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NEW ADDITIONS AS OF THE 17 Jan 2013 Site Update (now 613,258 Name entries in 48 different categories)

15 Jan 2013  

Note: We bought a new computerin the spring / summer of 2012 to use in the backroom for website work. But our old software was not compatible with the new computer. New software was bought during the summer but it was back ordered for months, thus the delay in posting materials. We will be posting lots of new materials (such as our newly completed funeral home indexes) in the next few months, so make sure to check back often. --Dana--

3-9 Jan 2013  

membership, will and estate principle index (fixed broken links in alphabetical letters), First Families Desc, First Families Pioneers, cemetery clinic, projects, cemetery projects, LWF WW2 A-L; LWF WW2 M-Z (fixed broken links), vertical files, bios, Heir Lines 28-30, Heir Lines 31-33
Cemeteries: Ingle-Long, Brininger, Jeffery-Stolle, Plum Run, Mt. Holly

19 Dec 2012 [updates] Officers, meetings, conferences, education, library, projects, cemetery projects, cemetery clinic, alphabetical cemetery list, cemeteries (Runyan, Eyer, Union Church, Null)
25 Jan 2012 Cemeteries
Butterworth, Corrington, Dicks Creek, Ford, Friends (Clearcreek), Hopkinsville, Maineville, Melampy, Mount near Camargo, Red Lion, Rose HillSpringboro, Alphabetical cemetery list
19 Jan 2012 Obituaries

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