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Military records are useful tools to genealogists and can provide insights and details about your veteran ancestors not available anywhere else.  It will take a little time and background work but it is definitely worth the effort.  To begin you need to know the time frame and determine what conflict happened during the lifespan of your ancestor, then check the regiment indexes for a military service report on your ancestor. One of the most important military papers you want to get a copy of is the DD214, if it exists!! This document lists all the pertinent service record information about the individual.  The Warren County Recorder’s Office has copies of some of these papers, if they were submitted to the Recorder’s Office by the individual. Also check the NARA website for details on how to get this form. The military discharge papers at the Recorder’s Office are restricted as of April 2009. Photo ID is required for these records now. Check with them for availability.

National Archives
Census Records with Military Information
Repositories in Warren County with Military Information
WCGS Military Publications
Warren County US Gen Web for Military Records
Other Helpful Websites
Military Records & Unit Histories & Reports
Other DOD / Federal History & Archive Offices

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National Archives

The National Archives is a repository of records for the United States.  The archives in Washington DC has a very large collection of military records from the Revolutionary War time to 1912.  The National Military Personnel Records Center (NPRC), in St. Louis, Missouri holds military records from WW1 to the present. The most commonly requested military-related records used by genealogists are:


These records can often provide valuable information on the veteran, as well as on all members of the family.  There is no simple explanation for how to begin research in military records. Your research path will depend on aspects such as: what branch of service your ancestor was in, which conflict, what dates, whether Regular Army or a volunteer unit, whether your ancestor was an officer or enlisted personnel, and whether there was a pension application.


Personnel Records    http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/

Check List   http://members.aol.com/forvets/htomr.htm




DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) are two major organizations who maintain records on descendants who have applied for membership in their organization based on their Revolutionary War Soldier’s service.  DAR lineage books are published with indexes and available online.


 There are 2 DAR organization chapters in Warren County that regularly meet and another one in Middletown, Butler County. 

DAR- Lebanon   Turtlecreek Township Chapter
Carol Mann, President
Phone: (513) 494-2568
Web Site:
Meetings: 2nd Sat. of each month, Lebanon Public Library.


DAR- Springboro  Jonathan Wright Chapter
Martha Neitman, President
Phone: (937) 293-7024
Email: none
Web Site: none
Meetings: monthly on Sat, Springboro Public Library


Census Records

Census records may indicate military service

  • 1840: lists Revolutionary War pensioners or their widows (If they are deceased)
  • 1890: is very limited but has a veteran’s census schedule for Union Veterans & their widows
  • 1910:  indicates if the individual is a Civil War Veteran



Warren County Repositories with Military Information

The Franklin Public Library has started a Veteran’s project.  Service and biographical data is being collected and stored in large scrapbooks next to the island reference desk covering World War 2, Korean War, Vietnam and servicemen up through the Iraq period.  In their genealogy section they also have book for the “Compendium of Confederate Armies” for various states and “War of the Rebellion- Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies” series 1 to 4 (about 68 books total).  The Mary L. Cook Library has a large collection of military books such as pensions rolls, muster and pay rolls, etc. The Franklin Area Historical Society has military records for World War II, specifically of General Forest Harding. 

In 1886, indigent Union soldiers, their wives and children of deceased veterans were provided with relief by the Soldier’s Relief Commission, which originally consisted of three members appointed by the Common Pleas Court judge; two of whom had to be Union veterans.  This Commission increased to five members in 1945 and included one World War 1 veteran, one American Legion member, one VFW member, one DAR member, and one member of the American Vets (World War II).  It assisted veterans and their families who submitted claims for benefits.  Some records include: Applications for headstones; Bonus applications; Burial applications; Burial records; Case files; Disability allowance records; Grave marker records; Indexes to case files; Minutes of the Soldiers Relief Commission; Relief Orders; Relief Records; and Service Cards. 

Recorders Office for Military Discharge Papers

Local Veterans History Project from Mary L. Cook Library




Helpful Websites

Helpful Websites:



Military Records / Unit Histories & Reports

This information was provided from the presentation given to our society by Rob Young, current Historian & Public Affairs Representative of the National Air & Space Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. 

Air Force:  www.afhra.maxwell.af.mil

Navy:  www.history.navy.mil/

Army:  www.army.mil/cmh/

Marines:  http://hqinet001.hqmc.usmc.usmc.mil/HD

National Archives:  www.archives.gov/research/formats/textual.html

Click here for a synopsis of his presentation and other military links.



Other DOD / Federal History & Archive Offices

This information was provided from the presentation given to our society by Rob Young, current Historian & Public Affairs Representative of the National Air & Space Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. 




US Army Center of Military History
Building 35, 103rd Third Ave
Fort McNair, DC 20319-5058


Chief of Military History (DAMH-ZA)
Dr. John S. Brown
DSN 325-2707; 202685-2706
Fax: 202-685-4570

Chief Historian
Dr. Jeff Clarke
DSN 325-2709

Histories Division (DAMH-HD)
Dr. Richard Davis
DSN 325-2739

Field Programs & Historical Services (DAMH-FP)
Dr. Richard Gorell
DSN 325-2724

6020 Goethais Rd 1812
Ft. Belvaior, VA 22060-6205


Missile Defense Agency

MDA-HS7100 Defense Pentagon
Arlington, VA 22202


Central Intelligence Agency

CIA History Staff
1G03 IP
Washington, DC 20505
703-613-1780  EXT 1792
Fax 703-613-3056
Dr. David Robarge- Chief Historian


Coast Guard

US Coast Guard History Office (G-IPA-4)
2100 Second St. SW
Washington, DC 20593-0001
Dr. Robert M. Browning, Jr., Chief
Fax 4309


Defense Intelligence Agency

Bolling AFB
Washington, DC 20340-5485
Mr. Deane J. Allen, Chief
DSN 428-4934
Fax 3909


Department of Energy

History & Records Group
HR-7, 7E-054
1000 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20585
Dr. F. G. Gosling, Chief
Fax 4403


Department of State

Dept. of State (PA/HO)
Bureau of Public Affairs
Office of the Historian
SA-1, Room L-409
Washington, DC 20522-0104
Dr. Marc J. Susser (Chief Historian)


Institute of Heraldry

The Institute of Heraldry
9325 Gunston Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6679
DSN 656-4972; 703-806-4972
Fax 4989


National Reconnaissance Office

NRO Historian
14675 Lee Road
Chantilly, VA 20151-1715
Clayton Laurie  703-227-9021

US Marine Corps
Marine Corps University

History Division, Bldg R64
3079 Moreell Ave
Quantico, VA 22134
703-432-4878 / 4882


National Aeronautics & Space Administration

NASA Headquarters
Office of External Relations
300 E Street SW
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Dr. Steven J. Dick, Chief (Ext 0383)
202-358-0383; Fax 2866



Naval Historical Center
Washington Navy Yard
805 Kidder Breese St., SE
Washington, DC 20374-5060
Radm (ret) Paul Tobin, Director
DSN 288-2210/7230;  Fax 3593


5204 Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC 20375
Dr. David van Keuren, Historian


National Archives & Records Administration

NARA- Archives I
Textual Reference Division
700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20408-0001

NARA – Archives II
Textual Records Branch
8601 Adelphia Rd.
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Washington National Records Center
4205 Suitland Rd.
Washington, DC 20409-0002

National Personnel Records Center

Military Personnel Records (NCPMO)
9700 Page Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Air Force Branch 314-538-4271
Fax 4005


Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSD Historian
Suite 5000
1777 North Kent St.
Rosslyn Plaza North
Arlington, VA 22209
Dr. Alfred Goldberg, Director
Fax 703-588-7572


Defense Threat Reduction Agency

8725 John J. Kingman Road MSC 6201
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6201
Dr. Joseph P. Harahan, Chief


Air Force Historical Foundation

Air Force Historical Foundation
Command Drive, Suite A-122
Andrews AFB, MD 20331-7002
DSN 858-2139; Fax DSN 981-3574
Commercial: 301-981-3574
Voice Mail: 301-736-1959
Ge. W. Y. Smith (USAF-Ret.), President
George Williams (Executive Director)
Mrs. Frieberger, Secretary


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

OCRNH, 111
4600 Sangamore Road

Bethesda, MD 20816-5003
Dr. Martin K. Gordon
Fax 301-227-7638



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