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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han28:39 Mabne Gregory Wendell 1989
Han12:574 Mack Freddy 1958
Han17:1699 Mack Martha Ellen (Ford) 1972
Han23:16 Mack Paul J. 1983
Han25:29 Mack Ralph L. 1986
Han11:362 Maddox Burla Dean 1955
Han11:357 Maddox Thomas Oscar 1955
Han6:135 Madigan Mattie 1920
Han15:1446 Maffey Grace (Pell) 1969
Han23:10 Magill Pearl C. (Tufts) Miller 1983
Han21:113 Mahaffey Grace (Sexton) 1981
Han28:14 Mahlerwein George 1989
Han12:806 Mahlerwein Margaret 1961
Han21:192 Maines Everett E. 1981
Han9:734 Maines Mable Arleen 1946
Han20:30 Maines Naomi G. (Greene) 1978
Han31:32 Malin Philip Maxwell 1992
Han34:71 Malott Elmer Lawrence 1995
Han21:166 Malott Francis Harold 1981
Han18:174 Malott Heber J. 1975
Han12:807 Malott Lottie J. (Jordan) 1961
Han10:60 Mangus Lulu Mae (Layman) 1951
Han33:48 Mann Elsie M. (Oberting) 1994
Han28:11 Mann Estill, Sr. 1989
Han33:28 Mann Helen 1994
Han8:76 Mann Nora 1937
Han8:215 Mann W. E. 1939
Han35:64 Manning Woodrow W. 1996
Han17:1717 Manos Ida Belle (Michael) Achor 1972
Han25:72 Manzo Paul 1986
Han32:8 Marburger George 1993
Han15:1318 Marcelino Frank J. 1968
Han18:156 Marcelino John F. 1975
Han19:152 Marcelino Jack M. 1977
Han8:391 Marconette Ida 1941
Han15:1455 Marlette Richard L. 1969
Han26:5 Marlor Geter 1987
Han15:1315 Marlor Mary Evelyn (Armstrong) 1968
Han19:102 Marlor Virginia Walker (Hodson) 1977
Han15:1331 Marsh Richard Albert (Cpl) 1968
Han5:196 Marsh Perry 1918
Han23:121 Marshall Howard L. 1984
Han5:15 Marshall John 1914
Han15:1488 Marshall Alice (Snider) 1969
Han13:943 Marshall George Abner 1963
Han6:57 Marshall Herman 1922
Han6:237 Marshall Hugh 1921
Han8:415 Marshall Hugh 1941
Han8:451 Marshall Joe 1942
Han6:57 Marshall John 1919
Han13:831 Marshall John H. 1962
Han29:90 Marshall Ruth Geraldine (Gipson) 1990
Han9:706 Marshall Samuel 1945
Han6:214 Mart Nick (Mrs.) 1921
Han14:1144 Martin Delbert R. 1965
Han18:186 Martin Eugene R. 1975
Han6:8 Martin Isaac 1921
Han13:942 Martin Albert B. (M.D.) 1963
Han21:172 Martin Bud Oscar Edward 1981
Han23:50 Martin Clara Margaret (Stagge) 1984
Han14:1204 Martin Clifford E. 1966
Han21:94 Martin Delmer E. 1981
Han16:1624 Martin Edith (McPherson) 1971
Han12:724 Martin Irma (Guilkey) 1960
Han7:581 Martin Jennie 1935
Han10:10 Martin Margaret (McMullen) 1950
Han9:721 Martin Mary 1946
Han34:19 Martin Omer 1995
Han9:788 Martin Roberts 1947
Han9:910 Martin Sarah (Black) 1949
Han6:150 Martin Thos. (Mrs.) 1920
Han6:56 Martin William 1925
Han9:906 Marvin John J. 1949
Han14:1132 Mason Alice (Neil) 1965
Han34:73 Mason Charles Eldon 1995
Han29:89 Mason Howard Wesley "Jack" 1990
Han24:50 Mason Lelia L. "Babe" (Grote) 1985
Han13:1037 Mason Minnie Maude (Strange) 1964
Han31:56 Mason Pamela Sue 1992
Han34:76 Massey Eileen (Mills) 1995
Han18:143 Mast Ada B. (Johnson) (Mrs.) 1975
Han13:1039 Mast Harry M. 1964
Han27:57 Mastin Brian Allen 1988
Han22:64 Mastin Eddie Ray, Jr. 1982
Han24:95 Mastin Natasha Marie 1985
Han29:53 Mathes Howard E. 1990
Han20:34 Mathes Alice Elsie (Spresser) 1978
Han13:969 Mathes George 1963
Han33:13 Mathews Robert 1994
Han21:202 Mathews Callie B. (Adams) 1981
Han22:56 Mathews Sherman J. 1982
Han21:124 Mathias Mary Rhoda (Creighton) 1981
Han23:44 Matich Michael 1983
Han25:62 Matich Elsie (Coon) 1986
Han13:1051 Mattick William A. 1964
Han9:674 Maudy Hockett (Mrs.) 1945
Han21:67 Maull Gertrude D. (Denghausen) 1980
Han13:999 Maull Margaret (Riley) 1964
Han18:14 Maxfield Charles E. 1974
Han9:869 Maxfield Charles William, Jr. 1948
Han7:518 Maxfield Elvada (Mrs.) 1934
Han7:41 Maxfield George (Mrs.) 1927
Han17:1882 Maxfield George Harold 1973
Han11:354 Maxfield James T. 1955
Han10:283 Maxfield Jennie E. (Hubert) 1954
Han20:167 Maxfield Mary Ellen (Lewis) 1979
Han6:52 Maxfield Mr. 1919
Han7:278 Maxfield Nancy 1931
Han13:849 Maxfield William R. 1962
Han7:175 Maxwell Ada V. 1929
Han7:545 Maxwell Herman 1934
Han8:273 Mayer Edward A. 1940
Han25:59 Mayes Emma (Stamper) 1986
Han13:924 Mayes Theodore Roosevelt 1963
Han14:1135 Mayhew Joseph Terrence, Jr. 1965
Han7:117 Maylott Father 1928
Han21:160 Maynard Richard H. 1981
Han18:100 McAninch Gregory Keith 1974
Han31:6 McAnnich Marion Dayton 1992
Han7:162 McBeth J. L. 1929
Han17:1798 McCall Carl A. 1972
Han20:176 McCall Forrest 1979
Han9:938 McCall Effie (Dodds) 1949
Han13:864 McCall Margaret A. (Walker 1962
Han6:227 McCall Perry 1921
Han11:510 McCall Perry W. 1958
Han8:441 McCall Sylvia 1942
Han9:518 McCall Wilson C. 1943
Han20:135 McCarren Sylvia E. (Tucker) 1979
Han13:887 McCarthy Ellen C. 1962
Han6:179 McCartney Clara 1924
Han6:22 McClain Earl 1921
Han9:505 McClalan Doris Jane 1943
Han17:1850 McClanahan Clayton Levi 1973
Han7:713 McClanahan Ethel 1936
Han8:239 McClanahan Frank 1939
Han12:731 McClanahan Jack Levi 1960
Han8:312 McClanahan Judith 1940
Han7:645 McClelland Thomas 1936
Han7:410 McClung Mrs. 1932
Han34:66 McCollum Howard E. 1995
Han16:1545 McCollum Julia May (Shumaker) 1970
Han10:59 McCollum Samuel Edward 1951
Han33:12 McCollum Walter James 1994
Han35:57 McComas Charles Glenn 1996
Han5:104 McCord Frank 1915
Han22:28 McCoy Fred E. 1982
Han30:81 McCoy Fred M. 1991
Han7:348 McCoy Harry 1931
Han25:100 McCoy Madge W. (Wilkin) 1986
Han6:121 McCoy Wayne (Mrs.) 1920
Han17:1872 McCray Orvin 1973
Han5:107 McCray Thomas 1916
Han16:1582 McCray Amanda Rose (Winfield) 1970
Han7:308 McCray Christy 1931
Han7:40 McCray Clate (Mrs.) 1927
Han8:155 McCray Daniel 1938
Han7:503 McCray Rebecca 1934
Han34:65 McCulley Harry Buddy 1995
Han21:98 McDaniel Woodrow Wilson 1981
Han17:1892 McDaniel George Washington 1973
Han23:141 McDermott Mabel Jane (Murphy) 1984
Han5:192 McDonald Al 1918
Han7:198 McDonald Allison 1929
Han21:187 McDougall Oliver J. 1981
Han10:163 McDowell George F. 1952
Han13:1028 McDowell Judith Ann (Warrick) 1964
Han17:1781 McDowell Margaret (Estep) 1972
Han21:93 McElfresh Bess C. (Cart) 1981
Han35:59 McElfresh Flonnie Ann (Perry) 1996
Han22:57 McElfresh Frank 1982
Han5:149 McFadden J. W. (Mrs.) 1916
Han7:347 McFadden C. B. 1931
Han6:49 McFadden Hettie 1925
Han9:824 McFadden Hettie (Moore) 1947
Han6:107 McFarren Samuel 1920
Han14:1199 McFerren Charles 1966
Han14:1250 McFerren James 1967
Han9:873 McGonigal Katherine 1948
Han8:382 McGowan Charles 1941
Han34:6 McGuire Charles James 1995
Han27:67 McGuire Kinley W. 1988
Han33:66 McGuire Shirley Ann (Kamphouse) 1994
Han22:41 McHenry Dale V. 1982
Han8:236 McHenry E. A. 1939
Han14:1074 McHenry Edward A. 1965
Han12:668 McHenry Eliza (Chamberlin) 1960
Han23:38 McHenry Elsie M. (Eggert) 1983
Han30:1 McHenry Mary Kathryn (Groves) 1990
Han12:637 McHenry Robert 1959
Han5:162 McHenry Sam 1917
Han13:1015 McHenry Samuel A. 1964
Han6:272 McHenry Walter 1925
Han8:357 McHenry Warren 1941
Han6:58 McHenry Wiley 1923
Han25:67 McHenry William H. 1986
Han5:83 McHugh J. M. 1918
Han23:135 McIlvee Effie L. (Eaton) 1984
Han35:60 McIntyre Andrew, Jr. 1996
Han19:7 McKay Robert F. 1976
Han28:1 McKee Everett 1988
Han29:23 McKee Alice M. (Chaney) 1990
Han25:42 McKee Evalena (Owen) 1986
Han13:958 McKee Hobart 1963
Han13:972 McKee Sonny 1963
Han17:1809 McKenna Sarah E. (Gormly) 1973
Han19:114 McKenzie Stella M. (Seipel) 1977
Han7:547 McKibbans Hannah 1934
Han23:48 McKiinney Katherine Annabelle (Brown) 1984
Han5:6 McKinney Artie V. 1918
Han5:20 McKinney E. H. 1914
Han5:12 McKinney S. 1914
Han9:851 McKinney Alton 1948
Han7:375 McKinney Benage 1932
Han7:541 McKinney Charles 1934
Han8:176 McKinney Elsworth 1938
Han25:15 McKinney John Emil 1986
Han20:23 McKinney Mary Marie (South) 1978
Han9:520 McKinney Reginold 1943
Han7:623 McKinney Sarah 1935
Han5:113 McKinney Todd 1916
Han6:252 McMillin D. C. 1922
Han21:194 McMullen Charles W., Sr. 1981
Han15:1481 McMullen Clifford Leroy 1969
Han35:56 McMullen Clifford L., Jr. 1996
Han17:1746 McMullen Clyde 1972
Han19:84 McMullen Elmer Arthur 1977
Han27:13 McMullen Ethel (Peck) 1988
Han25:31 McMullen John W. 1986
Han17:1832 McMullen Mary Ruth (Bailey) Kilburn 1973
Han34:67 McMullen Robert B. 1995
Han8:201 McNemar Mary (Callon) 1939
Han9:627 McNew Clara Ann 1944
Han7:683 McNewman Mr. & Mrs. 1936
Han6:30 McNiel Charley (Mrs.) 1919
Han17:1709 McPherson Edwin O. 1972
Han27:78 McPherson Ernest 1988
Han18:149 McPherson Larry Dean 1975
Han24:88 McPherson William E. 1985
Han28:29 McPherson Audrey "Sharlene (Smith) 1989
Han20:150 McPherson Fred S. 1979
Han35:58 McPherson Nancy Evelyn (Lawson) 1996
Han17:1759 McPherson Roosevelt 1972
Han33:7 McPherson Virginia Bell (Waters) 1993
Han23:59 McQuesten David M. 1984
Han20:47 McQuesten Tillie A. (Gilman) 1978
Han20:97 McRae Everett M. 1978
Han10:260 McRae Harriet Elizabeth (Craig) 1954
Han6:87 McVay E. J. (Dr.) 1920
Han4:5 McVey Joe T. 1913
Han30:41 Meadows Thomas N. 1991
Han35:62 Meadows Burl Russell 1996
Han12:560 Meddock William E. 1958
Han6:200 Meek Chas. (Mrs.) 1921
Han15:1418 Meek Elizabeth C. (Fry) 1969
Han6:152 Meek Frank (Mrs.) 1920
Han6:44 Meek Will (Mrs.) 1926
Han7:416 Meek William 1932
Han5:182 Mefford Chas. 1917
Han7:602 Megrue Mary Jane 1935
Han31:77 Meineke Ronald Anthony 1992
Han15:1467 Meineke Anthony C. 1969
Han11:396 Meinken Arthur C. 1956
Han12:690 Meinken Florence (Little) 1960
Han10:11 Meinken Marie 1950
Han28:67 Meredith James M. "Pud" 1989
Han27:21 Merritt George Wesley 1988
Han26:22 Messer Nina Lee (Spence) 1987
Han30:33 Messer Walter "Dude" 1991
Han18:114 Messman Howard 1975
Han32:62 Metheny Daisy 1993
Han30:22 Metheny Willis C. "Bill" 1991
Han29:22 Metzenheim Clarice W. (Wainwright) 1990
Han13:927 Metzenheim Henry Herman 1963
Han20:89 Metzer Lester 1978
Han21:8 Metzger Donald Ray 1980
Han33:2 Metzger Mae (Mossman) Stackhouse 1994
Han11:360 Meyer Joseph F. 1955
Han5:34 Meyers Samuel 1918
Han5:36 Meyers Till (Aunt) 1917
Han35:63 Michael Howard R. 1996
Han20:171 Michael Leonard T. 1979
Han26:48 Michael Rudolph R. 1987
Han8:430 Michael Sarah 1942
Han10:27 Michael Wilbert K. 1950
Han5:185 Michaels Eldrige 1917
Han34:69 Michaelson Esther (Rosenweig) 1995
Han16:1533 Mickey Walter Weimer 1970
Han33:54 Mider William James 1994
Han7:109 Miles Belle 1928
Han6:238 Miley Anna 1921
Han14:1138 Miley John C. 1965
Han5:53 Miller C. C. (Mrs.) 1914
Han5:43 Miller David 1914
Han5:197 Miller Elizabeth 1918
Han5:96 Miller Frances 1915
Han5:6 Miller George 1914
Han10:73 Miller John "Jack" 1951
Han5:15 Miller Rebecca Ann 1914
Han6:96 Miller Russell (Mrs.) 1920
Han25:18 Miller Willie 1986
Han8:34 Miller Ada May 1937
Han28:17 Miller Ala Fay (Jerrod) 1989
Han19:11 Miller Albert F. 1976
Han21:51 Miller Alden W. 1980
Han19:44 Miller Avis T. (Thompson) 1976
Han23:94 Miller Charles H. 1984
Han29:91 Miller Dovie Mae (Shouse) 1990
Han7:464 Miller Electra 1933
Han7:391 Miller Elnora 1932
Han15:1495 Miller Eugene H. 1969
Han7:159 Miller Frank 1929
Han30:55 Miller Gail Vernon 1991
Han17:1815 Miller George W. 1973
Han6:110 Miller Harry (Mrs.) 1925
Han17:1777 Miller Imogene (Bosier) 1972
Han9:738 Miller Isaac C. 1946
Han7:392 Miller James E. 1932
Han8:5 Miller James F. 1937
Han26:66 Miller Jessie May (Prosser) 1987
Han6:131 Miller John 1922
Han7:465 Miller John 1933
Han12:776 Miller Logan G. 1961
Han7:373 Miller Loraine 1932
Han8:9 Miller Louella 1937
Han17:1890 Miller Louella (Jackson) 1973
Han13:945 Miller Margaret (Boles) 1963
Han9:525 Miller Mary E. 1943
Han34:72 Miller Otilla Mae 1995
Han27:31 Miller Patricia Ann (Metzger) 1988
Han8:397 Miller Paul 1941
Han12:673 Miller Philip Russell 1960
Han27:36 Miller Ralph 1988
Han16:1670 Miller Ralph Russell 1971
Han24:73 Miller Raymen Glen 1985
Han7:157 Milligan H. C. (Mrs.) 1929
Han34:78 Mills Richard 1995
Han34:22 Mills Richard A. 1995
Han7:277 Milner Paul 1931
Han6:154 Minnick Frank 1922
Han30:69 Minton Clennie W. 1991
Han17:1790 Minzler Harry 1972
Han27:55 Minzler Mary Elizabeth (Ernsterhoff) 1988
Han34:77 Mishler Mary (Dewey) 1995
Han24:38 Mitchell Bacon Thomas 1985
Han8:254 Mitchell Frank 1939
Han11:397 Mitchell Herman H. 1956
Han23:140 Mitchell Hollie (Gregory) 1984
Han14:1164 Mitchell Ida 1966
Han9:619 Mitchell John 1944
Han9:532 Mitchell Nettie Botts 1943
Han31:1 Mitchell Robert C. 1992
Han7:708 Mitchell Stacy 1936
Han26:60 Mitchell Velma Bernice (Mayer) 1987
Han14:1294 Mitchhart Albert W. 1967
Han15:1350 Mitchhart Lillie C. (Cassell) 1968
Han17:1747 Mobley Earmon 1972
Han21:171 Mobley Flossie M. (Powell) 1981
Han32:25 Mobley Mabel 1993
Han34:68 Moellmann William Losh 1995
Han24:16 Moellmann Winifred R. (Nelson) 1985
Han7:307 Mohler George 1931
Han7:460 Monce Everett H. 1933
Han6:187 Monce Stephen (Mrs.) 1924
Han14:1277 Monds Sam Richard 1967
Han6:171 Monfort S. W. 1923
Han11:492 Monroe Milt 1957
Han11:320 Montgomery Bonnie 1955
Han10:137 Montgomery Chloe 1952
Han10:257 Montgomery U. Grant 1954
Han14:1070 Moomaw Amos 1965
Han7:221 Moomaw Charley 1930
Han21:41 Moomaw Martin E. "Elvis" 1980
Han10:132 Moomaw Olive Monola (Mercer) 1952
Han31:19 Moomaw Robbie (Hancock) 1992
Han6:103 Moon Australia 1925
Han5:140 Moon D. H. (Mrs.) 1916
Han5:63 Moon Geo. 1915
Han5:140 Moon Ocie 1918
Han10:223 Moon Bertha C. (Cox) 1953
Han9:775 Moon Byron V. 1946
Han8:469 Moon Charlie 1942
Han5:175 Moon Chas. A. (Mrs.) 1917
Han6:164 Moon Danny 1920
Han21:46 Moon Ethel (Conner) 1980
Han7:351 Moon Frank 1931
Han11:542 Moon Galen Allen 1958
Han21:45 Moon Harry H. 1973
Han7:92 Moon Jesse 1928
Han7:195 Moon Jos. H. (Mrs.) 1929
Han7:33 Moon Laura 1927
Han13:987 Moon Louetta (Hessler) 1964
Han16:1671 Moon Mary 1971
Han9:837 Moon Rennie (Page) 1947
Han6:166 Moon W. H. 1920
Han7:10 Moon Will H. 1927
Han20:82 Moore Walter 1978
Han8:193 Moore Charles 1939
Han25:38 Moore Charles D. 1986
Han6:49 Moore Charley 1924
Han9:630 Moore Chrystena 1944
Han11:526 Moore Delbert Allen 1958
Han17:1708 Moore Eliza E. (Wilson) 1972
Han8:282 Moore Ida 1940
Han10:179 Moore Ida Mae (Lahring) 1953
Han7:634 Moore Infant of C.L. 1935
Han16:1603 Moore Josephine (Doyle) 1970
Han10:48 Moore Lester E. 1951
Han10:191 Moore Levi Turner 1953
Han32:15 Moore Maxine 1993
Han6:229 Moore Mr. 1921
Han31:30 Moore Porter 1992
Han25:80 Moore Ruth (Robbins) 1986
Han21:108 Moorhead Eric James 1981
Han8:434 Moormow Millard 1942
Han8:329 Moorwiene George 1940
Han21:43 Morgan James Charles 1980
Han6:222 Morris T. P. 1921
Han6:222 Morris Ed 1921
Han9:787 Morris Flora May (Haines) 1947
Han8:260 Morris James H. 1939
Han11:324 Morris John B. 1955
Han18:115 Morris Marjory (Flagler) 1975
Han9:557 Morris Seymour C. 1943
Han5:203 Morris Tassie 1918
Han9:615 Morris Tessie 1944
Han6:216 Morrow James 1921
Han7:489 Morrow James 1933
Han9:672 Morrow Susan 1945
Han13:1034 Moses Benjamin B. 1964
Han10:185 Moses George 1953
Han20:5 Moses Mina A. (Tucker) 1978
Han8:212 Mosher Audrey 1939
Han16:1638 Mossbarger John L. 1971
Han15:1335 Mossbarger Rosa Mae (Current) 1968
Han10:146 Mossman Cora (Fox) 1952
Han18:108 Motsinger Jackson J. 1975
Han15:1457 Motsinger Agnes M. (Hoctor) 1969
Han5:15 Mountjoy Arch (Mrs.) 1914
Han17:1898 Mountjoy Albert Ellis 1973
Han11:331 Mountjoy Brenda Kay 1955
Han19:53 Mountjoy Carl J. 1976
Han14:1189 Mountjoy Kenneth Edwad 1966
Han22:102 Mountjoy Mary Alice (Jenkins) 1983
Han12:778 Mountjoy Robert James 1961
Han10:127 Mourer Cline Cody 1952
Han28:18 Mourer Megreete E. (Carlin) 1989
Han7:331 Mowers A. D. 1931
Han32:20 Mowery Harry "Mike" 1993
Han30:60 Mowry Janet Pauline (Frisch) 1991
Han34:70 Mowry Jeffrey Wayne 1995
Han26:95 Muchmore Charles I. 1987
Han7:267 Muchmore Charley 1930
Han34:75 Muchmore Edna Marie (Keller) 1995
Han28:54 Muchmore Isaac Robert 1989
Han28:53 Muchmore Mae Viola (Riesenberg) 1989
Han14:1180 Muchmore Nellie Florence 1966
Han9:883 Muchmore Sarah Estella (Cramer) 1948
Han14:1107 Muchmore Silas James 1965
Han8:444 Muellen George 1942
Han20:177 Mueller Alyce (Crawford) 1979
Han16:1680 Mueller Rudolph Robert 1971
Han6:236 Mulford Frank 1921
Han7:651 Mulford Alma Jane 1936
Han11:304 Mulford Carrie Augusta 1955
Han11:444 Mulford Francis D. "Frank" 1957
Han5:91 Mulford Frank 1915
Han18:2 Mullen Alice C. (Smith) 1974
Han7:270 Mullen Artie 1930
Han6:14 Mullen Child of Elmer 1922
Han32:3 Mullen Lillian Jean 1993
Han11:363 Mullen Vernie 1955
Han15:1313 Mullen William T. 1968
Han17:1849 Mullenix Clarence G. 1973
Han28:23 Mullenix Dorothy Mae (Creditt) 1989
Han7:228 Mulliken Alpheus (Mrs.) 1930
Han12:556 Mullin Charles P. 1958
Han14:1247 Mullin Dora Alice (Fleenor) 1967
Han35:65 Mullins Charles G. 1996
Han20:54 Murphy Cleo Marguerite (Wilson) 1978
Han24:61 Murphy Diana Lynn (Grower) 1985
Han21:197 Murphy Hortense (McKinney) 1981
Han8:7 Murphy Ida Eileen 1937
Han18:21 Murphy James R. 1974
Han30:56 Murphy John W. 1991
Han13:917 Murphy Russell J. 1963
Han6:2 Murray J. M. 1919
Han6:29 Murrell J. W. (Mrs.) 1919
Han7:440 Murrell John A. 1933
Han6:37 Musselman E. E. 1923
Han19:104 Musselman Norbert J. 1977
Han35:61 Myers Charles Wayne 1996
Han20:29 Myers Clifford Eugene 1978
Han11:480 Myers Kella James, Sr. 1957
Han9:913 Myers Omar J. 1949
Han30:23 Myers Bonnie J. (Lance) 1991
Han25:102 Myers Charles F. 1986
Han5:60 Myers Chas. 1915
Han17:1751 Myers Cletha (McMullen) 1972
Han20:64 Myers George Edmond 1978
Han7:63 Myers Glen L. 1928
Han15:1437 Myers Hazel Rozella 1969
Han6:43 Myers Henry (Mrs.) 1919
Han7:88 Myers Infant 1928
Han32:39 Myers Iva 1993
Han21:125 Myers James B. 1981
Han7:61 Myers John 1928
Han7:280 Myers John 1931
Han11:387 Myers Joseph G. 1956
Han28:65 Myers Kevin Scott, Jr. 1989
Han10:174 Myers Mable Willota 1953
Han8:279 Myers Mary Elizabeth 1940
Han10:284 Myers Patsy C. 1954
Han13:996 Myers William 1964
Han15:1483 Myers William Meeker 1969


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