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Zuroweste #2 Cemetery
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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

Cemetery Name

Zuroweste #2

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First Known Burial


General Condition


Tombstone Condition


OGS Cemetery #



In the Caesar’s Creek Reservoir area


39° 29' 30.42" N, 84° 02' 47.94" W



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Cemetery History

Currently in the Caesar’s Creek reservoir area but not under water. Only two graves were known to exist, Jacob Gard who died in 1839 and the other was unknown.  These were moved on 1 July 1975 to the Henpeck-Wellman Cemetery. Nothing remains in this extinct cemetery. 

Cemetery Transcriptions

Excavation report

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
To view images ===>
To submit images ==> email to Arne H. Trelvik at atrelvik@gmail.com [please send high resolution digital images if available]


Alphabetical Index

Photo # Grave Deceased Death Military Cemetery Vol Page Twp.
  11 Gard, Jacob 1839   Zuroweste No. 2 Engr Corp.   Wayne
  12 ----, ----     Zuroweste No. 2 Engr Corp.   Wayne


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