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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han6:186 C. H. 1921
Han6:64 Cade Tom 1919
Han23:96 Cadwallader Daryl Vernon 1984
Han5:16 Cadwallader Ezra 1916
Han30:85 Cadwallader Edwin 1991
Han26:76 Cadwallader Faye Elizabeth (Roush) 1987
Han7:234 Cadwallder Julia 1930
Han20:84 Cady Venting Richard 1978
Han20:10 Cagg Krista Jo 1978
Han12:684 Caldwell Orie Leo 1960
Han15:1349 Callahan Wallace Chester, III 1968
Han8:33 Callon George F. 1937
Han9:616 Callum Malinda M. 1944
Han7:425 Camp Winfield 1932
Han17:1899 Camp Zula May (Stanfield) 1973
Han15:1484 Campbell Horace G. 1969
Han33:60 Campbell Howard L. 1994
Han35:23 Campbell Shafter 1996
Han7:453 Campbell B. E. 1933
Han24:15 Campbell Bert 1985
Han17:1851 Campbell Bessie P. (McGuffey) 1973
Han27:47 Campbell David P. 1988
Han14:1068 Campbell Florence Marie 1965
Han29:6 Campbell Fred 1990
Han23:97 Campbell Glen 1984
Han10:189 Campbell John H. 1953
Han23:13 Campbell Lillian E. (Heath) 1983
Han19:115 Campbell Madge (Harvey) 1977
Han26:65 Campbell Minnie L. (Goodwin) 1987
Han35:20 Campbell Sherman 1996
Han26:51 Caplinger Anna L. (Grosnickle) 1987
Han19:103 Carder George W. 1977
Han13:1042 Carder Mary (Whitacre) 1964
Han7:310 Carder Mrs. 1931
Han6:193 Carder W. D. 1921
Han9:801 Carder Washington D. 1947
Han19:27 Carey Earl C. 1976
Han25:7 Carey Stephen E. 1986
Han13:1013 Carey Harry C. 1964
Han8:127 Carey Ina C. 1938
Han11:532 Carey James Clayton 1958
Han24:28 Carey Joseph W. 1985
Han18:187 Carey Lucille (Kinnear) 1975
Han19:137 Carey Maudina (Flowers) 1977
Han13:931 Carey Olive E. (McCray) 1963
Han9:608 Carey Ralph Wendell 1944
Han25:30 Carey Wilbur C. 1986
Han7:593 Cargo Maggie 1935
Han15:1466 Carie Elmer Joseph 1969
Han9:649 Carl Albert (Mrs.) 1944
Han6:77 Carl Arthur 1924
Han19:167 Carle Iva Ruth 1977
Han13:1048 Carleton Silas Emerson 1964
Han21:181 Carlier Samuel Lee 1981
Han10:186 Carlin Elizabeth (Kayler) 1953
Han21:165 Carlson Myrtle (Hedge) 1981
Han19:97 Carnahan George I. 1977
Han17:1866 Carnahan Maynard David 1973
Han22:37 Carnahan Wilbur Randolph 1982
Han25:6 Carnahan Blanche Mildred (Waller) 1986
Han7:314 Carnahan Cora 1931
Han34:38 Carnahan Dora Etta (Jones) 1995
Han19:48 Carnahan Dorothy Pearl (Mulford) 1976
Han8:388 Carnahan Estella 1941
Han6:57 Carnahan Harley 1923
Han11:443 Carnahan Harley R. 1957
Han21:161 Carnahan Harold B. 1981
Han6:59 Carnahan Harry 1923
Han27:79 Carnahan Harry O. 1988
Han24:8 Carnahan Leona A. (Fisher) 1985
Han6:175 Carnahan Mart 1920
Han9:600 Carnahan Martin 1944
Han20:20 Carnahan Minnie (Newman) Burroughs 1978
Han7:629 Carnahan Mr. 1935
Han14:1158 Carnahan Ralph J. 1966
Han6:259 Carnahan W. H. 1922
Han8:210 Carnahan William 1939
Han14:1147 Carpenter Bonnie Lou 1965
Han13:839 Carpenter Darrell Lee 1962
Han15:1493 Carpenter Katherine Ann 1969
Han15:1461 Carpenter Mabel Cotterill (McAdams) 1969
Han9:648 Carpenter Mary E. 1944
Han13:840 Carpenter Ronald Edward 1962
Han7:85 Carpenter Samuel 1928
Han12:644 Carr Marvin Edward "Buck" 1959
Han6:218 Carr John (Mr. & Mrs.) 1921
Han29:44 Carr Marie (Amerine) 1990
Han17:1846 Carrico Ray H., Jr. 1973
Han29:50 Carrico Ray Herman, Sr. 1990
Han13:1041 Carrier Margaret L. (Livingood) 1964
Han8:184 Carrier Sanford 1939
Han6:220 Carroll James (Mrs.) 1921
Han26:26 Carroll Lucinda (Peters) 1987
Han8:55 Carroll Nancy E. 1937
Han7:36 Carroll Ola 1927
Han23:130 Carroll Url H. (Hudson) 1984
Han8:198 Carson Caroline (Gray) 1939
Han12:697 Carson Edward J. 1960
Han9:695 Carson Endora Delhi 1945
Han8:208 Carson John R. 1939
Han7:435 Carson Kit 1933
Han9:659 Carson Mary 1945
Han30:14 Carter Irvin Joel 1991
Han20:115 Carter William Thomas 1979
Han24:68 Carter Clemmie (Brockman) 1985
Han6:90 Carter Minnie 1920
Han24:97 Carter Ruth Marie (Suttles) 1985
Han21:87 Cartmell Lloyd O. 1980
Han8:85 Cartmell Harry 1937
Han8:442 Caruthers Ronald 1942
Han27:71 Carver Nikkola 1988
Han9:697 Case Frances 1945
Han6:128 Case John S. 1923
Han6:74 Cashman Elmer 1923
Han8:311 Cashman Elmer E. 1940
Han6:69 Cassaday J. P. (Mrs.) 1919
Han7:428 Cast Charles L. 1933
Han17:1806 Cast Goldie Marie (Wolffrum) 1972
Han14:1238 Cast James Everett 1967
Han6:127 Cast Minnie 1920
Han10:110 Cast Minnie (Pierce) 1952
Han5:73 Cast Zilla 1915
Han27:87 Catron Stephen 1988
Han28:41 Caudill Lonnie 1989
Han11:326 Caudill Elizabeth 1955
Han8:426 Caudle Harry J. 1942
Han7:82 Cecil Robert 1928
Han16:1513 Chamberlin Ida (Wallace) 1970
Han9:562 Chamberlin Jacob 1943
Han16:1528 Chamberlin Jacob 1970
Han21:115 Chamberlin Margaret Belle 1981
Han6:189 Chambers Elmer E. 1925
Han8:316 Champlain Elizabeth (Brewster) 1940
Han14:1115 Champlin Burdette E. 1965
Han34:44 Chance Cora M. (Marvin) 1995
Han17:1879 Chaney Paul Franklin 1973
Han7:208 Chaney Anna 1930
Han7:691 Chaney Arthur (Mrs.) 1936
Han8:321 Chaney Audrey 1940
Han33:20 Chaney Carl Starkey 1994
Han10:57 Chaney Cecil M. 1951
Han15:1378 Chaney Frank D. 1968
Han13:876 Chaney Goldie Dot (Starkey) 1962
Han8:432 Chaney Jane Ann 1942
Han22:113 Chaney Jessie May 1983
Han7:212 Chaney John 1930
Han17:1802 Chaney Joseph Edgar "Nub" 1972
Han9:622 Chaney Lewis (Mrs.) 1944
Han28:73 Chaney Lillie Ellen 1989
Han7:675 Chaney Marion 1936
Han7:551 Chaney O. C. (Rev.) 1934
Han7:404 Chaney Will (Mrs.) 1932
Han5:180 Chaney Wm 1917
Han17:1831 Chapman George R. 1973
Han13:1018 Chapman Mary Jane (Willeford) 1964
Han6:83 Chapman Minnie 1923
Han14:1155 Chapman Olive E. (Hartley) 1966
Han14:1182 Chapman Russell 1966
Han20:170 Charleston Harry H. 1979
Han14:1098 Charleston Minnie Mae (Blanchard) 1965
Han6:1 Charlton Delmar 1931
Han14:1236 Charmberlin William E. 1967
Han16:1518 Chase Herschel B. 1970
Han6:226 Chefckey Carl 1921
Han6:70 Chenoweth Ed 1926
Han6:232 Chenoweth John 1924
Han13:1030 Chenoweth Thomas James 1964
Han7:114 Chenworth John (Mrs.) 1928
Han23:79 Cherry Lloyd 1984
Han14:1206 Cherry Cora Isabelle (Rominger) 1966
Han20:48 Cherry Thomas 1978
Han12:663 Chesterton Roland E. 1959
Han26:103 Chestnut Barbara L. 1987
Han7:401 Chevce Charley (Mrs.) 1932
Han11:445 Chevee Burch A. 1957
Han12:693 Chevee Frank Leroy 1960
Han19:49 Childers Guy E. 1976
Han21:127 Childess Coy B. 1981
Han15:1323 Childs Clarence Huston 1968
Han22:14 Childs Nancy Jane (Broyles) 1982
Han7:158 Chism Charles (Mrs.) 1929
Han14:1139 Chism Harold Ray 1965
Han8:238 Chism Marion 1939
Han11:310 Chism Opal Emmaline 1955
Han9:536 Chisni Sarah T. 1943
Han21:164 Chowning Johnathan Allan 1981
Han9:864 Chrisman Janet Louise 1948
Han28:72 Christen Anna Marie (Graham) 1989
Han32:82 Christen Eugene 1993
Han27:29 Christian Martha A. (Deye) 1988
Han14:1301 Christian Raymond F. 1967
Han12:825 Christman Arthur Dwane 1961
Han5:106 Christman George 1916
Han7:486 Christman Louis 1933
Han34:41 Christman Vickie Sue (Brown) 1995
Han32:43 Christman Wilbur 1993
Han24:47 Christopel Jacob Carroll "Buddie" 1985
Han8:255 Clare Fannie 1939
Han8:295 Clare Harry V. 1940
Han27:70 Clark Alice C. (Heery) Flesher 1988
Han11:486 Clark Albert 1957
Han11:294 Clark Alfred 1955
Han6:283 Clark Alfred (Mrs.) 1926
Han14:1289 Clark Anna (Zierow) 1967
Han6:65 Clark C. C. 1926
Han25:24 Clark Charles S. 1986
Han10:32 Clark Clara (McMound) 1950
Han17:1784 Clark Elgin Earl 1972
Han9:803 Clark John David 1947
Han6:93 Clark Josephine 1925
Han30:94 Clark Laura Jean (Rogers) 1991
Han9:889 Clark Rowena (Brown) 1948
Han9:593 Clark Samuel 1944
Han6:38 Clark Wallace (Mrs.) 1919
Han34:42 Clary Arminta K. (Flora) 1995
Han35:18 Clausen Anthony L. 1996
Han23:65 Clausen Lelia M. (Bolton) 1984
Han33:24 Cleaver Horace W. "Bud" 1994
Han11:388 Cleaver Roy J. 1956
Han22:62 Cleaver Stella G. (Gray) 1982
Han13:867 Clegg Isaac Newton 1962
Han8:180 Clelland Thomas 1938
Han7:636 Clemmons Ella 1936
Han5:82 Clevenger Cre 1915
Han6:83 Clevenger Job 1923
Han32:69 Clifton Dorothy 1993
Han21:44 Clifton Roland Archer 1980
Han10:266 Cline Eva L. (Cable) 1954
Han9:602 Cline Mary Elizabeth 1944
Han15:1340 Cluxton Maude (Lieurance) 1968
Han8:123 Coakley Timothy 1938
Han7:670 Cobert Bertha (Miss) 1936
Han23:28 Cochran Everett E. 1983
Han15:1452 Cochran William Webster 1969
Han12:652 Cochran Chris Charles 1959
Han12:798 Cochran Edward James 1961
Han6:4 Cochran Harley 1923
Han9:802 Cochran Harley 1947
Han32:72 Cochran James 1993
Han18:24 Cochran James N. 1974
Han12:824 Cochran Kirby E. 1961
Han12:757 Cochran Lenora (Davis) 1961
Han31:57 Cochran Margaret Elizabeth (Ray) 1992
Han17:1698 Cochran Maude 1972
Han19:132 Cochran Ronald F. "Whitey" 1977
Han24:27 Coffman Terry Lee 1985
Han23:76 Coldiron Earl E. 1984
Han24:84 Coldiron Harley B. 1985
Han27:90 Coldiron Michael Wayne 1988
Han24:49 Cole Lawrence 1985
Han16:1665 Cole Martin W. 1971
Han21:128 Cole Roy G. 1981
Han14:1261 Cole Albert Lee 1967
Han9:726 Cole Edith Orila (Myers) 1946
Han8:424 Cole Ellen 1942
Han22:90 Cole Flora C. (Berger) 1983
Han6:92 Cole Geo. 1926
Han17:1812 Cole George R. 1973
Han20:55 Cole Viola Burris (Dean) 1978
Han27:64 Coleman Howard C., Sr. 1988
Han29:15 Collette Maude (Walters) 1990
Han6:272 Collins Carrie 1924
Han17:1803 Collins Hershel Edwad 1972
Han17:1793 Collins John George 1972
Han5:27 Collins Mr. 1918
Han7:68 Collins Baby 1928
Han34:2 Collins Bobby E. 1995
Han9:939 Collins Carrie (Smith) 1949
Han20:75 Collins Catherine (Palmer) 1978
Han34:40 Collins Dorothy A. (Wedding) 1995
Han7:23 Collins E. N. 1927
Han10:61 Collins Edward Newton 1951
Han5:54 Collins F. M. 1914
Han8:177 Collins Forest McLellan 1938
Han8:256 Collins Frank 1939
Han6:15 Collins Henry 1916
Han8:166 Collins Infant 1938
Han8:103 Collins L. L. 1938
Han9:639 Collins L. L. (Mrs.) 1944
Han5:111 Collins Lou 1916
Han7:680 Collins Mary L. 1936
Han7:485 Collins Nancy 1933
Han8:440 Collins Nancy 1942
Han32:16 Collins Pauline 1993
Han22:32 Collins Robert 1982
Han19:142 Collins Rose Marie (Champlin) 1977
Han14:1110 Collins Rudolph 1965
Han17:1845 Collins Sarah A. (Smith) 1973
Han21:2 Collins Vance Thompson 1979
Han5:173 Collins Wilford (Mrs.) 1917
Han6:11 Collins Will 1922
Han8:361 Collins Will 1941
Han11:298 Collins William Sherman 1955
Han5:99 Collis Elmer 1915
Han11:495 Collis Benjamin H. 1957
Han9:831 Collis Elmer 1947
Han10:240 Collis Myrta A. (Ross) 1954
Han29:51 Combs John T., Jr. 1990
Han16:1626 Combs Anna (Pytosh) 1971
Han9:582 Combs Carolyn 1944
Han16:1558 Combs Cecil Eugene 1970
Han18:97 Combs Charles B. 1974
Han23:100 Combs Dennis Lee 1984
Han11:540 Combs Donald Lee 1958
Han23:2 Combs Elsie A. (Jones) 1983
Han12:671 Combs Grace May (Christman) 1960
Han14:1145 Combs Janice (Humphreys) 1965
Han31:17 Combs Pearl P. (Waits) 1992
Han14:1228 Combs Ronald Lee 1966
Han10:289 Combs Samantha (Freeman) 1954
Han9:685 Combs Thomas 1945
Han15:1389 Conger Elmer 1968
Han30:53 Conkle Marjorie 1991
Han8:234 Conklin Alberta 1939
Han22:61 Conley Grace G. (Lewis) 1982
Han11:523 Conner Alonzo 1958
Han9:693 Conner Charles 1945
Han12:816 Conner Cora (Reddick) 1961
Han9:809 Conner Effie Frances (Sidespringer) 1947
Han9:797 Conner Elsie Belle 1947
Han25:107 Conner Eva Belle 1986
Han15:1373 Conner Janet L. (Towne) 1968
Han13:884 Conner Kathryn A. (Cramer) 1962
Han13:871 Conner Lester "Lee" 1962
Han9:829 Conner Moses B. 1947
Han11:515 Conner Nellie 1958
Han15:1372 Conner Raymond Luther 1968
Han11:408 Conner William S. 1956
Han6:262 Connor T. S. 1922
Han6:108 Connor J. E. 1920
Han7:135 Connor Taylor 1929
Han19:99 Conover Francis D. 1977
Han22:40 Conover Harvey 1982
Han28:7 Conover Thomas Frank 1989
Han6:118 Conover Clarence 1921
Han18:16 Conover Clifford C. 1974
Han13:948 Conover Clifford E. 1963
Han6:118 Conover Ed (Mrs.) 1920
Han7:345 Conover Edward infant 1931
Han11:335 Conover Emma Retta 1955
Han34:37 Conover Georgetta Iona (McKee) 1995
Han18:182 Conover Hazel Lucille (Bond) 1975
Han10:34 Conover Kate (Chaney) 1950
Han19:6 Conover Lester J. 1976
Han24:66 Conover Loyd Elias 1985
Han33:67 Conover Mabel J. (Binkley) 1994
Han30:74 Conover Mary Josephine (Jones) 1991
Han9:744 Conover Maude Etta (Greene) 1946
Han7:587 Conover Mr. 1935
Han22:21 Conover Ruth (Cramer) 1982
Han7:160 Conover Samuel 1929
Han7:202 Conover Swift 1929
Han12:667 Conover Taylor 1960
Han10:86 Conover William 1951
Han10:26 Conover William "Edward" 1950
Han20:72 Conover William M. 1978
Han7:164 Conover William R. 1929
Han7:615 Constable Anna (Mrs.) 1935
Han6:159 Constable Dennis 1920
Han30:13 Constable Ethel H. (Harris) 1991
Han6:159 Constable Geo. (Mrs.) 1921
Han7:658 Constable Laura 1936
Han14:1286 Constable Lizzie 1967
Han14:1173 Constable Mary H. (Hixson) 1966
Han14:1103 Constable Milton 1965
Han9:567 Constable Rachel 1944
Han7:191 Constable Sarah 1929
Han6:12 Constable Thomas (Mrs.) 1919
Han5:2 Constable Thos. 1914
Han5:2 Constable Thos. (Mrs.) 1916
Han13:832 Conwell Margaret Maie (Roll) 1962
Han12:670 Conwell Myrta 1960
Han13:1010 Conwell Russell 1964
Han12:803 Cook Charles Wesley, Sr. 1961
Han19:42 Cook Donald Richard, Sr. 1976
Han21:151 Cook Esther (Robertson) 1981
Han34:39 Cook Harvey C. 1995
Han35:24 Cook James William 1996
Han32:6 Cook Kathleen V. 1993
Han17:1788 Cook Maud "Elma" 1972
Han7:207 Cook Susie 1929
Han35:25 Cooper Anna 1996
Han19:63 Cooper Charles Thomas 1976
Han7:384 Cooper Albert 1932
Han21:58 Cooper Andrew "Andy" W. 1980
Han30:52 Cooper Bea T. (Poe) 1991
Han10:200 Cooper Carl 1953
Han15:1317 Cooper Charles John 1968
Han33:51 Cooper Edith E. (Newman) 1994
Han17:1834 Cooper Edwin S. 1973
Han14:1232 Cooper Elizabeth (Burroughs) McCray 1967
Han14:1280 Cooper Esther C. (Bertram) 1967
Han5:36 Cooper Harry 1918
Han7:609 Cooper Infant of Carl 1935
Han29:67 Cooper JoAnn (Gray) 1990
Han29:11 Cooper Julia (Steagall) 1990
Han16:1534 Cooper Lillie E. (Starkey) 1970
Han9:934 Cooper Lucy A. (Kennedy) 1949
Han35:22 Cooper Margaret N. (Finger) 1996
Han21:88 Cooper Russell Clarence 1980
Han7:268 Cooper W. A. (Rev.) 1930
Han8:191 Cooper Will T. 1939
Han25:45 Cope Ida (Harmon) 1986
Han23:70 Cope Luther 1984
Han34:11 Copen Joyce Ann 1995
Han34:45 Copen Mildred Mae (Peters) 1995
Han10:227 Coppock Alice (Garrison) 1953
Han4:10 Coppock Mary 1913
Han8:289 Cormer Emma J. 1940
Han26:79 Cornett Lester 1987
Han33:64 Cornett Lula Mae (Isaaccs) 1994
Han34:74 Cornor Morrin Mildred Rachel (Buchholtz) 1995
Han16:1692 Cornwell Earl Raymond 1971
Han25:19 Corrigan Joseph T. 1986
Han9:626 Corrington Ethel Virginia 1944
Han7:501 Corwin Charles 1934
Han5:136 Corwin Charley 1918
Han8:251 Corwin Frank 1939
Han7:521 Corwin Frank (Mrs.) 1934
Han8:266 Corwin Janice 1940
Han8:57 Corwin William 1937
Han23:60 Cottom Eleanor May (Irwin) 1984
Han15:1354 Couch Curt 1968
Han23:46 Couch Bertha (Smith) 1983
Han19:170 Couch George 1977
Han23:52 Couch Shirl 1984
Han15:1477 Couch Thomas 1969
Han15:1476 Couch Vernon 1969
Han6:153 Couden H. H. 1920
Han12:703 Courtney Mary Margaret (Williamson) 1960
Han6:98 Covalt Dora 1920
Han6:94 Covalt Wilson 1924
Han25:58 Cowans Ida Fay (Cottingim) 1986
Han25:96 Cowell John E. 1986
Han26:94 Cowell Mauna (Armstrong) 1987
Han9:642 Cowgill Sallie 1944
Han12:686 Cowley Charles Leslie 1960
Han31:34 Cowman Alberta Berger (Hodson) 1992
Han10:12 Cox Calvin C. 1950
Han13:898 Cox Ira William 1962
Han21:119 Cox Richard Earl 1981
Han13:989 Cox Abram 1964
Han9:507 Cox Addie 1943
Han8:172 Cox E. (Mrs. Leroy) 1938
Han6:22 Cox Fred 1924
Han18:38 Cox Harold Edgar 1974
Han7:690 Cox Infant of James 1936
Han11:467 Cox James 1957
Han7:594 Cox Mr. 1935
Han7:443 Cox Mrs. 1933
Han34:14 Cox Nancy Catherin (Cook) 1995
Han13:857 Cox Otto L. 1962
Han25:75 Cox Paul H. 1986
Han19:58 Cox Ruth Ann (Humphreys) 1976
Han11:529 Coyle George Rube 1958
Han15:1439 Coyle Opal (Perry) 1969
Han10:65 Crabtree Harry Thomas 1951
Han10:155 Crabtree S. A. (Dr.) 1952
Han14:1251 Craft Columbus 1967
Han6:189 Craig Sarah 1924
Han12:734 Craig Carol Joan (Schater) 1960
Han12:735 Craig Dudley Clifford 1960
Han24:5 Craig Harold Oberlin 1985
Han19:118 Craig Janet S. (Sprout) 1977
Han14:1080 Craig Lulu (Oberlin) 1965
Han16:1659 Craig Mary Belle (Langfitt) 1971
Han35:19 Craig Mildred E. (Gray) 1996
Han12:822 Craig Samuel Burton 1961
Han5:25 Cramer Lizzie 1914
Han18:85 Cramer Paul E. 1974
Han5:61 Cramer B. D. (Mrs.) 1918
Han7:481 Cramer Bertha 1933
Han11:494 Cramer Carrie 1957
Han8:178 Cramer Catherine 1938
Han11:509 Cramer Cavinous L. 1958
Han6:50 Cramer Clifford 1924
Han17:1789 Cramer Clifford Edward 1972
Han17:1750 Cramer Clifford Gatch 1972
Han23:45 Cramer Dean S. 1983
Han10:2 Cramer Edward M. 1950
Han7:37 Cramer Ellen 1927
Han10:136 Cramer Enora May (Young) 1952
Han9:730 Cramer Floyd 1946
Han6:63 Cramer Fred 1919
Han6:114 Cramer Geo (Mrs.) 1924
Han7:517 Cramer George B. 1934
Han10:129 Cramer Harmon Lewis 1952
Han20:88 Cramer Harold L. 1978
Han8:171 Cramer Janetta 1938
Han14:1283 Cramer Juanita Vere (Adams) 1967
Han7:646 Cramer Lafayette 1936
Han9:764 Cramer Lora (Lindsay) 1946
Han9:804 Cramer Maggie (Sutton) 1947
Han21:140 Cramer Martha D. (Martin) 1981
Han7:129 Cramer Mrs. 1929
Han10:76 Cramer Sarah Louetta 1951
Han10:248 Cramer V. M. "Joe" 1954
Han5:88 Cramer W. H. 1915
Han5:44 Cramer Will 1914
Han17:1739 Cramer Zella M. (Jones) 1972
Han7:663 Cramer Zellah 1936
Han9:658 Crammer Carrie 1945
Han11:349 Cravens Jimmie Ray 1955
Han6:251 Crawford (Sisters) 1922
Han7:374 Crawford Alice 1932
Han12:593 Crawford Edward 1959
Han19:9 Crawford Elizabeth M. (Dimel) 1976
Han7:524 Crawford George W. 1934
Han15:1409 Crawford Lodema Caldonia (Pierson) 1968
Han32:80 Crawford Nancy 1993
Han7:687 Crawford Ruth 1936
Han35:21 Crawford Tatjana Isle (Hoseman) 1996
Han11:437 Creager John R. 1957
Han22:30 Creager Louis B. 1982
Han11:330 Creager Marie 1955
Han21:129 Creager Martha M. (Miller) 1981
Han21:90 Creager Robert Joseph 1980
Han19:32 Creager Verla L. (Tucker) 1976
Han15:1324 Creamer Howard Homer 1968
Han29:21 Creamer Russell Edward 1990
Han17:1795 Creamer Jessie Ruby (Stephens) 1972
Han5:33 Credit Elwood (Mrs.) 1918
Han5:33 Credit Elwood, Child of 1918
Han13:1022 Creditt Elwood Cecil 1964
Han33:82 Creech Audrey (Allen) 1994
Han24:25 Creech Fred 1985
Han22:81 Creighton Susan Ellen "Susie" 1983
Han5:86 Crist Frank 1915
Han5:86 Crist Will 1915
Han27:66 Croley Stanley E. 1988
Han19:57 Cromer Danny Joe 1976
Han21:15 Cromer Eugene S. "Starling" 1980
Han21:89 Cromer Jonas T. 1980
Han17:1730 Cromer Judith Maxine 1972
Han21:157 Cromer Willis Telmon 1981
Han17:1853 Crone Paul E. 1973
Han11:311 Crosby Charley 1955
Han10:20 Crosley Harold M. 1950
Han14:1186 Crosley Dwight N. 1966
Han12:713 Crosley Roy 1960
Han31:37 Cross Gerald Rufus 1992
Han6:84 Cross James (Mrs.) 1920
Han6:10 Crossley Charles 1925
Han9:625 Crossley Edgar 1944
Han16:1645 Crossley Gladys M. (Myers) 1971
Han8:124 Crossley Iva 1938
Han17:1808 Crossley Lulu C. (Sharp) 1973
Han6:190 Crossley Perry (Mrs.) 1923
Han8:427 Crosson Delilah 1942
Han8:352 Crosson Emerson 1941
Han6:145 Crosson Lewis 1920
Han6:36 Crosson Lewis (Mrs.) 1922
Han8:136 Crosson Lewis A. 1938
Han8:203 Crosson Rachel 1939
Han8:144 Crosson Vernon E. 1938
Han11:472 Crowe Asa N. 1957
Han13:1029 Crowe Elizabeth B. (Everman) 1964
Han14:1143 Crowe Vernon 1965
Han5:92 Cubbage B. G. 1915
Han18:67 Culberson Aimee Marie 1974
Han29:65 Culberson Alba 1990
Han9:825 Culberson Donald 1947
Han12:700 Culberson Effie (Sanderson) 1960
Han21:117 Culberson Mary Frances (Carr) 1981
Han18:184 Culberson Maxine Marie (Maxfield) 1975
Han22:101 Culberson Myra F. (Johnson) 1983
Han7:660 Culberson Robert 1936
Han9:825 Culberson Ronald 1947
Han9:568 Culberson Ruby 1944
Han6:202 Culberson Wilson (Mrs.) 1921
Han6:133 Cullum Miss. 1920
Han22:99 Cunnigan Clifford 1983
Han11:370 Cunningham Billy Ray 1956
Han21:64 Cunningham Carrie Virginia (Ellis) 1980
Han17:1733 Cunningham Frank H. 1972
Han5:9 Cunningham Irene 1914
Han17:1877 Cunningham Michael 1973
Han29:3 Cunningham Miriam S. (Spence) 1990
Han18:75 Cunningham Raymond Canary 1974
Han15:1479 Cupp Edward Herbert 1969
Han34:43 Cupp Eura (Tye) Brock 1995
Han10:96 Curl Albert 1952
Han11:351 Curl Iva 1955
Han6:176 Curless Homer 1922
Han9:688 Curless Andrew 1945
Han6:82 Curless Bud 1923
Han16:1628 Curless Elsie L. (Walker) 1971
Han5:139 Curless Homer 1916
Han8:485 Curless Homer 1942
Han18:43 Curless Howard M. 1974
Han11:344 Curless Luella M. 1955
Han10:229 Curless Margaret 1953
Han7:600 Curless Mr. 1935
Han18:70 Curless Thomas Gilbert 1974
Han32:52 Curliss Oscar L., Jr. 1993
Han7:420 Curp Charles (Mrs.) 1932
Han5:150 Curp Chas. 1916
Han21:170 Curp Reginald A. 1981
Han18:192 Curran Blanche Jeanette (Dory) 1975
Han19:68 Curron Robert Gibson, Sr. 1976
Han7:482 Curtis Eugene 1933
Han17:1830 Curtis Michael Ray 1973
Han21:74 Curtis Steven Paul 1980
Han29:39 Custer Raymond J. 1990
Han30:71 Custer Rebecca M. (Baker) 1991
Han33:18 Cuzick Mary B. (Stuckey) 1994
Han17:1775 Cyrus Jessie Joe 1972
Han29:63 Cyrus Lutie L. (Lakin) 1990
Han12:784 Cyrus Norma Lee (Haines) 1961
Han31:49 Czaika Paul John, Jr. 1992


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