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This page contains information about terms used in Probate records of Warren County, Ohio. If you are searching for Probate Records, please contact our research department and we will assist you.

Administrator / Executor -  When a person dies intestate, Administrators are people appointed by the Probate Court to inventory, manage and divide if necessary an estate.  Executors are people mentioned in a will to inventory, manage and divide an estate.  These people may or may not be related to the deceased.  Executors also have the right to decline being an executor.  If this happens, then the estate is considered intestate and an administrator is appointed. 

Codicil - An addition to an existing will that either adds to or changes some bequest in the original will. 

Estate Inventory - a complete listing of a deceased's persons belongings, both personal and real estate.  The listing usually includes household items, farming or occupational tools, livestock, outstanding debts owed by the deceased to other individuals.  This provides an interesting glimpse into their worldly goods.  Sometimes the occupation can be determined by looking at the inventory. 

Intestate- an estate is considered intestate when an individual dies without leaving a will.  The Probate Court appoints an administrator to oversee the distribution of the estate settlement. 

Nuncupative - an oral will given by an individual before their imminent death to another person or persons who records it in writing within a reasonable period of time.  These will are common among people who died from injuries suffered from accidents, military engagements, or circumstances of imminent death who had not previously recorded their last will and testament. 

Will - a written document signed by the deceased before their death usually witnessed by one or more individuals listing the deceased's wishes as to how the estate will be disbursed.  Someone who dies and has a will is considered dying testate. 



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