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The Warren County Genealogical Society has indexed all births in Warren County as listed below. We also have a master birth index searchable by surname available in our resource library.  This page contains links to the every name indexes for the Birth Records of Warren County, Ohio, compiled by the Warren County Genealogical Society. If you would like to see the surnames click below on the corresponding link. These are large files, so please be patient while they load. Researchers are encouraged to come in and look up these records. If you find your ancestor listed here and would like more information, contact our research department.

Warren County, Ohio Birth Records Available

Births from County Records:

Book Title

Every Name Index

Child & Parent Index

Births    1867-1871

A-L, M-Z


Births    1872-1879

A-E, F-L, M-R, S-Z


Births    1879-1880 A-LM-Z 1879-1880

 Births    1880-1883



 Births    1884-1887



 Births    1888-1892



 Births    1892-1896

A-F, G-M, N-Z


 Births    1897-1902

A-F, G-M, N-Z


 Births    1903-1908

A-F, G-M, N-Z


 Births    1920-1925


Late Births 1868-1938

A-L, M-Z


Dr. Layman Birth Records 1933-1942 A-L, M-Z 1933-1942
Stillborn Birth Records 1908-1961 A-L, M-Z 1908-1961

Births: from the Township Assessor Records

Book Title

Every Name Index

Child & Parent Index

Births 1886-1907 - Book 2

A-G, H-P, Q-Z

A-L, M-Z

Births 1886-1907 - Book 3

A-D, E-K, L-R, S-Z

A-L, M-Z

Births      1909-1919

A-D, E-K, L-R, S-Z

A-L, M-Z

Birth records for Warren County, Ohio begin in 1867 and were filed in the Probate Court.  No birth records were maintained prior to this time.  The Warren County Probate Court continued to maintain births from 1867 to 19 Dec 1908. The registers are currently located in the Edna L. Bowyer Warren County Archive and Record Center. These early birth records were recorded in oversized hard-bound books such that each entry spanned 2 pages.  The information recorded varied over the course of time, but generally included: the childís name, birth date and place, parentsí names & residence and the name of the person reporting the event.  Starting December 20, 1908, official state level birth certificates were required. These were issued by the Warren County Health Department with a copy sent to The Division of Vital Statistics of the Ohio Department of Health.  Sometimes birth records went unrecorded or had errors.  These records were recorded at the Warren County Health Department also and are indexed in our book called Late Births.  These records only contain births that were unrecorded or needed corrections and were registered.  Many times they have extensive information to prove and document the birth event really did occur. The townships of Warren County also kept records of births overlapping in some years as the Probate Court birth records, called Township Assessor Records.  The information contained in these records is similar and both records should be checked. 


Obtaining Copies of Birth Certificates

As of 1 July 2009, the state and county health departments stopped providing uncertified copies of birth certificates. Currently certified copies of birth certificates from 20 Dec 1908 to the current date can be obtained from the Ohio Department of Health for $21.50.  Refer to their website for directions: www.odh.ohio.gov/vitalstatistics/vitalstats.aspx  Certified copies from 20 Dec 1908 to the current date can also be obtained from the Warren County Health Department for $22.

Researching Birth Records

  1. The Birth Registers from 1867 to 1908 are available for public inspection at the Edna L. Bowyer Warren County Ohio Record Center & Archives. Copies are $0.05 each.

  2. The Ohio Department of Health will search a ten year period for a given surname for $3.

  3. The Ohio Historical Society will search for one name in two of their indexes (which you specify) for $25.


q                   "Joy and Sorrow; The Births and Births of Warren County during the past year [by township]" from the 20 Jun 1895 Western Star

q                   "Births and Deaths for the Past Year [by township]" from the 20 Jun 1901 Western Star


Corrected Birth Records:  These records are created when a parent, sibling or the person themselves come to the judge and corrects some part of the original record that was incorrect.   Corrections may include details for the name, sex date, etc.  This corrected record also contains additional information not always in the original record such as place of birth, parentsí names (including the motherís maiden name), the parentsí residence and individualís residence. Copies of the original records are stored in the Edna L. Bowyer Record Center & Archives.


Late Birth Records:  These records are created when an individual came to register his / her birth that was originally unrecorded or was incomplete.  Some of these individuals needed proof of birth to obtain a social security number.  They were required to bring witnesses such as a sibling or neighbor as proof, and other evidence to prove the event. These late birth records contain details such as place of birth, parentsí names (including the motherís maiden name), the parentsí residence and individualís residence. Some copies of the original records are stored in the Edna L. Bowyer Record Center & Archives.  A few delayed birth records are on file at the Warren County Combined Health Department and can be searched by the birth year, or alphabetically if they are not in the known birth year. Most were sent to the State of Ohio Vital Statistics office.


Assessor Birth Records: These records were recorded by each specific township from 1886-1907 and contained the same information that was recorded in the probate book. This information was reported to the Warren County Probate Court. For births, if the baby was born elsewhere (like township or county such as motherís family home) the birth was still recorded. Sometimes records may be found in the Assessors records that are not in the probate records books. 


Adoptions & Name Changes:  Adoptions prior to 1900 were not common, although they did occur.  Many times the children were placed with families as an indenture, instead of the formal adoption.  Adoptions have been indexed for Warren County up to about 1917 (although we have unpublished information up to 1938). Be sure to look for name changes along with the adoption.  Adoption records generally include the childís original birth name, birth parents names, date of adoption, age of child, perhaps the situation, adoptive parents names and any name change for the child. These can be found either on one of the pages of the adoption record itself or in the probate record books. Adoption records prior to 1964 are open to the public and available at the Edna L. Bowyer Record Center & Archives.


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