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Everett Irons Cemetery
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This online index only lists the individual, death date (if known) and reference page. We are creating a master index of everyone who is buried in this county and their burial location to aid researchers. We are especially in need of people buried here who have no stones or whose stones no longer exist. If you have any of this information or if you have additional information for anyone who is buried in this cemetery, please email the Warren County Genealogical Society.


Cemetery Description

Cemetery Name

Everett Irons

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OGS Cemetery #

12300 & 12305


South side of TR 78 (Cook Rd).  West of CR 35 (Stubbs Mill Rd).  Located on property at 1177 Cook Rd., Lebanon, OH 45036 on the Win Row Farm. To find the cemetery you have to walk out past the horse barn and riding yard to where there are ATV tracks in the ground in a circular pattern.  Go diagonally from the barn to the wooded area.  Walk through the trees down to the creek and cross over it.  Go up the hill until you reach the very top.  There are 4 huge and very old trees that mark the edges of the cemetery.  The cemetery ground is fairly flat and the entrance is marked by a large round rock.  There is a wooden and wire fence surrounding the cemetery but it has fallen down in parts.


39 24' 23" N; 84 11' 9" W


Center of Southwest 1/4 of Section 28, Township 5, Range 3

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Cemetery History

This is Quaker cemetery is for the Samuel and Rebecca Iorns family. The current property owner is a descendant of Samuel Iorns.  The Samuel Iorns family bible page was found in the attic of her home. It listed many birth and death dates for the Iorns / Irons family members. Vicki Bergerhouse & Dana Palmer visited this cemetery in October 2009 and plotted out the head and footstones in the cemetery.  There are 12 definite burials.  One of the unidentified Quaker markers is definitely for a baby or child.  There were 3 large headstones with engraving and 2 or those 3 footstones had initials.  These headstones were completely buried under the ground and covered with mud.  We had to dig them out and clean them up to get a good reading.  Also the number 4 was similarly shaped on all the stones. There are only 3 visible stones for a father and his son with the surname Cook; the rest are field stones for the Iorns family. The cemetery was arranged into 2 rows.  The first row closest to the rock entrance had 5 obvious burials.  The second row had 7.  The owner told me that this family changed the spelling of their surname from Iorns to Irons because people kept confusing Iorns with the surname Jones.   Hannah Iorns (daughter of Samuel & Rebecca Iorns) who died in 1815 according to the bible record is the first known burial in this cemetery.

Cemetery Transcriptions

Vicki Bergerhouse & Dana Palmer visited and photographed this cemetery in October 2009.

Gravestone Images

Gravestone photos for the Warren County, Ohio Virtual Cemetery Project are being posted to the Warren County OHGenWeb Project
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  ----, ----     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  ----, ----     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  ----, ----     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  ----, ----     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  ----, ----     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  ----, ---- [baby / child]     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Cook, Francis 1841   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Cook, Samuel 1844   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Cook, Zimri 1839   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Iorns / Irons, Hannah 1815   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Iorns / Irons, Phileah 1822   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Iorns / Irons, Rebecca     Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek
  Iorns / Irons, Samuel 1846   Everett Irons Farm * * Turtlecreek


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