harley 1923
Han5:20 Smith James 1915
Han18:47 Smith John Robert 1974
Han5:27 Smith John T. 1918
Han5:93 Smith John Y. (Mrs.) 1915
Han16:1610 Smith John 1971
Han15:1360 Smith Joseph Ralph (Sgt) 1968
Han5:50 Smith Pleasant 1918
Han18:20 Smith Ralph 1974
Han22:34 Smith Robert B. 1982
Han35:80 Smith Roy Daniel 1996
Han10:51 Smith Abbie 1951
Han7:601 Smith Agnes 1935
Han8:493 Smith Alice Roseete 1942
Han6:265 Smith Alva 1922
Han8:297 Smith Alva 1940
Han15:1432 Smith Anna G. 1969
Han7:287 Smith Ben 1931
Han7:492 Smith Bert 1933
Han10:122 Smith Bynes A. 1952
Han8:395 Smith Caroline 1941
Han8:220 Smith Carrie 1939
Han19:17 Smith Cecil Franklin 1976
Han11:485 Smith Charles J. 1957
Han13:984 Smith Chloe E. (Frazier) 1964
Han18:172 Smith Clara E. 1975
Han28:12 Smith Clayton Howard 1989
Han15:1499 Smith Clifford Theodore 1969
Han9:508 Smith Clyde "Sam" 1943
Han25:20 Smith Danielle Renee 1986
Han12:595 Smith David Stanely 1959
Han22:77 Smith Delia Eleanor (Dillon) 1983
Han16:1520 Smith Donald 1970
Han24:93 Smith Dorothy Louise (Ehle) 1985
Han16:1602 Smith Earl T. 1970
Han9:526 Smith Edith C. 1943
Han6:151 Smith Edmond (Mrs.) 1926
Han22:74 Smith Edna E. (Thompson) 1982
Han33:44 Smith Edna Mae (Rhude) 1994
Han7:355 Smith Edward 1931
Han7:311 Smith Edwin 1931
Han29:93 Smith Edwin H. 1990
Han13:861 Smith Effie M. 1962
Han7:250 Smith Elissa 1930
Han8:50 Smith Elizabeth A. 1937
Han8:88 Smith Elizabeth Arilla 1937
Han9:770 Smith Ellis 1946
Han10:262 Smith Emma 1954
Han7:226 Smith Ethel & 2 infants 1930
Han10:144 Smith Etta May (Wolf) 1952
Han6:36 Smith Eugene 1922
Han20:12 Smith Eugene M. 1978
Han6:13 Smith Eulas 1924
Han7:477 Smith Frank 1933
Han7:247 Smith Frank (Mrs.) 1930
Han8:20 Smith Fred R. 1937
Han21:134 Smith Gaynell Marie (Rittenhouse) 1981
Han5:208 Smith Geo H. 1918
Han7:97 Smith Geo. (Mrs.) 1928
Han9:713 Smith George M. 1946
Han7:203 Smith George W. 1929
Han31:69 Smith George, Jr. 1992
Han9:634 Smith Harley 1944
Han6:28 Smith Herbert 1922
Han7:458 Smith Herbert (Mrs.) 1933
Han35:82 Smith Howard C. 1996
Han6:76 Smith Infant of Fred 1926
Han8:102 Smith John 1937
Han26:35 Smith John James 1987
Han6:140 Smith John W. 1923
Han5:71 Smith Joseph 1915
Han8:267 Smith Katie 1940
Han32:55 Smith Lamor 1993
Han14:1285 Smith Lena Inez (Conger) 1967
Han10:37 Smith Lenna M. 1951
Han12:705 Smith Leo 1960
Han7:209 Smith Leo J. 1929
Han20:98 Smith Leo J. 1978
Han12:790 Smith Leonard Franklin 1961
Han11:535 Smith Lewis 1958
Han7:337 Smith Lillian 1931
Han10:281 Smith Lillian (Bloom) 1954
Han29:92 Smith Lillian M. (Mayse) 1990
Han5:28 Smith Luther 1918
Han5:115 Smith Lyelle 1916
Han7:523 Smith Margaret Jane 1934
Han27:39 Smith Marie (Pyles) 1988
Han22:103 Smith Marlon V. 1983
Han7:456 Smith Mary 1933
Han34:90 Smith Mary Charline (Runk) 1995
Han19:157 Smith Mary E. (Hamlin) 1977
Han9:767 Smith Mary E. (Osborn) 1946
Han14:1172 Smith Mary Jane (Baird) 1966
Han15:1344 Smith Michael 1968
Han9:761 Smith Miram Isabelle (Waits) 1946
Han7:586 Smith Mr. 1935
Han7:271 Smith Mrs. 1930
Han8:283 Smith Nannie A. 1940
Han19:131 Smith Nora Bell (Luckydoo) 1977
Han14:1231 Smith Perry E. 1967
Han25:43 Smith Pirley Gordon 1986
Han12:562 Smith Pleasant 1958
Han6:2 Smith Pleasant (Infant) 1922
Han14:1067 Smith Prudie Jane (Kemp) 1965
Han6:16 Smith Q. F. (Mrs.) 1919
Han33:77 Smith Raymond Virgil 1994
Han9:756 Smith Rhena 1946
Han30:32 Smith Richard G. 1991
Han16:1687 Smith Robin Kay 1971
Han12:701 Smith Ronald Conley 1960
Han7:552 Smith Roy C. 1934
Han16:1627 Smith Roy Ellis 1971
Han8:396 Smith Sarah 1941
Han5:35 Smith Sherman 1917
Han23:32 Smith Stella (Butters) 1983
Han20:169 Smith Stephen James 1979
Han9:832 Smith Thomas 1947
Han11:438 Smith Thomas Lee 1957
Han6:122 Smith Tom 1922
Han13:939 Smith Virgil 1963
Han5:92 Smith W. C. (Mrs.) 1918
Han11:406 Smith William 1956
Han34:18 Smith William Wayne 1995
Han9:595 Smith Zoe 1944
Han19:111 Smithson Harold E. 1977
Han5:72 Smithson Charley 1915
Han10:278 Smithson Della Ann (Cade) 1954
Han7:13 Smithson Fred 1927
Han20:31 Smithson James N. 1978
Han19:15 Smithson Laura Elfreda "Frede" (Muel) 1976
Han35:83 Smithson Mellie Jane (Hill) 1996
Han6:64 Smithson Ralph 1922
Han26:88 Smyth Glenn E. 1987
Han7:132 Snead Mrs. 1929
Han15:1412 Sneed Frank Hancock 1969
Han14:1284 Snell Andrew L. 1967
Han18:35 Snell Blanche L. 1974
Han10:251 Snell Frances (Barnett) 1954
Han8:309 Snell Rosebelle 1940
Han6:273 Snider Alsie 1924
Han26:7 Snider Florence Margaret (Roades) 1987
Han5:198 Snider Geo 1918
Han6:141 Snider Robert (Mrs.) 1920
Han14:1241 Snider Robert Lavern 1967
Han11:365 Snider Absie 1956
Han6:4 Snider Clarence 1924
Han20:133 Snider Eileen F. (Ray) 1979
Han8:229 Snider Elihu 1939
Han7:513 Snider Elizabeth 1934
Han28:30 Snider Eugene James 1989
Han7:263 Snider Eva 1930
Han13:1060 Snider Harold Edward 1964
Han25:22 Snider Joseph Sherman, Jr. 1986
Han8:126 Snider Julia Francis 1938
Han33:96 Snider Martha Geraldine (Bray) 1994
Han10:271 Snider Minnie B. (Bennett) 1954
Han7:454 Snider Perry 1933
Han16:1668 Snider Rachel L. (McMath) 1971
Han17:1740 Snider Samuel M. 1972
Han32:22 Snider Sharma 1993
Han23:115 Snider Virginia (Grossnickle) 1984
Han21:76 Snodgrass Michael Paul 1980
Han26:86 Snodgrass Artie (Peck) 1987
Han18:90 Snodgrass James L. 1974
Han22:26 Snodgrass Marie (Irvin) 1982
Han21:114 Snodgrass Melvin 1981
Han7:151 Snook C. W. (Dr.) 1929
Han5:32 Snook Dr. C. W. 1914
Han6:193 Snook Ed 1921
Han6:124 Snook Ed (Mrs.) 1925
Han7:260 Snook Martha 1930
Han10:276 Snowhill Bertha Luella (Walker) 1954
Han6:151 Snowhill Merville 1920
Han9:698 Snowhill Merville 1945
Han6:244 Snyder Bertha 1921
Han15:1468 Snyder Clarence "Cy" Edwin 1969
Han14:1076 Snyder Clarence W. 1965
Han14:1293 Snyder Daniel Woodrow 1967
Han8:411 Snyder Edward Allen 1941
Han24:36 Snyder Harry C. 1985
Han32:84 Snyder Helen 1993
Han7:561 Snyder Jennie B. 1934
Han11:413 Snyder Lucy 1956
Han23:68 Snyder Marion Elizabeth (Sprague) 1984
Han8:83 Snyder Minnie 1937
Han7:569 Snyder Ollie 1934
Han11:291 Snyder P. E. 1955
Han10:270 Snyder Victoria Royal 1954
Han6:162 Snyder William 1920
Han8:315 Snyder William 1940
Han6:244 Snyder William (Mrs.) 1921
Han16:1614 Soale Bessie E. (Taylor) 1971
Han10:250 Soale Josiah Pleasant 1954
Han16:1615 Soale Karen Sue (Tisander) 1971
Han29:38 Soale William Fenton 1990
Han7:539 Sonnier Louis 1934
Han33:19 Sopp Rachelle Fay (Rose) 1994
Han18:132 Soth Edwin L., Jr. 1975
Han16:1621 Soth Edna Marie (Elston) 1971
Han17:1718 Soth Edwin 1972
Han5:103 Soth M. R. 1918
Han7:367 Soth Mrs. 1932
Han6:4 Soth Paul 1922
Han6:7 South May 1920
Han14:1211 South Bertha (Wolfe) 1966
Han16:1605 South Dale O. 1970
Han13:1033 South O'Dell 1964
Han10:269 South Roxie May (Turner) 1954
Han5:67 South Stanley 1917
Han7:299 Southard Alice 1931
Han7:352 Southard Forester 1931
Han9:553 Southard Lillian 1943
Han11:325 Southland Paul 1955
Han21:163 Spahr Earle Leslie 1981
Han25:71 Spangler Mary N. (Oren) 1986
Han13:990 Speaight George William 1964
Han15:1433 Speaight Jeffrey Lee 1969
Han10:108 Speak Esther (Burnell) 1952
Han28:69 Speer Birt O. 1989
Han17:1903 Speer Danny Ray 1973
Han12:795 Speight Anna Jane (Kimmerly) 1961
Han27:27 Speight William Fred 1988
Han30:31 Spence Ralph W. 1991
Han21:59 Spence Ross Conrad (Dr.) 1980
Han25:12 Spence Ada (Maupin) 1986
Han6:52 Spence Andy 1919
Han7:686 Spence D. T. 1936
Han7:78 Spence Friend P. 1928
Han15:1435 Spence Hannah Jane (Wellman) 1969
Han10:41 Spence J. C. 1951
Han7:516 Spence Mary Ann 1934
Han22:22 Spence Roy William (Rev.) 1982
Han7:365 Spence Vola 1932
Han11:401 Spencek Carroll A. 1956
Han5:120 Spencer Geo. 1918
Han5:83 Spencer Theodore 1915
Han9:584 Spencer Caro T. 1944
Han9:566 Spencer Edith 1943
Han9:530 Spencer Frank 1943
Han18:118 Spencer Gabriel 1975
Han11:378 Spencer Harry Vernon 1956
Han11:478 Spencer John L. 1957
Han12:661 Spencer Lida (Clark) 1959
Han8:274 Spencer Mary DeLafayette 1940
Han11:322 Spencer Myrtle Etta 1955
Han5:23 Spencer Vernie 1914
Han16:1657 Sperry Walter G. 1971
Han10:93 Spickard Raymond S. (Dr.) 1952
Han6:124 Spiedel Eli 1925
Han14:1201 Spinks Evelyn (Garrison) 1966
Han5:39 Spinks John (Mrs.) 1914
Han17:1712 Sprague Royal D. (Dent) 1972
Han31:7 Springman Edgar K. 1992
Han24:46 Springman Karl 1985
Han26:8 Springman Luise (Reuter) 1987
Han5:37 Sprinks Albert (Mrs.) 1917
Han16:1634 Sprinks Stanley W. 1971
Han7:649 Sprouse Aimney Ann 1936
Han31:46 Spurling Clifford Christopher 1992
Han18:137 Spurling Willie J. 1975
Han16:1504 Spurling Ira Lee 1970
Han35:87 Spurling Mary A. (Wittmer) 1996
Han7:64 Spurling Mrs. 1928
Han7:297 Spurling Mrs. 1931
Han25:97 Spurling Raymond Washington 1986
Han6:74 Spurling Roy 1919
Han8:114 Spurling Susan 1938
Han7:113 Spurling Washington 1928
Han7:339 Spurlock Victoria 1931
Han4:4 Srofe William E. (Dr.) 1913
Han20:46 St. John Roger Dale 1978
Han34:94 Stacey John Allen 1995
Han8:349 Stacia Patton (Mrs.) 1940
Han19:172 Stackhouse Edward Herman 1977
Han12:744 Stackhouse Herman F. 1960
Han15:1454 Stacy Gardner 1969
Han24:48 Staehling Robert Charles 1985
Han15:1462 Staehling David John 1969
Han13:877 Staehling Mark 1962
Han7:251 Stagner Pauline 1930
Han31:38 Stahl Albert Charles 1992
Han13:922 Stahl Charles A. 1963
Han11:346 Standfield Albert Hal 1955
Han24:43 Stanfield F. Virgene 1985
Han8:296 Stanfield Adam 1940
Han7:65 Stanfield Flo 1928
Han7:534 Stanfield Karl E. 1934
Han7:217 Stanfield R. T. 1930
Han25:2 Stanforth Audrey P. (Duvall) 1986
Han27:58 Stanforth Betty J. (Taylor) 1988
Han31:22 Stanforth Leroy D. 1992
Han24:11 Stanforth Orville 1985
Han31:4 Stanforth Ruth I. (Farquer) 1992
Han8:334 Stanforth Wayne Eugene 1940
Han7:438 Starkey F. Harlan 1933
Han12:781 Starkey Ala 1961
Han7:512 Starkey Amy 1934
Han11:441 Starkey Chloe Jane 1957
Han8:333 Starkey Emma 1940
Han33:39 Starkey Florence 1994
Han35:85 Starkey Florence Loretta (Lowman) 1996
Han9:709 Starkey Gertrude (Collis) 1945
Han8:335 Starkey Huldah 1940
Han7:553 Starkey Infant of Eugene 1934
Han6:146 Starkey Isaac & Lillian 1925
Han25:64 Starkey Mary Elsie (Lowman) 1986
Han6:191 Starkey Maurice 1921
Han16:1667 Starkey Maurice Snider 1971
Han8:38 Starkey Minnie Belle 1937
Han9:647 Starkey Richard 1944
Han10:154 Starkey William 1952
Han5:143 Starr James 1916
Han7:387 Starr Alex 1932
Han7:388 Starr Alex 1932
Han6:47 Starr Amanda 1919
Han8:214 Starr James M. 1939
Han8:343 Starr Mary 1940
Han6:186 Starr W. A. 1925
Han7:180 Starr W. A. 1929
Han10:92 Starry Charles 1952
Han6:59 Starry Charley 1926
Han9:849 Starry Lou (Wesley) 1948
Han5:156 States Ben 1917
Han5:146 States Alfred 1918
Han25:36 States Joseph L. "Pete" 1986
Han8:1 States Lucinda 1937
Han27:30 States Marie Elizabeth (Campbell) 1988
Han6:235 Statler Alice 1921
Han7:502 Statler Alice 1934
Han8:292 Statler Alice 1940
Han28:9 Statler Dovie Marie (Clark) 1989
Han19:71 Statler Fred 1976
Han6:69 Statter Alice 1919
Han5:128 Statter I. M. (Mrs.) 1916
Han13:1017 Steele Anna (Wiggington) 1964
Han28:21 Steele Brandon Charles Anthony 1989
Han17:1703 Steele Charlie 1972
Han24:92 Steele Edward Snowden 1985
Han10:160 Steele Frank J. 1952
Han11:482 Steele Hadia 1957
Han12:629 Steele Mary Viola (Massey) 1959
Han18:134 Steele Ronald Charles 1975
Han25:108 Steele Virgie May (Holiday) 1986
Han13:1053 Steinbeck Helen E. (Carroll) 1964
Han17:1840 Stenersen Ruth Marie (Steele) 1973
Han32:36 Stephens Charles 1993
Han5:30 Stephens J. N. 1914
Han27:61 Stephens Martha (Wilson) 1988
Han8:263 Stevens Anna 1939
Han5:146 Stevens B. E. 1916
Han6:217 Stevens B. E. 1921
Han8:475 Stevens Charley 1942
Han8:242 Stevens Eberley 1939
Han9:681 Stevens Emma 1945
Han34:17 Stevens Floyd 1995
Han7:334 Stevens Frank 1931
Han7:14 Stevens Joe 1927
Han12:793 Stevens Lola (Shank) 1961
Han7:361 Stevens Margaret 1932
Han12:623 Stevens Sarah Belle (Kirk) 1959
Han21:143 Steward Milan 1981
Han5:16 Stewart Elexander 1916
Han5:50 Stewart W. I. 1918
Han6:135 Stewart Alvin (Mrs.) 1923
Han7:622 Stewart Baby of W. D. 1935
Han23:142 Stewart Irene J. (Gannon) 1984
Han26:101 Stewart Lillian (Fox) 1987
Han7:644 Stewart Mary Jane 1936
Han7:296 Stewart Mrs. 1931
Han10:53 Stewart P. A. 1951
Han17:1862 Stewart Rodney Dowdie 1973
Han32:7 Stewart Roy 1993
Han8:120 Stewart Thomas 1938
Han33:91 Stewart Wanda Jane (Irvin) 1994
Han12:610 Stewart William Dowdie "Dowd" 1959
Han21:1 Stewart William E. 1980
Han23:14 Stewart William Nelson 1983
Han12:584 Still Willard W. 1959
Han22:107 Stivers Robert Benjamin , Jr. 1983
Han14:1128 Stivers Carcinda Marie 1965
Han32:26 Stivers Frank 1993
Han7:130 Stock George 1929
Han15:1400 Stoess Howard E. 1968
Han12:726 Stolle Vivian K. 1960
Han10:147 Stone Benjamin Thomas 1952
Han7:338 Stoneman Emma 1931
Han8:464 Stoneman John Henry 1942
Han8:164 Stoops Ivan Gilbert 1938
Han20:147 Stordeur Albert C. "Skip" 1979
Han14:1292 Storer Goldie Lee (Stultz) 1967
Han26:11 Storer Harold "Boze" 1987
Han33:3 Storer Mary E. (Frost) 1994
Han17:1837 Stormes John 1973
Han9:891 Stotler Mary L. (Easter) 1949
Han6:122 Stotler Robert 1920
Han15:1475 Stotler Robert Wilson 1969
Han5:50 Stout John 1918
Han31:42 Straight Johnny D. 1992
Han6:235 Stratler Fred 1923
Han8:141 Stratton Harry Dale 1938
Han11:338 Straw Hattie 1955
Han7:149 Straw James 1929
Han5:46 Strawn Elmer 1914
Han6:240 Stricker Lincoln (Mrs.) 1921
Han5:68 Strickland Dr. 1915
Han6:88 Strickland Mrs. (Dr.) 1923
Han21:107 Strider William Ross "Bud", Jr. 1981
Han7:378 Strider Mrs. 1932
Han23:82 Strider Musetta (Schoonover) 1984
Han14:1248 Strider Palmer 1967
Han6:221 Strider William (Mrs.) 1926
Han28:46 Striggles Amy Renee 1989
Han28:64 Striggles Nancy Elizabeth 1989
Han16:1639 Strobel Elmer C. 1971
Han13:878 Strobel Lillian Margaret (White) 1962
Han32:30 Stroop Kathryn 1993
Han11:384 Strother Jenni Sue 1956
Han20:109 Strother Yuelta Gail (Barr) 1979
Han19:86 Stroud Gertrude M. (Ladrigan) 1977
Han20:26 Stroud Howard M. 1978
Han17:1885 Strunk Cordie (Smith) 1973
Han19:146 Strunk Lloyd 1977
Han8:252 Strunk Roy 1939
Han33:70 Studer Ronald Joseph, Sr. 1994
Han7:695 Sullivan Caroline 1936
Han8:482 Sullivan Florence Bell 1942
Han13:862 Sullivan Lillian 1962
Han27:38 Sullivan Sarah Elizabeth (Baird) 1988
Han25:93 Summers Leota (Parker) 1986
Han23:125 Sumner Everett 1984
Han20:80 Surface Robert E. 1978
Han15:1408 Surharski Elizabeth (Litton) 1968
Han16:1562 Sutherland Sallie (Edwards) 1970
Han13:852 Sutherland Willie Scott 1962
Han6:282 Suttles Georgie (Mrs.) 1926
Han10:169 Suttles Bernard A. 1953
Han17:1724 Suttles Charles E., Sr. 1972
Han8:72 Suttles Ella 1937
Han18:169 Suttles Florence M. (Vance) 1975
Han9:723 Suttles Francis M. 1946
Han7:269 Suttles Grace 1930
Han34:92 Suttles Lucy Mable (Shilts) 1995
Han12:582 Suttles Minnie 1959
Han7:196 Suttles Mrs. 1929
Han6:75 Suttles Nancy 1926
Han10:188 Suttles Ruth (Watkins) 1953
Han8:4 Suttles Shirley Ann 1937
Han7:96 Suttles Will 1928
Han21:104 Sutton Russell E. 1981
Han6:130 Sutton Albert 1920
Han9:843 Sutton Clara Lee (Monroe) 1947
Han10:66 Sutton Fred 1951
Han15:1325 Swango William Hiram 1968
Han28:15 Swearingen Glenn William 1989
Han11:333 Swearingen Anna 1955
Han16:1526 Swearingen Clark L. 1970
Han12:565 Swearingen Ernie Lee 1958
Han32:18 Swearingen Hamer 1993
Han30:2 Swearingen Jennie Marie (Collins) 1990
Han35:89 Swearingen Marvin E. 1996
Han28:35 Swearingen Mary Louise (Flint) 1989
Han32:61 Swearingen Verena 1993
Han9:655 Swearinger 1945
Han33:56 Sweat Donald Phillip 1994
Han34:93 Sweat Donald Phillip, Jr. 1995
Han32:10 Sweat John 1993
Han8:351 Sweningar Frances 1940
Han13:959 Swigert Bertha C. (Baker) 1963
Han10:56 Swigert Clyde 1951
Han8:448 Swigert Guy 1942
Han14:1282 Swigert Lorena Pauline (Schefsky) 1967
Han29:55 Swigert Stanley L. 1990
Han14:1197 Swinderman Elizabeth 1966
Han20:65 Swinson Elva (Frazier) 1978
Han13:1043 Sydenstricker John Caperton 1964
Han5:205 Symons Mollie 1918
Han7:598 Symons Minnie 1935
Han6:174 Symous Henly 1924
Han6:140 Synous Chas. (Mrs.) 1920
Han17:1792 Syphax Mae A. (Behymer) 1972
Han23:139 Szczyt Bonnie L. 1984


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