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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

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Variant Name(s)
  • Runyon Cemetery
  • Warren County, Ohio Property Records list the owner of the parcel as Keller Cemetery. This is not the same as the Carson or Keller Cemetery (aka Armstrong Cemetery or James Hill Cemetery) which also is located in Harlan Township





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Near Butlerville.  Go right on Morrow-Woodville Rd.  Go Left on Walnut Street.  Go right on 2nd Street.  Go straight to the end of the road to the private drive.  The cemetery is across a gully behind a home located on property of 8598 2nd Street, Butlerville, OH 45162. The cemetery is in a flat area but surrounded on 3 sides by ravine.  The entrance is marked by two very large trees with metal crosses nailed to them. 


39 18' 5.21" N, 84 05' 17.55" W



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Cemetery History

The Runyan Cemetery is an old family cemetery that originally was located on the 88 acre farm of Henry Runyan, son of William Runyan. It is now an overgrown 1/2 acre landlocked parcel surrounded by large home sites and vacant land on the southeast side of the village of Butlerville. The entrance is marked by two very large trees with metal crosses nailed to them. Many stones were broken or falling over when the cemetery was visited in 2009.

There are 27 known burials in this cemetery with surnames of Runyan, Flomerfelt, Hibbetts, Hicks, Morsbach, Brilling, and Hendricks. The earliest known burial in 1842 was Eleanor Jane Runyan, the 12 day old infant of E. L. & C. Runyan. The last known burial was that of Lillian D. Morsbach in 1932. A neighbor said at one time he remembered seeing a pile of gravestones in the cemetery. These were not found in November of 2009.

Cemetery Transcriptions

  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 4, pages 25
    • Early Vital Records Volume 8, pages 43
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • Not currently included in any of the Cemetery Books. Our thanks to Dana Palmer and Vicki Bergerhouse who photographed all extant gravestones for the "Warren County Virtual Cemetery" Project in November of 2009. All of the photos have been added to this web site. These efforts will be incorporated into the new cemetery books planned by the society. If you have any gravestone photos taken at this cemetery, please consider contributing them to this project.
  • Other Known Transcriptions
    • none known of

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
To view images ===>Runyan Cemetery
To submit images ==> email to Arne H. Trelvik at atrelvik@gmail.com [please send high resolution digital images if available]


Alphabetical Index

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Photo # Deceased Death Military Cemetery Vol Page Twp.
B Brilling, Anna 1870   Runyan * * Harlan
F Flomerfelt, Alda 1906   Runyan * * Harlan
  Flomerfelt, Lennie 1867   Runyan * * Harlan
  Flomerfelt, Zachariah 1907   Runyan * * Harlan
H Hendricks, Benjamin 1870   Runyan * * Harlan
  Hendricks, Lucretia 1866   Runyan * * Harlan
  Hibbetts, Grace P. 1872   Runyan * * Harlan
  Hicks, Elle J. 1871   Runyan * * Harlan
  Hicks, Harry 1864   Runyan * * Harlan
M Morsbach, Charles E. 1870   Runyan * * Harlan
  Morsbach, Christiana 1896   Runyan * * Harlan
  Morsbach, John 1882   Runyan * * Harlan
  Morsbach, Lillian D. 1932   Runyan * * Harlan
  Morsbach, Mary 1887   Runyan * * Harlan
  Morsbach, Virginia 1874   Runyan * * Harlan
R Runyan, Adaline 1850   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Aranthas 1876   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Catharine 1871   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Eleanor Jane 1842   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Ella 1856   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Emma 1856   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Hannah 1878   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Hannah J. 1851   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Henry 1903   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, Peter L. 1875   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, R. Jane 1905   Runyan * * Harlan
  Runyan, William 1851   Runyan * * Harlan
W Whitacre, Alda 1906   Runyan * * Harlan


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