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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han9:862 Dale Rebecca (Van Hamm) 1948
Han9:696 Dalton Dennis 1945
Han13:828 Dalton Martha A. (Tucker) 1962
Han12:638 Damron Teressa Lynn 1959
Han11:479 Daniel Robert Werner 1957
Han24:40 Danischefsky John W. 1985
Han15:1339 Darby Roy D. 1968
Han11:519 Darby Cora E. 1958
Han9:782 Darby Edward P. 1946
Han17:1857 Darby Lydia Mae (Fink) 1973
Han16:1556 Darby Marie 1970
Han18:60 Darby Raymond E. 1974
Han6:136 Dare Alma 1925
Han34:49 Daugherty Bernard Lee 1995
Han5:85 Daugherty Blaine 1917
Han5:187 Daugherty Chas. (Mrs.) 1917
Han5:85 Daugherty Hugh (Mrs.) 1915
Han16:1568 Daugherty Cash C. 1970
Han19:21 Daugherty Mary A. 1976
Han20:13 Daugherty Nina E. (Wayland) 1978
Han19:169 Daugherty Patrick Lee 1977
Han6:6 Daugherty Wilson 1923
Han8:192 Daugherty Wilson 1939
Han5:14 Daughtery Jane 1914
Han17:1711 Daughtrey Clarence 1972
Han13:868 Daughtrey Marjorie (Carter) 1962
Han16:1554 Davenport Lillian May (Hayes) 1970
Han33:86 Davenport Luella C. (Wolfzorn) 1994
Han19:65 Davenport William Goodson, Jr. 1976
Han13:923 Davenport William Goodson, Sr. 1963
Han19:105 Davidson Clarence E. 1977
Han22:11 Davidson Hughie 1982
Han12:753 Davidson Alfred Green 1960
Han15:1316 Davidson Bessie M. (McDonough) 1968
Han19:24 Davidson David W. 1976
Han14:1205 Davidson Maude (DeBusk) 1966
Han17:1820 Davidson Stella C. (Archer) Shumaker 1973
Han30:35 Davidson Sylvia Ruth (Fhurer) 1991
Han9:760 Davies Amelia (Schmitt) 1946
Han9:947 Davis Emma (Hackett) 1950
Han23:123 Davis Emmett 1984
Han14:1087 Davis Enoch L. "Doc" 1965
Han6:14 Davis Hamilton 1922
Han18:28 Davis Harold 1974
Han14:1096 Davis Henry Walter 1965
Han8:151 Davis John A. 1938
Han9:628 Davis John Milton 1944
Han15:1441 Davis John Siler 1969
Han28:62 Davis Kenneth Edwin 1989
Han12:749 Davis Mary Elizabeth (Baber) 1960
Han10:171 Davis Mary Ellen (Conner) 1953
Han17:1774 Davis Milton Lee 1972
Han14:1119 Davis Nannie (Prewitt) 1965
Han8:298 Davis Olive L. 1940
Han9:612 Davis Olive S. 1944
Han12:748 Davis Richard H., Jr. 1960
Han8:153 Davischefsky William 1938
Han9:935 Dawson Edna (Willhoite) 1949
Han12:685 Dawson Elvira 1960
Han10:18 Dawson Joseph 1950
Han30:18 Dawson Leona A. (Beatty) 1991
Han13:865 Dawson Willard 1962
Han13:995 Day Ada (Day) 1964
Han7:282 Day Adam 1931
Han8:308 Day Charles (Mrs.) 1940
Han7:570 Day Charles G. 1934
Han16:1525 Day Charles J. 1970
Han34:15 Day Edna C. (Constable) 1995
Han4:8 Day George 1913
Han25:105 Day Kenneth 1986
Han12:717 Day Kenneth Wallace 1960
Han7:673 Day Mary Alice 1936
Han7:613 Day Mr. 1935
Han7:368 Day Mrs. 1932
Han6:226 Day Paul 1922
Han7:293 Day Retta 1931
Han7:674 Day Robert 1936
Han13:1052 Day Thomas J. 1964
Han22:71 Daye Myrtle B. (Little) 1982
Han17:1732 Dayton Clarence E. 1972
Han15:1414 Dayton Bertha (Brown) 1969
Han11:525 Dayton Lewis Ephraim 1958
Han10:261 Dayton Steven Richard 1954
Han13:901 Dean Geneva (Taylor) Surface 1962
Han18:123 Dean Pearl Etta (Leeds) 1975
Han20:25 Dean Robert J. 1978
Han30:96 Dean Robert, Jr. 1991
Han27:37 Dearth Ernest N. 1988
Han29:26 Dearth Jennie Lavonia (McQuesten) 1990
Han21:142 Dearth Stephanie D. 1981
Han8:280 DeBoard Amos 1940
Han7:484 DeBoard Sherman 1933
Han5:74 Deboard William 1918
Han6:67 Debold Emma 1925
Han8:285 DeBold Mrs. Emma 1940
Han25:70 DeBruler Lucille (Hux) 1986
Han11:484 Deeter Anna 1957
Han17:1705 Deeter Lester R. 1972
Han16:1592 Deeter Vera Wilhelmena (DeBoard) 1970
Han21:26 Deible Annette (Simmons) (Mrs.) 1980
Han19:109 Deitzel Thelma Lucinda (Snider) 1977
Han7:578 Demerost Mrs. 1935
Han18:19 Demoret Charles Gordon 1974
Han9:839 Dempsey Rufus C. 1947
Han29:7 Denney Floyd C., Sr. 1990
Han13:859 Dennis Dianna Gwen 1962
Han7:705 Derers Amanda 1936
Han28:52 Deskins Lois F. (Blessing) 1989
Han18:9 Deubel Edward J. 1974
Han30:86 Deubel Martha L. (McHuron) 1991
Han27:83 Devou Jeanette M. (Botts) 1988
Han5:147 Dewey J. S. 1916
Han5:123 Dewey J. S. 1916
Han28:55 Dewey Joseph C. 1989
Han6:42 Dewey L. W. 1919
Han6:42 Dewey L. W. (Mrs.) 1923
Han12:657 Dewey Lewis Wilson 1959
Han27:7 Dewey Maxine (Maxwell) 1988
Han14:1291 Dewey Susan M. (Montgomery) 1967
Han20:117 Dewey William C. 1979
Han7:105 DeWitt Thomas 1928
Han19:77 Dibble Clara Mae (Johnson) 1976
Han26:49 Dibble Ray M. (Rev.) 1987
Han15:1309 Dickey Elmer Allen 1968
Han8:494 Dickey Ida Belle 1942
Han12:765 Dickinson Edward 1961
Han13:960 Dickson Benjamin Hill 1963
Han14:1108 Dickson Leona (Earls) 1965
Han15:1328 Didcoct Bertha Constable (Riley) 1968
Han18:37 Dillon Hampton Lafayette 1974
Han18:65 Dillon Mildred M. (Miller) 1974
Han31:18 Dillow Carl V. 1992
Han16:1590 Dillow Jesse James 1970
Han19:123 Dillow Maude O. (Leighty) 1977
Han30:38 Dillow Verna Edith (Robinson) 1991
Han6:45 Dills Jackson 1919
Han23:120 DiMario Caroline Jean (Stuart) 1984
Han34:48 Dincler Mary L. (Perry) 1995
Han20:7 Dinnger Clara E. (Hubig) 1978
Han9:917 Dionne Ida (Wood) 1949
Han6:93 Dionne Muriel 1920
Han7:76 Dionne Will H. 1928
Han25:1 Dixon Elmer 1985
Han26:54 Dixon Elsie V. (Moore) 1987
Han30:49 Dixon James Samuel 1991
Han7:177 Doak Alice 1929
Han6:3 Doak Alverta 1924
Han13:980 Doak Carrie (Crawford) 1963
Han6:3 Doak Will 1919
Han10:98 Doak William 1952
Han33:88 Doan Donald Lee 1994
Han25:9 Doan Delbert Lee 1986
Han13:1001 Doan Matilda Isabel (Cromer) 1964
Han17:1895 Dockerty Ethel (Moore) 1973
Han9:958 Dockerty George A. 1950
Han26:21 Dockerty Geraldine 1987
Han7:187 Dockerty Mrs. 1929
Han31:24 Docter Frederick Charles 1992
Han32:5 Docter Glenna M. 1993
Han22:55 Docter Leroy 1982
Han9:828 Dodd Joseph Earl 1947
Han6:239 Dodd Jake (Mrs.) 1925
Han10:243 Dodd Joseph Henry 1954
Han7:312 Dodd Kate 1931
Han8:161 Dodd Martha A. 1938
Han7:184 Dodd Mrs. 1929
Han7:676 Dodds Children of C. B. 1936
Han25:39 Dodds George B. 1986
Han16:1514 Dodson Edward Lee 1970
Han8:421 Dogan Alpheus 1942
Han13:856 Dollenmeyer Edward Charles 1962
Han18:165 Doller August M. "Gus", Sr. 1975
Han21:77 Doller Louise Sophia (Jentz) 1980
Han12:811 Dolph Louis T. 1961
Han13:830 Dolph Ora E. (Thornhill) 1962
Han5:153 Donahue Frank 1916
Han6:119 Donahue Joe (Mrs.) 1920
Han7:483 Donoho Alva 1933
Han8:152 Donohoo Alma H. 1938
Han26:18 Donohoo Glayds M. (Goodwin) 1987
Han21:100 Donohoo Harry Anzley 1981
Han31:35 Donohoo John D. 1992
Han17:1738 Donohoo Mildred Florence (Stahl) 1972
Han13:1045 Donohoo Truman H. 1964
Han22:70 Donohoo Verda G. (Garner) 1982
Han21:69 Doodan Mary Karen (Wilson) 1980
Han25:44 Dorsey Jon Wallace 1986
Han16:1679 Dorsey Virginia L. (Powell) 1971
Han8:387 Doss B. (Mrs.) 1941
Han9:599 Doss Ben 1944
Han18:53 Doss Clarence Clifford 1974
Han22:1 Doss Etta E. (Butler) 1982
Han18:74 Doss Georgie Marie (Walker) 1974
Han17:1901 Doss Harvey John 1973
Han6:49 Doss Henry (Col.) 1923
Han29:37 Doss Iva Myrtle (Leasher) 1990
Han10:120 Doss Jesse John 1952
Han10:121 Doss Ronald Joseph 1952
Han15:1380 Doty Marie (Balser) 1968
Han7:442 Dougherty Emma 1933
Han35:26 Doughman Floyd Frank 1996
Han18:26 Doughman John 1974
Han18:77 Doughman Katharine (Keller) 1974
Han8:373 Doughman A. E. 1941
Han12:630 Doughman Addie 1959
Han9:547 Doughman Anna 1943
Han7:153 Doughman Delbert Dale 1929
Han13:854 Doughman Donald Eugene 1962
Han7:413 Doughman Elijah 1932
Han14:1167 Doughman Goldie (Davis) 1966
Han14:1134 Doughman Hiram Leroy 1965
Han30:12 Doughman James E. 1991
Han7:542 Doughman John B. 1934
Han18:179 Doughman Laurel D. "Buz" 1975
Han7:389 Doughman Leroy, Jr. 1932
Han7:597 Doughman Leslie 1935
Han29:48 Doughman Maggie (Hill) 1990
Han12:601 Doughman Margaret (Young) 1959
Han11:546 Doughman Matella 1958
Han20:179 Doughman Melverna Etta (Schooley) 1979
Han8:190 Doughman Sarah L. (Liming) 1939
Han7:24 Doughman Valentine (Mrs.) 1927
Han6:100 Doughman William 1920
Han10:78 Doughman William Ellsworth 1951
Han30:72 Doughty Margaret Evans (Baker) 1991
Han7:533 Dowdell Addie 1934
Han7:66 Dowler Allison 1928
Han9:954 Dowler Clyde 1950
Han25:21 Dowler Clyde 1986
Han20:129 Dowler Julia Lucille (Tufts) 1979
Han10:43 Dowler Roy 1951
Han24:20 Downard Ollie (Rowland) 1985
Han26:6 Downhour Susan 1987
Han12:773 Downhour William Henry 1961
Han7:309 Downing Mack 1931
Han9:703 Drake Baby 1945
Han5:74 Drake Thomas J. 1915
Han7:471 Drake Amanda 1933
Han9:577 Drake Barry Neil 1944
Han10:75 Drake Blanche M. (Hampton) 1951
Han8:189 Drake Irena 1939
Han6:180 Drake Joe (Mrs.) 1924
Han9:523 Drake Lillian May 1943
Han9:792 Drake R. D. 1947
Han4:3 Drake Thomas (Mrs.) 1913
Han16:1577 Drake W. Z. 1970
Han8:90 Draper Mrs. 1937
Han24:17 Drostie Frank 1985
Han10:204 Druhman Clemens E. 1953
Han16:1684 Drummond Josephine (Bogan) 1971
Han11:369 Drummond Nathan Lee 1956
Han14:1265 Drummond Vernon M. 1967
Han19:79 Dudley Frank N. 1976
Han5:130 Dudley Clarence 1916
Han15:1334 Dudley Dora M. (Werner) 1968
Han20:69 Dudley Dorothy (Knight) 1978
Han16:1641 Dudley George 1971
Han24:59 Dudley James L. 1985
Han16:1643 Dudley Lela N. 1971
Han4:6 Dudley Watson 1913
Han24:19 Duff Lulu (Collier) 1985
Han5:148 Duffy Lewis (Mrs.) 1916
Han10:167 Duffy Lida Esther (Starr) 1953
Han5:31 Dumford Charley 1914
Han9:597 Dumford Nancy 1944
Han8:368 Dumford Nelson 1941
Han7:103 Duncan Ed. (Mrs.) 1928
Han7:356 Duncan George 1928
Han11:345 Duncan George James 1955
Han30:73 Duncanson Jefferson L. 1991
Han6:55 Dunford Archie (Mrs.) 1923
Han6:56 Dunford Charley 1922
Han7:315 Dunford Lillie 1931
Han7:527 Dunford Vicie 1934
Han32:17 Dunham Fannie 1993
Han17:1860 Dunham Robert H. 1973
Han34:46 Dunkerley Robert A. 1995
Han9:720 Dunn Alta Wyonia 1946
Han18:8 Dunn Catherine (Heddix) 1974
Han7:630 Dunn Daughter of Lester 1935
Han8:250 Dunn Edward H. 1939
Han8:70 Dunn Evelyn 1937
Han21:4 Dunn Lela Marie (Denny) 1980
Han34:47 Dunn Lester 1995
Han22:119 Dunn Lillie B. (Bogart) 1983
Han10:54 Dunn Mabel 1951
Han15:1449 Dunn Ova 1969
Han8:337 Dunn Robert 1940
Han6:123 Dunn Walter (Mrs.) 1920
Han7:304 Dunn Walter (Mrs.) 1931
Han6:76 Dunn Will (Mrs.) 1920
Han30:47 Duplain Frank Joseph, Jr. 1991
Han29:81 Duranceau Esther Arlene (Foor) 1990
Han6:84 Durbin A. E. 1922
Han14:1118 Durbin Pearl 1965
Han8:56 Durham Leona 1937
Han29:79 Durham Omer "Butch" 1990


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