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This page contains a clickable map of the cemeteries in Massie township adapted from the information provided by Randy Fuson of the Data Processing GIS Department of Warren County, Ohio. Click on the appropriate cemetery in Warren County and you will be redirected to the cemetery transcription page. We are in the process of digitizing all the headstones from each cemetery in the county.  The digital images have been loaded on the Warren County GenWeb Site.  If you would like further information regarding a cemetery listed here, please contact our research department.


Massie Township


Cemetery Name(s)

Bk Vol


Friends / Harveysburg / Orthodox Quaker



Harveysburg Colored Cemetery / Harveysburg African American



Harveysburg Hicksite



Harveysburg United Brethren



Henpeck / Wellman



Underwood / Seceder's Church



Extinct Cemeteries





Cemetery Close to the Warren County Boundary


Jonah's Run Baptist





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