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The Warren County Genealogical Society has indexed many of the cemeteries in Warren County, Ohio. Click on the indicated link to access the index for the specific cemetery or book volume. We are in the process of updating our published cemetery books by cross referencing it with the new tombstones readings, funeral home records, death records, obituaries and other various available records.  More details on release dates will be forth coming. 

If you would like further information on anyone listed in any of our online indexes, please contact our research department. If you have pictures of headstones in any of these cemeteries and would like to make it available for others to view, please click here.


Published books with information for specific cemeteries

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Morrow Cemetery

79 pages. Recorded as of 1982. Names and dates are copies from stones.


Harlan Twp Cemeteries

72 pages. Names & dates copied from stones prior to 1983. Includes following cemeteries: Bassinger, Carson, Craig, Crosson, Edwardsville, Hill, Ingle, New Hope, Osborn, Pleasant Grove, Rossburg, Spurling, Wesley Chapel, West Mary, West Woodville.


Union Twp Cemeteries

165 pages. Recorded as of 1985. Cemeteries of Deerfield & Fellowship listed.


Springboro Cemetery

264 pages. Springboro Cemetery information recorded as of 1986.


Hamilton Twp

76 pages. The following cemeteries compiled in 1984: Baker, Ford, Hopkinsville, Maineville, Mount Cemetery near Camargo, Mounts Cemetery, Murdoch, and  Plum Run/Zoar. Hill Graveyard added in 2003.


Old Cemeteries in 8 Twps

88 pages. Stones copied from 1983-1987. This book includes small cemeteries in the townships of: Clearcreek, Deerfield, Franklin, Hamilton, Harlan, Salem, Turtlecreek, and Wayne.


Old Cemeteries in 6 Twps

84 pages. Stones copied from 1983-1986. This book of 13 cemeteries from the following townships: Lebanon Pioneer Cemetery (Turtlecreek), Franklin, Harlan, Salem, Washington, and Wayne Twps. These are different from vol 6.


Miami Cemetery to 1985

180 pages. Miami Cemetery at Corwin, Ohio. Recorded as of 1985.


Woodhill Cemetery

162 pages. Woodhill Cemetery of Franklin Township. Recorded as of 1986.


Lebanon Cemetery

198 pages. This cemetery is in Lebanon, Turtlecreek Township and includes the names of the early pioneers that were buried in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery and moved to this cemetery in 1907. Names and dates are copied from stones 1986-1989.


Rose Hill Cemetery

77 Pages. Rose Hill Cemetery at Mason, Deerfield Township covers the areas considered the 12 older sections. Transcribed from stones 1992-1996.


Miami Cemetery 1985-2000

162 pages. Miami Cemetery at Corwin, Ohio, Wayne Township. Update 1985-2000. The names and dates were completed from obituaries. This is not a complete listing of all people buried in that time period. It also includes death notices of Wayne, Massie and Washington Township people who are buried elsewhere.


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