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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han31:66 Fahey Foster C. 1992
Han35:27 Fallen Glenn 1996
Han12:774 Fallen J. Lee 1961
Han13:1008 Fallen Nora (Nickell) 1964
Han32:31 Fangmeyer Eva 1993
Han31:3 Fannin William A. 1992
Han19:18 Faour Albert T. 1976
Han17:1884 Faour David Anthony 1973
Han11:531 Farmer Garah Hugh (Rev) 1958
Han24:58 Farquer Paul L. 1985
Han9:670 Farquer Charles (Mrs.) 1945
Han11:424 Farquer Frances Louise 1956
Han8:402 Farquer Harry 1941
Han13:921 Farquer James 1963
Han32:87 Farquer Sophie 1993
Han9:704 Farquhar Charles 1945
Han23:20 Farris Kenneth Boyd 1983
Han17:1771 Farris Harlan H. 1972
Han15:1364 Farson Clara (Lockwood) 1968
Han12:740 Farson John Henry 1960
Han33:79 Faul Bonnie Marie (Jackson) 1994
Han24:89 Faul Kenneth Earl 1985
Han31:26 Fawley C. Everette 1992
Han6:61 Fawley Clarence 1923
Han13:855 Fawley Henry Clarence 1962
Han20:121 Fawley Herlie Jacob 1979
Han12:639 Fawley Ida Pearl 1959
Han14:1069 Fawley Ira L. 1965
Han9:663 Fawley Jacob 1945
Han16:1524 Fawley Leslie Richard 1970
Han15:1405 Fawley Naomi Mae (Pringle) 1968
Han6:194 Fawly Chas (Mrs.) 1925
Han18:17 Feck Charles Edward 1974
Han18:94 Feck Harold 1974
Han16:1658 Feck Infants 1971
Han23:22 Feck Lola B. (Chandler) 1983
Han18:163 Felter Clifford W. 1975
Han14:1200 Felter Cora V. (Hobson) 1966
Han29:28 Felter Freda Naomi (Starkey) 1990
Han5:26 Felter Owen 1918
Han25:11 Femeyer Teresa M. 1986
Han5:80 Femyer Lollie 1915
Han16:1572 Fender Harley 1970
Han10:80 Fender William Monroe 1951
Han10:99 Feree Daniel 1952
Han10:99 Feree Florence Ellen 1952
Han7:519 Fergeson Irvin 1934
Han8:117 Fergurson Bertha 1938
Han6:104 Ferguson Irwin 1924
Han8:462 Ferkel Josie 1942
Han13:1055 Ferneau Miriam J. (James) 1964
Han7:95 Ferrie Dana 1928
Han6:137 Ferrie Preston 1925
Han17:1743 Ferris Delbert Thomas 1972
Han6:201 Ferris T. G. (Mrs.) 1924
Han22:105 Ferris Vesta S. (Spurling) 1983
Han5:14 Fiddler James, Infant of 1917
Han5:156 Fiddler James, Infant of 1917
Han5:14 Fiddler James, Infant Twins of 1917
Han8:205 Fiddler James 1939
Han31:36 Fidler Carl E. 1992
Han5:33 Fidler James, Infant of 1918
Han17:1719 Fidler Albert Carl 1972
Han16:1675 Fields Daisy E. (Taylor) 1971
Han10:267 Fields Fred J. 1954
Han23:33 Fields Harold Homer 1983
Han15:1396 Fields Linda Lou 1968
Han24:70 Fightmaster Sterling 1985
Han16:1676 Finley Cecile (Burton) 1971
Han6:22 Firee? Mr. 1919
Han11:373 Firman Harold L. 1956
Han7:44 Firman Infant of Lewis 1927
Han15:1401 Firman Lewis Raymond 1968
Han16:1503 Firman Mae (Shaw) 1970
Han8:134 Firman Raymond 1938
Han14:1274 Fiscus Edgar H. 1967
Han21:185 Fiscus Ruth E. (Snyder) 1981
Han18:80 Fisher Estil Edward 1974
Han10:113 Fisher Ella (Huffman) 1952
Han10:152 Fisher Everett 1952
Han7:574 Fisher Frank 1935
Han6:18 Fisher Herbert 1924
Han21:203 Fisher Herbert S. 1981
Han24:24 Fisher Irene M. (Ranklin) 1985
Han19:83 Fisher Jessie Ruth (Lawson) 1977
Han18:42 Fisher John Franklin 1974
Han29:9 Fisher Margaret Beatrice 1990
Han10:88 Fisher Marion W. 1951
Han11:385 Fisher Mary L. 1956
Han20:94 Fisher Mary M. (Mitchell) 1978
Han8:331 Fisher Perry E. 1940
Han11:539 Fisher Sarah 1958
Han14:1140 Fisher Venice M. (Page) 1965
Han6:141 Fisher W. A. (Mrs.) 1925
Han27:65 Fisherr Robert S. 1988
Han26:28 Fitch Charlene Marie "Char" (Maddox) 1987
Han12:787 Fitch Irvin 1961
Han17:1875 Fite Carl W., Jr. 1973
Han16:1564 Fitzgerald Lionel T., Jr. 1970
Han6:39 Flannery T. E. 1919
Han10:45 Fleming Alice Jane (Robinette) 1951
Han8:135 Fleming Coake 1938
Han22:65 Fleming Eva L. 1982
Han7:531 Fleming Lewis 1934
Han28:40 Fleming Ray 1989
Han12:569 Flemming Lewis Wisby 1958
Han17:1838 Fletcher Walter J. 1973
Han35:28 Fletcher Ruby G. (Cox) 1996
Han16:1696 Flinn Joseph G. 1971
Han20:86 Flinn Margaret Louise (Freudenberg) 1978
Han13:892 Flora Elizabeth (Hardwick) 1962
Han9:633 Florea 1944
Han6:78 Florea Alva 1923
Han9:735 Florea Alva 1946
Han8:154 Florea Charles E. 1938
Han6:32 Florea Charley 1919
Han6:32 Florea Clint 1919
Han9:528 Florea Glenn A. 1943
Han9:550 Florea Jonas 1943
Han9:533 Floyd Earl (Mrs.) 1943
Han31:8 Floyd William Cody, Sr. 1992
Han21:146 Foor Gary Lee 1981
Han14:1083 Foote Anne E. (Carroll) 1965
Han19:150 Foote Carroll 1977
Han25:98 Foote Elma C. (Roach) 1986
Han16:1585 Foote Floyd F. 1970
Han6:19 Foote J. E. (Mrs.) 1922
Han6:19 Foote John (Mrs.) 1919
Han20:37 Foote Ora (Templin) 1978
Han5:158 Foote Willard 1917
Han15:1376 Foozer Flora Anna (Harbaugh) 1968
Han14:1191 Foozer Frank 1966
Han21:40 Forbes Ollie J. (Helton) 1980
Han23:119 Ford Alice C. (Walters) 1984
Han14:1121 Ford James Huston "Huse" 1965
Han28:22 Ford Ralph Leroy 1989
Han8:275 Ford William A. 1940
Han15:1498 Forder Herbert Charles 1969
Han27:33 Fordyce Adine C. (Corwin) 1988
Han5:57 Fordyce Oscar (Mrs.) 1915
Han9:733 Fordyce Annabell (Olinger) 1946
Han20:125 Fordyce Clarence L. 1979
Han11:505 Fordyce Clyde H. 1958
Han10:101 Fordyce Dollie May (Harrell) 1952
Han15:1486 Fordyce Emma (Work) 1969
Han6:32 Fordyce Geo. 1922
Han6:40 Fordyce Geo. 1924
Han8:460 Fordyce Lena 1942
Han7:580 Fordyce Melvin 1935
Han19:90 Fordyce Mildred Jeanette (Bowman) 1977
Han7:666 Fordyce Mrs. 1936
Han14:1227 Fordyce Ralph Lucius 1966
Han6:131 Fordyce Tom (Mrs.) 1920
Han8:179 Fordyce W. T. 1938
Han10:145 Foreman Oliver C. 1952
Han22:8 Foreman Roy 1982
Han32:59 Foreman Wayne 1993
Han10:31 Forester Courtland 1950
Han5:15 Forrester Mary A. 1914
Han8:225 Forrester Mrs. 1939
Han7:582 Foster Cottin C. 1935
Han9:763 Foster Dorothy Regina 1946
Han8:359 Foster Ella 1941
Han12:552 Foster Frank J. 1958
Han6:115 Foster John (Mrs.) 1920
Han12:741 Foster Lola Isabel 1960
Han23:25 Foster Lucy Louise (Wiggington) 1983
Han23:83 Foster Maggie (Smith) 1984
Han7:606 Foster Mr. 1935
Han7:233 Foster Mrs. 1930
Han12:634 Foster Sarah Catherine 1959
Han9:631 Foster Thomas 1944
Han7:141 Foster William 1929
Han25:86 Foster William L. 1986
Han6:179 Fouch Chas 1920
Han9:644 Fouch Gilbert H. 1944
Han20:143 Fouch Ola Mae (Newton) 1979
Han5:174 Fountain Chas. (Mrs.) 1918
Han8:106 Fowler Orion (Mrs.) 1938
Han6:37 Fox Carl 1921
Han5:126 Fox Geo. W. 1916
Han15:1478 Fox George F. 1969
Han6:30 Fox John (Mrs.) 1926
Han9:664 Fox Lennie Belle 1945
Han7:626 Fox Mary 1935
Han19:45 Fox Mary A. (Larrick) 1976
Han9:629 Fox Noel T. 1944
Han21:17 Fox Olive Viola (Rush) 1980
Han24:57 Fox Roy C. 1985
Han18:82 Fox Velma C. (Morton) 1974
Han11:431 Foxbower Addie E. 1956
Han20:159 Foxbower Emma (Benthien) 1979
Han23:36 Foxbower Faye A. (Osborne) 1983
Han19:78 Foxbower Fred 1976
Han7:543 Foxbower Gilbert 1934
Han11:450 Foxbower Mary 1957
Han6:12 Foxbower Morris 1922
Han13:904 Foxbower Morris 1962
Han19:107 Foxbower Roy 1977
Han5:152 Foxbower William (Mrs.) 1916
Han18:181 Foxbower William, Jr. 1975
Han22:76 France Herbert H. 1983
Han34:50 France Edna B. (Powers) 1995
Han21:52 France Jerry L. 1980
Han23:11 Francis Paul B. 1983
Han19:52 Frank Carl N. 1976
Han14:1171 Frank Willy Wesley 1966
Han9:651 Frank Henry 1945
Han25:17 Frank Joshua Mitchell Davidson 1986
Han16:1502 Frank Kurt Walter 1970
Han14:1160 Frank Manfried E. 1966
Han16:1611 Frank Marie (Stocher) 1971
Han23:9 Frank Mitchell H. 1983
Han28:48 Franz Kenneth P. 1989
Han24:67 Franz John E. 1985
Han29:46 Franz Kenneth E. 1990
Han23:93 Franz Lucy J. (Moore) 1984
Han26:57 Franz Patsy Ann (Snell) 1987
Han5:28 Frazier Charles P. (Mrs.) 1914
Han10:148 Frazier Walter A. 1952
Han25:94 Frazier Blanche F. (Patton) 1986
Han10:77 Frazier Effie (Sewell) 1951
Han7:2 Frazier Ennis 1927
Han25:55 Frazier Esta Thelma (Taylor) 1986
Han8:383 Frazier Frank 1941
Han9:948 Frazier Frank 1950
Han8:8 Frazier John A. 1937
Han21:148 Frazier Leroy C. 1981
Han11:514 Frazier Lucius 1958
Han9:748 Frazier Mary C. (Jones) 1946
Han17:1704 Frazier Myrtle (Miller) 1972
Han23:129 Frazier Nerl 1984
Han8:277 Frazier Raymond F. 1940
Han9:552 Frazier Roy 1943
Han11:483 Frazier Sarah J. 1957
Han12:723 Frazier Ulysses 1960
Han14:1249 Frederick Samuel Clyde 1967
Han26:71 Frederick Estalene (Hammer) 1987
Han16:1531 Frederick Harold Thomas 1970
Han11:392 Frederick John Dee 1956
Han16:1694 Frederick John Raymond 1971
Han22:79 Freeman Claude 1983
Han5:157 Freeman Seth 1916
Han14:1268 Freeman Danny K. 1967
Han12:799 Freeman Seth L. 1961
Han15:1370 Freeman Stella Mae (Hall) 1968
Han7:317 Freeze Mrs. 1931
Han17:1801 Frehse Joseph William 1972
Han8:51 French John 1937
Han9:895 French Linnie (Osborn) 1949
Han5:3 Frenger George (Mrs.) 1914
Han11:512 Freshcorn Lester Dale 1958
Han31:59 Freudiger Lindsey Mae 1992
Han23:98 Frey Goldie Margaret 1984
Han18:39 Frey Lawrence B., Sr. 1974
Han6:52 Frey Rachael 1922
Han5:193 Frey W. H. 1918
Han10:172 Frey W. H. 1953
Han33:1 Frey Willard Andrew 1994
Han18:83 Freytag Lida Jane (Albertson) 1974
Han8:338 Freytag Rudolph 1940
Han7:49 Frieberg Mrs. 1927
Han28:6 Friend Mary C. (McKay) 1989
Han11:329 Friend Mary M. 1955
Han23:104 Friend Paul I. "Dutch" 1984
Han7:703 Fritts R. B. 1936
Han6:8 Fritz Anthony 1919
Han6:247 Fritz H. F. 1921
Han10:277 Frolund Freda (Goodwin) 1954
Han17:1852 Frost Sarah P. (Hurst) 1973
Han27:34 Fry Alice Viola (Walker) 1988
Han6:33 Fryberger Geo. 1923
Han7:3 Fryburger George 1927
Han21:103 Frye James J. 1981
Han6:134 Frye John J. (Mrs.) 1926
Han19:67 Frye Nina M. (Garrison) 1976
Han13:1031 Frye Perry Anthony 1964
Han15:1321 Frye Samuel R. 1968
Han12:590 Frye William Edgar 1959
Han13:977 Fryman Ashford Stanley 1963
Han18:151 Fryman Bessie M. (Mise) 1975
Han24:37 Fryman Clarence H. 1985
Han29:42 Fugett Clalie (Peters) 1990
Han18:96 Fugett J. Elmer 1974
Han24:99 Fugett Rebecca E. (Wells) 1985
Han25:95 Fulcher James R. 1986
Han30:27 Fuller Gilbert E. 1991
Han24:85 Fuller Mary S. (Coyle) 1985
Han23:99 Fulton Margaret (Drumond) 1984
Han14:1084 Fultz Nancy Jane (Pridemore) 1965
Han21:6 Funk Harold Lee 1980
Han20:173 Funk Alberta 1979
Han26:10 Funk Beatrice M. (Valentine) 1987
Han30:36 Funke Robert David, II 1991
Han27:89 Funke Tyson E. "Ty" 1988
Han6:132 Furele Clarence 1920
Han32:21 Furnish Raymond 1993
Han6:114 Fury Mrs. 1920
Han29:36 Fuson Bessie (Taylor) 1990
Han29:45 Fuson Cecil 1990


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