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Church records are invaluable to researchers.  They sometimes can provide birth, marriage and death dates not available or recorded in the vital records.  Sometimes residences and removals are listed.  These are helpful to track family members who may have moved to another locality.  Unfortunately most church records can only be found at the respective churches or their record repositories, if they were even kept at all.  It can be difficult tracking down church records for those that no longer exist.  These can sometimes be found at other churches if they merged, at historical societies, at local post-secondary schools or their libraries on microfilm at www.familysearch.org on the family history library catalog.  I have even seen the old church books listed on ebay. 

If you own an old church book for a church located in Warren County, Ohio, consider donating a photocopy to our society.  We would love to add it to our collection.  WCGS has a limited number of church records as listed below. 
For research requests please contact our  research department.




Church Records of Warren County at WCGS

We are fortunate to have some Church Records and Histories available in our library in book, loose paper and microfilm format as listed below. We are actively trying to expand this collection.  If you have records you would like to share, please let us know.


Books & Microfilm

These are the books and microfilm of church records located in our Warren County shelves section in our resource library.


Clearcreek Township

First United Methodist Church of Springboro

1.       1822-1997 History booklets & other documents

2.       1862-1889 Officials, probationers, classes, 3 member lists, admissions, dismissals, baptisms, marriages

3.       1878-1910 Minutes, elders, probationers, 2 member lists, removals, baptisms, deaths, marriages

4.       1885-1900 Minutes, elders, classes, members, removals, probationers, marriages, baptisms

5.       1908-1915 Minutes, probationers, marriages, baptisms

6.       1908-1930 Minutes, elders, probationers, members, deaths, baptisms, marriages, funerals

Evangelical United Brethren Church – Clearcreek Chapel

7.       1822-1966 History & historical documents

8.       1875-1876 Sunday school class attendees

9.       1907-1965 Members 1907-1930; funerals 1951-1965

10.    1822-1892 Clearcreek cemetery map & stones


Deerfield Township


Franklin Township


Hamilton Township


Harlan Township


Massie Township

Warren County & Clinton Counties, Ohio

1.       Free Will Baptist Church Quarterly Meetings, Vol. 1., 1848-1902: represents the following churches: Blanchester, Pleasant Grove, Simpson Ridge, Second Creek, Woodville, Union, Chester 1st and 2nd Church of Wayne Twp., Sugar Run, Silver Grove; minister appointments, church reports, letters, etc.

2.       Free Will Baptist Church Quarterly Meeting, Vol. 2, 1902-1917

3.       Free Will Baptist Church Yearly Meeting, 1872-1916

4.       Beech Grove Freewill Baptist Church: Record Book, 1903-1915 “members from old book”, baptisms, deaths, dismissals, transfers, etc.  Meetings, loose papers, 1855 deed

5.       Dakin Store Day Book, customer purchases and accounts, 1858, 1867

6.       Harlan Store Ledger book, Hickoryville, Warren Co., OH- customer purchases & accounts, 1848-1868


Salem Township


Turtlecreek Township

Lebanon Presbyterian Church

1.       1930-1961 Minutes, elders, deacons, trustees, comm. Members A-Z & by year, deaths

Cumberland (Main St) Presbyterian Church

2.       1836-1856 History booklets, 175th; Session Bk #2, members, baptisms, admissions, dismissals, minutes

3.       1857-1869 Session Minutes #3; baptisms, members, admissions, dismissals, deaths

4.       1869-1888 Session Minutes #4; baptisms, marriages, members, admissions, dismissals, deaths

5.       1831-1882 Congregational Minutes “A”

6.       1888-1896 Congregational Minutes “B”

7.       1869-1888 Session Minutes #5; elders, baptisms, members A-Z, marriages, deaths

8.       1896-1907 Session Minutes #6; elders, members A-Z, baptisms, & Session Minutes #7

9.       1907-1918 Session Minutes #8; officials, members A-Z, baptisms, marriages, deaths

10.    1918-1930 Session Minutes #9; only baptisms, marriages, deaths

First Presbyterian Church

1.       1806-1931 History booklets, 150th, 175th

2.       1806-1882 Min. off. members, adm./dism. baptisms, deaths

3.       1816-1871 Members, baptisms, deaths, missions

4.       1841-1929 Members, admit/dismiss, deaths

5.       1814-1861 Session minutes, 3 vols., Baptisms

6.       1861-1882 Sessions minutes, Baptisms

7.       1882-1904 Session Minutes; 100th Anniversary, clippings

8.       1831-1882 Congregational Meetings – names

9.       1882-1910 Congregational Meetings - names

Lebanon Methodist Church

1.        District map, clippings, Histories, photographs

2.       1854-1872 Record book “A” – baptisms, marriages, probationers, members A-Z, classes

3.       1867-1878 Record book “G” – probationers, classes, members A-Z, baptisms, marriages; 1870-1900 Register: minutes, members, probationers, baptisms, marriages

4.       1867-1886 Record book “C” – minutes, probationers, classes, members A-Z, marriages, baptisms

5.       1874-1890 Record book “D” – minutes, probationers, classes, members A-Z, marriages, baptisms

6.       1880-1907 Record book “B” – minutes, members, probationers, marriages, baptisms

7.       1883-1912 Ideal Rec. minutes, probationers, members A-Z, baptisms, marriages

8.       1889-1902 Student Record “F” – members A-Z, probationers

9.       1913-1919 Record book, minutes, probationers, members A-Z, baptisms, marriages

10.    1919-1937 Record book “1” – officials, baptisms, marriages

11.    1952-1960 Deaths, members A-Z

12.    1963-1975 Marriages, deaths

13.    1856-1875 Board of Trustees minutes; 1897-1909 Board of Trustees Minutes


Union Township


Washington Township


Wayne Township




Church Records in our Vertical Files

These records are located in the top drawer labeled “Places, Maps, Subject” of our Vertical file cabinet.  Listed below is the folder name followed by the content.  These are arranged below by locality with the general ones listed first. 


General Folders


Clearcreek Township


Deerfield Township


Franklin Township


Massie Township


Turtlecreek Township


Washington Township




Other Repositories for Church Records

Besides contacting the church itself, the following is a list of libraries and societies with Warren County church records or histories.  Please contact the repositories directly for their current holdings. 

§    The Salem Township Library also has a book the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for 1821-1921 by Lamott. 

§    The Mary L. Cook Library in Waynesville has St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Waynesville records from 1869-present in two volumes, OHR 283.7717. 

§    The Carlisle Historical Society has the history on Tapscott Church and cemetery, the oldest church in Carlisle. 

§    The Franklin Area Historical Society has only some church brochures. 

§    The Harveysburg Historical Society has records for the Free Will Baptist Church and some limited reports of other churches in the area. 

§    The Loveland Historical Society has some church histories in the Loveland area.

§    The Mason Historical Society has some church histories for the Mason area.

§    The Cincinnati Public Library also has a book titled, “First United Methodist Church record book for 1859-1875, Franklin, Warren County, Ohio” by Nancy L. Hudson Burge call # 929.3771763 qB954 1990.




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