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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

Cemetery Name

Universalist Church Cemetery of Springboro

Variant Name(s) Friends Universalist [Prefacing the name with "Friends" is thought to be a misnomer as there was no known connection to the Hicksite or the Orthodox Quaker churches in Springboro]





First Known Burial


General Condition


Tombstone Condition


OGS Cemetery #



1/4 mile North of Springboro, East Side of Route 741 1 block north of Route 73 at Parker Drive in lot located behind the building at 70 North Main Street.
[a right of way provides access to the cemetery between the buildings at 60 N. Main and 70 N. Main.]


39 33' 30.38" N, 84 13' 54.88" W


Section 7, Township 2, Range 5

Property Account:


Parcel ID:



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Cemetery History

The Springboro Universalist Church was built on the north end of town in 1842 on land purchased from the Gregg family. The property is shown on Lot 5 on the 1867 wall map but is now known as outlot 6 in Warren County Records.  The cemetery was located in a 1/2 acre lot behind the church.   In 1837, Nicholas Fye age 81 was the first to be buried in this cemetery.  A wooden frame church was built in 1842 by William Gregg. In 1844 typhoid fever ravage the town of Springboro taking many lives.  Some of the victims who died and were buried in this cemetery included: four Greggs (Samuel, his wife, his son George and granddaughter Pheeby Ann), Samuel Clannen, and his grand son Arthur Millard.   By 1850 the cemetery was 40% filled.  The last burial occurred in 1867.  In 1905 the congregation built a new stone church at 300 South Main Street but the membership fell off to 13 people by 1920 and the church was folded and so did the cemetery.  The cemetery fell into ruin and was over run by weeds.  By 1983, Ralph & Helen Hutt and Chet & Betty Dunn visited this cemetery and stated that only nine markers were visible.  By 1992 only four stones were found.  With the aid of Springboro citizens and a Boy Scout troop work was begun to restored the cemetery and over 60 markers were set in place.  Since this time the cemetery has been vandalized numerous times. A project to restore and reset broken tombstones (thanks to the efforts of Terry Easton - see below.) began in the spring of 2009.  This cemetery is in much better condition now.   Warren County Genealogical Society members who visited the site in 1983 only found 9 markers in the overgrown cemetery. 

Cemetery Transcriptions

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
To view images ===> Universalist Cemetery
To submit images ==> email to Arne H. Trelvik at atrelvik@gmail.com [please send high resolution digital images if available]


Alphabetical Index

"Paths"  refers to the book "Paths Through The Wilderness" by Don Ross that was published by the Springboro Area Historical Society.  Pages 90 -92 contain an article about the cemetery "A Reclamation:  Forgotten Universalist Cemetery Rescued From Historical Purgatory"

Row Grave Name Death Veteran Cemetery Vol Page Twp.
    H. I. B. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    S. B. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Bates, ___     Universalist "Paths"   Clearcreek
    Bates, Elizabeth J. 1849   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Bates, Sarah 1853   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Bates, Thomas 1856   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Bell, Rosella [no dates]   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Clanen, Samuel H. 1841   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Crider, Tobias T. 1847   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    M. D. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Darlington, Marta     Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Darlington, Martha [no dates]   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Elwell, David 1853   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    M. E. F. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Ford, Henry 1858   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Fuller, Kate [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Fye, Nicholas 1837   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    R. G. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    P. D. G. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Gregg, Amanda 1844   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, Ann 1844   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Gregg, Charles A. 1847   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, George 1844   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, infant of Aaron & Mary Jane 1857   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Gregg, Mary J. 1866   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, Perry D. 1847   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, Pheeby Ann 1844   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Gregg, Rezin     Universalist "Paths"   Clearcreek
    Gregg, Samuel 1844   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Griest, Rebecca J. 1855   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Griest, Seneca 1857   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    S. H. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Hoffman, Sydney T. 1857   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Hoyt, Moses B. 1855   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Johnson, Robbie 1867   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Johnson, Sarah A. 1863   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    K. H. F. L. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Lecon, Isaac 1862   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Lipp, Willie 1860   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Millard, Arthur 1844   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Millard, Ida A. 1858   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Millard, Sarah E. 1853   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Miller, Nancy R. 1860   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Mullen, George C. 1853   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Munger, Lydia A. 1865   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Patton, Emeline 1847   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    G. S. P. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Pittenger, George S. 1859   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Pittenger, Rachel C. 1856   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Powell, Martha 1853   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Rees, Henry 1845   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Rees, Mary Jane 1891   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Rees, Sarah A. 1843   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    M. F. S. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Saum, Mary Frances 1855   Universalist 6 358 Clearcreek
    Surface, Catharine M. 1853   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Throckmorten, Cynthia 1864   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Throckmorton, Hiram G. 1859   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    P. W. [footstone] [no dates]   Universalist photo   Clearcreek
    Whitford, Perry 1853   Universalist 6 357 Clearcreek
    Young, Robbie     Universalist "Paths"   Clearcreek

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