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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han9:546 Lacy Ira 1943
Han8:16 Lacy Lou (Evans) 1937
Han10:52 Lafferty John 1951
Han9:740 Lafferty Marie (Fenner) 1946
Han7:632 LaForge Belle 1935
Han6:88 LaForge James 1920
Han11:471 LaForge James 1957
Han6:83 LaForge Wasson (Mrs.) 1923
Han14:1234 Lair Lee 1967
Han18:56 Lair Mildred Alta 1974
Han21:137 Lair Sophia Nannia (Coffey) 1981
Han16:1500 Lair William Z. 1970
Han9:817 Lamey George 1947
Han32:13 Lamke Fred W. 1993
Han13:834 Lamke Vivian Irene (Wattenbarger) 1962
Han8:398 Lancaster Phoebe 1941
Han27:23 Lance Eliza (Ashbook) 1988
Han14:1136 Lance John Henry 1965
Han34:9 Land Robert L. 1995
Han27:17 Lane Clyde C., Sr. 1988
Han14:1082 Lane Columbus O. 1965
Han11:319 Lane Patricia Sue 1955
Han27:74 Lane Pearl (Combest) 1988
Han35:50 Lane Shirley (Coldiron) 1996
Han22:15 Laney Arley 1982
Han23:15 Langford Pamela Sue 1983
Han29:84 Lanham Zachary Alan 1990
Han7:377 Lannier A. J. (Mrs.) 1932
Han6:239 Lannier J. A. (Mrs.) 1921
Han17:1706 Lansing Thomas L. 1972
Han20:110 Lansing Chester Orville 1979
Han21:200 Larrick Eldon Gordon 1981
Han7:559 Larrick Anna M. 1934
Han14:1220 Larrick Clifford Perry 1966
Han21:120 Larrick Lavona H. (Henselman) 1981
Han7:451 Larrick Lloyd 1933
Han5:120 Larrick William 1918
Han20:154 Larson Bernice (Martin) 1979
Han19:108 LaSeu Eugene M. 1977
Han11:390 LaSeur George R. 1956
Han35:54 LaSeur Judith Pearl Marie (Dickinson) 1996
Han21:205 LaSeur Kenneth E. 1981
Han24:22 LaSeur Mary Elizabeth (Wheeler) 1985
Han21:179 LaSeur Robert 1981
Han14:1307 LaSeur William 1967
Han6:30 LaSuer Geo. 1922
Han22:116 Latham George Richard, Jr. 1983
Han8:243 Laurier Mr. 1939
Han9:541 Laweance John W. 1943
Han21:95 Lawrence William Gary 1981
Han9:572 Lawrence Beverly 1944
Han8:165 Lawson Amanda 1938
Han24:64 Lawson Barbara M. (Flint) 1985
Han35:49 Lawson David Lee 1996
Han28:13 Lawson James Gregory 1989
Han10:58 Lawson Junnie (Peck) 1951
Han15:1450 Lawson Ova Morton 1969
Han21:112 Lawson Patricia Ann (Clark) 1981
Han10:68 Lawson Rosa Lee (Profitt) 1951
Han32:50 Layman Alma 1993
Han5:108 Layman Everett 1918
Han5:191 Layman G. M. (Mrs.) 1918
Han5:87 Layman R. B. 1915
Han8:207 Layman R. B. 1939
Han6:116 Layman Roll 1920
Han14:1079 Laymon Goldie (Slye) 1965
Han7:318 Laymon Helen 1931
Han9:560 Laymon Iva J. 1943
Han8:380 Laymon Ollie 1941
Han20:124 Laymon Ruth H. (Garrison) 1979
Han7:687 Laymon Urcel 1936
Han5:125 Lazenby R. J. 1916
Han8:378 Lazenby Ethel 1941
Han7:182 Lazenby R. J. 1929
Han5:50 Lazure Geo (Mrs.) 1918
Han7:201 Lazure Mrs. 1929
Han20:59 Leach Charles B. 1978
Han6:48 Leach Art 1924
Han6:174 Leak Augusta 1920
Han10:67 Leak Infant Male 1951
Han10:69 Leak Judith Ann 1951
Han14:1114 Leak Lee Morgan 1965
Han14:1116 Leak Marie C. (Carroll) 1965
Han35:51 Leasher Terry Leonard 1996
Han15:1415 Leath Mary Miranda (Wilson) 1969
Han23:80 Leaverton Hubert E. 1984
Han7:621 Leaverton Tom (Mrs.) 1935
Han25:47 Ledford David J. 1986
Han15:1342 Ledford Anna Lee (Wilcox) 1968
Han31:10 Ledford Glenn E. 1992
Han21:66 Ledford Goldie Marie (Soale) 1980
Han8:422 Ledford Hugh L. 1942
Han19:100 Ledford James H. 1977
Han14:1122 Ledford Jane (Taylor) 1965
Han9:844 Ledford Sara (Hamilton) 1947
Han20:83 Ledford William Elbert 1978
Han13:1050 Lee Alva H. 1964
Han12:764 Lee Bertha (Shank) 1961
Han6:196 Lee Frank 1921
Han18:189 Lee Harvey Garfield 1975
Han13:905 Lee Russell 1962
Han7:327 Leeka Harry 1931
Han7:327 Leeka Kathryn 1931
Han9:646 Leeka W. B. (Mrs.) 1944
Han11:412 Leeka Witter H. 1956
Han8:22 Leever Fidella (Scott) 1937
Han5:189 Leever Mark 1917
Han6:24 Leever Mark 1919
Han20:35 Leever Mary A. 1978
Han7:577 Leffer Jacob 1935
Han25:101 Leffler Clyde 1986
Han15:1365 Leffler Agnes May 1968
Han30:84 Leffler Bertha Edna 1991
Han19:156 Leffler Hannah M. 1977
Han8:175 Leffler Mary A. 1938
Han12:777 Legg Debby 1961
Han23:58 Lehmkuhl Marilyn Sue (Shoemaker) 1984
Han22:86 Lehmkuhl-Tuggle Ivy Irene (Putman) 1983
Han6:256 Lehr John (Mrs.) 1922
Han8:403 Leigfried Emma 1941
Han24:71 Leigh Dallas E. 1985
Han31:11 Leigh Idella (Lee) 1992
Han18:71 Leininger Roy William 1974
Han28:37 Leininger Ruth L. (Richardson) 1989
Han20:81 Leisk Viola (Hutchins) 1978
Han7:382 Leitz Bloom 1932
Han12:555 LeMaster Jeffrey 1958
Han12:580 LeMaster Michael S. 1959
Han9:514 Lemon Cyrus L. 1943
Han16:1630 LeMon Robert W. 1971
Han9:710 Lemons Peter 1945
Han8:470 Lemons Virginia 1942
Han5:141 Leonard Albert 1917
Han22:46 Leonard Albert F. 1982
Han8:157 Leonard Hypolite 1938
Han15:1471 Leonard Sarah Elizabeth (Martin) 1969
Han5:136 Lester C. E. (Mrs.) 1916
Han7:546 Levers William O. 1934
Han6:158 Lewis A. M. 1924
Han14:1223 Lewis Ada P. (Pruitt) 1966
Han23:106 Lewis Alberta (Wolfe) 1984
Han18:116 Lewis John H. 1975
Han35:52 Lewis Lisa Elaine (Hurst) 1996
Han27:49 Lewis Lundy W. 1988
Han8:317 Lewis Myrta 1940
Han19:165 Lewis Sarah 1977
Han8:97 Lewis W. R. 1937
Han8:218 Liddil Jane 1939
Han26:105 Liddil Fonrose R. 1987
Han6:163 Liddil Robert 1920
Han9:722 Lieurance Josephine 1946
Han7:500 Liewrance Cordella 1933
Han6:70 Light W. A. 1919
Han7:381 Linn C. M. (Mrs.) 1932
Han10:245 Linn Clement M. 1954
Han13:890 Little Charles E. 1962
Han6:224 Little Dave 1926
Han9:886 Little George W. 1944
Han16:1678 Little Anna Johnson 1971
Han7:450 Little George 1933
Han7:45 Little George W. 1927
Han8:413 Little George W. 1941
Han12:656 Little H. C. 1959
Han10:162 Little Harriet s. (Cramer) 1952
Han10:287 Little Hershel A. 1954
Han7:56 Little Jennie 1928
Han6:180 Little Kizzie 1920
Han6:159 Little Miss. 1923
Han6:89 Little Mrs. 1926
Han6:167 Little Russell 1920
Han16:1521 Little Samuel H. 1970
Han31:20 Little Wanda Lee (Baughman) 1992
Han7:467 Locke Beatrice 1933
Han8:344 Loechel Philip 1940
Han23:26 Loman Mary Louise (Hallstead) 1983
Han30:9 Long Earl Paul 1991
Han5:126 Long I. J. (Mrs.) 1917
Han5:107 Long Michael 1916
Han14:1235 Long Ralph Wilson, Jr. 1967
Han7:565 Long Raymond Lee 1934
Han7:565 Long Rolf Lee 1934
Han6:9 Long Albert 1922
Han8:481 Long Albert B. 1942
Han29:71 Long Anna E. (Bentler) 1990
Han11:353 Long Blanche Dimmitt 1955
Han8:128 Long Clifford A. 1938
Han14:1183 Long Delilah C. (Wade) 1966
Han9:742 Long Eliza 1946
Han30:15 Long Elizabeth Marie (Farris) 1991
Han35:53 Long Ethel G. (Wade) 1996
Han6:25 Long Fred 1922
Han6:25 Long Fred (Mrs.) 1925
Han11:503 Long Frederick S. 1958
Han15:1496 Long Gerald 1969
Han15:1496a Long Harold 1969
Han6:9 Long James 1919
Han17:1741 Long James 1972
Han15:1387 Long Lawrence 1968
Han19:69 Long Lizzie M. (Donahue) 1976
Han14:1078 Long Mae (Rhude) 1965
Han6:7 Long Margaret 1922
Han12:583 Long Michael Soth 1959
Han19:96 Long Paul E. 1977
Han8:28 Long Ralph W. 1937
Han8:326 Long Rosa 1940
Han5:160 Long Town (Mrs.) 1917
Han9:673 Long William 1945
Han15:1485 Long William O. 1969
Han33:9 Long William Thomas "Bill" 1994
Han30:83 Lorentz John C. 1991
Han18:121 Lorentz Joseph William 1975
Han31:45 Lorentz Madelene Ruth (Graham) 1992
Han9:944 Lorish Irene 1949
Han8:67 Lorish Logan S. 1937
Han7:106 Losh C. P. 1928
Han7:134 Losh F. K. 1929
Han8:159 Losh Francis C. 1938
Han8:360 Losh G. O. 1941
Han6:48 Losh G. V. 1919
Han20:74 Losh Hazel L. (Dr.) 1978
Han5:148 Losh S. A. 1918
Han35:55 Lottes Nina Joyce (Easton) 1996
Han31:75 Louiso Joseph L. 1992
Han24:21 Louiso Frances M. (Muell) 1985
Han19:51 Louiso Joseph Daniel 1976
Han14:1088 Louiso Louis William 1965
Han22:47 Loup Dorothy Louise 1982
Han32:64 Lovins Minta May 1993
Han16:1561 Lowe Kimberly Sue 1970
Han20:11 Lower Clifford B. 1978
Han14:1131 Lower Bernard Anthony 1965
Han13:872 Lower Mary S. (Barnes) 1962
Han28:71 Lower Raymond B., Sr. 1989
Han12:707 Lowery Lillian Friend 1960
Han6:152 Lowman B. F. 1924
Han6:152 Lowman J. M. 1924
Han12:611 Lowman Annie Isabelle (Jones) 1959
Han8:356 Lowman Frank 1941
Han5:148 Lowman J. M. 1917
Han10:282 Lowman James Merton 1954
Han11:314 Lowman Leonard Ray 1955
Han6:154 Lowman Sherman 1920
Han26:89 Lowman Wendell E. 1987
Han19:116 Lucas Carrie Sue (Alford) 1977
Han12:653 Lucas David C. 1959
Han15:1421 Lucas Dora A. (Smith) 1969
Han7:576 Lucas Edna 1935
Han11:504 Lucas Kathleen 1958
Han27:80 Lucas Robert E., (Dr.) 1988
Han19:117 Lucas Shelia Marie 1977
Han11:442 Lucas Walter E. 1957
Han34:64 Lucas Walter Eugene 1995
Han9:781 Lucas William E. 1946
Han8:62 Lucas William, Jr. 1937
Han6:173 Luddington Senorer (Mrs.) 1920
Han13:844 Ludington Alma Rhea (Lowry) 1962
Han27:15 Ludlum Raymond "Sonny" 1988
Han9:623 Ludlum Rosalie 1944
Han7:536 Lundy A. D. 1934
Han5:154 Lundy Aaron 1916
Han5:207 Lundy Marth 1918
Han6:86 Luti William 1920
Han12:591 Lynch Clara Belle (Losh) 1959
Han19:81 Lynch Nellie P. (Steele) 1977
Han30:97 Lynch Phyllis Maretta (Sweat) 1991
Han9:795 Lyon Alice E. 1947
Han5:118 Lyon Allie 1916
Han8:384 Lyons 1941
Han13:928 Lyons George W. 1963
Han27:11 Lyons Blanche Cora (Sharp) 1988
Han14:1240 Lyons Catherine (Flannery) 1967
Han9:807 Lyons Clifford Eugene 1947
Han22:69 Lyons Creola M. (Myers) 1982
Han5:79 Lyons David 1914
Han7:43 Lyons David (Mrs.) 1927
Han32:63 Lyons Ethel 1993
Han26:24 Lyons Everette M. 1987
Han13:1026 Lyons Jeffery Douglas 1964
Han20:146 Lyons Lillian Belle (Moomaw) 1979
Han30:16 Lyons Lora Alice (Walsh) 1991
Han7:22 Lyons Mabel 1927
Han6:229 Lyons Mack 1925
Han7:575 Lyons Mack 1935
Han9:898 Lyons Mulford 1949
Han7:262 Lyons Ruben (Mrs.) 1930
Han26:72 Lyttle T. Roy, Sr. 1987
Han19:129 Lyttle Pearl (Muchmore) 1977
Han14:1154 Lyttle Theodore N. 1966


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