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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

Cemetery Name

Lytle Methodist Church Cemetery

Variant Name(s) Lytle, Raysville





First Known Burial


General Condition

Average Maintenance

Tombstone Condition


OGS Cemetery #



Located in lot 13 of the unincorporated village of Lytle (originally known as Raysville) at the northeast corner of Lytle Road (CR 28) and Lytle-Ferry Road (CR 135). The cemetery is located behind the church on the east side of the property.  At 8464 Lytle-Ferry Rd. , Waynesville, OH 45068


39 33' 37" N, 84 07' 49" W


NW 1/4 of Section 14, Township 3, Range 5

Property Account:


Parcel ID:



GIS Map of Location      Plat Map      Township Map
  • USGS GNIS - Lytle Cemetery; FID #1963097 (39 33' 37"N, 84 07' 49"W)
  • Google Map at coordinates 39 33' 38"N, 84 7' 49"W
  • Warren County Auditor for Property Account # 7618301, Parcel ID 05141770120; Lytle Methodist Church, 0.537 acres
  • Range 5 Township 3 Section 14 from Warner's 1867 Warren County Ohio Wall Map
  • Village of Raysville from Warner's 1867 Warren County Ohio Wall Map. The church and graveyard are located in lot 13.
  • Beers History of Warren County
    • page 569
      "The Methodists also had an organization at Raysville at an early day, and built a log meeting-house and established a graveyard. The log meeting-house was removed and a very handsome frame built - probable about 1850 -- which was burned down and afterward the present comfortable house erected. They have a very good society. There has been a very large number buried there, but the graveyard has almost ceased to be used."
    • page 585
      ". . . Raysville, by M. Mills & Bro. and others, November, 1855; contained twenty-two lots; it had a name long before it was platted; . . ."
  • Walter Kenrick, The History of Raysville, now Lytle, Ohio, undated (1940s) manuscript on file at the Warren County Historical Society.
    ". . . The time of the organization of the first Methodist here is unknown. The first meeting were held in the pioneer's cabins, until in 1824, when Charles Hall sold to the trustees of the Raysville Methodist Meeting 85 square poles of land on the corner of Pinkey and Franklin Roads. The first church was built of logs and used for over 20 years and replaced by a frame building in 1847. In 1860 a large frame church was built, which burned down in 1872, and the present church was completed in 1873. . . .
    "In the rear of this church building , in early days was established a grave yard where 200 or more of the early residents of the community are burried. . . ."
  • "Lytle Church to Abandon Cemetery, Making Room For New Social Center," The Miami Gazette (Waynesville, Ohio), April 8, 1948
    " . . . A legal notice published by the church in this issue notifies "the family, friends or kindred" of persons buried in the Lytle Cemetery of their right to remove the bodies and monuments of relatives with 30 days.
    "Bodies and monuments remaining at the end of 30 days will be removed by the church to a special plot near the present cemetery. A fence will be erected about the ground for the reburial. . . ."

Cemetery History

The Lytle Cemetery (originally Raysville) was established as a church graveyard at a very early date but ceased to be used sometime in the mid to late 1800s. What remains of the cemetery is located on the property of the Lytle United Methodist Church.  Cemetery was abandoned in 1948.

Kenricks' "History of Raysville" indicates that there were over 200  burials in the cemetery. In 2009, gravestones were found for 24 of the 28 known burials in the cemetery. The earliest was for Lydia Brown in 1830 and the last was for Susan Haines in 1865.  Many of the gravestones found were for infants and children.  In May of 1869 and September of 1870, the remains of 19 people were removed from this graveyard and relocated to the Miami Cemetery in Corwin. Click to see List.  In 1948, the portion of the cemetery north of the original building was abandoned in order to make room for a community center addition to the church.

Cemetery Transcriptions

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
To view images ===> Lytle Cemetery
To submit images ==> email to Arne H. Trelvik at atrelvik@gmail.com [please send high resolution digital images if available]


Alphabetical Index


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Photo # Sec Deceased Death Cemetery Vol Page Twp.
B Need photo   Barnes,     Lytle     Wayne
  1 Brelsford, Hannah Ann 1854 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Brelsford, Joseph R.   Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Brelsford, Mary Jane 1854 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Brelsford, William H. 1855 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  3 Brown, Charity 1840 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  3 Brown, David 1844 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  3 Brown, Lydia 1830 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  3 Brown, Nancy [unmarked footstone]   Lytle photo   Wayne
  3 Brown, Theadore 1839 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
G 1 Goodill, Mary 1856 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
Need photo   Goodhill, Thomas   Lytle     Wayne
H 1 C. H. [footstone]   Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Haines, Susan 1865 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  2 Hay, Charlott 1837 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  2 Hay, Mary Elizabeth 1840 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
K 1 Kenrick, Edward H. 1843 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
M 1 Mills, Mahlon 1864 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
Need photo   Mills, Sarah   Lytle     Wayne
  2 Montgomery, Elvira 1835 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
P 2 Proud, Arty Macy 1840 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  2 Proud, James 1855 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
S 1 Sides, Laura Ann 1861 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Sides, Mary 1856 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Sides, Mary 1858 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Sides, Nehemiah W. 1861 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
  1 Sides, Samuel 1854 Lytle 7 495 Wayne
W 3 Williams, Jacob 1859 Lytle 7 495 Wayne

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