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The Shakers also known as United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing lived celibate lives in communal communities. Although Shakers lived celibate lives, descendants of Shaker ancestors do exist for those individuals who had children prior to joining the faith or those who left the community and married and raised a family afterwards. 

Warren County's Shaker community was known as Union Village, located in Turtlecreek Township about three miles west of Lebanon near the current intersection of Highway 63 and Highway 741 where the Otterbein Retirement Community is now located.  Union Village existed from 1805 through 1912 and was the largest Shaker community west of the Allegheny Mountains.  By the 1840's there were about 700 members of the Shaker faith living in Union Village.  The community peaked in membership prior to the Civil War.  A total of about 4000 people lived in this community over time; the last Shaker resident being Elder James Fennessey.

The Union Village Shaker community was successful in their many endeavors.  They farmed more than 4500 acres of land, sold herbal medicines, garden seeds, and brooms; raised livestock including pigs, cattle and sheep; and their community was populated with more than 100 buildings.  In 1912 Union Village was disbanded and the land was sold to the United Brethren Church.  The Otterbein Retirement Community is currently located on what was known as Union Village.  Few of the original Shaker buildings are still standing.  Otterbein has an excellent collection of Shaker memorabilia, photos and artifacts in their library.

For more Shaker details and photos refer to the Warren County Historical Museum website:  http://www.wchsmuseum.org/index.php/shakers/


WCGS has many Shaker books and records available for use in our library as listed below. This list was compiled by WCGS volunteer, Sue Frary.








WCGS Collection of Extractions Pertinent to Shakers from Existing Sources


There are numerous Shaker Articles extracted from the local newspapers as listed below in two binders on the WCGS shelves titled “Shaker Articles from Local Papers” and “Shaker Articles from the Western Star.”  These binders are every name indexed with many from the western Turtlecreek Township area.  Many Shaker names are included. Newspaper included: The Western Star; The Lebanon Gazette; The Franklin Chronicle; The Miami Gazette; and The Miami Visitor.



Both Otterbein Retirement Community and the Warren County Historical Society have extensive Shaker records in their collection. http://www.wchsmuseum.org/index.php/shakers/ The Mary L. Cook Library in Waynesville also has some Shaker books. 


The Dayton Metro Public Library has a good collection of Shaker materials. Check the online link for a list of their sources:






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