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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han18:23 Babb Margaret (Reece) 1974
Han12:692 Babb William D. 1960
Han26:96 Back Isaac Dean 1987
Han23:72 Bailey James H. 1984
Han35:6 Bailey Kevin Austin 1996
Han27:8 Bailey Lela A. (Dunlap) 1988
Han16:1580 Bailey Leslie Marie 1970
Han19:119 Bailey Maxine (Starkey) 1977
Han11:395 Bails Vern C. 1956
Han20:51 Bails Ressie Evelyn (Persinger) 1978
Han7:599 Baily Levi 1935
Han21:5 Baisch Lillian (Clemons) 1980
Han16:1537 Baisch Willard J. 1970
Han10:190 Baker Glenn Leonadias 1953
Han27:16 Baker Willard O., Sr. 1988
Han10:142 Baker Charlie 1952
Han8:217 Baker Cora A. 1939
Han20:119 Baker Dailey Mathew 1979
Han24:9 Baker Dewey 1985
Han7:390 Baker Endora 1932
Han35:14 Baker Fannie (Stidham) 1996
Han15:1333 Baker George D. 1968
Han6:15 Baker Guy 1925
Han6:139 Baker Guy 1920
Han7:449 Baker J. W. (Mrs.) 1933
Han7:283 Baker John R. 1931
Han14:1151 Baker John Richard 1965
Han18:25 Baker Kimberly Lynn 1974
Han21:7 Baker Lola Mae (Grisham) 1980
Han32:44 Baker Mary Ellen 1993
Han9:679 Baker Mary L. 1945
Han9:516 Baker Minnie E. 1943
Han7:591 Baker Mr. 1935
Han7:372 Baker Mrs. 1932
Han19:50 Baker Naomi J. (Howell) 1976
Han5:95 Baker Philip 1915
Han14:1273 Baker Ralph S. 1967
Han21:175 Baker Ruben 1981
Han9:926 Baker Walter J. 1949
Han9:736 Baker William P. 1946
Han14:1271 Balas Sara Jane (Bate) 1967
Han26:15 Balcells Amalia (Gonzalez) 1987
Han5:41 Baldwin Alvy 1914
Han19:140 Baldwin Frank V. 1977
Han7:510 Baldwin Addis (Mrs.) 1934
Han9:509 Baldwin Amanda 1943
Han7:479 Baldwin Anna 1933
Han35:13 Baldwin Carrie 1996
Han13:918 Baldwin Edwin Martin 1963
Han9:810 Baldwin Emma (Bowman) 1947
Han5:144 Baldwin F. M. (Dr.) 1916
Han6:279 Baldwin F. M. (Mrs.) (Dr.) 1926
Han9:513 Baldwin Lewis 1943
Han9:618 Baldwin Lizzie 1944
Han15:1463 Baldwin Lucille (Chaney) (Mrs.) 1969
Han9:617 Baldwin Minnie Augustus 1944
Han11:457 Baldwin Pache 1957
Han9:498 Baldwin T. B. 1943
Han10:211 Ball Fred D. 1953
Han31:33 Ball Marvin Smith 1992
Han9:863 Ball Fannie 1948
Han23:136 Ball Genaral H. (Mabry) 1984
Han17:1856 Ballard James William, Jr. 1973
Han30:21 Ballard Raymond A., Sr. 1991
Han16:1544 Ballard Debbie (Reese) 1970
Han8:60 Ballard Elder C. P. 1937
Han13:955 Ballard James M. 1963
Han17:1748 Ballard Raymond Allen, III 1972
Han10:74 Ballard Susie (Law) 1951
Han6:228 Ballard The____ 1921
Han22:35 Ballard William Wesley 1982
Han7:369 Ballinger Mr. 1932
Han17:1868 Balzer Laura (Rush) 1973
Han8:416 Bamber Infant 1941
Han11:375 Banks Elsie Jane 1956
Han31:67 Barber Amie (Carter) 1992
Han20:149 Barber Edna (Muel) 1979
Han33:71 Barber Ezra 1994
Han17:1908 Barber Michael F. 1973
Han16:1575 Barbour Mabel M. 1970
Han7:83 Barbour Alex 1928
Han30:7 Barbour Alice (Vallandingham) 1991
Han9:876 Barbour Cora M. (Adair) 1948
Han15:1345 Barbour Robert A. 1968
Han11:522 Bargdill Alta Pearl 1958
Han5:90 Bargdill Homer 1915
Han20:108 Bargdill J. Homer 1979
Han32:81 Bargdill Robert 1993
Han24:51 Barnes Franklin Eugene 1985
Han6:31 Barnes Geo. C. 1919
Han34:34 Barnes Helen Lucille (Collins) 1995
Han17:1873 Barnes Robert E. 1973
Han16:1622 Barnes Robert Leslie 1971
Han22:48 Barnett Charlotte R. (Bush) 1982
Han21:49 Barnett Mance 1980
Han13:1064 Barnett Robert J. 1964
Han14:1141 Barnett Teresa Lynn 1965
Han20:33 Barney Charles A. 1978
Han25:52 Barney Abraham 1986
Han24:87 Barney Christina Marie 1985
Han7:286 Barney Katherine 1931
Han27:73 Barr Betty (Coffey) Marcum 1988
Han9:554 Barr Charles 1943
Han22:112 Barr Clare A. 1983
Han6:192 Barr Lewis 1925
Han7:142 Barr Lou 1929
Han26:78 Barr Patricia B. 1987
Han10:256 Barre Colling B. 1954
Han12:750 Barrere Bret Miles 1960
Han15:1375 Barrere Joseph Leroy 1968
Han20:162 Barrere Mary B. (Bigger) 1979
Han35:9 Barrett Vernon Nelson 1996
Han15:1314 Barricklow Mary (Liggett) 1968
Han12:722 Barrows Ira 1960
Han10:5 Barry Carrie Alice (Thompson) 1950
Han6:107 Barry John 1925
Han33:61 Barry Martha F. 1994
Han35:11 Bate Jane Louise (Evans) 1995
Han5:206 Bates C. E. 1918
Han5:134 Bates H. G. 1916
Han9:500 Bates H. G. 1943
Han20:127 Bates Helen (Kellerman) 1979
Han15:1440 Batson Earnest E. 1969
Han24:98 Batson Goldie L. (Conklin) 1985
Han9:758 Batson Harley C. 1946
Han17:1716 Batson Harry 1972
Han5:52 Batson Jesse 1914
Han9:753 Batson Jesse G. 1946
Han12:612 Batson Ruby Bell (Sprouse) 1959
Han6:181 Batten Frank (Mrs.) (Dr.) 1920
Han8:45 Baugh Carlton L. 1937
Han6:156 Baugh Hugh 1920
Han8:101 Baugh Hugh W. 1937
Han34:31 Baughman Donald E. 1995
Han12:751 Baughman Dimple 1960
Han6:161 Baughman J. M. 1920
Han7:216 Baughman James (Mrs.) 1930
Han16:1508 Baughman James Mearl 1970
Han8:461 Baughman James W. 1942
Han33:78 Baumgartner Ivan 1994
Han15:1456 Baumgartner Edna Marie (Grant) 1969
Han11:407 Baumgartner Marjorie 1956
Han28:59 Baumgartner Martha (Taylor) 1989
Han30:75 Bayes Marvin Q. 1991
Han16:1560 Bays Juanita (Clark) 1970
Han18:99 Beach Michelle Lynne 1974
Han34:3 Bean Sharon Louise (Hill) 1995
Han5:45 Beard A. E. 1914
Han11:368 Beasley Beverly Louise 1956
Han26:38 Beasley Karen Rae 1987
Han24:60 Beasley Robert H. 1985
Han35:3 Beatty Gladys Mae (Bair) 1996
Han18:49 Beauchamp Philip G. 1974
Han26:104 Beauchamp Beulah G. (Burns) 1987
Han20:60 Beauchamp Charles E. 1978
Han12:613 Beauchamp Ernest A. 1959
Han13:1009 Beauchamp Mary Eva (Radenheimer) 1964
Han9:750 Beck Bessie (Constable) 1946
Han9:847 Beck Victor E. 1948
Han6:163 Becker Will 1925
Han9:857 Becker William V. 1948
Han5:55 Bedle Roy 1915
Han7:650 Beebe Maggie 1936
Han31:47 Beebe Marguerite (Burge) 1992
Han23:55 Beekman Helen R. (Garrison) 1984
Han19:47 Beekman Jesse O. 1976
Han24:82 Begley Edwin D. 1985
Han18:119 Begley Polly (Fugate) 1975
Han13:954 Belcher Brett Edward 1963
Han7:566 Bendurant Kaymond 1934
Han5:5 Bennett A. D. 1918
Han9:806 Bennett Abner 1947
Han16:1682 Bennett Mae Augusta (Ross) 1971
Han12:683 Bennett Marty Milo 1960
Han8:75 Bennett Permelea 1937
Han33:62 Benningfield Martha Louise (Anderson) 1994
Han18:58 Benningfield William Henry 1974
Han29:66 Bennington Ethel Ann (Frazier) 1990
Han35:8 Bennington Helen Marie 1996
Han9:575 Bennington Wheeler 1944
Han22:12 Bennington Wheeler Howard 1982
Han16:1606 Benthein Charles E. 1970
Han15:1482 Benthein Mabel P. (Hutchinson)(Mrs.) 1969
Han6:202 Benthein Mrs. 1924
Han9:955 Benthien Bertha (Kroll) 1950
Han17:1701 Bentley Fannie L. (Weaver) 1972
Han16:1595 Bentley Myrtle (Ritchie) 1970
Han29:14 Bentley Ura Lee (Jenkins) 1990
Han17:1772 Berg Fred William 1972
Han33:27 Berg Mae (Miller) 1994
Han18:95 Berger Edward F. 1974
Han6:268 Berger John 1923
Han31:5 Berger Beatrice (Becker) 1992
Han15:1442 Berger Charlotte K. (Knoll) 1969
Han18:76 Berger Christine H. (Hunter) 1974
Han31:41 Berger Dorothy Ellen (Jones) 1992
Han20:151 Berger Edward G. 1979
Han11:550 Berger Guy 1958
Han16:1623 Berger Howard Stanley 1971
Han10:164 Berger Ida C. (Brant) 1952
Han6:149 Berger James 1926
Han19:154 Berger Matthew I 1977
Han32:88 Berger Mildred 1993
Han10:206 Berger Olive (Garner) 1953
Han22:6 Berger Paul W. 1982
Han26:100 Berger Pearl (Ashmore) Shumaker 1987
Han8:328 Berger Ruby Lee 1940
Han20:41 Berger Stanley 1978
Han33:90 Berger Stella Beatrice (Florea) 1994
Han23:35 Berger Woodrow Clark 1983
Han19:3 Bergman Henry J., Jr. 1976
Han6:34 Bern Freeman (Mrs.) 1923
Han5:22 Bernstein Geo. E. 1914
Han25:109 Berry Florence Adell (Hafer) 1986
Han26:33 Berwanger Bernard J. 1987
Han14:1215 Berwanger Albert Francis 1966
Han26:81 Berwanger Elizabeth Mae "Betty" (Stoecklin) 1987
Han13:851 Best Sarah J. (Reed) 1962
Han8:29 Bethein Nellie Gertrude (Carroll) 1937
Han11:374 Bethien Henry 1956
Han6:136 Bicker Will 1922
Han5:164 Biggs Phoebe 1917
Han5:177 Biggs Eberle (Mrs.) 1917
Han21:13 Bilderback William Glenn 1980
Han20:58 Bilderback Corbett E. 1978
Han12:621 Bilderback Edward Arthur 1959
Han32:77 Bilderback Grace 1993
Han27:4 Bilderback Nina Mae (Lowman) 1988
Han28:26 Bill Bernard J. 1989
Han5:27 Bills Albert 1918
Han5:56 Bindley Joe 1915
Han8:199 Bindly Robert I. 1939
Han11:547 Binkley Howard 1958
Han18:44 Binkley John Douglas 1974
Han9:700 Binkley Amina Rossella 1945
Han5:167 Binkley Ella (Mrs.) 1917
Han35:10 Binkley Eloise D. (Downard) 1996
Han27:51 Binkley George A. 1988
Han6:62 Binkley Jake 1919
Han7:156 Binkley Jake (Mrs.) 1929
Han7:508 Binkley Joel 1934
Han29:58 Binkley Nettie L. (Creager) 1990
Han5:8 Bird Milton 1914
Han6:74 Bird Paul (Mrs.) 1922
Han9:666 Birmingham William 1945
Han6:258 Bishop Mr. 1922
Han7:27 Bishop Cary 1927
Han15:1407 Bishop Eldred Edward 1968
Han7:704 Bishop Jeneive 1936
Han21:91 Bishop Letcher 1981
Han9:921 Bishop Margaret (Smysor) 1949
Han9:916 Bishop Mary E. (Mendel) 1949
Han32:49 Bittner Albert 1993
Han31:72 Bittner Catherine I. (Boertlein) 1992
Han20:123 Black Cletus Milton 1979
Han18:171 Black John W. 1975
Han33:46 Blackburn Cecil "Blackie" 1994
Han7:6 Blackburn Thos. (Mrs.) 1927
Han35:5 Blackwell Vera Lee (Lamon) 1996
Han10:104 Blakeley George A. 1952
Han10:180 Blakeley Olive (Duncan) 1953
Han11:376 Blanchard William 1956
Han26:47 Blankenbeckler Sturl 1987
Han33:27 Blankenbeckler Virginia Bell (Jarrell) 1994
Han18:141 Blankenbeckler Willie M. 1975
Han10:246 Blankenship John Kelvin 1954
Han29:30 Blankenship LaNita J. (Williamson) 1990
Han20:43 Blanton Ernest 1978
Han30:42 Blanton Swanie (Howard) 1991
Han22:19 Blatt Edward J. 1982
Han16:1581 Blatt Vinnia (Wisbey) 1970
Han23:18 Blevins James William 1983
Han24:80 Blevins Marjorie L. (Cooper) 1985
Han24:18 Blevins William Edward 1985
Han19:106 Blocker Aileen T. (Bunton) 1977
Han13:966 Blocker Cark 1963
Han17:1710 Blocker Carl B. 1972
Han34:33 Bluhm Dora Johanne (Stille) 1995
Han11:534 Bobbitt Carrie 1958
Han31:85 Bobbitt Scott Alan 1992
Han26:34 Bocher Dorothy (Holland) 1987
Han6:104 Bock Florence 1920
Han9:583 Boden Cora B. 1944
Han7:588 Boettcher Harry (Mrs.) 1935
Han7:101 Bogan 1928
Han5:138 Bogan Lewis 1916
Han6:30 Bogan Cora 1925
Han18:72 Bogan Darrell J. 1974
Han8:341 Bogan Harriett Alice (Gray) 1940
Han7:402 Bogan Harry 1932
Han11:462 Bogan Joseph H., Sr. 1957
Han12:581 Bogan Luetta (Brown) 1959
Han12:598 Bogan Russell O. 1959
Han7:715 Bogan Sanford 1936
Han6:261 Bogan Vernie 1922
Han23:69 Bogen Jack M. 1984
Han21:173 Bogen Janet Ruth (Kolde) 1981
Han6:142 Boggs Susan 1920
Han12:802 Bolender Kathryn (Baughman) 1961
Han6:90 Bolender Oscar (Mrs.) 1924
Han7:459 Boles Jessie 1933
Han23:133 Bolser Andrew Kenneth 1984
Han25:14 Bondurant Hazel (Reed) 1986
Han12:732 Bondurant Stanley R. 1960
Han5:70 Bonner Harry (Mrs.) 1915
Han20:145 Boothby Gerald Wayne 1979
Han7:87 Bortsfield Emma 1928
Han16:1550 Bosier Frank L. 1970
Han23:118 Bosier Linza S. 1984
Han9:580 Bosier Amanda 1944
Han10:125 Bosier Beulah Mary (Johns) 1952
Han8:375 Bosier Charles W. 1941
Han18:88 Bosier Ella M. (Barclay) 1974
Han7:360 Bosier John 1932
Han21:86 Bosier Oliver R. 1980
Han16:1522 Bosier Senate C. 1970
Han7:294 Bosier Thomas 1931
Han6:5 Bosier Walter 1921
Han16:1553 Bosier Walter 1970
Han14:1295 Bosier Zelda Beatrice (Rinehart) 1967
Han8:223 Bottsfield W. G. 1939
Han13:982 Boucher Roger Lee 1963
Han16:1672 Boucher Roger N. 1971
Han10:259 Bowen Emma (Wadsworth) 1954
Han33:40 Bowling Mark 1994
Han21:210 Bowling William Ray, III 1981
Han14:1244 Bowman Rudy Gordon 1967
Han18:27 Bowman Carl 1974
Han9:946 Bowman Elizabeth Lucinda (Newell) 1950
Han35:17 Bowman Eunice Irene (Taylor) 1996
Han6:68 Bowman Hannah 1925
Han12:719 Bowman Irene (Anderson) 1960
Han5:13 Bowman Lilly 1914
Han14:1072 Bowman Louisa 1965
Han7:120 Bowman Lucina 1928
Han11:548 Bowman Mary E. 1958
Han26:1 Bowman Meliisia Ann (Fields) 1987
Han7:62 Bowman Mrs. 1928
Han8:221 Bowman Nathan 1939
Han6:7 Bowman Samuel J. 1919
Han11:419 Bowman William Frederick 1956
Han10:128 Boyd Dale R. 1952
Han7:81 Boyd Mrs. 1928
Han26:63 Boyle Clyde E. 1987
Han20:68 Boyle Mary Kay (Glynn) 1978
Han5:41 Bracelin Mr. 1917
Han22:60 Brackett Anna Elizabeth (Geisel) 1982
Han16:1619 Bradford Marvin L. 1971
Han17:1813 Bradford Betty J. (Hicks) 1973
Han16:1695 Bradford Jessie (Felter) 1971
Han16:1567 Bradley Carrie Lee 1970
Han21:168 Bradley Delbert W. 1981
Han26:77 Bradley Ethel Theresa (Pollitt) 1987
Han13:976 Bradley Female Infant 1963
Han10:201 Bradley Randall Kent 1953
Han5:32 Brady A. W. (Mrs.) 1914
Han6:242 Brady Henry 1924
Han35:15 Braley Ernest Carter 1996
Han35:7 Braley Lucille (Whittle) 1996
Han27:32 Brandenburg Elizabeth Belle (Comer) 1988
Han11:466 Brandenburg Ella Mae 1957
Han14:1233 Brandenburg Elmer Warren 1967
Han9:638 Brandenburg Frank 1944
Han7:657 Brandenburg Infant of Elmer 1936
Han8:6 Brandenburg Lawrence William 1937
Han7:671 Brandenburg Maryannah 1936
Han5:119 Brandenburg Mr. 1916
Han12:689 Brandenburg Pha (Davis) 1960
Han12:572 Brandenburg Ray 1958
Han7:698 Brandenburg Rodney 1936
Han5:11 Brandenburg Roy J. 1918
Han8:362 Brandenburg Templin 1941
Han7:332 Brandenburg W. H. 1931
Han8:35 Brann James W. 1937
Han18:106 Brann Maphia (Bates) 1975
Han9:611 Brann Roscoe 1944
Han13:1049 Brannon Alfred Horace 1964
Han10:212 Brannon Mary Jane (Garrison) 1953
Han14:1300 Branstrator Esther (Harris) 1967
Han9:848 Branstrator Ignatius D. 1948
Han26:106 Braucksick Anna (Crawford) 1987
Han9:656 Breeze Anna Ruth 1945
Han5:5 Breslin May 1914
Han25:77 Brewer Floyd Elzie 1986
Han9:874 Brewer Francis Earl 1948
Han18:73 Brewer Hazel (Bosier) 1974
Han18:122 Brewer Maude M. (Bateman) 1975
Han9:812 Brewer Nellie Mae (Bogan) 1947
Han8:323 Brewer Paul 1940
Han13:967 Brewer Stanley Jessie 1963
Han8:96 Brewer Vernon 1937
Han23:128 Brickman Evelyn C. (Merrill) 1984
Han10:36 Briddell James W. 1951
Han10:275 Bright Clarence E. 1954
Han7:227 Bright Elizabeth 1930
Han35:12 Bright Miriam Lee 1996
Han12:771 Bright Virgil G. 1961
Han8:379 Brindle Adda 1941
Han9:586 Brindle Frank 1944
Han12:783 Brislend Charles H. 1961
Han16:1542 Brislend Nellie E. (Liddil) 1970
Han16:1543 Brislend Ruth L. 1970
Han17:1825 Britton Edna R. (Norman) 1973
Han6:190 Britton Gus 1921
Han14:1130 Britton James P. 1965
Han19:60 Brock Harry H. 1976
Han6:101 Brock L. F. 1923
Han15:1371 Brock Linda M. 1968
Han20:19 Brock McKinley Lee 1978
Han13:936 Broerman Nora (Miller) 1963
Han28:44 Brookbank Anna Pearl (Schuerch) 1989
Han34:36 Brookshire Henry Owen 1995
Han32:51 Brooks-Miller Juliann 1993
Han19:34 Brose Alma Mae (Femeyer) 1976
Han21:73 Brose Roy T. 1980
Han8:227 Brower Hebron 1939
Han6:238 Brown Edith 1924
Han6:280 Brown Elijah (Mrs.) 1926
Han16:1506 Brown Etta L. (Lieurance) 1970
Han5:19 Brown Geo. W. 1914
Han22:110 Brown Norman 1983
Han9:596 Brown Ada 1944
Han19:89 Brown Adah Marie (Nicodemus) 1977
Han19:113 Brown Alice "Ethelyn" (Biggs) 1977
Han21:35 Brown Alice (Guckiean) 1980
Han6:89 Brown Andrew 1926
Han35:4 Brown Ashley Morgan 1996
Han28:58 Brown Bertha J. (Strong) Jones 1989
Han22:52 Brown Bertha L. (McHargue) 1982
Han12:755 Brown Blanche Mae (Reeder) 1961
Han12:586 Brown C. C. 1959
Han17:1833 Brown Cecil Everett 1973
Han6:92 Brown Charley 1920
Han7:70 Brown Clara 1928
Han9:524 Brown Clara M. 1943
Han10:15 Brown Claude E. 1950
Han14:1174 Brown Clint Z. 1966
Han11:527 Brown Colson 1958
Han8:447 Brown Donald E. 1942
Han9:884 Brown Edith (McDonald) 1948
Han7:166 Brown Elizabeth 1929
Han7:4 Brown Emery E. 1927
Han8:348 Brown Emey E. 1940
Han8:301 Brown Emma J. 1940
Han12:576 Brown Ernest 1958
Han16:1686 Brown Ferne (Hudson) 1971
Han6:88 Brown Frank 1923
Han19:88 Brown Frank E. 1977
Han16:1669 Brown Frank M. 1971
Han21:36 Brown Goldie Pearl (Fordyce) 1980
Han27:1 Brown Helen (Bucher) 1987
Han6:58 Brown Infant of John 1919
Han32:83 Brown Isaac 1993
Han7:329 Brown Jane 1931
Han6:81 Brown Jesse (Mrs.) 1923
Han22:118 Brown Jesse W. 1983
Han14:1175 Brown Jewell Thelma 1966
Han7:281 Brown John 1931
Han21:153 Brown Katherine R. (Marshall) 1981
Han18:81 Brown Lawrence L. 1974
Han14:1101 Brown Lillian (McDonald) 1965
Han7:498 Brown Margaret 1933
Han8:110 Brown Martha 1938
Han21:130 Brown Mary Virginia 1981
Han9:819 Brown Maude (Muchmore) 1947
Han29:12 Brown Mildred R. (Reeves) 1990
Han28:61 Brown Nannie L. (Tuggle) 1989
Han16:1661 Brown Newton J. "N.J." 1971
Han11:356 Brown Ollie Jane 1955
Han17:1760 Brown Oris W. 1972
Han8:52 Brown Orville C. 1937
Han5:45 Brown Owen 1918
Han5:49 Brown Ransom 1914
Han8:44 Brown Rebecca Ann (Edwards) 1937
Han34:35 Brown Robert M. 1995
Han17:1829 Brown Robert R. 1973
Han8:133 Brown Roy 1938
Han14:1225 Brown Samuel W. 1966
Han6:125 Brown Sanford 1920
Han7:579 Brown Sanford 1935
Han7:614 Brown Sanford (Mrs.) 1935
Han7:189 Brown Stewart 1929
Han26:93 Brown Susie (Barnett) 1987
Han7:19 Brown Thos. (Mrs.) 1927
Han9:867 Brown Wayne (Infant) 1948
Han17:1799 Brown William E. 1972
Han9:570 Brown William T. 1944
Han20:39 Brown Wilson A. 1978
Han18:52 Brumbaugh Eral Dean 1974
Han34:1 Brumbaugh Dorothy Ruth (Holcombe) 1995
Han12:596 Bruner Frank 1959
Han12:551 Bruner Lucy 1958
Han5:33 Brunk Marcellus (Mrs.) 1914
Han6:14 Brunk David 1919
Han6:29 Brunk Ella 1922
Han8:219 Brunk Ella 1939
Han6:188 Brunk Geo. (Mrs.) 1922
Han6:284 Brunk M. J. (Mrs.) 1926
Han10:237 Brunk Stanley 1954
Han21:111 Brunk Velma L. (Irvin) 1981
Han27:82 Bryan Floyd T. "Pete" 1988
Han22:115 Bryan Albert R. 1983
Han17:1736 Bryan Esther Rebecca (Richardson) 1972
Han8:69 Bryan Laura E. 1937
Han20:157 Bryan Lena Ruth (Gray) 1979
Han23:126 Bryan Minnie H. (McPherson) 1984
Han7:168 Bryan Tyra 1929
Han16:1536 Bryan Virgil T. 1970
Han5:41 Bryant Harry (Mrs.) 1918
Han13:858 Buchanan Lori Lynn 1962
Han22:108 Buerkle Sebastian Albert "Tony" 1983
Han31:78 Buerkle Jennie L. (Miller) 1992
Han11:491 Buettner Leonard 1957
Han9:811 Bunnell Katie (Jordan) 1947
Han6:206 Bunnell Mrs. 1921
Han20:107 Bunnell Ralph H. 1979
Han32:37 Burch Ernest N., Sr. 1993
Han35:16 Burchett Mary Ann (Zion) 1996
Han9:846 Burge Alice (Haggerty) 1947
Han12:626 Burge Dora (Bumgarner) 1959
Han10:242 Burge William C. 1954
Han18:98 Burkett Jack M. 1974
Han29:87 Burnell Charlie Monroe 1990
Han22:120 Burnett Howard R. 1983
Han27:62 Burns David E. 1988
Han21:37 Burns Ira 1980
Han7:48 Burr Edgar (Mrs.) 1927
Han19:128 Burrell Albirda (Haines) 1977
Han14:1288 Burris Paul R. 1967
Han11:541 Burris Floyd 1958
Han15:1423 Burris Gary Wayne 1969
Han24:10 Burris Paul William, III 1985
Han25:63 Burris Thomas Franklin, Jr. 1986
Han6:258 Burroughs Perry 1922
Han6:100 Burroughs Perry 1924
Han13:853 Burroughs Charles Edwin 1962
Han13:881 Burroughs Charles P. 1962
Han21:135 Burroughs Elza E., Sr. 1981
Han15:1368 Burroughs Evelyn Minnie (Swarger) 1968
Han7:39 Burroughs Harry 1927
Han14:1109 Burroughs Harry 1965
Han9:799 Burroughs Harry, Jr. 1947
Han6:102 Burroughs Jeff 1920
Han7:568 Burroughs Jeff 1934
Han19:25 Burroughs Martha Mae (Osborn) 1976
Han21:99 Burroughs Minnie Ethel (Sharp) 1981
Han7:47 Burroughs Perry 1927
Han34:32 Burroughs Ralph A. 1995
Han7:102 Burroughs Vernie 1928
Han5:141 Burton Carrie J. 1916
Han29:61 Burton Kenneth James 1990
Han11:421 Burton Carl 1956
Han8:121 Burton Cary J. 1938
Han9:561 Burton Charles LeRoy 1943
Han31:58 Burton Claude 1992
Han21:19 Burton Emmett T. 1980
Han24:31 Burton Florence Belle (Klock) 1985
Han8:443 Burton Fred 1942
Han7:514 Burton George 1934
Han9:752 Burton J. Lloyd "Juicy" 1946
Han6:242 Burton J. R. (Mrs.) 1921
Han26:13 Burton Jay V. 1987
Han8:14 Burton Joseph H. 1937
Han9:815 Burton Kathryn LaVerne (Whitacre) 1947
Han11:428 Burton Lenora Browne 1956
Han7:118 Burton Martha Ann 1928
Han12:714 Burton Martha Emily 1960
Han14:1290 Burton Mary (Hopkins) 1967
Han12:615 Burton Mary Alice (Lewis) 1959
Han18:161 Burton Norma Lucille (Snowhill) 1975
Han5:201 Burton Richard (Mrs.) 1918
Han5:200 Burton Robert 1918
Han26:92 Burton Robert H. 1987
Han19:73 Burton Ronald Franklin 1976
Han11:506 Burton Vada 1958
Han5:64 Busker Lizzie 1915
Han31:70 Buswell Michael Vincent 1992
Han23:37 Butler Edith R. (Helterbridle) 1983
Han12:785 Butler Lelia S. (Smith) 1961


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