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Guardianship records exist for both children and adults.  Guardians were appointed for minor children for two reasons: 1) either one of both of the parents were deceased or 2) the minor child was named as an heir in a grandparents’ estate (the father of the child was usually the guardian named). In both cases, the names and ages of the minor children are usually given along with their relationship.  If the father was deceased and there were minor children, the mother was often the guardian.  If the mother was deceased and the father was living, no guardian was appointed unless the mother had some separate property.  Minor children over 14 years of age were allowed to choose their guardians while those younger were appointed guardians by the court.  Sometimes there were bonds required of the guardians.  In some cases there will be an inventory or account showing actions pertaining to the children’s property and expenses such as money paid for clothes and schooling.  A final accounting occurred when the minor reached the age of 21. Birth dates may be gleaned from the termination or final accounting.  Adult guardians were also granted when the person no longer could care for themselves or their affairs.  The Warren County Genealogical Society has copies of Guardian Bonds indexed from 1865 to 1868 and also Guardianships from 1803-1916 compiled by Cardinal Research. Researchers who would like to view these records can come to our library or contact our research department.


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