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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

Cemetery Name


Variant Name(s) Landaker, Hill
  • Early obituaries refer to this as the Shawhan Cemetery
  • The depression era "Veterans Grave Registration Project" by the WPA calls it the Landaker Cemetery from the name of the surrounding property owners
  • The USGS Geographic Names Information System uses the name Landaker Cemetery
  • We are told that sometimes it is also called the Hill Cemetery but we don't have any sources for that or for the origin of that name





First Known Burial


General Condition


Tombstone Condition


OGS Cemetery #



This inactive cemetery is located on the east side of Morrow Woodville Road (County Road 24) about 1/2 way between the bridge over First Creek and the intersection with Gheils Carroll Road (Township Road 168). Warren County property records show the plot to be about 135' deep with about 190' of frontage.


39° 19' 42"N, 84° 07' 16"W


Virginia Military Survey #2537 is listed in the "on line" auditors records for adjacent properties but Range Book A for Surveys 1501 through 3000 indicate that the deeds incorrectly list Survey #2537 and should have been recorded as survey #2527.

Property Account:

None assigned

Parcel ID:

None assigned 
**No parcel number has been assigned in the Warren County Auditor’s Records. The cemetery borders on parcels 17053000170, 17053000150 & 17053000040.


GIS Map of Location      Plat Map      Township Map

Cemetery History

This is a small inactive cemetery. Warren County property records show the cemetery with about 190' of frontage and ranging from 128 to 139 feet deep - a little over 1/2 acre.
1856 and 1867 maps of Warren County show this cemetery on a 170 acre parcel of land owned by John Shawhan. John obtained 36 acres in 1825 from the estate of his father, Darby Shawhan. In the same year he purchased 100 acres from Thomas Watson and added 35 more acres in 1829 which he purchased from Gilman Greely. John Shawhan died in 1869 and is buried in the cemetery along with with wife, Rebecca (Leggett) Shawhan who died in 1841 and 3 of their children; Rebecca Shawhan who died in 1834, Nancy Shawhan who died in 1845 and Perry Shawhan who died in 1873.

In 1871, 93.63 acres were sold in a Sheriff's sale by the heirs of John Shawhan to a William Phillips with the property then changing hands a number of times between 1871 to 1875 passing to Christian B. Odell, Frederick F. Stevens, Wilhelm Adams and finally to Michael Humbert who purchased the property in 1875 and held it until 1896 when the property was sold to Edward F. Fuller in a sheriff's sale.

The next transaction found in the Warren County Recorder's office occurred in 1917 when Lucie L. Clement sold the property to Emanuel Landacre. The deed recorded on page 311 of Deed Book 102 indicates that the sale involved the property of Edward F. Fuller which was devised to his wife, Lucinda S. Fuller & inherited by Lucie L. Clement [wife of John B. Clement], their only child, "excepting therefrom 54/100 acres heretofore sold to Salem Township".

It appears that the grass is being cut but most of the stones are in poor condition. Brush growth on the perimeter has overtaken some of the stones. There are four known military veterans in this cemetery. War of 1812 veteran is William Coddington.  Civil War veterans include: Anson Brace, Francis Brace, and James B. Ireland. 

Cemetery Transcriptions

  • D.A.R. Turtlecreek Chapter & Warren County Historical Society (available at the Historical Society Library)
    • Early Vital Records Volume 4 page 61 as the Shawhan Cemetery and containing 16 entries. Seven of those were for Mounts family members who were later removed to the Morrow Cemetery.
    • Early Vital Records Volume 8 page 94 as the Shawhan Cemetery
  • Warren County Genealogical Society
    • The Society has an undated transcription of tombstones on file that was prepared by Pam Barricklow, Ruby York and Kathy Black.
    • Cheryl Jordan read and photographed the cemetery in the fall of 2004 and contributed nearly all of the photos on this page. She found all but 3 of the stones identified in previous transcriptions plus added a number of previously unrecorded burials in this cemetery. About the same time Ron Miller unearthed and cleaned many of the stones in the cemetery.
    • The cemetery will be included in new cemetery publications being prepared by the Society.

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
To view images ===> Shawhan / Landaker
To submit images ==> email to Arne H. Trelvik at atrelvik@gmail.com [please send high resolution digital images if available]


Alphabetical Index


Photo Deceased Died Military Cemetery Vol Page Twp.
  ___, Bill     Shawhan photo   Salem
  ___, May     Shawhan photo   Salem
B Beeman, Sylvester     Shawhan photo   Salem
  Bennett, Mary NC   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Bennett, Silas 1888   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Brace, Anson [no dates] Civil War Shawhan photo   Salem
  Brace, Francis [no dates] Civil War Shawhan photo   Salem
C D. C. [footstone] [no dates]   Shawhan photo   Salem
  H. C. [footstone] [no dates]   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Charles 1858   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Daniel 1836   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Daniel 1887   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Daniel Sr. 1822   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Dorcas 1853   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Francis 1836   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Lucinda ???   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Mary J. 1858   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Matilda 1890   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Samuel 1830   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, Sarah 1851   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, William 1881   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Carroll, William A. 1872   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Chamberlain, Homer 1856?   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coddington, Elizabeth 1860   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coddington, Emma 186_   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coddington, Nancy 1877   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coddington, William 1861 War of 1812 Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coghlan, Henry 1851   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Coghlan, Phebe 1850   Shawhan photo   Salem
D Drake, Nehemiah 1832   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Drake, Sarah Ann 1855   Shawhan photo   Salem
G Grimm, Nancy J. 1880   Shawhan photo   Salem
H Hitesman, Barbary 1854   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Hitesman, Maria 1868   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Hustead, John 1863?   Shawhan photo   Salem
I Ireland, J. B. 1863 Civil War Shawhan photo   Salem
  Ireland, John C. 1842   Shawhan     Salem
J Jones, Edward     Shawhan photo   Salem
  Jones, Henry C. 1874   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Jones, Martha 1853?   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Jones, Mary 1857   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Jones, Wilson 1862   Shawhan photo   Salem
L Lazure, Jane 1889   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Lazure, May 1890   Shawhan photo   Salem
M D. M. [footstone] [no dates]   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Matthews, Catharine 1830   Shawhan photo   Salem
  McElvain, Moses 1853   Shawhan photo   Salem
  McElvain, Oscar H. 1861   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Mills, David 1814   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Murphey, Elizabeth 1858   Shawhan photo   Salem
P Phillips, Leonadus 1849   Shawhan photo   Salem
S  Need photo Shawhan, Elizabeth 1847   Shawhan DAR   Salem
  Shawhan, John 1869   Shawhan photo   Salem
Need photo Shawhan, Malinda     Shawhan DAR   Salem
  Shawhan, Nancy 1845   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Shawhan, Perry 1873   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Shawhan, Rebecca 1834   Shawhan photo   Salem
  Shawhan, Rebecca 1841   Shawhan photo   Salem
T Turk, J. Walter 1861   Shawhan photo   Salem


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