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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

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Emily Cemetery

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very early 1800's

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Emily Cemetery is not on the WPA maps. 

We believe it is one mile west of Clarksville.  One source said it was located along part of the College Township Rd. that is now abandoned.  It may be located where StR 350 now crosses 22&3 and the top of Todds Fork Valley where College Township used to exit the valley. 

Anyone with knowledge of the exact location, please email us. 





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Cemetery History

According to Beers History of Warren County, Ohio, "George McManis laid off a cemetery on his farm, about one mile west of Clarksville.  It was nearer the residence of Thomas Emily than his own; hence it is known as the Emily Graveyard.  Milton McManis, a young man, son of George McManis, was the first person interred there.  A great many are buried there, but of late years it is not used as a place of burial." 

After looking for some property for George McManis & Thomas Emily, we came up with some information that helps us close in on the location of the cemetery.  The McManis property was located on the west side of Clarksville Rd., north of Hwy22/Hwy3.  The Emily property was immediately north of the McManis property. 

Emily had 52 acres in Military Survey #1523.  McManis had 104 acres in Military Survey #2754 [incorrectly marked 2154 on the 1867 map]. 

In looking at the original surveys in the map room, surveys #1523 & 2754 were both rectangular 1000 acre parcels with #1523 immediately above #2754.  They were no on a north-south orientation but rather on the same angle as Clarksville Road, heading south from Wilmington Road.  It appears that Clarksville Road was the eastern boundary for sections 1523 & 2754 and the dividing line between them was about 1/2 mile south of Wilmington Road. 

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