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Searching for land records in Warren County, Ohio can be done in a variety of ways depending on what information you know about the property and / or landowner.  You might want to search for the earliest land possession for the following reasons:

 If you are searching for land records and need help, please contact our research department and we will assist you in finding what you need.


Residency by Virginia Military Survey Number or Section/ Town/ Range Number

You know the identifying Virginia Military Survey number or the Section, Town and Range numbers of the property.  This is usually found when the individual is listed in the tax records and the property is identified by the Virginia Military Survey number or Township, Section, Range number.  This is also sometimes listed in a will where the writer described the property as it is bequeathed to the widow or other heirs.  In later estate pouches, there may be actual tax receipt (s) indicating the township and land numbers.

With this identifying information you can go to the Conveyance Books.   One group of these books is titled General Index Virginia Military Surveys


The other set of Conveyance Books is titled General Index MRS Range – Section – Town, Range.

There are also Conveyance Books for the settlement of individual towns.  These indexes may show the platting and the selling of plots for the specific villages.  The indexes begin with A, then B, C in sequence and order by time for the specific towns.  Some smaller towns are contained in the same Index volume.  The original sale of these lands should be found in either the Virginia Military Survey Indexes or the Indexes for the Section, Town and Range.

The Deed record volumes begin with Number 1 and are found on the second set of book shelf units closest to the microfilm readers.  Volume 1 is on the end closest to the recorder’s deputies and on the far side of the island, which faces the microfilm readers.  These books are placed numerically in order on the shelves.

Note as you read the deeds, the grantor’s and grantee’s residences are generally recorded, giving you the knowledge of their actual residences at that time.

When looking for the last possession of the land ownership by your ancestor, proceed in the same method.  Only this time search for your ancestor as the grantor in the indexes and conveyance books.  Also note there can be several parcels of property purchased and sold at different times and these can be in different areas and therefore have different numbers.  For this reason it is crucial that you begin with the earlier indexes and continue past the time period you want to search.  Census records help to narrow the time periods.



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