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Searching for land records in Warren County, Ohio can be done in a variety of ways depending on what information you know about the property and / or landowner.  You might want to search for the earliest land possession for the following reasons:

 If you are searching for land records and need help, please contact our research department and we will assist you in finding what you need.


Residency by Time Frame

You want to find proof with a date for when the ancestor is a resident of Warren County. This is based on his name being found in Warren County, Ohio via census or other early document (will / estate, marriage record, or court records).  To start begin checking the deed indexes based on a specific time period.

Make sure to check the tax record lists to see if your ancestor is listed.  These are listed by year and then by township.  Make sure to check both the chattels list and property list.  If named in the chattels list, that individual was living in the County. If his name is also in the property list, then it is very likely that he is living in the County.  If a personís name is only on the property list, then that person was responsible for paying taxes on that property, but didnít necessarily have to be residing in the County.  He could have been an absentee landlord, land speculator, or a property owner who was at that time may have been living at another residence of another county or state.  After searching the township lists, near the end of the book, there are a group of pages listing the delinquent tax payers. While this may show non-payment it also may indicate that the individual has moved out of the property listed to another location either within the County or to another county or state.  

The Warren County Recorderís Office has indexes beginning in 1797.  These early records from 1797 to 1803 are titled Record of Deeds and Mortgages Transcribed from Hamilton and Butler County, Ohio.  Present day Warren County land, purchased before Warren County was formed in 1803, was a part of and recorded in Hamilton County records.  These early deed purchases have been transcribed from Hamilton County records and can be found in the Recorderís office.  There is one thin index and two-volume book of deeds, which are inscribed with page numbers.  The first book covers pages 1 to 424 and the second book covers pages 425 to 914.  These are found at the very first row of book shelf units on the end toward the Recorderís deputies and on the side facing the receptionist.

Warren Countyís Deed Indexes beginning in 1799 are found midway down the first row of book shelf units, also on the side facing the receptionist.  The indexes are divided by years:

Index Book 1 & 2


Book 3


Book 4


Book 5


Book 6


Book 7


Book 8


Book 9





The numbered indexes continue and the dates are on the spine




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