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This page contains information about Funeral Home records for Warren County, Ohio that the Warren County Genealogical Society has copied and has available in our library.  Our goal is obtain copies of all the funeral home records in the county and index them.  If you would like to help with this project, please email us (Attn: Chuck Griffen).   As records become available we will create an online index.

Funeral Home records are a great source of information for our ancestors.  Many times information about the deceased such as birth date and place as well as parents are listed.  Death date & place, cause of death, burial date and cemetery were interred are many times also included.  Surviving relatives such as spouse, parents, children, siblings, etc. may also be included.  Once in a great while, obituaries or funeral programs will survive and be included with the deceased's funeral home record.  These often overlooked sources can be invaluable for researchers trying to find clues or more details on their elusive ancestors. 

We encourage you to make use of the Warren County Funeral Home records we have acquired and have indexed.  If you find your relative listed in one of our indexes please contact our research department and we can make a photocopy of the funeral home record you desire.  If you are in possession of any funeral home records or have contact with some one who does and would like to have us copy and index them for you please contact us via email ad listed above. 




Funeral Home Record Indexes

Below are some of the indexes available for Warren County.  As we get more records copied and indexed they will be included here.   If you see an entry of interest, you may view them in our Resource Library of use our Mail order Photocopy Request. [some are more than 1 page long]

Location:  Franklin

Unglesby, Croll, Eaton & Anderson Funeral homes (and successors)

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Location:  Lebanon

Oswald's Funeral Home Records  
     1867-1907, Book index on-line index
Hoskins Funeral Homes (Oswald Hopkins & Vale Hopkins Funeral Homes )
on-line index


Johnson's Funeral Home Records & Ledger
 Every name index is available online   


Stine-Kilburn Funeral Home Records


Webster Funeral Home Records Ė we donít have copies of these yet. We are in the process of obtaining copies to index these records.  The Webster Funeral Home at one time was located in Warren County.  The Webster Funeral Home is currently located at 3080 Homeward Way, Fairfield, Ohio 45014.  (513) 942-3293.  Email:  wfh3232@aol.com 





Location:  Loveland

Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home Records

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Location: Blanchester Area

**Note: A. L. Hannah Funeral Home, Many Warren County residents who lived in Harlan Township near the Blanchester area used the Hannah funeral home which is located in Blanchester.  This funeral home is no longer active.  It was bought out by Tufts Funeral Home.  Contact Tufts-Schildmeyer Funeral Home directly to obtain copies of these records.     



Location:  Mason

Warren County Funeral Records, Volume 5, Mason Area Funeral Homes


Mueller-Parker Funeral Home.  We don't have copies of these yet.  Please contact the funeral home for more information. 




Location:  Morrow

Vale-Hoskins Funeral Home Thank you to LaVonne Smith & Vicki Bergerhouse for copying the records and Faith Peel for indexing them. We have copied and indexed the following records in our library for a total of 2826 funerals. For records after 1992 contact the funeral home directly. 

 Hoskins Funeral Homes (Oswald Hopkins & Vale Hopkins Funeral Homes ) on-line index .



Location:  Springboro

Anderson Funeral Home Anderson is the funeral home used in Springboro.  These record indexes are included as part of the Franklin indexes so please check there to see if your ancestor is listed. 

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Location:  Waynesville

 Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home  

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