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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


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Originally located on the Northwest side of West Street and Main Street in Lebanon.  The Presbyterian Graveyard site was sold to the Village of Lebanon in 1906 and in 1907 most of the remains interred there were removed to Section B of the Lebanon Cemetery. The original cemetery site is now an automobile dealership.


39 26' 2.76" N, 84 13' 0.47" W


Section 6, Township 4E, Range 3N

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Cemetery History

The Beers 1882 History of Warren County contains the following passages beginning on page 471

"On the 7th of September, 1806, Jonathan Tichenor and Abner Smith, as Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Lebanon, in consideration of $40, purchased of John Shaw a lot, which is now in the western part of Lebanon, for a graveyard, and is known as the Old Presbyterian Graveyard. This is the oldest graveyard at Lebanon. It is much older than the date of the deed to the Presbyterian society would indicate, as it is known that it was used as a place of burial as early as 1799. There are no inscriptions upon the tombstones marking the earliest graves. Capt. Robert Benham was buried here, but there is no inscription upon his tombstone. The grounds have long been neglected, and are grown up with weeds and briers. Many remains interred here have been removed to the Lebanon Cemetery. Among the names of well-known families of Warren County, the following are found on the tombstones in this yard: Beller, Ferguson, James, Randolph, Dill, Perlee, Dunlap, Halsey, Monfort, Miller, Blackburn, Beedle, Braden Bone, Brown, Liddell, Krewson, Cowan, Perrine, Tharp, Goodwin, McCrary, Dunham, Crane and Benham.

The relocated stones in section B are grouped tightly together along the fence on the west side of Section B. They are in 4 rows running north to south with up to 12 stones in a row facing east. Each of those rows has some stones facing west, back to back with the east facing stones.

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