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Warren County, Ohio, Funeral Records, Vol. 6 – Hannah Funeral Home
(2014) 180  pages
     A. L. Hannah Funeral Home (1913-1996)



The Warren County Genealogical Society has extracted the name of the deceased, date of death, date of burial, name of cemetery or crematory and military service information from 32 volumes of funeral records from the A. L. Hannah Funeral Home in Blanchester, Ohio which is now a part of the Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home based in Loveland, Ohio. These records contain information about 6,719 funerals conducted from 1913 to 1996. Of these 4,346 listed the place of burial or cremation and 478 provided military service information. The Warren County Genealogical Society assigned the volume numbers used in this publication. If the original records did not contain a page number, the society added stamped page numbers to the photocopies of the records located in our resource center.

The information provided for an individual funeral varied greatly over time. A printed Funeral Record and Ledger was used which provided additional information about the deceased and their family. A number of different variations were used through the years and could contain detailed information about the deceased, their parents, siblings, spouse, children, etc. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them that is listed in this publication. To order a copy of this publication, see our Publications page

This on line index gives the name of the deceased, year plus the Volume and page number where the original funeral record is located. Researchers may visit our library to view the record of a person of interest to them. The society web site provides a means to order copies of records for a particular individual for those not able to visit our library in person. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy/DownloadableForms.htm

Vol:Pg Surname Given Name Year
Han20:2 Gaffney John Martin 1978
Han19:5 Gaffney Nette E. (Lunsford) 1976
Han29:27 Gaffney William Henry 1990
Han5:96 Gaffrey John (Mrs.) 1918
Han19:38 Gallenstein Clarence Phillip 1976
Han24:91 Gammell Elmer "Bum" 1985
Han12:746 Gannon James E. 1960
Han13:988 Gannon Vincent Paul "Hoppy" 1964
Han17:1755 Ganote Mildred Mae (Garwood) 1972
Han7:261 Gardner Mrs. 1930
Han17:1767 Garinger Howard Clayton 1972
Han18:168 Garinger Mary L. (Hanna) 1975
Han14:1066 Garner Carl 1965
Han6:71 Garner Clair ____
Han9:834 Garner Thornton 1944
Han7:694 Garner Annie 1936
Han7:393 Garner Cecil 1932
Han7:624 Garner Cecil 1935
Han8:486 Garner Charlie 1942
Han9:852 Garner D. Clair 1948
Han7:137 Garner Frank 1929
Han14:1213 Garner Grace M. (Haller) 1966
Han10:173 Garner Gula Evelyn (Hallstead) 1953
Han7:171 Garner Jesse 1929
Han6:71 Garner Joe (Mrs.) 1925
Han7:139 Garner Lawrence 1929
Han12:553 Garner Martha A. (Hoover) 1958
Han7:376 Garner Mr. 1932
Han7:431 Garner Rachel 1933
Han7:432 Garner Richard 1933
Han8:81 Garner Sarah J. 1937
Han29:73 Garner Velma Ruth 1990
Han16:1515 Garner Vesta (Turner) 1970
Han13:1019 Garrett Dwight D. 1964
Han34:52 Garrett Laurence P., Jr. 1995
Han34:24 Garrett Richard Scott 1995
Han5:75 Garrison Albert 1915
Han5:117 Garrison J. M. 1916
Han12:662 Garrison Addie (Snell) 1959
Han8:286 Garrison Arnold David 1940
Han5:170 Garrison Arwine 1917
Han7:619 Garrison Arwine 1935
Han9:932 Garrison Arwine 1949
Han11:530 Garrison Benjamin Franklin 1958
Han9:624 Garrison Charlene Sue 1944
Han8:183 Garrison Clara B. 1938
Han18:139 Garrison Clyde O. 1975
Han21:80 Garrison David Eugene 1980
Han7:685 Garrison Delilah 1936
Han18:31 Garrison Dora Edith (Hatch) 1974
Han21:83 Garrison Dorothy (Slurz) 1980
Han15:1464 Garrison Dorothy Ann (Stanforth) 1969
Han13:930 Garrison Edgar 1963
Han10:224 Garrison Edgar Charles 1953
Han11:423 Garrison Edna 1956
Han6:209 Garrison Elias 1921
Han18:87 Garrison Elizabeth (Waterman) 1974
Han6:86 Garrison Elmer 1921
Han19:151 Garrison Enoch W. 1977
Han7:394 Garrison Ephian (Mrs.) 1932
Han7:53 Garrison Ephram 1928
Han31:62 Garrison Floyd D. 1992
Han6:35 Garrison Frank 1919
Han9:757 Garrison George 1946
Han35:34 Garrison Grace Marie (Vilvens) 1996
Han30:76 Garrison Harold 1991
Han9:780 Garrison Harold Lewis 1946
Han26:39 Garrison Hazel Lucille (Bryan) 1987
Han17:1727 Garrison Henry W. "Puss" 1972
Han25:78 Garrison Hermeana (Sagers) 1986
Han6:50 Garrison J. M. 1919
Han8:113 Garrison J. M. 1938
Han7:618 Garrison J. M. (Mrs.) 1935
Han6:86 Garrison John 1921
Han8:423 Garrison John 1942
Han9:941 Garrison John M. 1949
Han17:1754 Garrison Larry Eugene 1972
Han14:1296 Garrison Leroy 1967
Han8:365 Garrison Lillie 1941
Han12:632 Garrison Lina (Bosier) 1959
Han9:805 Garrison Lucy Lorain (Tuggle) 1947
Han6:123 Garrison Mabel 1924
Han12:767 Garrison Mabel (Highway) 1961
Han13:992 Garrison Mary Agnes (Smith) 1964
Han6:156 Garrison Mildred 1923
Han10:153 Garrison Minnie (Hakes) 1952
Han9:578 Garrison Mollie 1944
Han17:1804 Garrison Oscar Charles 1972
Han11:321 Garrison Perry 1955
Han25:53 Garrison Regina (Kreimer) 1986
Han9:579 Garrison Roberts 1944
Han31:61 Garrison Ronald Eugene 1992
Han10:90 Garrison Rosabel (Girton) 1951
Han11:543 Garrison Theodore 1958
Han12:631 Garrison Tyre Raymond 1959
Han9:510 Garrison Walter 1943
Han16:1509 Garrison William R. 1970
Han9:854 Garvin Gilbert E. 1948
Han13:940 Garwood Charles E. 1963
Han17:1752 Garwood Dessie (Brown) 1972
Han6:25 Gaskill Edwin 1919
Han7:255 Gaskill William 1930
Han6:225 Gaskill Wilson 1921
Han25:73 Gassert Laura (Tygrett) 1986
Han9:772 Gause Esther 1946
Han7:115 Gauze Ester 1928
Han20:155 Geesner Susie Goldie (Carder) 1979
Han7:176 Geiger John 1929
Han9:548 Geiger Mary E. 1943
Han26:85 Gentile Nettie (Mossman) 1987
Han5:17 George William 1914
Han34:51 Gerber Dorothy Lucille (Welty) 1995
Han5:36 Gerlaugh Dan 1917
Han14:1298 Gerlaugh Eugene Daniel 1967
Han21:28 Gerlaugh Lenna (Hall) 1980
Han6:234 Gibbs Laura 1921
Han9:879 Gibbs Lura L. 1948
Han35:36 Gibson John Leonard 1996
Han35:35 Gibson Noble Louise (Wilson) 1996
Han6:271 Giehls Albert 1924
Han6:179 Gilbert Fred 1925
Han8:269 Gilbert Georgianna 1940
Han23:67 Gilfilen Edward George 1984
Han35:32 Gilfilen Lenora Anne (Ketteler) 1996
Han28:60 Gillespie Agnes M. (Scnur) 1989
Han8:46 Gillespie Louis 1937
Han7:439 Gillespie Marie 1933
Han9:771 Gillespie Samuel 1946
Han14:1104 Gillis Hettie (Conover) 1965
Han6:156 Gillis Louise (Mrs.) 1925
Han20:175 Gillis Mariam E. (Kerns) 1979
Han18:78 Gillis Randall A. 1974
Han14:1287 Gillis Wayne W. 1967
Han6:99 Gillispie Sam'l (Mrs.) 1924
Han9:784 Gillispie Walter E. 1947
Han6:113 Gilman Mrs. 1922
Han6:232 Gilman Mrs. 1924
Han6:37 Gindele Matt 1919
Han8:204 Girton Fanny 1939
Han10:285 Glass Miriam (Boteler) 1954
Han7:133 Glasscock Addison 1929
Han6:60 Glasscock Charley 1919
Han7:628 Glasscock Stella 1935
Han9:682 Gleason Patrick H. 1945
Han7:681 Glenn Mrs. 1936
Han19:141 Gloyd Albert "Charles" 1977
Han18:66 Gloyd John Thomas 1974
Han29:18 Gloyd Carrie Louise (See) 1990
Han9:705 Gloyd Myrtle Ann 1945
Han10:94 Goddard Thomas M. 1952
Han19:1 Gohs Zada (Lingo) 1975
Han28:42 Goins Kenneth G. 1989
Han27:86 Goins Robert Oglesbee 1988
Han19:162 Golden Ike L. 1977
Han6:97 Gollady H. T. 1920
Han12:587 Good George A. 1959
Han12:641 Good Louise M. 1959
Han24:69 Gooding Ray Delbert 1985
Han28:74 Gooding Chester Allen 1989
Han12:600 Gooding Hattie (Hurst) 1959
Han11:545 Gooding Silas 1958
Han6:74 Goodpastor William 1923
Han13:953 Goodwin John C. 1963
Han16:1616 Goodwin Ralph E. 1971
Han9:915 Goodwin Albertia 1949
Han12:575 Goodwin Anna D. (Drake) 1958
Han20:24 Goodwin Artimus L. 1978
Han11:544 Goodwin Cary Allen 1958
Han14:1195 Goodwin Claude "Red" D. 1966
Han5:8 Goodwin Earl 1914
Han8:47 Goodwin Earl 1937
Han7:462 Goodwin Ed 1933
Han9:692 Goodwin Ed. (Mrs.) 1945
Han12:589 Goodwin Emmet L. 1959
Han13:1006 Goodwin Ethel May (Smith) 1964
Han19:30 Goodwin Florence E. (Frey) 1976
Han11:470 Goodwin Grant 1957
Han21:21 Goodwin Helen Maxine (Curliss) 1980
Han8:268 Goodwin Infant 1940
Han10:149 Goodwin Iva (Schooley) 1952
Han35:29 Goodwin James L. 1996
Han7:441 Goodwin John 1933
Han20:153 Goodwin Laura Alice (Denman) 1979
Han23:108 Goodwin Leo P. 1984
Han19:62 Goodwin LeRoy William 1976
Han12:607 Goodwin Levi "Lee" 1959
Han12:669 Goodwin Lillie (Tucker) 1960
Han11:433 Goodwin Lulu 1957
Han21:206 Goodwin Lulu Mae (Haines) 1981
Han8:314 Goodwin Maggie 1940
Han7:466 Goodwin Mirg 1933
Han5:163 Goodwin Morris 1917
Han10:38 Goodwin Rufus 1951
Han22:96 Goodwin Sarah Luella (Fawley) 1983
Han22:73 Goodwin Virginia Alice (Sumner) 1982
Han10:214 Goodwin W. M. 1953
Han7:366 Goodwin W. S. (Mrs.) 1932
Han13:983 Goodwin William S. 1963
Han10:28 Gorhy Bert C. 1950
Han8:235 Gornia Fomia 1939
Han30:67 Gosney Shane C. 1991
Han9:563 Gowan Viola 1943
Han9:838 Gowdy Clarke L. (Rev.) 1947
Han16:1510 Gragg George Wayne 1970
Han28:49 Graham Beatrice E. (Turner) 1989
Han11:394 Graham Georgia Kay 1956
Han6:92 Graham Will 1924
Han32:48 Grant Dolly Lee 1993
Han7:346 Graper Dora 1931
Han6:129 Grapione Mr. 1920
Han25:66 Gray Kenneth Edward, Sr. 1986
Han33:55 Gray Louis J. 1994
Han19:22 Gray Robert F. 1976
Han35:30 Gray Anna L. (Lansing) 1996
Han9:620 Gray Burd W. (Dr.) 1944
Han6:5 Gray Burl (Dr.) 1923
Han8:245 Gray Charles Sanford 1939
Han17:1757 Gray Clarence 1972
Han8:262 Gray Clayton 1939
Han6:45 Gray Cliff 1923
Han9:542 Gray Curtis O. 1943
Han15:1429 Gray Donald Leroy 1969
Han8:185 Gray Dorothy Jean 1939
Han19:120 Gray Ella Mae (Richards) 1977
Han13:919 Gray Ethel 1963
Han9:793 Gray Etta May 1947
Han23:40 Gray Gladys J. (DeBruler) 1983
Han6:77 Gray John Eph 1923
Han22:49 Gray Judith Arlene (Garrison) 1982
Han8:105 Gray Laura L. 1938
Han6:78 Gray Lollie 1920
Han18:170 Gray Madge L. 1975
Han16:1656 Gray Margie G. (Marshall) 1971
Han12:608 Gray Stanley 1959
Han7:190 Gray Susan J. 1929
Han6:113 Gray Tom 1920
Han13:975 Gray Verner A. 1963
Han33:95 Gray Verner O. 1994
Han10:24 Gray William D. 1950
Han6:46 Grayson Mr. 1921
Han8:479 Greathouse Edith 1942
Han12:558 Greathouse Isaac William 1958
Han9:859 Green George E. (S/Sgt) 1944
Han7:616 Green Frank 1935
Han9:881 Green Henry Espey 1948
Han8:2 Green Sylvester 1937
Han10:280 Greene Lester Alton 1954
Han6:1 Greene Sylvester 1922
Han17:1814 Greene Harry J. 1973
Han27:91 Greene Helen Susan "Susie" (Agin) 1988
Han23:116 Greene Kenneth Lynn 1984
Han17:1826 Greene Mary L. (Leonard) 1973
Han5:133 Greene Robert (Mrs.) 1916
Han7:604 Greenfield Mrs. 1935
Han8:303 Greenfield William 1940
Han29:35 Greenwell John L. 1990
Han10:218 Gregg Eva M. (Wilder) 1953
Han10:116 Gregg William F. 1952
Han21:33 Gregory Kenny Ray 1980
Han10:249 Gregory Vincent 1954
Han21:92 Gregory David Alan 1981
Han17:1842 Gregory George L. 1973
Han21:209 Gregory Ina C. (Cassidy) 1981
Han14:1230 Gregory Lucille Kathleen 1966
Han12:818 Gregory Nathan William 1961
Han21:38 Gregory Steven Mathew 1980
Han6:1 Gregory W. C. (Mrs.) 1919
Han8:89 Grehls Henry 1937
Han30:48 Greimann Harry 1991
Han30:46 Greimann Albertine (Culberson) 1991
Han6:211 Grey Madge 1921
Han6:211 Grey Stanley 1921
Han9:691 Grice W. E. 1945
Han14:1129 Griesheimer Rudolph N. 1965
Han4:7 Griffen George 1913
Han14:1257 Griffin William Gobel 1967
Han16:1607 Griffith Amanda H. (Hughes) 1971
Han13:926 Griffith George 1963
Han11:427 Griffith May E. 1956
Han16:1612 Griffith Pern R. 1971
Han12:792 Griffitts Debra Elaine 1961
Han5:66 Grimes Rebecca 1918
Han7:204 Grimes Elizabeth 1929
Han17:1870 Grimes Ida Belle 1973
Han9:860 Grimes Vila Mae (Todd) 1948
Han6:253 Grimm John 1922
Han35:33 Grisham Emma Jean (Hill) 1996
Han14:1099 Grisham Henrietta "Etta" (Rosenburger) 1965
Han9:893 Grishman John "Jack" 1949
Han6:51 Griswold Olga 1919
Han5:100 Griswold Perry (Mrs.) 1915
Han8:456 Griswold Abbie 1942
Han10:21 Griswold Bessie M. (Eyler) 1950
Han14:1106 Griswold Elbert C. 1965
Han11:306 Griswold Etta 1955
Han6:243 Griswold Harriet (Mrs.) 1925
Han7:436 Griswold Harry 1933
Han8:228 Griswold Mary E. 1939
Han7:677 Griswold Mr. 1936
Han7:295 Griswold Mrs. 1931
Han9:754 Griswold Ora E. 1946
Han11:446 Griswold Paul Everett 1957
Han7:324 Griswold Wendell 1931
Han6:81 Groendyke Frank 1920
Han16:1688 Groh Edward H. "Eddie" 1971
Han6:25 Groh Leah 1919
Han5:11 Groh Mike 1914
Han35:31 Grooms Carl Raymond 1996
Han8:339 Grooms John C. 1940
Han15:1410 Grossnickle Paul Fredrick 1968
Han7:235 Grossnickle Annie 1930
Han6:249 Grossnickle Daniel (Mrs.) 1921
Han7:218 Grossnickle David 1930
Han32:23 Grossnickle Francis A. 1993
Han18:62 Grossnickle Lillie (Marshall) 1974
Han8:86 Grove Emma 1937
Han11:292 Grove Jacob Gage 1955
Han9:662 Grover Howard C. 1945
Han23:47 Groves John M. 1984
Han24:7 Groves Amanda (Butcher) 1985
Han22:100 Grower Richard Bernard 1983
Han32:28 Gruber Raymond Eugene 1993
Han29:62 Gruber Vera Faye (Brown) 1990
Han33:43 Grundy Sebastian Levi 1994
Han14:1243 Grusenmeyer Marie 1967
Han26:44 Gumm Jason Cody 1987
Han11:459 Gundler Leonard Eugene 1957
Han27:75 Gundler Mattie R. (Rausche) 1988
Han28:68 Gunter William H. 1989
Han19:61 Gustin Charles E. 1976
Han7:408 Gustin Emma 1932
Han6:213 Gustin Geo 1921
Han7:245 Gustin George (Mrs.) 1930
Han14:1117 Gustin George W. 1965
Han10:3 Gustin George Wilson 1950
Han10:103 Gustin Katherine W. 1952
Han15:1322 Gustin Maud Ada (Richie) 1968
Han10:272 Gustin Samuel W. 1954
Han9:702 Guttery Louise, Jr. 1945
Han29:52 Gywnn William Henry 1990


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