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Welcome to our cemetery project page. We are in the process of digitizing all tombstones found in the Warren County, Ohio cemeteries.  This page lists the cemeteries in progress or still to be completed.  To see a full list of cemeteries in this county please click on the alphabetical listTombstone digital images can be found at Warren County Ohio GenWeb site.  


Many of these cemeteries also need restoration work.  Do you love visiting cemeteries and looking at old tombstones? Do you have a digital camera and a few hours to spare? Then this is the project for you! If you would like to restore one of our cemeteries or have a photograph not on our site, please contact us by email, wcgs@co.warren.oh.us or by phone, (513) 695-1144.   


Cemeteries Being Photographed

Active Cemeteries

Cemeteries to be Photographed

Known Cemetery Location but Nothing Remains

Cemeteries with Lost Locations

Eagle Scout Cemetery Projects

Alphabetical List of all Cemeteries

Cemetery Main Page







Cemeteries Still to Photograph


Township Cemetery Comments







Cemeteries Currently Being Photographed


Township Cemetery Comments
Clearcreek Pines Pet Cemetery Assigned, to start soon
Deerfield Apgar Family In progress
Deerfield Rose Hill / Mason still in progress
Franklin Woodhill / Franklin Large Cemetery
Harlan Edwardsville Large Cemetery
Massie Friends / Harveysburg / Orthodox Quaker In progress
Massie Harveysburg Colored Cemetery / Harveysburg African American In progress
Massie Harveysburg Hicksite In progress
Massie Harveysburg United Brethren In progress
Massie Henpeck / Wellman In progress
Massie Underwood / Seceder's Church In progress
Turtlecreek Bethany Christian Church / Bethany United Church of Christ In progress
Turtlecreek Lebanon In progress
Turtlecreek Turtlecreek Township / Kirby In progress
Union Deerfield / Union Township In progress








Active Cemeteries and Last Date Photographed


Township Cemetery Comments
Clearcreek Heritage Hills Memory Gardens Summer 2004
Clearcreek Miami Valley Memory Gardens 2008 to 2010
Clearcreek Springboro 2007 to 2009
Deerfield Rose Hill / Mason Summer 2010 (part in progress)
Franklin Grace Memorial Dec 2004
Franklin New Jersey Presbyterian / Carlisle 2009 to 2010
Franklin Woodhill / Franklin None yet except submitted images
Hamilton Maineville Feb 2006
Hamilton Murdock / Murdoch / Presbyterian / Bethel Graveyard Fall 2004
Harlan Crosson 2005 & 2010
Harlan Edwardsville None yet except submitted images
Harlan West Woodville / New Woodville / Woodville Spring 2007
Salem Morrow / Miranda Farm / Morrow I.O.O.F., Salem Township In Progress (2010)
Turtlecreek Bethany Christian Church / Bethany United Church of Christ In Progress (2010)
Turtlecreek Lebanon In Progress (2010)
Turtlecreek Otterbein South Shaker / Otterbein Shaker 2004 to 2010
Turtlecreek Turtlecreek Township / Kirby In Progress (2012)
Union Deerfield / Union Township In Progress (2010)
Union Fellowship Church Fall 2005
Wayne Miami / Corwin Fall 2006 & Spring 2007










Known Cemetery Locations but Nothing Remains


If anyone has photos for individuals buried in this cemetery, please email us a copy at a high resolution. 


Township Cemetery Comments
Harlan Rosella Nothing remains
Harlan Tigar / Tiger Nothing remains
Turtlecreek Coffeen Nothing remains
Turtlecreek Harkrader Nothing remains
Turtlecreek Hays Nothing remains
Turtlecreek Leon Irons Farm Nothing remains








Lost Locations


If anyone knows where any of these cemeteries are located please contact us:  513-695-1144 or wcgs@co.warren.oh.us 


Township Cemetery Comments
Clearcreek Dearth Farm Owner says it never existed
Hamilton Gainesville Have no idea where this one is located
Harlan Caborne We know which property this is located on but not exactly where the cemetery is located on the property
Turtlecreek Stewart Farm Supposed to be 3 miles NW of Lebanon on SR 123
Union Sargent Not sure exactly where this cemetery is located
Washington Emily /Emley We know which property this is located on but not exactly where the cemetery is located on the property








Projects for Eagle Scouts or Home-Schooled Families


One of the best projects for home-schooled families / groups, scouts needing service hours or Boy Scouts who want to earn their Eagle rank is participating in our cemetery digitization and restoration project. We are in the process of digitizing all the tombstones in the Warren County cemeteries.  This is a huge undertaking and we will need many able bodies to help with this task.  We have two types of projects to complete: digitizing the tombstones from the newer cemeteries, or cleaning up an old abandoned cemetery through a restoration project. In both cases, we need digital pictures of all the tombstones and work done for the project. The older cemeteries may need some TLC to clean the stones before photographing them. We have cemeteries of various sizes through each township in our county that still need to be completed. If you want to help with this project, please contact us by phone (513) 695-1144 or email, to make arrangements to meet with us.   


What we would like you to do

  1. Clean tombstones that are unreadable
  2. Transcribe the stone
  3. Take a digital picture of each stone
  4. Obtain a copy of the cemetery map if active, if not, then draw a map of it yourself


The best way to transcribing the stones quickly and efficiently is to divide the cemetery in sections (if it isnít already divided on the cemetery map) and give each person / group a stack of 3x5 cards.  Assign one or two people to write down the details exactly as they appear on the tombstone. Please use a separate card for each tombstone.  Have another person follow the transcribed around and take the digital pictures. Make sure to note somewhere on the top of the note-card, which section the tombstone is in (most cemeteries have names, letters or numbers for each section thus making it easier to find the tombstones), and also the number assigned to the digital image for that specific stone. When you are finished with the cemetery, please burn WCGS a CD / DVD with all the pictures. Also please return the note-cards to us so we can compare the pictures to the cards if we have questions. Please also include a list of any one who helped so we can give them proper credit, and if possible, a group picture at the cemetery.



If you would like to restore a cemetery, please contact us at 513-695-1144.  We will make arrangements to meet with your volunteers and train them on proper restoration techniques and methods. 





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